29 July, 2023

Lols for the weekend


Something every fur parent can relate to 🀣🀣🀣

28 July, 2023

Surprising Signs of Dementia and New Research On What Causes It


This is a very interesting article and we all need to know the signs, most of us have loved ones going through this nightmare and it is a very big problem these days. We know it is on the increase and there is a rare child version of dementia, sadly people as young as their  20’s have been diagnosed. 

I would say not only are genetics involved but also our diet plays a huge role in this disease. Loneliness too is definitely a factor if people are shut off from the community and they have no interaction whatsoever with others. They just lose the sense of belonging and possibly the will to live. 

27 July, 2023

Baby birds expeced on my veranda again

 Yesterday afternoon I was delighted to see a mother bird, a Silvereye to be precise, making a nest in one of the plants on my back veranda. This is the second time my veranda has been sought after by a mother bird. I absolutley adore little Silvereyes. They are so tiny and chirpy little dears. Yesterday afternoon this little bird was fluttering around preparing her nest with feathers and what looked like dried twigs or dried grass. I have had a sneeky peak in the plant to see what she has brought in to her temporary nest. But I know to keep right away while she is prearing for her babies arrival. 

The problem is trying to water the plants without frightening her away. Especially once the eggs hatch as she might abandon the nest. I also need to keep an eye on miss Ruby just in case she discovers the bird as her barking  may frighten the mother bird away. 

I really enjoyed the last birds on the veranda, however it was quite hot and I was worried about the chicks not surviving the heat due to the lazerlite holding in heat and it was a very hot summer. However they all survived and flew off shortly before Christmas 2018. 


The last photo was on 23 December 2018. For some reason I kept thinking it was Blackbirds, D'oh! they were Thrushes.

I will try to get some photos from afar and zoom in as the mother bird sits on her eggs and then see if I can get a phot of the chicks, being careful not to upset the mummy bird.

 Below is the blurb and photo from Wikipedia. 



UPDATE: The little bird has relocated she must have felt the nest is not in a safe place because of people constantly passing by and checking the plant. Good luck little mother to be ❤️




If you fancy some interesting reading this is the daily weather observations in 16th century Europe. 

Click on the picture and read a brief note on how the weather was predicted. Astro meteorology! It still stands the test of time to this day. Notice the mention of Ephemerides (plural ), just as I have already mentioned in my blog. 


Click on the links to view the dates and temperatures dating back to 1666up to 1999.

RIP: Irish singer-songwriter SinΓ©ad O'Connor, who topped charts in the 90s dies aged 56


I just saw a post without the details on Facebook and quickly checked in the news online. Such a shock and so young. 

26 July, 2023

Spiritual message given in 22 July 2023


Spiritual message given in 22 July 2023

As I started to do the tarot card of the month for August this started to come through.

[Sic] Now getting down to the serious part, we, humanity are in spiritual crisis and needing help with world events. This is a critical time in human history and existence. One step the wrong way and we plunge into the abyss. This is not to the way to go, humanity needs a “correction” in order to function and exist before catastrophe strikes.

Yet few are willing to make the correction. Life is about to change yet again very soon;  if we head in this direction. There are factions of government around the world that are aware of this and are trying hard to avert war and the impending damage to humanity and the planet.

This has nothing to do with the “Green” agenda whatsoever, it is about evolution of the species and averting war at all costs. Money is crumbling as we speak and even though some financial crisis will be averted it is not enough for what we need. Time is drawing clear where the spirit world is watching (drawing closer) afraid of the harshness that will be unleashed soon, yet world leaders cannot agree on anything especially if there is a price tag.

But how do you put a price tag on life, human or other lifeforms? This needs a mother’s touch and a mother’s love. The rays of feminine energy need to reach earth to make a difference, yet the rays of love are too weak to penetrate this world.

Tears in heaven cannot prevent the bloodshed that is to come yet again to this world. Not enough love survives withing humanity due to greed and preoccupation with wealth and preoccupation with the self. Admiration is like a disease that ignores the plight of the soul. This pushes the human spirit to the side where greed, obsession and perversion takes hold.

The US is a classic example of spiritual decline with warfare, fame and focus on the self. Focus should be on helping others, focus should be on forgiveness of debt (spiritual or financial?) and power. Humanity will not survive unless urgent correction of the soul, spirit and mind are made.

