28 February, 2022

Neil Oliver: We watch Russia, but we must watch what our leaders are up to here in the West


Right on the money, I totally agree with everything he says. I am surprised that he didn’t go further, but he needs to be very careful or he will be out of work. 

Dr Jan Watson 1927 to 2021


What an incredible woman and well worth reading about. A pioneer of her time, I find it strange that men were so misogynistic back then and some even today, but Marie Currie was long before this woman and there already were well established female academics, doctors and whatever by the 1930’s and 40’s. Australian women were permitted to study at university from the 1880’s. 

I know an old lady here in Canberra that is a volcanologist and she would have no doubt found difficulty when she started in her field. I often see her when out shopping; I used to chat at a local club to her husband who is a musician. 

Pets welcome: Safe havens allow Ukrainian evacuees fleeing across the border to bring their animals without vet paperwork


It is wonderful to see fur babies and feathered babies are allowed to go with their families. To leave them behind would be very cruel. War does terrible things and unimaginable suffering. I pray that this situation comes to an end very soon. 

People do not ever want war, the only people that benefit are the arms dealers and banks. You can’t put a price on a human being's life, or an animal’s life for that matter. People must live in love and peace; war is not acceptable. 

27 February, 2022

26 February, 2022

The Dodo: Pets in Ukraine


This really tugs at the heart strings, I can’t bear to see animals suffering. How on earth will they manage to feed, medicate and comfort all the animals? People can help themselves to an extent but animals are helpless and totally dependent on humans. 

I know that I could never abandon my fur children, I would go without to food to care for my own fur babies. Animals have been victims of human wickedness since the beginning of time. This world will never change unfortunately because it is a low vibrational frequency. No matter how much unicorns and rainbows rubbish is spouted in social media. To think otherwise is naïve and shows a lack of understanding on how this dimension is set up for humanity to fail and engage in violence. 

I wish it was possible to lift the entire world vibrational frequency much higher and permanently, so that evil would perish. A realistic understanding of metaphysics; and our reality needs to be understood by the masses and then there would be changes. There would be no need for this reality or dimension to exist if that were the case.

Saturday laughs


25 February, 2022

Heartbreaking situation in Ukraine

 It’s such a horrible situation unfolding in Ukraine right now. My heart goes out to all of those suffering right now; they are so helpless. I struggle to find the words to express my heartfelt sympathy for all those people and animals caught up in this nightmare. 

War is a horrible thing and I never expected to see such a situation in my life time in Europe. Looks like it could spread from here if a solution can’t be found. Western leaders will take time to carefully respond to this, but in that time a lot can happen and that is the worrying thing. I think this will escalate quickly and turn in a direction that drags the western world into conflict. This in turn will affect the world economy and the cost of living will sky rocket. We already know that the cost of living is starting to sky rocket during the covid situation and it won’t be getting any better from here on in. 

I am glad to see people in Russia feel the same way as the rest of the world. Good people don’t like to see others suffering. There are no winners in human suffering; only heartache. 

My lovely Tarot bags

The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse 1902


The Prince wakes Sleeping Beauty by Heinrich Lefler, 1900
I also have this in a lilac silk handbag 

These are some of my silk Tarot bags from Baba Studio in Ireland. I also have a messenger bag with  a tabby cat reading the cards and some silk handbags. The Tarot bag second from the top signifies Mary Magdalene and the cult of Isis, the red dress tells us she was a high priestess of the cult. The skull also tells us she followed John the Baptist. Skulls in any old paintings are a reference John the Baptist. 

YOUTUBE: Tarot card of the month, March 2022, 3 of Pentacles


Dorothy Hill, Australian geologist


Dare I say rock on, lol. Geology 🤣🤣 I came across this website mentioning another amazing Australian woman. 

24 February, 2022

News.com.au: Mystery of Tutankhamun’s meteorite ‘space dagger’ finally solved


Purple Poppy Day, for all the animals killed in war (24th February)


I only found out that this was today. I feel sad that I didn’t know sooner as I bought an official purple poppy badge to we’re on ANZAC Day and remembrance day. So I will mark my calendar for next year. 

https://www.purplepoppies.com.au/products/  This is the link to buy a badge. 

https://militaryshop.com.au/collectables-gifts/ I generally buy from this website or shop in their local shop.

ABCNEWS: Blood Cobolt


 Very  disturbing article; human beings lives are worth more than this. Yet greenies don’t tell you about this human suffering that is involved producing  ethical and green products. You have to ask yourself why they don’t but also put that question to the greenies themselves. I have yet to see anything good that greens endorse without a negative impact somewhere. Just like the compact fluorescent bulbs and the green shopping bags. Many people have no idea that their electrical goods are produced via this and other horrific processes. 

People need to be aware of these horrific working conditions used in the production of  the goods people are demanding. Is it really worth the deaths and suffering of the poor and unfortunate of the world who live literally hand to mouth every day of their lives?  We don’t need all this technology we don’t need the latest and greatest phone, iPad or high definition tv. There is a price to pay for everything on this earth and sometimes the price is too high and not worth all the suffering is causes.

What is the spiritual debt to be paid for all of this; whether one is aware of this facts or not? This earth has spiritual debts going back thousands of years, and unless you know how to circumvent this then you will be held accountable on a spiritual level. 

RIP Anna Karen


Such a shock to waken up to this very sad news this morning. I loved; On the busses, and any time it is on tv  I watch it for the nostalgia having watched it all through my childhood. 

