30 April, 2022

Website for Alex


I thought that I should pop my website on here again, for people to look at, as some people may not realise that I have a website too. My website has four scroll down pages in varying colours and the tab tops with my biography and psychic predictions, some testimonials, FAQ’s and right at the bottom of the page is the link that takes clients into this blog and the link to contact me by email to make an appointment. Not forgetting my little introduction video. I also have a new YouTube channel as can be seen on this blog, then there is my Wordpress site, my MeWe page, Instagram and Facebook. Not forgetting my old original blog, which you will notice when on my website and reading my psychic predictions as they are on both blogs (the purple background is my old blog and this new one has a blue background). The new predictions from 2022 are not on my old blog as I no longer post on that blog. 

Also please look through my previous psychic predictions for the world and the separate psychic protection for Australia.  You can see current world events being predicted in the past and come into frame as time goes on. There are several types of predictions  not just the yearly ones, also the tarot card of the month, and articles in which I have made predictions. So there is quite a few years worth of predictions that I have made. Many predictions are elections such as who will become prime minister in Australia, which I have had a very high accuracy rate.

 I always do my psychic predictions for the following year in October each year, so it is best to take them from October to October every year. My tarot card of the month is done any time from the middle of the previous month. πŸ˜€ This has just been the way it falls, I just get a strong feeling to sit down and shuffle the cards. I don’t pick a particular date to do the readings, I just get this weird urge of when to do the predictions. I have no idea if others in my line of work have this experience. Perhaps it is just me, anyway that’s just how I roll. 🀣🀣

UPDATE 2 July 2024. This website no longer exists I have a new website that was launched in 2023 with videos and all the relevant information including a small blog with my psychic predictions and the link to this blog for further information. My new website is much better than the previous one which I canceled  because I was not very happy with the company’s quality of service. 

This is the link to my current website https://alexfulfordmedium.com/

There’s a bone-bone biscuit in there!

 I leave my jumper on a chair for a few minutes and Miss Ruby decided to hide her biscuit in there 🀣 it’s now a no go area. I have been given the look πŸ‘€ You not touch my stuff mummy.

YouTube: Spooks and surgery and other things

Another little video from Alex. 

29 April, 2022

Ban on people who lived in UK from giving blood due to mad cow scrapped in Australia


Interesting that after all these years they lift the ban due to a blood shortage. I have no idea how long this takes to manifest in the unfortunate people that do get mad cow’s disease. I lived in the UK off and on up to 1983 and went back on holidays in 1986. I do have health problems but I don’t believe that they have anything to do with this terrible disease. Blood is very thoroughly screened for disease and other things and I am sure something would have manifested by now in a person that was infected. 

Canada to prosecute crimes on the Moon


I think the Clangers will have something to say about that 🀣🀣🀣




https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Video-299-The-Consequences-of-Total-Freedom-and-Freewill.pdf written format.

I can’t stress enough that reading the Wes Penre Papers is vital to understanding all of this. Fear is a major drawback. You can’t get enough information from the videos, they are not enough. But if one does not put in the effort to read and learn; then that is their own fault. This is an individual choice to make the call. 

West Yorkshire firefighters called to rescue sheep from rooftop


Ay up lads, hold yer horses....err I mean sheep. That's quite a yarn ye've got there lads! Needed someone to tweak the tv aerial? I don't suppose the sheep got a good cup of Yorkshire tea after that escapade, but I bet the Fire men did . So did the tv get better reception after that? Asking for  a friend.

Peter Dutton says Australia should be prepared for war – but are we?


Put idiots in charge of defence then expect screw ups and tardiness. Keep the years 2026 and 2027 in mind because things will be bad then I do feel serious conflict around this time. I am not in favour of our military clout being in the news. These things should stay out of the public eye. You don't publicly show your hand and at the same time don't buy Kmart quality when you are better off with top drawer. 

Labor leader Anthony Albanese emerges from COVID-19 isolation with rising power prices on the agenda


Cue the music, Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Price coming down you say, yeah nah that won't be happening and you will do as the "suits" tell you Avebinsleazy.  You won't be getting my vote! 

Unfortunately he will win the elections today 21/5/22

28 April, 2022

The Australian Federal Elections 21 May 2022

 I didn't know if I was going to take a stab at the elections until today. This is the hardest one that I have ever done. Harder to pick than a broken nose as they say.

This year people are quite anxious about what the elections will bring. Some people are angry with ScoMo (Scott Morrison) Some think that Albo or A've been sleazy ( Anthony Albanese ) doesn't have what it takes to lead the nation. One thing to keep in mind on the day is, the winner will bring with them a different set of problems. This is just what we don't need!

Looking at the layout someone is aiming high and their luck is in. The promises made at the election campaign cannot be kept as usual. Both for practical reasons as well as the BS. Money needs to be invested in Australia fast to protect Australia. I see small drops of money given here and there to keep people sweet, but big money must be in defence and border security immediately. Time will move fast when this election is over and the new party takes up office . Whom ever is in office will leave their mark and not in a good way either. There will be losses or stuff ups of great importance because the ALP took their eye off the ball, and the people that were swept off their feet with elation in the election results will feel let down. 

