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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Sydney woman reveals crippling mould health battle as government develops GP guidelines

Mould is a dangerous thing to have in your house. Also if you are a tenant, you have rights that are legally binding. It is important to bring such issues to your doctor’s attention immediately and if you rent the house the landlord or agency needs to be informed immediately. The landlord needs to be given the chance to fix the problem if it is possible. 

Don’t put your life at risk, mould is toxic.  Winter is the time in Australia when mould really builds up so you need to be vigilant when you see it. Check all windows too; including curtain backs and blinds. Don’t forget to check all your window frames because mould does get down inside the frames. 

Good ventilation in the bathroom, toilet and laundry and paint that is anti mould and anti bacterial is a good idea. But a ventilated room is a must. Don’t forget  ceiling fans can gather a lot of dust and mould too.

Once you get sick from mould it is very difficult to have a return to normal health. I am glad that I pulled out the carpet in my house years ago because of allergies and asthma that several family members have.

When I bought my house, I had no idea there was a cheap nasty plastic in the felt underlay. I couldn’t work out why I could never  get rid of black marks that kept coming up in the lounge room. It was only when I pulled up the carpet that I saw what was underneath and some mould too. If you have autoimmune issues carpets can be a problem.  I could never go back to having a carpet in my house. 

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