26 July, 2021

Tarot Card of the Month: August 2021, Justice # 11


Responsibility, Decision, Cause and effect, Justice

Major arcana card number 11 Spiritually sensitive, independent, charismatic

Zodiac sign: Libra  Planet: Virgo   Elements: Air 

As we enter August 2021, the tarot card Justice rules events, law and order to be precise. This card functions between worlds also; in such the temporal  world or physical world and the non physical world, including the mind and sub conscious. 

Law and order, peace and harmony, being unbiased and fair , reminding us that we will be held responsible for our actions. Justice is not just the law that we live by but also cosmic or spiritual law. The universe after all is governed by cosmic law and everything is connected in our reality.  Humans live in a sealed unit, not just body, mind and spirit; but also within what is a sealed integrated unit between the physical and the spirit realms. The lemniscate or to the layperson; the infinity symbol  alludes to this reality. This cannot be broken unless one is spiritually awake and at the end of the individuals life cycle, decides to leave what they believe to be the reincarnation cycle, to move on spiritually to higher learning.

Notice the to pillars in the card; representing law and order as well as duality and also Jachin and Boaz. Now see the woman ( Justitia or Lady Justice) depicted in the card has a line near her throat, the white line is very distinct, which reminds me of the alleged murder of Mary Magdalen, however Mary Magdalen was supposed to have been stabbed on her left hand side, as opposed to Jesus who was pierced on the right hand side by the spear of destiny or a lance,  this reminds us of duality and cause and effect.   However there are other possibilities here, this could symbolise the voice and wanting to say something or going back to mysticism perhaps it has a connection to John the Baptist, given that he was beheaded. Some mystical art depicts such strange symbolism. 

The hand positions of the lady are depicting the adage;  As above, so is below. In this tarot card the lady is slightly different to Arthur Waite’s card in which Justice holds scales in her left hand and a sword in her right hand in the upright position. In this Mystic Dreamer tarot card, in her left hand she holds a sword, the left hand side of the human body as you may be aware; represents intuitive female energy. The sword is justice, but it also covers spiritual law too. Penetrating energy from above and bringing justice down to the physical world. That also covers thought in action;  becoming physically manifested, thus creative energy. 

Now in the lady's right hand,  which as you would imagine represents male energy. She is holding what looks like a sceptre. This is a royal symbol that represents, god or spirit and divine rule over humanity.  It is very difficult to make out the symbols on this sceptre, but it has something on the top also unlike the Rider Waite tarot card in which it is scales in her hand. 

The woman on the card bears a lot of responsibility as a law giver and issues justice. She stands on the edge of reality and is looking down into our world in judgement. Behind her there is a light; representing enlightenment, spirit and perhaps consciousness. On the pillar to her right is a black bird, the bird is a messenger from spirit which has come to impart news or a message.  

The card continues to warn us of what will happen if we do not act in peace and harmony and also honestly. We collectively or individually reap what we sew. Please remember duality is always at play here. and at times things seem very unfair and wrong. Harmony is very out of balance in this world; and not every single person gets to be held accountable. 

No; it is not fair but that is the way that it is. Why? you may ask; well there are those that know how to circumnavigate their way through cosmic law and know how to balance it; in order to avoid punishment. Again that is just the way this world operates. We; however do not have to take sides or get involved in something that has a cause and effect attached to it.   Please bear this in mind with current world events, because there will be fallout, as this card reminds us.

The male versus female energy discussed here has nothing to do with one's gender. This is spiritual energy and all humans have both male and female energy within us; the same as we do genetically. That is a good example of, As above, so is below. Because the energy is non physical, but in the physical body it becomes  physical in our genetic makeup. 

Keeping our spiritual energy balanced and harmonious in the physical world is indeed a very difficult task in this world. We have a divided consciousness which leads to spiritual decline unfortunately, unless we actively work on it. So we must strive to be better human beings and take our rightful place in the universe when we advance spiritually. 

As I already said, we do not have to take sides with anything or anyone. We can have a third and better option, which is more spiritually aligned, we are not responsible for the actions of others and must not act in similar manner or we become defeated spiritually. 

Looks like this month will be a month of having to think very carefully before we respond or react. Can we rise above the challenges we face or should we cancel August and just stay in bed? 

Keep emotions under control and don't believe everything in the media, and please remember the media play a dualistic roll always.   


23 July, 2021

Inside Silicon Valley's new non-religion: consciousness hacking


Yeah…Nah! I value proper spiritually from within. This is a dangerous path to go down, the machine kingdom into transhumanism.