Dirty tricks are being played out at present and some people will be swayed at the poling booths due to deception and dirty tricks. Anthony Albanese I feel is naive and needs to smarten up fast, should he win this election. He must keep looking over his shoulder for the enemies within the party trying to sabotage him. He will be hounded by the usual thugs in the party unless he can lay the smackdown hard on them.

I do not think he has it in him to be able to slay this demon group of thugs. None of them mind you will be prime minister, no they are the ratbags that make a career of destroying people and Australia. 

From the public image that Mr Albanese puts out he comes across as self effacing, this could be a ploy for sympathy though and is unattractive for a leader of a political party. I would say he is sneaky more than self effacing though because to survive in politics one must be tenacious and as hard as nails. Nice guys do not fit the bill.  Now as I look over the cards and doing a few layouts this is what the cards reveal. 

I feel Scott Morrison does not have fate on his side for winning an election this year. He seems to be losing appeal and appears to be scrambling to keep control. The following cards, The World, 5 of Wands and The Tower seem to shows an ending, a fateful situation, as Scott Morrison forges on with the campaign trail. I feel he will be swept aside in the battle. This could also point to a new leader being elected to head the coalition. I feel Morrison's time is up and it is time to move on, perhaps to an overseas position.

The NLP don't seem to do too badly in the election  per say but the time for a new leader is evident. As the dawn breaks after the election day is over, it s time for a new leader and a new direction for the NLP. Too many mistakes and delays have been made over the past two and a half years and this has cost the NLP.

I do not see Barnaby Joyce ( National Party) in that position either as he is rather reckless. He would not be good for the party nor the nation. I would hazard a guess at Josh Frydenberg or Dutton, It will be a dark haired man that will take over the leadership. ( Allow for hair  graying).

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-22/liberals-looking-new-leader-after-scott-morrison-resigns/101089086 (update:  22/5/22 Dutton:a strong possibility) Note: Peter Dutton is dark haired but going bald as is Josh Frydenberg. 

Anthony Albanese  has been again offered a golden opportunity just like the last election. He must be prepared to step up to the plate again, this is his second chance at this. As I look at the cards I see he has an important benefactor behind him, supporting him for this position. This is an older man that has schooled him behind the scenes. Someone like Paul Keating comes to mind.

Anthony Albanese must take a stand for Australia and democracy. Something has always held him back I see. This I feel is his own fears of the future as well as dirty tricks in the party. He has this one last chance and his benefactors tell him this is it. There are no other chances to come up with the goods. The path has been paved for him so to speak.

He has to stop playing the poor little me game and get on with it. I feel he has been warned not to blow it this time. Like he did at the last election, losing the unlosable election stuff up. Talk about Frank Spencer!

Mr Albanese must put all that behind him and show leadership. The Empress card shows leadership and abundance around him, so the time is ripe for him to win, time will tell of course. I do feel that the ALP will win this election.

As I look at the cards, Penny Wong keeps showing up, She is a very disruptive individual in the party and has been linked to overthrowing the leaders of the party, Abbott, Rudd, Gillard, Shorten.  Mr Albanese needs to watch out for this little minx.   

One thing that I will keep in mind on election day is, Labor  will not increase welfare payments. The ALP have a penchant for supporting China and over many decades have done a lot of damage to our industry and the economy. Politics is an ugly and dark business, not something that I like to deal with, as I do not trust any of them period!

 On a side note, My wedding anniversary falls on the 13th of May, Scott Morrisons birthday is the same date. Anthony Albanese was born the same year as me too. How is that for a koinkydink πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

UPDATE:  Albanese and ALP win 


UPDATE: Peter Dutton is the new leader of the Liberal party.


MAINE BEACH: Special offer on Mt Macedon Rose items


A Mothers' Day special is on just now for the  Mt Macedon Rose products. I bought the hand cream last night. It is normally $28.95 for the large tube and $12.95 for the small handbag size. They often throw in a free lip balm too and all goods are made in Australia too, which helps our economy.

If you live in Canberra you can buy these products at the gift shop in the Botanical Gardens. Anyway if you are interested hop on the website and see the full range of goods.

29 April :My items arrived today from South Australia πŸ˜ƒ this time my freebie was a Mt Macedon Rose body and hand cream 15 ml. I will have to try the Kakadu Plumb hand cream. But Rose is my fave. 

Workers discover ‘unprecedented’ Phoenician necropolis in southern Spain


We continue to be surprised at revelations when roadworks are done, archeology digs that turn up unexpected items, or at construction sites and all sorts of places. I wonder how much is still to be discovered. 

27 April, 2022

Neil Oliver: Surely it’s time to stop apologising for Britain and for being British


People should never be ashamed of  their heritage, social status or culture  no matter who they are and what country they were born in or live in. Stand up for your rights regardless of what your cultural heritage is. Live and let live. 

No one will break the British spirit, many have tried and failed! Our family stand united as one, I include the Republic of Ireland in this too as they are also our family.

As for patron saints,  St Patrick was behind the murder of many Irish people back in his time. If they refused to convert to Christianity. Peace and tolerance yeah right. The snakes were the Druids. 

