23 April, 2022

Wes Penre: VIDEO 298: Q&A SESSION #97


It looks like some people just can't be arsed actually reading the Wes Penre Papers and just want to take shortcuts by asking questions. To have to keep asking similar questions again and again must be very disappointing for Wes, because it shows a lack of respect by not taking the time to actually read and learn.

I don't think that I would have the patience to put up with that. Wes has gone to the effort of adding bibliographies for sources if information at the end of each chapter in 5 large volumes of the WPP. He has put things in a very clear and concise format in his writing as well as in his videos. How hard is it to understand? If I can follow what he is saying then anyone can. It comes down to each individual making the effort to pay attention and read. Lazy people will never extend themselves and neither will the spiritually ignorant.

It's your call if you wish to remain ignorant; but do not waste someones time that is clearly very busy and has to stop what they are doing because some individuals cannot be bothered in learning. You and you alone are responsible for anything that you want to know and learn in this world. It is impossible for someone else to do it for you,  not to mention wrong.  I too get people asking me things that I know for a fact will not be respected not the advice given taken onboard by individuals. So I can understand Wes must feel very unhappy after all his tremendous hard work that he has shared with the world for free.

I am most grateful for everything that Wes has given the world. I take it on board and sometimes I share things of a spiritual nature with Wes in thanks for his amazing work. One thing to remember though is, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  


The written format in the link above

My take on the Q and A

1, Yes it is a prison planet and like all other heavenly bodies, they have different dimensions and frequencies. The third dimension being almost the lowest, with a heavy negative vibration. However in our universe all the dimensions we know of in metaphysics are low and are controlled by beings of low frequencies who manipulate reality for their own needs. So when we die and stay within the matrix up to the seventh dimension we just keep recycling over and over.  Also it should not take thousands of lifetimes to become more spiritual or you are seriously avoiding the truth. We are spirit and were advanced before we were put in to the fleshy tombs and put through soul splitting and the veil of amnesia. All of this makes it almost impossible to awaken and leave the reality, add being unaware of the soul trap and the matrix controllers into the factor. You have a snow balls chance in hell of  awakening and avoiding the reincarnation cycle.

2. Chanting opens up the chakras and our energy is being leaked out or harvested. I used to do this many years ago and with one particular chant I was almost right out of my body. That was unintentional and I was at a spiritual church spiritual development circle when this happened. I had been a non believer in chanting. But that one night I learned how easy it is to come right out of the body unexpectedly. This was a CD that is available in most shops that sell spiritual or New Age items.

If you really don't know what you are doing this can be very dangerous and can have unintended outcomes. I still feel this is a waste of time and if you cannot see clairvoyantly what is around then that is a warning to avoid this activity. I have seen beings around people in meditation and these beings were harvesting the energy of all in the circle. The instructor was unfit to be teaching or guiding anyone due to ignorance of  real spiritual contact. Except these beings are not spirits at all they are using technology. I have seen them many times. But no matter how often I warn people they keep going with the activity. Be it on their own heads. When a mental health breakdown occurs what are you going to do and are you going to open up to a doctor or a psychiatrist? Your call!

3. In a nut shell don't worry bout the other aspects of your soul. Just focus on your current self and get out. It's as simple as that. Firm intention and no distractions, do not talk to, acknowledge any other beings until you are outside the grid. Keep it simple as you are in a thought reactive environment. 

Do not be fearful or unsure, you must be clear and firm or you will end up who knows where.

4. I have no time for Barbara Marciniak, so I avoid her work completely as I do with many in this field, it doe not feel right nor good to me so. I will avoid this information I do not have faith in this as truth. 

I do agree about the heard mind and I see it in many formats around the world. It is not just one heard mind. I feel humans have always had a few variances of heard mind. Such as which religion one follows, Even round earth, flat earth concept and evolution etc. The world is made dualistic or has polarities for a reason, to divide and conquer and herd.   

As Wes says there is no afterlife for these controllers, they are terrified of death too as are their minions. Remember a person that is fearful and also fears death is easily controlled. A person with no fear has nothing to lose.

5. Nothing to add here at present.


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