What a terrible way for Anna to die. She will always be loved and remembered in our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️

23 February, 2022

Nine news: First-ever recording of a dying human brain shows we may relive memories before death


The brain is like a cross between an engine and a computer storing information. Did you know the human body vibrates at between 62 and 67 megahertz and at death it drops down to 25 megahertz. Also the human soul starts to retract anything from two weeks to a couple of months prior to death. I have witnessed this myself in a relative when they were not long from death, but they were not ill prior to death. The person is totally unaware this is actually taking place thankfully. It would be a very frightening thing to become aware of otherwise. 

The higher self is fully aware when death is imminent and starts to prepare for death. The etheric body can be seen by a psychic person as this process is in action. Some of us may see a grey aura around the person or actually see them almost like double vision; as the etheric body moves slightly to the side of the person.

Having seen the ethnic double of a relative though I have no desire to see such a thing again. I don’t want to know these things as it is distressing for me. It is hard to live with the knowledge that a person is about to pass to spirit. I also get a knowing when people are going to die. Even a person that is about to become ill, I have seen with a grey tinge to their face. That person had a stroke that night, I am glad to say the person recovered.

One day the information in our brains will be downloaded to a computer and that time is not very far away; because scientists are currently working on that. I strongly disapprove of this, as I feel it is an intrusion on a person’s personal and spiritual sovereignty; and if a person has absolutely no concept of the importance of guarding their thoughts they could be making a huge mistake. Who knows what the information would be used for. There may not be any legal protection for such situations and potential violations of other people’s privacy that were part of an individual’s private thoughts, and absolutely anything could be revealed about themselves or other people that knew the person.

 A bit creepy when you think about it, just prey that they don’t trap a human or any other souls in a form of faraday cage or such a device. That would be just going to far and would be very wrong. The only reason to attempt such a thing would be for rather nefarious purposes. It should be illegal to attempt such a thing; should anyone try to do this. 

https://fortune.com/2022/02/22/elon-musk-neuralink-brain-implant-claims/ Elon Musk, Neuralink. 

Now read the other post on Neuralink.


22 February, 2022

Wedgwood: How to care for bone China


Good to know if you have any good bone China that needs a little TLC. 

Nexus Magazine: Elon Musk’s brain phone, will humans be rendered unrecognisable?


Pffft, only idiots would succumb to this stupidity. We are no longer human at this point, we become cyborgs; end of story. Do you honestly want to be part of a hive mind complex? That’s what we become if we go down this path. Goodbye humans, hello freaks. Our spiritual energy is no longer there for us to use and experience, because it will be suppressed by technology. Our spiritual energy is very important and vital and especially at the end of our lives to move us out of this reality and into the next. Our spirit and our souls need to be respected; not to be crushed and suppressed, it is part of us and it is powerful but it is also bio-electric energy too so it can be subject to manipulation as is our DNA.

What about people with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues? How will they understand this and cope with this; being vulnerable people they need protected from this destructive violation of their rights and humanity. Who will be there to protect their rights? They cannot give informed consent in some cases. 

There is a hell of a high price to pay if we accept this abomination. Intelligent people know the clear and present danger and will refuse this evil. To be frank I am surprised people tolerate this guy and others like him. These individuals do not have any respect for humanity, they see us as commodities to be used, bought and sold. These individuals are void of compassion, respect for others and any form of true spiritually and they want to kill our spiritually because they see it as a threat. Why is that you ask?  Well if you have to ask that, you lack any understanding of spiritually and how important the human beings are. We are very unique and irreplaceable from a spiritual perspective, there is nothing else like us in this universe. 

Just as something to ponder, how long can you go without using your phone, social media or a computer?  These things are very addictive but just wait until the VR technology is in your hands and see how well you can resist that. This is the next thing that is currently being rolled out to keep people addicted to technology and will be used in everyday lives for many things including banking. 

Get used to the end of cold hard cash, because it’s going to be obsolete  in the next handful of years. Too many idiots are allowing this to happen, including people in banking, government and big business. They don’t care what we ordinary people think; and most people will just accept this. Our existence is then under the control of the bank when we switch to a cashless society. If there is a power outage the cash cards don’t work, we can’t buy food, petrol or anything. How do you feed your family without money?  Australians experienced this during the 2019 bushfires, they couldn’t use their cards to buy anything and had to depend on the emergency services helping them. That was a real eye opener for the people that it happened to, along with many losing their homes. 

Take a look at this news article below about Neuralink. I found this rather distressing, as I am very against animals being used like this. 


The past two years were a dry run for the brave new world. The pan demic was a perfect opportunity to trial a few social experiments. They were a huge success, however many people are well aware of this.

Nexus magazine: Enoch’s encounters with extraterrestrials


This subject never gets old. It will always be of interest to people with an enquiring mind. We may never get the truth in our world because there are individuals with a vested interest in keeping this secret.

However secrets never really stay a secret because there are people that feel everyone has the right to know the truth of everything. 

These giants are what we believe to be the Nephilim/Titans/ becoming what we know as archons after they died and stayed within our world in a non physical form, and have plagued humanity ever since. 

Wes Penre: Glossary for the Wes Penre Papers

 Note: This came in via email today, it has been on the website from the beginning; but some people are still asking what these terms mean. People are obviously not reading them if they keep asking what these mean. 


https://wespenrevideos.com/  The home page with site map reference.