Neil Oliver: Why do we find it hard to keep an open mind?


The western powers that be don’t want us having independent thought, they are hell bent of taking away our freedom of speech, expression, though and anything else that they can intimidate us to give up. There is no such thing really as democracy and what we are witnessing is a communist ideology in your face and the masses just look the other way. I will remind you again that you and your children will have to fight a manufactured world war for these people in the very near future. Do you think the war in Ukraine started accidentally or was caused by Russia completely? If so then you are not paying attention to reality. Putin is no damn saint but neither are the US and their cohorts, have the intelligence to see what is really happening in the world. 

These are the real enemies of humanity, if you cannot object to their ideology or question it then where are your rights as a human being? The first rule is who can you not criticise and there is your enemy. These individuals are redacting history and trying to destroy everything that we hold dear, as we know it and no one publicly objects, at least not loudly. Our very lifestyle is being destroyed and manufactured food shortages, manufactured pandemics with more to come, including manufactured warfare. Manufactured financial crisis and a financial reset moving to full digital currency where you can be cut off from your own bank account, you think that is impossible? Then go online and see how many journalists have had their bank accounts suspended including PayPal accounts suspended for not towing the line. 

Don’t you think it’s pure hypocritical when the western leaders such as the US , UK and their cohorts can suspend access to the finances and assets of Russian oligarchs and politicians yet the western criminal society are left untouched? 

All human beings regardless of where they live or were born are being used and abused by wickedly evil people in powerful positions around the world with agendas. Theses psychopaths don’t care about us, we are collateral and are used to do the killing of other people that have done nothing to us. Just keep in mind there is  no such thing as an accident only cause and effect. The puppet masters behind the scenes in conflict, pandemics etc have orchestrated everything that happens for their benefit never ours. 

The media are guilty in their wilful participation and manipulation in all of this, we owe them nothing but our mutual disgust and the contempt they truly deserve. 

26 April, 2022

Aunty Flo: Dreams; Spider meaning


This is a fantastic website for dream interpretation I use it quite a lot as I get some very out there dreams every night. Check my dream is another good website also for dream interpretation. I hope you get as much out of these two websites as I do. 

What’s your sign is also full of amazing stuff https://www.symbolic-meanings.com/about/


25 April, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Etidorpha the end of the world


I like the video of the inner world it reminds me of the lord of the rings. Most people that are into this sort of thing are well aware there are several ways into the inner earth including the Himalayas. There are entrances dotted around the earth. We have seen the Afghanistan caves and others in documentaries. We don’t know who built the tunnels but we know there are networks all over the world for a reason.

Technology that is thousands of years old must have been used sometime in the far distant past to make these tunnels. Modern man has only been able to do this in the past two hundred years with explosives and then the invention of boring machines. 


Etidorpha pdf (Aphrodite)


This 1895 publication is a fascinating book for those that are interested in metaphysical teachings. It’s 418 pages long, and hopefully full of exciting and inspirational information for readers. I am about to read it myself now with thanks to Robert Sepehr for mentioning it on his YouTube channel. Yes, the name is Aphrodite spelled backwards. 

ANZAC DAY with pain

 ANZAC Day like Remembrance Day are a bit painful for me, much as I have immense respect for all service personnel worldwide.  As my father’s life draws to a close I am saddened to know both he and men like him will never be recognised because they were put on missions at a young and naΓ―ve age some  under 21. In extremely dangerous assignments that will never be officially recognised; the effects of which still haunt them. Yet they are denied their due respect. I am proud of my father and all the young men in their youth, that carried out dangerous missions with absolutely no acknowledgement of their deeds from the governments of their homelands. 

These young men were naΓ―ve in taking part in covert missions that without their dangerous missions, we may not be in the safe world that we enjoy today. It sickens me to the bottom of my stomach and knowing the silent suffering of these good men. These good men deserve much respect and acknowledgment. I am sickened by the rich and powerful that causes wars yet make the young working class men pay with their lives. We are staring down the barrel of another war caused by the same evil and the masses just accept the abuse of the working classes. 

Old men live with the scars in silence and try to fit in to the normal everyday world. Trying to hold it together so that no one knows their suffering. Old men fearing death and judgment in the afterlife. I know because I see my father in the closing of his life suffering and I am as angry as hell to see his suffering. Rest assured the young people of today will go through this suffering in their old age in 50 years time because the masses like sycophants obey evil and pick up guns to kill other innocent working class people for the same evil controllers of this sick and twisted world. Such is life! 

23 April, 2022

Scientists find dingoes genetically different from domestic dogs after decoding genome


Magnificent Australian animals dingoes don’t bark like dogs, they howl. The closest that I have been to a dingo was at the national zoo and aquarium in Canberra many years ago. I have a photo of my son as a little boy patting a dingo, which is usually done as part of the daily meet a dingo program. 

 Our canine companions have come a long way over the centuries but Australia  being an island continent, Australian animals  have not evolved at the same rate as other parts of the world. So our native animals are very special. 

