Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Mary Magdalene document



Mary Magdalene lived in Narbonne, France after the crucifiction: of course she would have known about the ley lines otherwise she would not have been there. Also there is a major ley line at Roslyn Chapple is Scotland that connects to Narbonne.   Nothing is ever what it looks like in this world. 

One thing to watch out for in art and religious images is blue grapes, they are a code alluding to the cult of Mary Magdalene and Isis.


More interesting images here, take a look at the paintings of Pandora. Click on them to enlarge them and you will see the skull and and she is also wearing red. Don’t you think there is an other esoteric message in these paintings? The cult of Isis. Perhaps the artists were members of the same secret society that worship Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. Art often has multiple messages to convey to people that are “ in the know “.

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