By Wes Penre, February 21, 2022

“Better late than never,” here is a glossary of common terms used in the videos and articles on this blog. The terms will be continuously updated and are in alphabetical order.

AEONS: The first emanations of Source/All That Is/Monad. A Gnostic term of twelve main spiritual attributes of the Monad. The Monad separated Itself into these twelve units, so It could experience Itself from a perspective outside Itself. Sophia/the Orion Queen, is an Aeon.

AIF (Alien Invader Force): The term I used in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) for the extra-terrestrial species, such as the Sirians and Alpha Draconians, who are interfering with our human evolution. See also, ANUNNAKI, KHAN KINGS.



ARCHONS: A Gnostic term. There are 7 (12 according to some sources, which I find more correct) main Archons, and Yaldabaoth is the original Archon. The other 7 or 12 Archons (with a capital A) are “offspring” of Yaldabaoth, each one representing some of his traits, respectively. It’s an imitation of the Monad (All That Is/Source) and “His” creation of the 12 Aeons/Spiritual creators in the Pleroma/Spiritual Realm. Subsequently, we have the archons (with a small a), who are sub creations in Yaldabaoth’s Kenoma, having smaller roles.

ARY: An “Orion” term used by those outside the Kenoma/Matrix, being closer to the original term for Orion, which is merely a word homo sapiens sapiens use for ARY. From here, ARYAN (see this term) derives. The real original term for Orion/ARY is MARY, which is a name for the Mother Goddess Sophia, aka the Orion Queen (see this term).

ARYANS: The more accurate term for the Namlu’u (the original humans discussed in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). I, Wes, will start using the term Aryans more and more to get closer to the source terms. Aryan derives from the Aryan noun, ARY, which in its turn derives from MARY (another name for Sophia/the Orion Queen. Think Virgin Mary in the Bible). ARYAN is basically two words in Aryan language, ARY.AN, where AN stands for “Heaven” (see also ARY and MARY). Thus, ARY.AN means “Mary’s Heaven,” i.e., Sophia’s Heaven (her being the Creatrix).

DOME (The): Mentioned in Genesis 1 of the Bible, but also in older texts, from which the Bible is derived. It’s most likely a plasma field surrounding Earth, keeping intruders out and isolated beings, like we humans, inside and under the Dome, unable to get outside in our 3D physical body form.

EARTH: Earth is just a very small part of Gaia (see this term). The Kenoma/Matrix (see these terms) is also only 4% of the entire Universe outside the Kenoma, and possibly 4% of the Gaia landmass (see this term).

GAIA: A term we use here on the forum for the greater landmass, where the Namlu’u/Aryans and other races live. The Earth is just a very small, isolated part of Gaia, separated from the rest of Gaia by having been placed under a cupola, a DOME (see this term).

GRID (The): The energetic network that keeps the human soul group connected to each other. This network/web/grid is surrounding the Kenoma (see this term) and held together with Orion technology, stolen from the Mother Goddess, Zoe Sophia.

KENOMA: The Gnostic term for the Matrix, comprising Earth and the solar system, surrounded by the Grid.

KHAN KINGS: A better and more original term for the AIF, Anunnaki, and the Sirians, Alpha Draconians, and other interfering extraterrestrial species in the Kenoma.

MARY: A name used outside the Kenoma/Matrix for the Mother Goddess Sophia, aka the Orion Queen. From here, we get the terms ARY and ARYANS (see these terms).

MATRIX (The): See Kenoma.

MONAD: The Gnostic term for Source/All That Is/The All Encompassing, etc. It is, according to the Gnostics, undefinable and unfathomable–even for the Aeons (see this term).

NAMLU’U: The term I used in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) for the Original Spirited Humans, which are also us, being a part of the original soul group outside the Kenoma (see this term). A more accurate term for the Original Humans is ARYANS (See this term). The term ARYANS will be used more frequently on this blog from now on and replace NAMLU’U.

ORION: Derived from the original word n. ARY (see this term), which is the term for Orion outside the Kenoma/Matrix, even further back derived from MARY, which is a term for the Mother Goddess Sophia. From this, the term ARYANS originates (see this term). Orion/ARY is so much more than a constellation–it’s the original name of our entire Universe. We are the Aryans living in (M)ARY, i.e., Sophia’s Universe.


PLEROMA: Gnostic term for the Spiritual Universe from where Creation starts.


SOPHIA: The Gnostic name for MARY and the ORION QUEEN (see these terms).

20 February, 2022

Tarot Card of the month: March 2022, 3 of Pentacles


Element: Earth                         Season spring (northern hemisphere)

Cardinal point:  East                 Zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn  

Ruling number: 3                      Energy: Female

Realm: Home                          

There's work to be done! ( This is what I hear as I pull the card)

The three of Pentacles is an interesting card, and for March it tells me the silly season is long over and the serious part of the year is in full swing. I personally  always feel the year doesn't really kick in until March.

Key words for this card and the month of March are:

Health, finance and physical action.

I will keep the symbolism to a minimum for this card and just focus on the important things that I feel in the cards. There are just too many symbols and hidden meanings in each individual card that it is absolutely mind boggling and I don't want to bore people. 

So, without further a doo, I shall introduce the card. The important messages here are the individuals covered by this card are skilled people, well informed individuals, individuals with skill and talents to use. Let them do their job and don't hinder them; including apprentices and students that are in the process of learning their vocation.

The number three (Trinity) in this card is about teamwork and some of the numerical meanings  are, forming partnerships, integration, sorrow. Education I feel falls into this category for March. The negative vibration of the number three includes,  uncooperative, overindulging, recovery, healing.   