Wes Penre: VIDEO 298: Q&A SESSION #97


It looks like some people just can't be arsed actually reading the Wes Penre Papers and just want to take shortcuts by asking questions. To have to keep asking similar questions again and again must be very disappointing for Wes, because it shows a lack of respect by not taking the time to actually read and learn.

I don't think that I would have the patience to put up with that. Wes has gone to the effort of adding bibliographies for sources if information at the end of each chapter in 5 large volumes of the WPP. He has put things in a very clear and concise format in his writing as well as in his videos. How hard is it to understand? If I can follow what he is saying then anyone can. It comes down to each individual making the effort to pay attention and read. Lazy people will never extend themselves and neither will the spiritually ignorant.

It's your call if you wish to remain ignorant; but do not waste someones time that is clearly very busy and has to stop what they are doing because some individuals cannot be bothered in learning. You and you alone are responsible for anything that you want to know and learn in this world. It is impossible for someone else to do it for you,  not to mention wrong.  I too get people asking me things that I know for a fact will not be respected not the advice given taken onboard by individuals. So I can understand Wes must feel very unhappy after all his tremendous hard work that he has shared with the world for free.

I am most grateful for everything that Wes has given the world. I take it on board and sometimes I share things of a spiritual nature with Wes in thanks for his amazing work. One thing to remember though is, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  


The written format in the link above

My take on the Q and A

1, Yes it is a prison planet and like all other heavenly bodies, they have different dimensions and frequencies. The third dimension being almost the lowest, with a heavy negative vibration. However in our universe all the dimensions we know of in metaphysics are low and are controlled by beings of low frequencies who manipulate reality for their own needs. So when we die and stay within the matrix up to the seventh dimension we just keep recycling over and over.  Also it should not take thousands of lifetimes to become more spiritual or you are seriously avoiding the truth. We are spirit and were advanced before we were put in to the fleshy tombs and put through soul splitting and the veil of amnesia. All of this makes it almost impossible to awaken and leave the reality, add being unaware of the soul trap and the matrix controllers into the factor. You have a snow balls chance in hell of  awakening and avoiding the reincarnation cycle.

2. Chanting opens up the chakras and our energy is being leaked out or harvested. I used to do this many years ago and with one particular chant I was almost right out of my body. That was unintentional and I was at a spiritual church spiritual development circle when this happened. I had been a non believer in chanting. But that one night I learned how easy it is to come right out of the body unexpectedly. This was a CD that is available in most shops that sell spiritual or New Age items.

If you really don't know what you are doing this can be very dangerous and can have unintended outcomes. I still feel this is a waste of time and if you cannot see clairvoyantly what is around then that is a warning to avoid this activity. I have seen beings around people in meditation and these beings were harvesting the energy of all in the circle. The instructor was unfit to be teaching or guiding anyone due to ignorance of  real spiritual contact. Except these beings are not spirits at all they are using technology. I have seen them many times. But no matter how often I warn people they keep going with the activity. Be it on their own heads. When a mental health breakdown occurs what are you going to do and are you going to open up to a doctor or a psychiatrist? Your call!

3. In a nut shell don't worry bout the other aspects of your soul. Just focus on your current self and get out. It's as simple as that. Firm intention and no distractions, do not talk to, acknowledge any other beings until you are outside the grid. Keep it simple as you are in a thought reactive environment. 

Do not be fearful or unsure, you must be clear and firm or you will end up who knows where.

4. I have no time for Barbara Marciniak, so I avoid her work completely as I do with many in this field, it doe not feel right nor good to me so. I will avoid this information I do not have faith in this as truth. 

I do agree about the heard mind and I see it in many formats around the world. It is not just one heard mind. I feel humans have always had a few variances of heard mind. Such as which religion one follows, Even round earth, flat earth concept and evolution etc. The world is made dualistic or has polarities for a reason, to divide and conquer and herd.   

As Wes says there is no afterlife for these controllers, they are terrified of death too as are their minions. Remember a person that is fearful and also fears death is easily controlled. A person with no fear has nothing to lose.

5. Nothing to add here at present.


Health line: 9 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Tea


My favourite drink,  I especially love Earl Grey tea and Lady Grey tea. Please be very careful if you are pregnant and are drinking certain herbal teas as pointed out in the article.

22 April, 2022

YouTube: Tarot card of the month: May 2022, 8 of Wands

Here is the video version of tarot card of the month for May 2022.

Update: The Lithuania thing, turns out to be a gift of a drone to Ukraine from the people of Lithuania. What a beautiful gesture. 31 May 2022.

21 April, 2022

ANZAC DAY 2022, 25th April


The tomb of the unknown soldier in the Australian War Memorial Canberra

   After two years of lockdown we can now have ANZAC Day celebrations again. This has been the only time in history that ANZAC Day has ever been canceled. Let’s hope that never happens again our veterans mean so much to us as do those that gave their lives for us. Lest we forget.

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we forget! 


Frisky kitty


20 April, 2022

You just gotta laugh out loud


Tarot card of the month: May 2022, 8 of Wands

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2022/04/youtube-tarot-card-of-month-may-2022-8.html   YouTube version

Element: Fire   Season: Summer   Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
Cardinal point of direction: South. Realm:  Spirit. Colour: Yellow. Gender: Male 

Key words: Creative energy, Passion, Quick Action, News, Conclusions

Spiritual progress can be made this month also.