Christmas in July in Australia

This is about the week that we do Christmas in July in Australia so to get into the spirit here is my offering 云云不

Cheers! 不不

Meditation Is a Powerful Mental Tool—and For Some People It Goes Terribly Wrong


Please click on the link above and read the article very carefully. Make no mistake meditation has hidden dangers. I personally can only speak from experience within the psychic community meditations; and not from other types of meditation. Your meditation can also be hacked as I have mentioned in other posts of what has happened to me personally.


20 July, 2021

Bruce Fummey: Who made Scottish ?the Scots


Yet another interesting video with Bruce Fummey and his humour as he delivers a history lesson.

This guy has me hooked because he wisely keeps it short and to the point and also makes it interesting.

Bite sized history is easy for people to absorb rather than be overwhelmed by big tomes of history. 

15 July, 2021

ABCNEWS: Small changes you can make to help make the lives of autistic people easier


This is a very important and interesting article, I feel that this is something that people need to take into consideration when interacting with others. Be mindful please, because the person who you speak to may have ASD. Sensitivity, respect and mindfulness are paramount; so that no one feels uncomfortable. 

Watch for subtle cues, it is not always lack of eye contact, (lack of eye contact is also a cultural thing, in many cultures looking directly into a person’s eyes is considered downright rude)

Not all people with ASD are children or young people, there are many older people with ASD. This disability has always been around; but with modern times we are seeing many more people being diagnosed. Some experts have predicted this could be 1 in 3 people in the years to come, one thing is for sure the numbers are increasing. Oh by the way, having lack of numeracy skills and being very poor at spelling and reading can sometimes go hand in hand with this also. But do remember these individuals can also be very intelligent and think outside the box. Please don’t undervalue these lovely people. 


Grief of late autism diagnosis.

13 July, 2021

Just For Giggles


9News: Coronavirus NSW update support package for businesses


The circus is in full swing now. It is only a matter of days  before Canberra is included in this monumental screw up. Goulburn is an hour outside of Canberra and already it has hit there. Only last Sunday, when I was in a local supermarket I had a premonition that the virus is in Canberra. This was the day after we were able to shop mask free. I was so uneasy and wanted to leave the shop immediately. I am not a panic puss when it comes to this virus, I just get on with life as normal but this feeling took me by surprise. 

ABC NEWS: Breakthrough may treat sepsis, extensive burns, acute respiratory distress


Excellent news for many. 

12 July, 2021

Bruce Fummey: The first Scottish Australian - Lachlan MacQuarie


I always enjoy Bruce’s history stories. He makes it so entertaining and gets the facts across at the same time. I am a big fan of Scottish and world history. And spending most of my  life in Australia; I am very passionate about Australian history. But one thing that I cannot stand is the abuse and treatment of indigenous people. 

No matter what country was being discovered centuries ago, I just wish that the supposedly civilised explorers had respect and treated the indigenous peoples in the world with the respect and dignity that they themselves expected to be treated with. All races are guilty of these things, very few are innocent.

11 July, 2021

AL Monitor: 4000 year old city discovered in Iraq


What a find, wow. This is a major discovery, I pray that the site will be protected from looters. Also what ever is there must stay in Iraq, it belongs to the people of Iraq. 

Wes Penre: Video 264 Q and A session


Some very good and important information in this Q and A session. Keep your focus and intentions on what you want and never on what you don’t want. The universe is thought responsive, remember the expression; what you think is or as above, so is below? That is exactly what it is, though responsive. First it begins in astral or spirit and then is created in the physical or temporal. 

So hold your thoughts and vibrations high and work on it. There is no going back, firm intentions are vital.

You need to program your soul now and practice what you want to achieve, in meditation visualise the afterlife that you want and need. Do remember one important thing though; you will be needing recovery from trauma and physical body death. It is a massive adjustment going from the physical world to the non physical world and the soul needs to recalibrate it’s frequency. One must heal and recuperate ones energy; and memory of life before all our incarcerations. The soul has been in deep amnesia and traumatised for a very long time. That will take as long as it takes for an individual to feel recovered. 

Time out side of this physical world is totally different, as time is illusionary and only serves as a barrier or construct against us. If you have ever experienced the feeling of being outside of time where it seems like everything is on pause, you will understand what I am saying. Many people have had that experience, myself included. It’s like a glitch in the reality we call life. You will notice the mind is totally quite without the background monkey chatter as it is often called. 

The experience only lasts seconds in some instances. But it is deeply profound and one never forgets the experience of being outside of time and space. Many feel this in meditation others feel or experience it when going about daily life and suddenly it happens. No one can tell us what causes this to happen or why it happens. It is an earth shattering experience for sure and life is changed once one has this experience.

I have spoken to other psychics that have had this experience too. The veil of consciousness was lifted; is how someone explained their experience to me. What they said was; seeing some weird mechanisms in the background. Not quite being able to put into words either. 

