Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Tarot card of the month: June 2021, Justice


Number 11 of the major arcana
Zodiac sign  Libra
Planet Venus
Justice, Responsibility, decision, cause and effect 

We are almost at the middle of the year now, lets hope the rest of the year goes as fast.

Looking at the face of the judge or ruler on the card, it is a firm and determined looking face. He is precise and cutting as he weighs up every action in the situation, make no mistake about that. That is how Libra works. The energy is generally fair and just in this card.

This month is finish what you start month. Keeping it honest and being responsible for ones actions. So if you are up to no good, the cause and effect of your actions will come back to bite you on the bum.

Ease up on food that is not good for you this month, as you may have digestive problems such as heartburn and upset stomachs.   I am actually surprised to pull this out in the Justice card, but I guess cause and effect covers that, lol. Being a foodie myself I am heading the warning.

This month is an important month for traffic infringements, remember it is all about responsibility and cause and effect. Just behave and you won't be in trouble, Simples! 


Justice will be swift this month, because there is a lot of criminal behaviour indicated. Given the fact that Libra is in charge expect justice to be swift but fair.

Fairness is one of the key words to remember. In all matters one needs to act in a fair and balanced  manner or risk hurting others. Think before you act because it will come home to roost. 

I am being drawn to the red curtain in the back ground, this is an important symbol with a warning. Something very important is being hidden from the public on a global scale. I feel it is very serious with far reaching effects. Notice the golden sun above the curtain, it is shining the light of truth over the matter. To me this tells me the curtain is falling to reveal what is really happening. Uncovering something so shocking to many people world wide.  

Accountability on the other hand is not going to happen, because no one will ever be held accountable, and for valid reason. The house of cards would  collapse on many powerful people, so that just ain't going to happen.

 I feel many of the public will go into denial over this, but it is what it is. We must accept that rather that live in a fools lies.

The possibility of a public backlash is tempered and kept in check, this is where the media are  conveniently used to manipulate peoples minds. This is anything but freedom and truth. The reason being is we live in the low energy frequency of the third dimension which dominates the world we inhabit. One needs to be  reasonably well informed in Metaphysics to understand the fundamentals of this world, true evil is never held accountable, only the small fish who are not informed cannot circumvent the laws of karma or cause and effect. They never seek the higher truths let alone grasp the gravity of this phenomenon.



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