Starting with the number, symbols and colours; the number 8 interpretations for this card are Regeneration, Extension, Expansion, Disruption, Complexity, Poor judgment, Control, Dispose, Regiment

Wands  for this particular card symbolise; risk, energy, taking action, status and perception. Emotionally this card is determined, defiant, inflamed and stubborn.

Trees act like the human spine and connect the spirit world to the earth with enduring energy and strength. These trees look small and stunted though and we are looking at them from a distance.
The sky is bright blue which symbolises the  spirit realm, moods and emotions. 
Green is symbolic of nature, growth, rebirth and regeneration and life force, Springtime, healing. Next we notice the body of water; which is still and clam. Notice it sits in between two lands. To me this tells me something that I will cover later in the reading. Water is a purifying agent, it represents the mind and consciousness connecting us to greater spirit and universal consciousness, it is fertile and creative also. 
Yellow, this is just a very slight fleck of yellow here and this is in the distance and the colour of the castle on the hill. To me this represents someone in a far off land cooking up or hatching a plan. Two people on my mind here are Vlad the lad and  Biden. 

Now for the reading itself, Something is coming to a conclusion here, this is not the war in Ukraine though, that will intensify. There are multiple things going on in May so stay focused as this also affects the human thought process and our minds. This is something hitting us continuously or multiple things happening at once, now that in itself is something that worries me. Humanity is being bombarded with several things at once is an overload and overwhelming for us. That is not a good thing as it produces stress and anxiety. Keep your cool and just do the best that you can. Do not over extend yourself or put others in that situation as it will be disastrous. 
Looking at the card we see the sky takes up a large area of the card, this blue sky is to do with spirit and some of us will feel a spiritual connection this month. But that doesn’t mean life is going to be easy or hunky dory either. In this card we see a castle on a hill in the distance and rolling green hills and green fields, in the foreground is a body of water and then more green land. That water signifies emotions and the mind or conscious. 
To me as I look at the card the two parts of green land either side of the water looks like two, separate countries. The body of water separates them. Sweden popped into my mind as I looked at the card as did Lithuania. 
As I look further at the card I am drawn to the trees, which are symbolic of growth and expansion, I get a feeling of things getting progressively worse in Ukraine as Russia steps up the war. Looking down at the right hand corner next to the signature of Pamela Coleman Smith, I noticed three little black blobs and then a little row of more black blobs signifying more military vehicles coming into Ukraine. As we know the second phase of the war has begun, I feel further incursions are coming deeper into Ukraine, but there is another nation involved now. I get the feeling of another nation being caught up in the war, this could be accidental as I feel that a stray missile may go over a border into a neighbouring country (Lithuania?) 
I see a mountainous area involved.  This is by no means the end of war, this is it now and we start to see how things are taking shape. 

Putin has no intention of backing down, he can’t even if he wanted to. He risks losing face in his homeland and worldwide, so Russia is committed to this war now and will stay the distance. This does not look good. The EU are unsure of what to do next, there is talk going on but no real answers of what they should do next. Clearly the EU, NATO and the US are floundering. None of them want to really put men on the ground to push back against Russia. 
The US in the meantime are getting fed up and want to see results, as everyone is pushing munitions and, equipment into the war and nothing is happening that they want. Back in the US they have major problems because of Biden and what to do about him, plus a divided nation. The US are stalling for time back home as they push the EU to do something.  

The EU don’t seem to have what it takes to make intelligent decisions so they just pump munitions into the war and hope for the best. This will not work long term and they know that. It is a tactic to buy time before this war spills over into other countries. 
Civilians are getting impatient and distressed by all of this time wasting as innocent people are being killed, tortured and abused. As the EU sit back twiddling their thumbs reluctant to actually do something.
No one wants to take on Vlad the lad, meanwhile business feel the pinch and people are starving.
As we know Ukraine will get flattened by Russia but guess who profits from this? That’s right big businesses, offering to rebuild and the offer bank loans should Ukraine stay out of Russian hands. 
Russia will not let go of Ukraine because it puts the US right on their doorstep.

Many Ukrainian people will be very angry about this situation as they are the meat in the sandwich here with no one to protect them. Also wondering who benefits from this war because it is not them , the ordinary people. They see Ukraine being a puppet of the US and there will be mounting distrust of the US and Russia; expect this suffering to go on for many years which includes the rebuilding of Ukraine.

By summer Biden is becoming  a thorn in the side of the US  as he will be seen more and more as unfit to govern the country. This will now be the start of removing Biden from office, as summer comes the voices get louder to remove him. 

The times are interesting right now as I said there are multiple events or things taking place in May and this is just the start. People are also feeling isolated, poverty, food shortages and price increases that prevent people from affording food. Financial struggles are biting and people struggle because they can’t pay their bills. Increase of interest rates fuel this situation because young families are hurting, they have crippling power bills on top of that. This could start people taking to the streets to protest because they need help due to the severe hardship.