Emotionally three is fulfilling.  

Notice the people are inside a church, meaning they all hold the same beliefs and have a common interest in what is happening. One person is wearing a cloak alluding to among other things; secrecy, silence and withdrawal. There are secret dealings going on. The cloak is orange meaning; vital energy, active mind and pride. The other person is a clergyman  representing the priest class in spirituality. 

The young man in the card is called the apprentice, He is a skilled young man and knows exactly what he is doing; and is under the influence or guidance of his patrons depicted in the card, and follows their instructions to the T.  Notice he is wearing a yellow apron. As in perhaps a secret society in which an apron is worn during ceremonies. The yellow alludes to the intellect  and confidence of the young man. In his hand is a masonry tool called a bolster, yet again implying a secret society,  he is actively working or chiselling away at his task. As I have mentioned in other TCOM posts Freemasonry symbols are inserted into the Rider Waite Smith deck. So there are little humorous hints in many of the cards to be noticed by those in the know.

The black in the archways signify mystery, knowledge, transformation, and silence. Negatively  it can mean evil, despair, ignorance. There are two arches implying duality; meaning you have to make an active decision as to which path you will take. Arches are also portals to move from one reality to another, hence transformative. 

The pillar implies stability, support and strength, upholding beliefs such as religious or spiritual beliefs  

Bricks can be to build lasting foundations and joining together; to create something big or they can be made to block your path or your view of something that must remain secret. 

There is a white rose in the middle of the arches alludes to the house of York and Mary Magdalen and the ancient Egyptian mystery schools including the royal houses of upper and lower Egypt; their royal colours were white and red respectively. 

The pentacles signify spirit, humanity with the circle of spirit surrounding man. The pentacle also means money. Notice the apprentice is standing on a bench and also he is wearing boots. This signifies elevated position and intellect; but also protecting him from dirt and the unclean of the earth. Clothes don't just imply social status, rank and  honour. They show the outward symbols of the person, what others see, but they protect and conceal that which is within us; spirit. Not all is as it seems, hence the saying; never judge a book by its cover.

As for the full message for March 2022, It is a month for putting skills in to action, showing others you have what it takes to get something done. This card signifies people that have a job to do and let them get on with it. These people can back up their words with action and skill. 

They may be frustrated because they are being prevented  or held back by others from doing their job. For example nurses and aged care workers are eager to get their work done but are being hampered by restrictions around them. These people also have to work hard and fast to make up for lost time through no fault of their own. This also includes students and apprentices of all types.

People don't like their lives disrupted or on hold, they want to go back to normal, but there is a new normal not the old normal. There are still going to be disruptions and delays to cope with.

Plans wasted and skills wasted; poor advice given without any accountability. Is there going to be a skills shortage? Yes, in certain areas of employment; especially in aged care, healthcare, communication and haulage. 

Money is the other important message, people want a decent income for their jobs. Especially in aged care, child care and health care. Employers also will try to avoid paying up especially in small businesses because they may not survive especially just after lockdown. This will cause more upset because small businesses are suffering without relief and the cost of living is rising rapidly.

Some people will lose their jobs and may have to learn a new skill. This takes time and effort and may not be very easy for older people. Some older  people may just give up hope of ever working again.

This will take its toll globally causing more problems. People are getting frustrated with all the disruption to their lives  and not having any money. Noting that the healthcare system is failing them too. I feel there will be more loss of lives due to this especially the elderly due to a poor quality healthcare system world wide. I see delays in health care and apathy. The world governments owe the elderly for all their suffering. These good people gave their best and paid their taxes and they are let down badly by the authorities around the world. 

Meanwhile people that want to work are being prevented from returning to work in healthcare. Some are burned out from the past two years in particular and are in need of help themselves. Guess what; a shortage in mental health workers.  So, as we can see the healthcare system is on its knees with very little done to fix this. 

There is no quick fix to any of this because governments are in turmoil and no one seems to be actually doing anything proactive or of real consequence to get the ball rolling. Add elections in various countries holding up necessary help where it is needed. Health, education, money, production of goods and food are what are governed by the 3 of pentacles for March. 

Blessings and warm and fuzzy hugs 



  Note: There will be a video version on YouTube shortly. I will post the link here asap.

19 February, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A 93 Video 293 pdf


This is the link to the text version, you can look for the video on his website. 

Charged tarot cards ready to use

 Last night I had a dream involving a client of mine; I was giving her a reading, and in the dream I noticed the deck of cards that I used was The Aquarian Tarot deck. I used these cards as my very first tarot deck and then moved on to other decks. The Aquarian Tarot deck had been sitting in a silk bag in a drawer unused for years. 

Today I went to the drawer and pulled them out wondering how they would feel after many years. I was surprised that they were still charged with energy as I shuffled them and reading them just flowed. I expected to have to work on them to get them to where they were ready for use again. 

I guess it was my higher self letting me know that the cards were ready to use. Also the lady in the dream was in fact one of the clients that I was reading today. Things just happen when they are meant to happen. For a few weeks I have been seeing random Aquarian tarot cards in my mind instead of Rider Waite. I feel that has been my higher self getting me prepared to use them again. As cards do need a rest from time to time and and also need a cleanse too.  But what a great surprise for me to pick these cards up and just work with them so easily.

Tarot cards must be treated with respect and care; they are not like playing cards and must never be treated the way playing cards are treated. The energy on the cards is very sensitive hence the care and how they are stored is very important.

