Saturday, 29 May 2021

Sciencealert: Immediate skin to skin contact may save the lives of preterm babies, studies show

It is common scene if a premature baby can survive outside of the incubator then of course it will thrive with that close body contact with the mother. It is inhuman to separate mother and baby. The only time they should be apart is if the mother needs rest after the birth or if something is wrong with the baby. Even then the mother needs access to her baby for her psychological well-being and the babies well being. When we are sick we recover better at home than in a hospital environment too. So obviously bonding as soon as possible is important. 

Breast milk has all the nutrients and antibiotic qualities that a baby needs for the first 12 months of life. Not just that at birth the umbilical cord should not be cut until the blood has stopped pumping into the baby with nutrition for the baby. The only reason they cut it too soon is a financial reason, the stem cells within the cord is worth big money so it is sold for medical purposes. 

It really is best for babies to be kept by their mother’s side from birth if the babies are able to survive unaided by medical intervention. 

Note to young women, if you keep track of your period, mark each day in a calendar or diary. Because the date of your last period (LMP) is counted to forty weeks for the gestation period for a pregnancy. Yes a baby can come early or late. But a pregnancy is a standard forty weeks. I used to have to calculate this in my job at the time and because I always kept a diary I knew exactly when my EDC  (expected date of confinement) was. 

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