I see a man picking up,a TV and throwing it, symbolising people no longer believe what is on the news every day. They no longer trust the media or the government. 
Society is lost in the turmoil with no one to trust and no real leadership, there are too many talking heads but no leadership, structure to society.
Health remains a critical issue and I see ambulances in disarray, this feels like industrial action. Now this could be in Australia and other places like the US. This is due to poor work conditions and covid on top of that, with very little staffing and resources. The government will only offer a mere token gesture to these hard working stressed medics, who are broken by years of neglect and being kicked to the kerb for so long that they can no longer cope. 

Conflict is happening in many parts of the world right now, everyone is suffering and I don’t see any improvement to this situation. This is brought about by corporate greed and corruption in government worldwide. My advice to the ordinary people is keep your head down and stay under the radar. Many people are volatile right now and it is only going to get worse. Avoid crowds wherever you can and that includes shopping centers and other public places because many people can no longer keep their anger in check and are likely to erupt and that includes taking their anger out on other people’s children in violence.
Please do not put your children at risk from harm, children in tense situations will become difficult to deal with for parents and all it takes is a child to arc up and a stranger suddenly loses control and attack the child. So please be mindful and if your child is stressed or grouchy avoid taking them to the shops. 
If you can get a babysitter that’s great but not everyone has that luxury unfortunately.
You may have to have a little discussion with your children to, teach them to read the warning signs of danger and how to avoid such things. Boy that is not an easy task. Might be easier for some to say here have a lollipop. I’m worried about children with sensory problems being put in danger and there are  many children like this nowadays. Please take care and shield them from angry people. Kids don’t understand and they are left with trauma after such horrible situations.
I wish we had a better world where people were nice to each other but that is not the reality we live in. I do hope that people do benefit from the spiritual energy for the month of May.  I hope it can defuse some of the terrible problems in this world.

Please stay safe, learn to read signs of danger and get away from the situation before anything happens. Practice being careful and vigilant. Live peacefully and mindful towards others including animals. Mindful is the key word for the times that we are living in. 
Love, blessings and warm and fuzzy hugs from Aunty Alex

 Victoria, Hospitals and Ambulances. Hmm if the minister of health is whining about this then maybe he should man up and actually do something to fix it. The buck stops with him and Labor have been in office for a few years in Victoria so what’s the story? You get the idiots you deserve if you keep voting for chairman Dan, that’s what! 

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/04/sweden-ruling-social-democrats-divided-on-decision-to-join-nato. Sweden thinking of joining NATO , well there was already talk about this.

UPDATE: 20 May 2022
 Putin sends Terminator tanks into Ukraine.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-21/russia-claims-to-have-taken-full-control-of-mariupol/101086940  Russia claims to have taken full of Mariupol . They ain't going to stop any time soon either.

UPDATE:  The something, and multiple things happening in May that I mentioned could be the so called Monkeypox BS. Like I said the mind is involved here. Mind games to keep people fearful. Don’t play the game this is the new normal non stop viruses just like Gates said, he must have the script to follow πŸ€”πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬
UPDATE Lithuanian 31 May,2022. Wow, what a beautiful gesture from Lithuania. 

Update: 6th June 2022 Russia warns Lithuania 

17 April, 2022

The Picnic Train April 2022 ; All aboard the Choo Choo Train!

 Wow what a great weekend it has been so far, it’s Easter weekend and the first of two long weekends in a row, yay. We were booked to go on the picnic train two years ago but along came lockdown. This year luck was on our side and yesterday hubby and I went on the old steam train from Canberra to Bungendore. It was a pleasant journey and so relaxing enjoying the countryside as we traveled along in the old world steam train. I haven’t seen a steam train for decades and was so happy to be able to participate in this experience. 

It made me want to go off on a longer train trip somewhere perhaps interstate. I just love the old world charm that trains evoke. It was amazing to see many people taking the trip to Bungendore and also to see people that just came to see the steam train. All along the route there were people by the roadside, at bridges and other places gathered to see the train pass, waving to the train and taking photos or videos of the train. I waved back to people too and enjoyed the atmosphere of the day. 

As we weaved through the countryside the train went through tunnels and the train conductor or concierge told us to close our windows as we enter the tunnels; as the smoke will come in the open windows. Those windows had heavy  solid wooden frames and latches that require a strong grip to operate. As as we went along it was funny to hear the windows suddenly being closed as we entered the tunnels and open as we exited the tunnels. We felt the train curve as we went through a gorge and climbing high as we traveled through a valley and over bridges. It was a terrific experience and I want to do this again soon. 

We ate our picnic lunches and saw many happy smiling faces in the carriage as everyone was enjoying their food and company. I was surprised at how narrow the passage was between the seats and fitting into our booth. People are much bigger nowadays than they were in the 1930’s when this train was in use. 

I didn’t get the chance to film much of the train arriving in Canberra station, so my husband said let’s drive out to Bungendore on Sunday and we can take a video of the train arriving at Bungendore railway station. So with that in mind we stayed on the train as it pulled into Bungendore feeling relaxed and content. Then after a few minutes the train went into reverse using a diesel electric engine to do the return journey back to Canberra. The weather was absolutely perfect for the entire day and actually all weekend I am happy to say. Easter is a time when one can never tell what the weather will do. 