This year alone death has taken over as the topic of news in this world. Not the focus of the rich and powerful damaging this world through greed, domination, and strife. This balance is way out of control. I doubt is can ever be corrected. Time is too short as it is yet nobody is interested that has the power to correct anything.

We pay a huge price in blood for the deeds of the few. This is the way of this world, but it was never to be the intention. Only when consciousness fell did this occur. Now the price of salvation is neigh impossible. This is not the message we want to hear or see played out, but it is played out globally for all.

I am sorry the vessel has been chosen to give the message to the world, but it is. This was in the contract when she incarnated, we love her dearly and forgive her sins.

Wow, we never thought this message would need to be given, forgive us all for what you receive. This is not our doing but the lords of time have had enough!

Don’t print this Alex, this is doom. Report carefully we will assist you, Alison (my daughter in spirit).

The card of the month is sweet and lovely, but do not show the world the gloom.Show them this instead. France will kick it up a notch with rioting uncontrolled, Macron has no idea how to deal with this. His time is almost over to serve, elections will be called sooner. He will step down.

The world is in turmoil yes, but it will recover. War is inevitable yet not final, we know survival will come, but you must go through with war and build a new world. This is the rules of this planet, war will come and war will go. What is left begins anew in cycles from the smallest ant to the biggest bridge. But that bridge must have support, you see this all through history. We do survive in spirit and soul and body, but not in hate and anger!

You must strive to protect what life you have because soon there won’t be a choice. So, act now and preserve all that flesh has to offer the soul. Money or gold does not help the soul nor does food, but you need food to survive in a world of greed.

We leave you now to your own devices, this message has been delivered.


NOTE: What am I to make of this? 

UPDATE: 21 October 2023. I found the original paper of this today, and I can't help wondering if this was a trickster spirit or entity. When I get messages while doing predictions, tarot card of the month etc. I sometimes just automatically zone out so to speak and the message comes through, I don't think the words that I write, it just happens. Now I usually assume that it comes via my higher self but there are times like this that I truly wonder what is really controlling psychic people.  I am aware that relatives work with me because I can see them but then things come through and it leaves me wondering who or what else is communicating with me.

I also find this disturbingly hypocritical because humanity doe not really have free will we are programmed prior to incarnating. Reincarnation is not to humanities benefit and never was. To understand this read article by John Lamb Lash, Cameron Day, Anton Parks and Wes Penre. That is just some of the researchers that are writting on what is really controlling human consciousness and this reality. These people provide a bibliography of their research that is verifiable.

Woman films a bear trapped inside a car wreaking havoc on the interior


Never mind does a bear poop in the woods, apparently they poop in your car too πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ» I hope she had another (hire)car to drive home in. 

Cue the Australian play school intro…..there’s a bear in there 🎢🎢

A smirk rather than a laugh


25 July, 2023

Wes Penre: The Orion book 1 and 2 Q and A session 3


The last answer leaves us with something to seriously ponder. But this life time is a crucial one in all human history. One cannot afford to get it wrong. 

24 July, 2023

25 Signs Of Highly Toxic People


Social Media is a high risk area for toxic people looking for victims, never put personal information on social media because there are people out there who delight in abusing others and can cause deep emotional distress and psychological harm to vulnerable people. Trolling has become sport to some people which is an obvious toxic trait, and in no way is deliberately hunting down people online and bullying them for pleasure the actions of a normal human being.

22 July, 2023

Tarot card of the month: August 2023, Queen of Cups


Ok to kick this off, the element of water jumps out at me, as does Leo and the Sun.
As we know Leo is the sign for the beginning of August. Which is the ruler of the 5th House in the Zodiac wheel.

Human conscioussness is connected to water, emotions and spirituality all of which are covered by this card too. Joyful times in this months card are short and sweet, it is the last month of summer in the northern hemispheire and the last month of winter in the southern hemispheire.  Mother Nature  starts to put her harvest to bed for the  season in northern hemisphere and people are returning to work and school. This year though may be one of the last to enjoy in Europe before things get out of hand by 2025.

There is a bit of tension in the air in a few places, especially in France. France will kick it up a notch with uncontrolled rioting. Macron has no idea how to deal with this. I do feel sudden changes in law will be brought in, new laws put in place to curb violence and there will be more restrictions. 
I feel Macron will call an early election due to the current violence between the police and the public. I do not see Macron being reelected, I feel he has upset too many people. The public are not  forgiving when it comes to the actions of Macron and company.