18 February, 2022

Elon Musk's Neuralink confirms monkeys died in project, denies animal cruelty claims


How horrible, poor little monkeys they cannot give consent to this. This is for humans in the future for what ever reason be it for health or an upgrade in intelligence. If it is used for an upgrade then there will be no individuality and your can be programmed. How scary is that! 

The whole thing is disturbing and thinking of the suffering of animals used in the experiments is just horrendous. 

NSW bans killing of shelter animals


Its about time, however; people need to be able to afford to feed the dogs and cats and be able to give them a good loving forever home. Perhaps former shelter animals need follow up welfare checks to see if they are being cared for properly and settle in to their new home. That would be expensive to implement though so I guess it won't be possible.

I just don't want to see these fur babies back on the streets again after being abandoned. People can quite easily do this and not bat an eyelid when it all gets too hard. 

16 February, 2022

St Mary McKillop


I always have a photo of Mary McKillop in my office, I have read for her relatives several times, and all the women have her distinct eyes. I am  deeply honoured to have such a close brush with her family.

This woman had true Aussie grit and didn't backdown. I highly recommend reading her biography. She is Australia's first saint also. 


15 February, 2022

Caroline Chisholm


Caroline Chisholm was an amazing woman and her biography is a must read. I read her biography when I first came to Canberra almost 30 years ago and was very moved by her deeds. This woman did so much for women in Australia in the early days, she had seen heartbreaking stuff and took thing in her stride to get things done. What hampered her was rich protestant women, they refused to give her money to help the poor women, thinking that the money would end up in the Catholic church’s hands. She went all over New South Wales and down to Victoria helping home women and girls into jobs with families needing maids, cooks etc.

She helped unmarried mothers and their tiny babies, saving them from being on the street starving  to death.  When she returned to England she died penniless. Pretty unfair for a good person that did so much for others.  

There is a Social Security building in the Canberra suburb of Greenway named in her honour. I drive past it practically every other day and I always think about her with the utmost respect. Caroline Chisholm was on the five dollar note for many years. Her good name and deeds should never be forgotten. 

This is right on Athlon drive in Greenway which is a suburb of Tuggeranong and the commercial hub for the area. This building backs on to bushland and it is very common to see kangaroos here looking for food  at dusk. 

Olive King


I read her biography years ago, what a brave woman. Australians need to delve into their history to learn about the amazing people that lived and put Australia on the map. 

The RIOTACT: Children admitted to adult ward as teen mental health unit delayed until 2023


Abysmal healthcare in Canberra under Labor government just keeps on going. 19 years of continuous incompetence, yet the masses keep voting for them. Canberra’s public health system continues to be second rate for two decades at least. The Labor government has had more than ample time to fix this ongoing system failure; and unless you have had the misfortune of going through the ACT mental health system, you just can’t comprehend the suffering and damage this deliberately broken system causes. 

This particular issue angers me so much, being a person that suffers from depression and anxiety. Canberra is an embarrassment for health care because no one wants to be accountable when elected. Put Andrew Barr and the health minister on notice. How on earth can medical personnel help the patients without proper facilities and staffing? How on earth can the voters just accept this? If you can have a dummy spit over Covid, then why can’t you do the same thing for our health system, especially the mental health crisis? It is too convenient to look the other way and just keep voting for this appalling Labor government like sycophants than hold Labor accountable.

I put it to the voters to be accountable for their vote and hold the government accountable for their inaction, one day you could be in the mental health unit or your child and may find out how bad this situation really is. There go you but for the grace of god. 

NSW nurses and midwives converge on Sydney's CBD in protest over pay and work conditions during COVID-19 pandemic


Power to our nurses 😻😻❤️❤️ I have so much respect for our nurses and midwives. Canberra also needs more nurses and doctors and better working conditions. This is a long term issue, a couple of decades long. Stick it to to government!

How many rich and privileged politicians could do their job? None; they don’t have the strength and backbone to do this job. The public need to stand by our nurses going through all of this suffering; not to mention how bad they are feeling about the deaths from this horrible virus and still have to care for their families. RESPECT!! 

Four arrested at Cotter campground as Convoy to Canberra protesters evicted from Exhibition Park


This is covered by the February tarot card of the month, all the protesters have not had things go in their favour. They will end up like I said; wasting their time and only be left with grief in the end. 

https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100825478 Covid protesters force cancellation of ACT 

Lifeline charity book fair, breach barricades at Parliament House. Canberrans are rather upset by these outsiders coming into their town, most don’t want them here, because some of the issues are not federal, they are state government issues. Like I said in the tarot card of the month except things to go on for three or four months.

Thora Daphne Holzheimer Australia’s first female truck driver


What an incredible woman, what courage and in the heat of the outback too. Australia has produced some strong women over the centuries. Life for some is not walk in the park and takes every inch of their soul to survive against the odds. 

14 February, 2022

9NEWS: Sensitive addresses among more than 500,000 leaked from NSW Government database


Morons! It’s too late now, the information is out. Just trying to cover their stupid arses now. Gee I wonder who has copies of all the data. 

OWLKITTY: The best of Owlkitty


Got to love this kitty, he or she looks just like my late Tolstoy. I miss having cats around the house so I need a regular dose of kitties on the internet. 

13 February, 2022

Live science: Geomagnetic storm sends 40 SpaceX satellites plummeting to Earth


Holy cow I never expected this to happen. That’s a lot of money down the toilet. Space is not all smooth and free from gremlins. 