Hubby and I had a most wonderful day out yesterday and we were on cloud nine with the whole day. Today we did make the drive out to Bungendore to wait for the train’s arrival. It was actually a few minutes late so that added to the excitement with the platform full of people waiting to see the train. People of all ages and children too. I noticed the level crossing had people gathered there too; to see the train arrive and that was marvellous to see.

Steam trains have not lost their public appeal in all the years that have passed. That is lovely to see, and actually I forgot to mention, yesterday as we went along the track there were spots on the highway and other roads that had a spot to see the train pass; had people pulled over to see and film the train. Some people could stand in their backyard or near parks etc to wave to the train. How wonderful is that! Seeing these people really made my day and it was a pleasure to wave back to them too. Happy smiling faces everywhere. Today we noticed people doing the same as we drove out to Bungendore, it was a delight to see and just added to the experience.

Bungendore is a small country town on the way to the south coast of New South Wales 45 minutes from Canberra. The railway station opened in 1885 and is much the same as it was then I am happy to say. A traditional Victorian era station that is part of Australian old world charm. 

Note: This plaque says Yarrowlumla but it is known as Yarralumla in current times. Bungendore actually comes under Palerang  council in recent years too. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungendore Bungendore is part of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Shire Council  ( pronounced Queen bee Ann )  It is a lovely place for a day out and is usually quiet busy on weekends and public holidays with people in the surrounding areas including Canberrans visiting. It has a beautiful country vibe and gift shops, antique shops and cafes, pubs and restaurants.
My favourite places are the R n R cafe diner for a burger, the hotel Carrington, and the big antique shop.

Lol, I find it amusing that Wikipedia has information on this area. But this is the modern equivalent of an encyclopaedia. Still you can’t beat thumbing through a book πŸ˜€

NOTE: I will upload some video footage shortly.

Time might not exist, according to physicists and philosophers — but that’s okay


First things first, quit the daylight savings we old farts need our sleep πŸ˜›πŸ€£πŸ€£

Metaphysically speaking time and space have always been an illusion; though it is said the be necessary for the bio experiment called life. Multiple timelines have to be inserted into our reality to separate each individual incarnation that one experiences. It would have a bad effect on the mind if all our experiences happened all at once without splitting into timelines. Every thought that we have opens up a timeline and a reality. The universe is thought responsive hence one must be careful of their thoughts or the can become a reality somewhere with unintended consequences. It makes no difference whether we are in the physical world or the non physical world; the universe is still thought responsive. 

You will find a much better explanation of this by doing a Google search, or by reading the Wes Penre Papers or websites which are focused on timelines, alternative realities and remote viewing. Remember though remote viewing is not 100% accurate. 

JPSears: Disney is grooming your children?


I have been aware of this for years and the occult symbols that have been used by this company for years. 

It seems many people have lost the ability to be discerning in regards to what is safe and appropriate for their children. Read the comments below the video please. For the record I do like the Aristocats,  but that was made back when life was more wholesome. 

15 April, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 297: The Singularity Timeline Part 6 [Why is the Real World Becoming a Nightmare?]


Y’all think it’s a conspiracy theory still? Try and disprove this then. 

Those that seek spiritual enlightenment and spiritual freedom will have spiritual enlightenment and spiritual freedom; because they have set the intention; they will not be sucked into the singularity unless they are weak willed. 

Humanity in this augmented reality are basically just empty vessels with most of their spiritual energy suppressed. They are programmed, including astrologically programmed;  but there are some of us that are different and have somehow got that fight within us to cling to our spiritual energy and will not relinquish this. 

In regards to AI and space, think of the ridicule when Trump announced the new Space Force, now Australia has done likewise and the usual Freemason esoteric symbols on display to boot. The Australian government sold this as a national security system to protect the nation from cyber crimes and yes that is possible as well as having other functions. Still unable to see what’s coming? The current war as it kicks up a gear into an eventual world war will allow for modern warfare technology to be tested to further the agenda. Many inventions have been tested in warfare throughout history and bring changes to the world. 

I have had a firm dislike and mistrust of Elon Musk from the get go. While people I know think he is the best thing since sliced bread; and I have tried to warn them of his real intentions and get dismissed. What would a clairvoyant know after all? Well I can tell the naysayers that time will prove me right and they are responsible for what is coming to them, they  have been warned.

As for raising our frequency by loving intentions and compassion, we have seen acts of love and compassion towards the people of Ukraine including all the animals that people are trying to save but what about all the other people that are not white; in other places in the world, where was this love and support for these individuals and their pets? There is a clear double stand at play in this hypocritical world of duality and stark polarity. If we as a species can’t come together in peace and reality mean it, and all of us ordinary people stand together refusing to fight and kill there would be a higher frequency.

It takes a very strong will or intention to make this happen; but I feel Wes’s wonderful aspirations will never happen because of selfish people with their own agendas, prejudice's and lack of spirituality which disappointing for all life here. 