Ukraine is still caught up in war and will be for a very long time to come. I feel Ukraine is out on a limb as they fight back against Russia. Russia can no longer rely on Wagenr group to pick up the slack either.   There will be a breakthrough in the fighting;  though the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia needs better protection, because there is a high risk here in reckless behaviour that may cause a leak. Not neccessarily intentional but through carelessness or negligence.Trying to cap this off may bevery difficult and this could mean evacuationg many people from the area.  

Football crowds get a bit overexcited in Europe, possibly in Madrid, Spain. I see crowd control to curb drunken behaviour on the streets will be put down. I see police getting injured by drunken fans, they could be from England. Barcelona is in the news also in connection to this. The weather is hot and over heated emotions fueled by alcohol which is never a good mix. 

Wembley is also in the news in August, there may be a new management contract for English teams with big money involved. New players signed up with phenominal wages. One of these men is a very big name in football. There is also an Australian connection to football in England. I see a man with light brown to fair hair wearing a blue and white football jersey. I hear the word striker. 

More food problems as prices rise again, supermarkets are trying to cap prices ( mind you they still make billions in profit). This does not fix the problem and people become distressed because they are trying hard to feed their families. I see chips (crisps) and lollies (sweets) in the spotlight and this could be parents having to restrict the amount of goodies that children can have and still afford nutritious food. The kids won't be happy unfortunatley. 

A sacked football player in the news, I see socks rolled up and the man thinking, he won't be needing them for a while. However this could possibly be a suspension or ban for a period of time.

New activities are needed for children to keep them amused is in the news. This feels like in Australia, bordem busters and how to entertain kids on a budjet. 

Water and emotions are in the news, Leo rules the start of August which as I pointed out at the start is the 5th house of the Zodiac and it influenced family, sport, children, creativity, amusements, the love that you give, love affairs, speculation and romance. which compliments the queen of cups card.

I feel there are a lot of goodbyes in August, this feels related to the end of summer fun and returning to school for the new term in the UK and northern hemispheire countries.  Young adults returning to college or univercity after the semester break.

There are a few tears in August but there is happiness also. This could be a big month for pregnancies or births. If it is pregancies then hello to Taurus babies. 

Ok peeps, have a wonderful weekend and have some fun in your lives.

Warm and fuzzy hugs

25 July, Mines found at nuclear power plant. 

Tears of sadness, Sir Michael Parkinson dies. Of course there have been many deaths of ordinary people in the world this month such as in Maui, Ukraine and elsewhere. 

Fukushima releases radioactive water into the ocean, I didn’t see this coming but it is connected to water. 

China, aggressive behaviour in South China Sea. (Water and emotions)

Football , this is a month out of sync but this happens sometimes. 

20 July, 2023

You call it OCD.


That’s so me, the Virgo side of me is like a drill sergeant on steroid, if you screw with my order in my house. Regimentation! You mess with it and I mess with you 🀣🀣🀣 You may call it OCD but I call it you being sorry 🀣🀣 

19 July, 2023

Sturgeon full moon and blue moon in August 2023


It sounds exciting. and for some reason I visualise a blue cornflower when I think of a blue moon. I do love those flowers. 


Here are things to watch out for astrology wise, including avoiding surgery on a full moon. 


Read down the comments for each month’s full moon. September, yikes; keep anger under control!

I have a long way to go learning the subject to get to doing any of this skill to put out anything for a full moon or any fancy stuff. But who knows maybe one day I can. It would be nice to be able to do what these amazing astrologers do. But I do my stuff via tarot and to me adding astrology into the skill set gives me deeper insight to communicate to others. 

18 July, 2023

Wes Penre: Orion Book 1-2 Q and A Session


The WingMakers stuff is not to be trusted. I have it all printed off from years ago, I also mentioned in a couple of posts the artwork is sinister and as a clairvoyant, I got very bad feelings from the artwork I looked through it years ago and have never gone back to look at it again because the energy is so bad. It has a dark psychological effect. Even the art shown in this article has a dark feeling to it. 

12 July, 2023

How bizarre is this?

 I am just lying in bed scrolling through my blog stats and Alice Cooper’s face suddenly appears in my head. I don’t even listen to his music. But I jumped on to google news and this article was just posted, (the top article). 

No idea why he popped into my head, music is definitely not my primary focus. I don’t listen to modern music very often either, and it is certainly not my first choice and definitely not metal or hard rock. 

Look up on the black header and see the time (24 minutes ago), I read the article and then thought I might as well post it here, lol. 

