27 April, 2022

Neil Oliver: Why do we find it hard to keep an open mind?


The western powers that be don’t want us having independent thought, they are hell bent of taking away our freedom of speech, expression, though and anything else that they can intimidate us to give up. There is no such thing really as democracy and what we are witnessing is a communist ideology in your face and the masses just look the other way. I will remind you again that you and your children will have to fight a manufactured world war for these people in the very near future. Do you think the war in Ukraine started accidentally or was caused by Russia completely? If so then you are not paying attention to reality. Putin is no damn saint but neither are the US and their cohorts, have the intelligence to see what is really happening in the world. 

These are the real enemies of humanity, if you cannot object to their ideology or question it then where are your rights as a human being? The first rule is who can you not criticise and there is your enemy. These individuals are redacting history and trying to destroy everything that we hold dear, as we know it and no one publicly objects, at least not loudly. Our very lifestyle is being destroyed and manufactured food shortages, manufactured pandemics with more to come, including manufactured warfare. Manufactured financial crisis and a financial reset moving to full digital currency where you can be cut off from your own bank account, you think that is impossible? Then go online and see how many journalists have had their bank accounts suspended including PayPal accounts suspended for not towing the line. 

Don’t you think it’s pure hypocritical when the western leaders such as the US , UK and their cohorts can suspend access to the finances and assets of Russian oligarchs and politicians yet the western criminal society are left untouched? 

All human beings regardless of where they live or were born are being used and abused by wickedly evil people in powerful positions around the world with agendas. Theses psychopaths don’t care about us, we are collateral and are used to do the killing of other people that have done nothing to us. Just keep in mind there is  no such thing as an accident only cause and effect. The puppet masters behind the scenes in conflict, pandemics etc have orchestrated everything that happens for their benefit never ours. 

The media are guilty in their wilful participation and manipulation in all of this, we owe them nothing but our mutual disgust and the contempt they truly deserve. 

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