Robert Sepehr: Lucifer and astrotheology


When listening to the spiritual music in the video please be aware that this can open your chakras. If you are unaware of this please be careful because it is a vibrational frequency that is very powerful and to a  person that is sensitive this can have an affect on you. Giving you a floating feeling, if you feel this happening, stop the video and ground yourself immediately. 

On my blog under spiritual protection you will see how to ground and attune yourself and how to gold light yourself. This will help you come back to earth or reality. Our chakras are powerful but can be manipulated. 

Vegan diets are healthier and safer for dogs, study suggests


WTF? Right at the end of the article it says they wouldn’t recommend it. So there you go! This is animal abuse right there. No one in their right mind would say this is safe or appropriate. Dogs and cats have never been vegetarian or vegan. This is against their natural state, and highly dangerous. Have we not seen cases of very malnourished dogs and cats in the news because of people making them go vegan. This is a political agenda being pushed and needs to be stopped. Whom ever is responsible for the production of vegan food for carnivores is in this for the money and it just goes to prove how stupid some people really are. 

One year is not enough time to study the effects of this monstrosity and neither are the control group figures adequate. No mention of the age of each dog or breed, prior health problems etc.  Most dogs or cats hardly need a vet if they are healthy. The problems with health though is the poor quality of commercial pet food.

It is clearly not fit for consumption yet no one stops the manufacturers from selling unhealthy food. If it isn’t fit for human consumption then it is not fit for animals either. It’s all about money though isn’t it, and we are talking billions of dollars. This needs to be changed to improve the health and well-being of dogs and cats. Having had two dogs and four cats all at the one time; I can tell you most of my fur children died of cancer and I blame the pet food; and I bought the best that we could afford.

My 3 of my cats died at the age if 17. One died at 14 having bone cancer, 2 of my cats had thyroid problems and were on medication for that after being through surgery a few years prior to their illness getting worse. Daisy as you will see on my blog ended up having a tumour in her nose. Garfield with his thyroid issues developed kidney disease. Slinky had stomach cancer and kidney disease  and Tolstoy had bone cancer, he had a leg amputated at the age of 10 and it was so heartbreaking for me; he was my baby and when he had to be put to sleep 4 years later it was something that devastated me, not to mention his dear little kitty wife Daisy. She was lost without Tolstoy as the were together since Daisy was a kitten. 

My dogs died at 13, one with a heart murmur and the other cancer. My fur babies had regular check ups and had been well cared for. In fact they were pampered and there is no way in earth that I would submit my fur babies to a vegan diet. I would go without to keep my fur babies well fed . Animals cannot give consent to what they eat or what sort of care they receive. We fur parents have to do what we feel is for the best in providing a healthy and safe lifestyle including love and keeping our fur babies safe from harm.

As I have pointed out on other blog posts a vegan diet is not good for anyone and the human brain deteriorates on a vegan diet. That is clearly shown by neurologists, so why is a dog or cat any different?

This is a political agenda and it is irrational and downright dangerous. Anyone that makes their dog or cat live against nature like this should be reported by their vet and punished by the law for animal abuse. 

13 April, 2022

JobSeeker rate to remain untouched after election after Labor ditches plans to review it


Well this is rather concerning if a Labor government doesn’t think the poor need their benefits raised so that they can both eat and pay bills. Labor voters; keep this in mind next month at the elections. Sheer hypocrisy from a once working class political party. 

Mr Albanese is also not doing well so far with his campaign, he looks rather stressed. But the most important thing is there is no policy for running the nation. I think we are seeing a devolution of world leaders. I have not looked at the cards on the elections I haven’t had the time but I would like to get the time to see what the cards say. I do feel if Labor get in then we will have major problems dealing with China and it is not advised to placate China. Australia needs to keep the upper hand here and not wimp out, or that would put us at a disadvantage.

Robert Sepher: Secrets of esoteric Christianity


Read the comments in this video post. As always there are people that are very aware and informed in the subject matter. 

11 April, 2022

Alex Shankland of Ellis in Transit, cover of Adel: Lovesong

 My little cousin again, gosh she has an incredible voice. 

Neil Oliver: Pandemics Masks,Plagues and Disgust


A lot of common sense here. Read the comments too because there are often very interesting things there too. 

We know babies' sleep is fundamentally important. Why do we value adults' sleep less?


Sleep is like medicine no matter what age we are. It helps the body regenerate and re energies. Older people often have insomnia too. I know that I do. I am also suffering from sleep apnea and respiratory problems. I use melatonin and magnesium cream to help me sleep. 

Juggling that and aches and pains from health problems and getting used to sleeping with a cpap machine. I am in the battle of weight loss to help, so far I have shed 5 kilograms but I need to drop at least 10 to 15 kg to be happy. 

The article mentioned technology in the bedroom, blue light is the worst thing to disrupt sleep and that includes the bright white light bulbs, we are better off using the warm white bulbs. Diabetic people are affected by the blue light more than non diabetic people too. 

Neil Oliver: Discussing Pfizer initial data on vaccines


I think most people have worked out there will be long term effects of this. We don’t know the full implications as some may take years to manifest and how will doctors be able to trace things back to the primary source? 

Wion:Gravitas; Was the Pfizer’s Covid 19 trial compromised


This is a bloody big elephant in the room. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...