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Sunday, 11 July 2021

Wes Penre: Video 264 Q and A session

Some very good and important information in this Q and A session. Keep your focus and intentions on what you want and never on what you don’t want. The universe is thought responsive, remember the expression; what you think is or as above, so is below? That is exactly what it is, though responsive. First it begins in astral or spirit and then is created in the physical or temporal. 

So hold your thoughts and vibrations high and work on it. There is no going back, firm intentions are vital.

You need to program your soul now and practice what you want to achieve, in meditation visualise the afterlife that you want and need. Do remember one important thing though; you will be needing recovery from trauma and physical body death. It is a massive adjustment going from the physical world to the non physical world and the soul needs to recalibrate it’s frequency. One must heal and recuperate ones energy; and memory of life before all our incarcerations. The soul has been in deep amnesia and traumatised for a very long time. That will take as long as it takes for an individual to feel recovered. 

Time out side of this physical world is totally different, as time is illusionary and only serves as a barrier or construct against us. If you have ever experienced the feeling of being outside of time where it seems like everything is on pause, you will understand what I am saying. Many people have had that experience, myself included. It’s like a glitch in the reality we call life. You will notice the mind is totally quite without the background monkey chatter as it is often called. 

The experience only lasts seconds in some instances. But it is deeply profound and one never forgets the experience of being outside of time and space. Many feel this in meditation others feel or experience it when going about daily life and suddenly it happens. No one can tell us what causes this to happen or why it happens. It is an earth shattering experience for sure and life is changed once one has this experience.

I have spoken to other psychics that have had this experience too. The veil of consciousness was lifted; is how someone explained their experience to me. What they said was; seeing some weird mechanisms in the background. Not quite being able to put into words either. 

With myself it was noticing every little micro cell on a tree, all the leaves on the tree were made up from tiny particles. There wasn’t a sound to be heard, the whole thing was surreal, no movement only an awareness on my part. I do remember a gray shimmering around all the plants in my garden this I assumed was the wavelengths or frequency of all the plants and what we call life itself; even the sky had a shimmer. I felt like I was an observer not a participant in life. 

That sort of awareness I have experienced in deep meditation which really makes one question reality. It also leaves one wanting to experience more of  the phenomenon. In order to understand what it is.

We do know from ancient texts such as the Gnostic texts and many eastern spiritual mystics that there is an intelligence much higher than ours that controls this universe and our reality, and not all of it is beneficial to humanity. So please do your research and try to keep your thoughts and beliefs in a positive direction. Keep confident in your intentions and focus on your destination spiritually. 

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