With myself it was noticing every little micro cell on a tree, all the leaves on the tree were made up from tiny particles. There wasn’t a sound to be heard, the whole thing was surreal, no movement only an awareness on my part. I do remember a grey shimmering around all the plants in my garden this I assumed was the wavelengths or frequency of all the plants and what we call life itself; even the sky had a shimmer. I felt like I was an observer not a participant in life. 

That sort of awareness I have experienced in deep meditation which really makes one question reality. It also leaves one wanting to experience more of  the phenomenon. In order to understand what it is.

We do know from ancient texts such as the Gnostic texts and many eastern spiritual mystics that there is an intelligence much higher than ours that controls this universe and our reality, and not all of it is beneficial to humanity. So please do your research and try to keep your thoughts and beliefs in a positive direction. Keep confident in your intentions and focus on your destination spiritually. 

Update: 13 September 2021. I should have mentioned when I had that out of time experience there is nothing that the human brain or mind can compare it to because we have never seen physically what is behind our reality. I did visualise it like clock mechanisms, and it was all in grey, which is a highly spiritual colour. That would be because there is nothing as I said, to compare it with. So my mind provided an example that I could comprehend. Others may see something much more sophisticated , as it is subjective to our own perceived reality/


Deliberate murder': Bangladesh factory owner arrested after 52 die in fire


How heartbreaking is this tragedy, but to know these poor souls were locked in is horrendous. Absolutely horrific beyond belief. 

10 July, 2021

Bon Scot legacy: How Perth AC/DC fans unlocked the singers unseen treasures


Just because he is in spirit doesn’t mean he doesn’t age. We finish that incarnation on the other side of life. Then take up a new incarnation with new personality and identity from within our soul group. 

So he is still the exact same person as he was in the physical world. I have had him in spirit around me for a few years, due to an unresolved issue he has. I have a mutual friend with him, but I will never impart any information to anyone other than a relative of his family and he is well aware of that. 

RIP Jonathan Coleman


So sad to hear of Jono's passing, this came as a shock to me this afternoon. I loved him on Simon Townsend's wonderworld. That was a great kids show back in the day and he became the main attraction due to his fun personality. The world is a darker place without his humour and cheeky smile.  He will be missed by all of his fans and everyone that knew him. Rest in peace Jono, you are one of a kind and a true Aussie with a big heart. 

09 July, 2021

Bruce Fummey: King James 1 of Scotland? Stewart kings of Scotland


This guy, Bruce Fummey is a brilliant narrator of Scottish history. I just love his videos, if you are interested in my homeland pop on to Bruce’s YouTube channel and watch his amazing videos. 

07 July, 2021

Sydney woman reveals crippling mould health battle as government develops GP guidelines


Mould is a dangerous thing to have in your house. Also if you are a tenant, you have rights that are legally binding. It is important to bring such issues to your doctor’s attention immediately and if you rent the house the landlord or agency needs to be informed immediately. The landlord needs to be given the chance to fix the problem if it is possible. 

Don’t put your life at risk, mould is toxic.  Winter is the time in Australia when mould really builds up so you need to be vigilant when you see it. Check all windows too; including curtain backs and blinds. Don’t forget to check all your window frames because mould does get down inside the frames. 

Good ventilation in the bathroom, toilet and laundry and paint that is anti mould and anti bacterial is a good idea. But a ventilated room is a must. Don’t forget  ceiling fans can gather a lot of dust and mould too.

Once you get sick from mould it is very difficult to have a return to normal health. I am glad that I pulled out the carpet in my house years ago because of allergies and asthma that several family members have.

When I bought my house, I had no idea there was a cheap nasty plastic in the felt underlay. I couldn’t work out why I could never  get rid of black marks that kept coming up in the lounge room. It was only when I pulled up the carpet that I saw what was underneath and some mould too. If you have autoimmune issues carpets can be a problem.  I could never go back to having a carpet in my house. 

05 July, 2021

Banking hiccups


I thought I was losing the plot yesterday, now I know it was the bank ha ha ha.

03 July, 2021



Lol, right on cue tonight, Wes Posted this and I knew it was coming ten mins before he posted it.

Maybe I’m psycho or something 云云.  Yes I did mean psycho instead of psychic 不不

Below is the video format, for those that prefer listening.


Vulture at the airport

 A vulture is going on holidays and as he boards the plane he was stopped by the hostess.

She asked if he had anything to declare. The vulture said, no just my carrion. 

02 July, 2021

Relax and laugh out loud it’s Friday

Not sure which one I like the most in these memes, the flea collar one or the lady patting the sporran 不不不


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...