11 July, 2023

Wes Penre: Orion book 1 and 2 Q and A Session 1


Some good stuff here, with the last question in particular I highly recommend the books of Ralph Ellis. He goes into deep detail on the family bloodline and there are some rather interesting revelations.

10 July, 2023

Need a giggle or two?


Babies sleeping in prams outdoors in winter


This is not just a Nordic country thing, it’s all over northern Europe stretching as far as Russia to Scotland and Ireland and I assume the rest of Britain. My mother did this with my sibling and myself in the early sixties. It was common practice back then, I assume it still happens. We lived in an apartment up until I was about three years old. So children had to play down on the drying green in the courtyard back then. No supervision though! Older children would look after the younger children. 

It’s a totally different world now, so babies should not be left unattended unlike the old days, because it is irresponsible and dangerous, anything could happen such as falling out of the pram, suffocating, stopping breathing or even someone taking the baby. 

Fresh air and sunlight is very important in building up a healthy immune system in babies. Obviously you wrap them up warm and you don’t leave them outdoors for hours on end. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature, but parents dress their babies up warm for outdoors including woollen mittens and a woollen hat. We loose heat from the top of our heads and that is why one wears a woollen hat in winter. 

If it’s a bitter cold day obviously you don’t put your babies outside and risk hypothermia. One thing to remember also is the closer one lives to the attic circle the less daylight in winter. Which means a lack of vitamin D from sunlight. Depression is common in countries where there is very little sunlight in winter. This also causes poor growth due to the lack of sunlight and vitamin D. The lack of crops in winter also affects the diet of many living in these regions. So people have to be wise and prepare for the long cold winter weather. That includes getting fresh air and preventing health problems such as bronchitis or the flu. 

Even in Scotland, I remember it being dark at 4.00pm and pitch black by 5.00 pm where I lived in winter time and daylight was around 8.00 or 8.30am depending on the weather and if it was foggy or not. 

However come summer it is daylight anytime between 4.50 to 5.00 am up to 11.00 pm in summer. Where I live in Australia, in summer it is dark outside around 9.00 pm and daylight beings around 5.00 am. In winter we generally have blue skies and kids can enjoy playing outside. 


This is Iceland.


I am surprised that American people were unaware of this health practice. But I don’t think I would risk leaving a baby outdoors in New York like this. It is a different culture to Nordic countries and a high crime rate. 


The article above implies that it was once done in the UK, but most of the internet only mentions Nordic countries. So why is is being ignored that we British people also did this? My generation were all babies that were outside to sleep during the day unless the parents circumstances prevented it.

This article below is about SIDS and babies over heating. Cool temperatures are actually better for sleeping for everyone. But not freezing cold. Sensible pajamas and warm blankets but not a hot room. 


09 July, 2023

Royal Tombs Filled with Ancient Artefacts Discovered in Cyprus


Treasure! Just imagine the thrill of making such a discovery. 

Robots say they won't steal jobs, rebel against humans


Interesting location for the event taking place, it reminds me of the story Frankenstein which part of it took place in Switzerland too. Not much of an article but it’s a definite Yeah, Nah for me. I don’t go in for stage managed publicity events that are desperately trying to up sell AI like a used car salesman. The words used are also ambiguous. Even the name SingularityNET that can be interpreted in several ways. Words can convey several different meanings to different people at the same moment as per design here. But nothing is coincidence here, this as you can see is guiding us into the singularity agenda and transhumanism. 

Notice the robots seem mostly female too, this is a subtle hint that women/motherhood is being pushed aside for a new creation that is against nature and creation. I am not meaning as is a biblical sense just the natural world as it co-creates biologically. 

For something to be created and patented it must be adhere to the laws and regulations set out as per the link below.


I did not miss the colours and other symbolism in the top photograph in the article because it stands out like a sore thumb to anyone with eyes that read symbols. That is the first things to look at in a photo or at important events, subtle symbolism is always there. To me it is what I expected to see 

Desdemona. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desdemona. Why use a name that means ill fated? 

Grace is a popular girl’s name in Scotland https://www.babycenter.com/baby-names/details/grace-1898#

Sophia (already mentioned on my blog). As in the goddess and aeon 


Genderless Ameca , the skin colour implies gender neutral. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ameca_(robot)

Grey in the tarot cards represents spiritual energy or the presence of spirit. It is also a neutral colour rather bland. As a name, Ameca in one translation can mean gift from god in Jamaican. You can keep this particular gift thanks! 