Melbourne Uni says sorry for its trials on orphans


This article is from 2009. Ireland did the same up to the 1970’s with orphans not necessarily with polio vaccines but they are now known to have used children for medical experiments. Humanity never ceases to disgust me.

The babies and children were used in the experiments because no one cared, no one objected and there were no parents to object to this barbarism. So why did no one involved object? They want to keep their cushy jobs that’s why. Same deal now with our current situation, it’s all about money and nothing else. If people die, shit happens, sweep it under the carpet as usual. 

Robert Sepehr: Hollywood magic and social engineering


 I think most of this is common knowledge nowadays. Nothing that people don’t really know if they are surfing the net. Yes the evil came from the East, however it did not originate their either; only flourished and spread. One must look further back in time to Atlantis as the seat of evil and then fanned out over centuries. But what I noticed in this video within myself, was the Druidism. I don’t have a religion, I no longer believe in god, more of a spiritual atheist. But my spiritually is vital and taken very seriously.

Anyway, when forests and trees are mentioned, this made me  listen. I am a forest  person not a beech person. Sure it’s nice to go to the beach and be near water; I like rivers and lakes, but the sea is nice too. From infancy my strong connection is to trees and forests, I need the smell of the earth. I played in forests as a child in Scotland, it was my go to place to connect with something. I have always loved oak trees, poplars, weeping willows, rowan trees (Mountain Ash), and holly bushes, I actually grow holly bushes in my garden along with elders. These are some of the typical trees growing in Scotland and Ireland, and I have a strange connection to ancient Ireland from birth.  The Druid connection is there too, but like all religion; I shun Druidism  too. I don’t feel they were good people either, this to me is about rival priesthood clans going way back to Atlantis and the race to collect and enslave souls. Keep in mind our world is geared to polarities for a reason. Did you know the Queen is an initiated Druid from the mid 1950’s? Winston Churchill was also a initiated Druid. 

I feel Druids were just as bad as traditional religion is today, it is all about control of the people, but more to do with their souls and spiritual fire within humanity; hence the desire to patent human DNA currently, to own as in control it. We  have important information in our DNA and our DNA is programmable. These individuals in secret societies religion and Hollywood seek to control or take ownership of the spirit within us; and  keep in mind that this is the third dimension, a low and heavily controlled negative vibrational frequency. 

Humanity has never been free and never will be free in this reality due to spiritual amnesia, and the lack of will to be spiritually aware. Do not confuse religion with spiritually they are not the same, spirit was not created by man, religion was created by man.  We were born as spirit, we are having a physical world experience not having a spiritual experience. This world is not real; it is not natural, it is augmented and moving up to a newer version of  artificial reality at present, Hollywood are leading the push in the human experience via entertainment. They are pushing unhealthy thinking and presenting it as normal and something to aspire to. Currently pushing an unhealthy interest in the dark arts to young impressionable minds, yet no one objects. Teaching the belief in manipulating freewill of others for personal gain. Perversion towards females and no one bats an eyelid, this is the defiling of the sacred and divine feminine. 

Morality is out the window in modern entertainment including things aimed at youngsters. Few people stop to question this and are completely oblivious to what is right in front of their eyes because they are under the spell of Hollywood. If you disagree with this, people will troll you for not thinking the right way, down to the point of people think twice before commenting on social media. This is not freedom it is soft Marxism to make you comply with the program; not freedom of spirit or freedom of speech that Americans always fight about. Hollywood and freedom of speech are polar opposite’s. But the founding fathers and Hollywood have much more in common through the occult than Americans or anyone else realise. Both have an esoteric background and this is a very powerful background that no one can break. 

Personally I am more let people be, just a don’t bother me type of person in this life. I need nature and small animals around me, I can’t be apart from nature, I am aware that as a spiritual being I do not belong here. I am very well aware of this earth being profane (it is not just Hollywood that is profane and dark, many individuals are that way inclined without the influence of the perversion from Hollywood because they are that sort of  person; Hollywood just encourages people to be vulgar and profane). 

I just want to be left in peace with spirit and nature.  None of what is said in the video is a surprise to me. But, it is possible that Robert could possibly be controlled opposition. I do not mean any disrespect here and I may be wrong, it is just me wondering. Robert Maxwell on the other hand is different and gives off a much different vibe, notice in some of his videos he says certain things three times, that is a ritual and he does this in this video clip too( third time’s the charm). I am uncomfortable with Robert Maxwell, again no disrespect is intended. 

I appreciate the information but leave it as that, information. My own personal reality is of peace and spiritually. That is my spiritually not another person’s spiritually. Spiritually is is personal and should be a personal and private thing. 

Wes Penre: The singularity timeline part 5 pdf


NFT new f***ing technology 😳 Don’t say you haven’t been warned. 

If you could see and feel the dream that I had about this a few years ago you would understand the danger we are in.

Psychic Tarot Readings with Alex Clairvoyant-Medium: Search results for nightmare macabre (psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com)

12 February, 2022

NSW first home buyers could use contribution from the state government for their deposit


Omg, wow, I am stunned by this. Do you honestly think that you will have any inheritance to pass on to you kids with this? This is scary and people will be backed into a corner with this proposal. 

Our kids will have nothing and the generations to come will have nothing. Only the very rich can avoid this. Forget buying if you work in retail, hospitality or a child care worker/aged care worker. Perrottet thinks this is what people want, he’s a millionaire why the hell would he care it’s all about money. 

