29 May, 2021

Ok, what did I just sign up for here?

 I had one of those spiritual WTF dreams two nights ago, which left me wondering what the hell have I just signed up for. As usual with dreams we don’t remember every single detail of the dream; but the bits that I do remember went as follows.

I was helping my son packing up his bag for a school camp, though we were not in our house but in some big building, like an old hotel full of people. In reality he is an adult; but in the dream he was a small boy. He asked me to carry a heap of toys and other things for him to take with him on his camp. However it was impossible for me to carry so much in my hands and I told him, I can’t carry everything there is way too much. He was quite insistent that I need to carry the stuff. So we started to argue as I tried to point out the reality of the situation and I didn’t have a bag to carry the stuff.

Suddenly a male teacher appeared and he asked my son to get into the line with the other children boarding the bus. This was quite emotional for me in the dream as I really didn’t want to be parted from my son, he was only a little boy of about six in this dream. 

The dream then changed to a rather ominous scene, I was sitting at a small table in a very crowded room with a pale blue pillar directly by my right hand side. The odd thing was, it was as if I was there doing something like a publicity event such as a book signing. I noticed a lot of elderly people, men mostly; they started to come over to my table and shook my hand and some kissed me on the cheek, some also saluted me. It was a very emotional situation and some of the old men had tears in their eyes but smiling. They said;  “thank you for your service and for what you are about to do, you are very brave”. This stunned me, and I suddenly became aware that I was dreaming and watching the event is a state of awareness. 

I did tell these dear old men that I am not brave; and it is me that should be thanking them for their military service in their youth. I did say to them, I don’t tolerate anything that I deem unethical, immoral or harmful to myself or others.  If I see something that I am not happy with; then I will pull the pin on the whole thing and walk away. I am very much like this in real life. I don’t tolerate anything that I feel is wrong morally, ethically or in any way that I feel is bad form. Having a strong moral compass, and value my spiritually most highly above all else. Nothing will make me do anything that is not right for me or other people. Duty of care comes first. 

Now analysing this dream, it looks to me there are blessings and an agreement in place for the near future. Possibly a death connected to this too, which I am quite aware about who that will be. There is a heavy responsibility coming my way. Typical though, something always happen to me. Just when I get a lull in life for a few weeks; then something gets dropped in my lap. I never get a break from anything, other people sail through life with ease but my family and I have all the heavy burdens to carry. 

No, this is not karma for things done in other lives, that is a new age nonsense, that people take as truths without having any real knowledge on the subject. Then in ignorance repeat this garbage to others, which is highly irresponsible. I will say this though, there are souls that are definitely given heavy burdens to try to break them spiritually,  and also the real guilty ones who point blank refuse to accept or agree to what they have done, so the blame is shifted to others who are actually manipulated into accepting this in the beyond life area of the spirit world.

I have done enough reading and researching over the past twenty years to know what I am talking about, not to mention that I know on a claircognisant and clairsentient level. These things are also remembered from before reincarnation is implemented. The veil of amnesia is not 100% fool proof and that is why some of us have past life flashbacks. 

To find out more on these things one needs to be aware of the Gnostic texts and other reliable metaphysical information, as well as an open mind that is willing to listen to the message conveyed by the mass of research and ancient historical information that is available to us today. 

Copyright © Alex Fulford 29 May 2021

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