Looming!, it’s already happening as is the rental crisis. Yet people don’t get off their bums to protest about this. To me this is way more important than the vax issue or anything else. People need affordable housing to rent or buy. Interest rates will go up too; and many people will just never be able to buy a house. The government must build more public housing or face a backlash of angry homeless families. 

Remember that saying; You will own nothing but be happy! This is it sadly.

I am spirit

 I am spirit first and foremost, I do not belong in this world, I do not belong in the physical tomb called a body. I have no attachments to this world. I have no attachments to false believes. I have no attachments to a false god. Because spirit is just that, spirit. It is not to be enslaved; it is not subject to anything other than primary source. The all that is and all that ever will be. I am spirit.

Ancient sculpture is ‘most important prehistoric art find in UK for century’


Interesting discovery it’s amazing that it survived all those years without crumbling as chalk is very soft. Having handled a big chunk of chalk that was used my my uncle as a prop to hold a garage door open, I know how frail the chalk is. 

11 February, 2022

Koalas officially an 'endangered' species in Queensland, NSW and ACT


This is so sad and all because of human arrogance. Good people have being trying for decades to get better protection for the Koalas get them on the endangered list; all Australian native animals are supposed to be protected by law. There also has been a drive to stop the destruction of their habitat,  yet when it comes to money; animals are in second place. That speaks volumes about the individuals in government; whether they are council, state or federal officials; that only care about money and votes. 

Koala deaths by traffic accidents is a real sore point, and no one takes any responsibility in preventing these deaths. People have been approaching local governments for help over this and it has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. So why has it been left so long, and why now is this in the news other than an election is coming up shortly. Ka Ching, throw money at the problem and fake sincerity that will keep the public happy. No actually we are holding you all accountable! 

Remember that bushfire of 2019/2020 was a while back now and what has actually changed…nothing. We the animal lovers don’t forget and the suffering the animals endured still haunts us. 

10 February, 2022

British woman reveals Aussie greeting that baffles her


Hold on, at the start of the article is woman from England, yes she is British; as am I. But in Scotland we do not speak the exact same way as they do in England or her region of England. There are vast differences throughout the British Isles and Ireland. In Scotland we definitely do not say; "You alright?" that is English, and if my memory serves me right it is from the south of England. 

In Scotland we will say to you "how's it going" or in Scottish , How's it gaun'. You might hear; "No' bad" or "aye, no' bad" (not bad) in return. One very amusing thing in the Glasgow and surrounding areas is, if someone doesn't know your name they will call you Jimmy. We often joke about that; in jest  or in actual conversation some will say to a random stranger as they greet them be it, a man, woman, child  or a dog in the street; everyone gets called Jimmy if you don't know their name. Classic comment would be; "Hey Jimmy how's it gaun?" Especially in a pub no offence is taken by this either, may be a laugh or a smile.  

 Funnily in Australia someone will say; "G'day" and it could be the middle of the night, it is just a friendly greeting to say; Hi. That takes foreigners a little time to get used to; like a lot of Australian ways, but done with friendly affection.

Also replying with" good thanks" is common, but it doesn't necessarily mean the people are going to engage in a conversation, they just walk on by and no offence is intended. Even at the start of a phone call many people will do this and then get into what they have to say. 

Lol, We don't write the word Oz like Aus, that is never done, and this is from an Australian journalist or reporter, oh dear me. The article is too short and not entirely useful showing; a) a lack of knowledge in this subject matter  b) the reporter comes across  in lacking enough life experience with other cultures especially those that speak English. We are definitely not all the same and some people will take offence.  

I think her head would be spinning in Scotland and Ireland with confusion due to the vast regional accents, languages, dialects and expressions in a small island. Because there are vast  differences in Scotland especially  because many people speak English mixed in with old Scottish (auld Scotts) and even Doric in the east and north east. Our accents throughout the British isles change every few miles too and that takes time to tune into, the further up you travel. 

We all share a similar humour though, Australia has a dry humour which fits in well in the  British cultures. Not I said cultures, they are all different. 

Marjorie Taylor Green: ‘Gazpacho police’: Nazi gaffe lands Republican congresswoman in the soup


No soup for you!! Well she is blonde 🤣🤣 Must be fun turning up for work each day to hear the latest gaff. We all know someone that does this and trying not to laugh when they say something like; I exhumed rather than I assumed. 

9NEWS: Melanoma to cost Australia $8.7 billion without 'critical action', report says


People just won’t listen and melanoma  or skin cancer starts when we are young by not protecting our skin. Start protecting your skin in childhood and educate your children. People think they look good with a tan, but they don’t stop to think of the damage done, and having skin like leather is never a good look, it ages your face also. 

The driving sun tan is a big issue too; people that have their elbow on the open windows of their car or truck are a high risk group. This happened to my husband and what he thought was eczema was melanoma and I kept telling him it’s not eczema, my intuition was right. Our doctor at the time also thought it was eczema at first but as the “eczema “ got worse he gave my husband a referral to a skin specialist. Over the space of two or three years the melanoma got bigger and bigger; it also had a rough texture and obviously no amount of eczema cream would stop the skin cancer from getting bigger and bigger.

At first glance the surgeon said it looked like eczema but she knew from his medical records and skin puncture test that it was melanoma. The doctor said she had never seen such an unusual looking case of melanoma. On the way into surgery the surgeon asked the surgical team if they knew what was wrong with my husband’s arm. They all thought it was eczema until she told them it was actually melanoma stage one in situ.

My husband ended up with a 9 cm X 7 cm scar that looks like a shark bit him as it is a deep indent. My husband like  myself has always avoided the sun, we are winter people so not fans of summer. So he actually got this from driving 

People must take responsibility for their actions and not put their health in danger and then expect the doctors to heal them. Sometimes it’s too late for medical help. Melanoma can b anywhere on your body and the skin specialist will examine your entire body fro melanoma even between your fingers and toes as it can be there too. A lymph map of your body is also done before and after to check that there isn’t any more melanoma. There is a follow up lymph mapping done at twelve months after surgery and depending on your health you may require follow up visits to the specialist.

Get your skin checked regularly and hopefully if there is anything nasty growing, you are on top of it and can lessen the damage. Cover your skin in the sun and wear a sun hat or do as many ladies are doing again carry a parasol or an umbrella that has that silver anti UV lining. They are in supermarkets these days and any shop that sells umbrellas. Keep a fold up one in your car too in case you are broken down and waiting for assistance. I always keep a fold up UV umbrella in the car for that reason having had the need after an accident and a breakdown on an interstate highway. There is nothing worse in a hot day when disaster strikes and you need shelter from the scorching sun. Oh and don’t make the mistake of thinking the winter sun in Australia is safe, it’s not. 

09 February, 2022

eBook: Ragnarok by Ignatius Donnelly pdf


This 1883 book is out of print since 2011,  and I think the copyright has expired. It is heavy reading and the first few chapters are more geological. Things start to pick up when you get to page 130. That is the book page number not the number that shows on the left hand side as you scroll down.

I have read many articles saying the same thing as Ignatius Donnelly says in this book. Donnelly was a US politician and writer that is enjoying a revival over the past couple of decades. I hope people will find the book interesting and share it as food for thought. 

The great resignation


I think that older people are getting exhausted and feeling the need for a quite life if they can afford to retire and let young people take over the workplace. Quality of life is the crux of the matter. I know in Canberra many older public servants are jumping ship, because they are over the political climate at work and they need a break. 

NEWS.COM.AU: Women discover why their shirt buttons are on a different side to men


What a load of rubbish, men didn’t wear button up shirts in the old days, and when duelling the shirts were tied with cord or ribbon like ties on the shirt; buttons were not used in mens shirts until 1896 and that was polo player’s shirts. Gentlemen wore white shirts with cravat type ties well into the Victorian era. Then the shirt styles started too change and ties also changed. Buttons on jackets or coats go back centuries though. 

As for Napoleon, he was a  Freemason; giving the hidden hand gesture and you will notice many famous men doing such a pose, Albert Pike, Abraham Lincoln and even the current pope. Then there is the hand resting on the outside of the jacket, declaring allegiance to the goddess, Isis, Hathor, Rhea or whatever name you want to use, it’s still the same entity.

One possibility for right hand versus left hand could be because the male side of the body is the right hand side and the female side of the body is left. That is very common in secret societies and esoteric circles, even displayed in photography such as wedding photos or family portraits. So this article just seems to be dreamed up without proper knowledge. 

07 February, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Legendary floods of the ancient world


I was not a fan of Robert Sepehr when I first came across him, but I do like his videos, they are almost like an abridged version of the Wes Penre Papers in some ways. The Book; Atlantis;The Antediluvian world,  by Ignatius Donnelly is a must read. I have read it several times as I have a pdf version. I would love to have it in book format though, I tend to hoard books that are about human origins and mysticism as they have so much valuable information. 

One thing that always intrigues me is where these amazing writers get hold of the information to write their books. They must have special permission in some universities or other places where the real important information is stored, information that ordinary people are just not permitted to have. 

Basically it’s elitism to keep the masses ignorant, but that is part of the reality of this world. Knowledge is power and must not be given to the masses. 

Happy Monday laughs


Robert Sepehr: The lost children of Hercules


Yet another interesting video from Robert Sepehr. There are also a few interesting comments in the comments section that may be of great interest to those that are into numerology, mythology and general esoteric information. Sadly I don’t post these to my Facebook page as very few people are actually interested, that is such a shame because it’s all so fascinating. I may post them on WeMe as I have a new page there; simply titled Alex Clairvoyant Medium. 

06 February, 2022

You know you are old when

 You know you are old when you can't find a spot to park your dinosaur at the mall.

What really went wrong at Facebook’s Meta after Mark Zuckerberg’s share price bloodbath


And to think that people know this and still use the platform. Just who does Zuck sell our data to; and why? This man should never be trusted with the remote to a tv, let alone our personal information.

I am going to have to move to a new platform; but how many other social media platforms are untrustworthy? I deleted Twitter a couple of years ago and I will get rid of Instagram as I just find it a waste of time.  Facebook though, I will have to get rid of, however my work Facebook page needs to be moved to MeWe. I honestly have a deep mistrust of all social media because of Zuckerberg. We don’t know what will transpire with all social media platforms from here on in.

Our concern about social media safety should be; who is spying on the consumers and are they selling our data. If so to whom are they selling our data? Are there any owners of social media platforms that doesn’t use their  platforms to spy and data harvest our personal information? It has also been said that Facebook is a giant social experiment to get into the minds of the human population, to see how we think and act. 

That is quite a serious issue because it clearly shows the negative impact on society and a breeding ground for narcissism and abuse. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...