Interesting fact on the origin of the word Robot 


The Czech play that gave us the word Robot. If you remove spirit from humanity then you get a biological robot without any spirituality and compassion, love and respect for all life and spirituality. Therefore a being that doesn’t value life and individuality.

07 July, 2023

Gemstones for the Medical Profession


I was thinking about this today and thought this might be very useful for someone as crystals are enjoying a bit more of a revival at present. Remember the 1990’s being a popular era for crystals? They haven’t gone away though more like just in the background for a while but it is good to see a resurgence of these gorgeous crystals. They have a vast range of uses and fit into many lifestyles and environments and occupations. 

Some people just like to display crystals in their homes and offices, but wearing them has a double feature, their beauty as jewellery and their energy which is beneficial for the wearer. Clear quartz is a versatile crystal as it is an amplifier of energy and a master healer. I always wear a double terminated clear quartz and never work without it. 


How dead houseplants inspired Josh Armstrong to create cult-favourite plant care brand We the Wild


Attention all plant lovers πŸͺ΄πŸŒ±πŸŽπŸŒ³ I agree with his advice to buy easy care plants rather than obscure plants. Keep it simple yet a sophisticated look. The right plant in the right place can lift the room. 


If you want to support an Australian business check them out, you can see their list of places to buy the products in your state or buy on line from South Australia. 

05 July, 2023

A breakthrough in my Astrology studies

 Yesterday I made a bit of a breakthrough in studying astrology. I now realise that I should have taken the plunge many years ago. Because I was under the false assumption that it would be too difficult for me to learn and I had never bought or even looked at a basic book on learning about astrology. 

Having dyscalculia and other learning difficulties I automatically assumed that there would be no possible way that I would be able to do this. I was wrong I have made progress, I understand what I am learning and I am very passionate about the subject. I’m so glad that I took the plunge into this subject. I just wish that I had done so twenty or even forty years ago. But everything comes down to timing. And when the student is ready the teacher appears.

I actually put off learning the Tarot cards out of fear for twenty years and a lack of faith in myself. But when I have a gift that is to be shared with humanity out of unconditional love then events are put into place by spirit to give one the courage and faith to be able to have confidence and courage to be able to carry out the mission and purpose for being given these gifts or abilities.

For a few months I have been anxious and fearful because of my fears of not being good enough to do this  calling. Having grown up as a child that was treated as a joke or a failure; life has never been easy for me.

My sibling sailed through life and was the favourite where I was seen as a joke. Well I have kept my faith in spirit and have always tried to be a good person and now I look back at from the moment that I picked up first deck of Tarot cards to where I am today and think well I managed to do this all on my own.

That was because I felt so strongly about the Tarot cards and understood that this is a spiritual journey and calling to help others. It’s not about me and never has been, it’s about humanity and spirit within humanity. Astrology is also part of the calling. I just didn’t know that until I started getting a strong pull towards it. The team behind me in spirit helping me every step of the way. I have no idea what will happen with all of this and turning 60 in a few weeks I think to myself why at this age? Other people are retiring and here I am moving into this.

I understand that I am merely a tool for spirit to help others and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. But again why me and why when I am getting old and having health problems. 

I guess the thing to do is just get on with it and don’t overthink everything as I normally do. If one person benefits from this then it is worth it. I do get great happiness out of helping others and seeing them happy. I know what it feels like to be unhappy and depressed, but to bring happiness and hope to someone is in itself a gift. I feel joy to see happiness in others. 

So I pray that my studies will provide that opportunity to give to humanity and also prove to myself that I must have faith and confidence in myself, not to be put of by naysayers and just do what I am here for. I am getting much happiness in learning and will enjoy explaining and demystifying astrology to people in the future. One thing I keep in mind is, if I can do this then anyone can. If you have learning difficulties like I do then you will understand where I am coming from. 

You have to develop faith in yourself because nobody will give you the faith and trust you need, you must do it for yourself. Do not give in because others think it's a waste of time or you won't be any good at it. Please be courageous enough to live on your own terms and carry out your life’s mission. 

I now understand the dream that I had when the old men saluted me. I was baffled by the dream and it had me worried for the future. 


So if you feel a pull towards a particular form of employment or anything else then listen to your heart and give it a try.

Warm and fuzzy hugs


04 July, 2023

I’m sick at present with a pesky sinus infection again

 It’s that time of year again for me. Laid low with a sinus infection again! So over it, I usually thrive in winter as I don’t like the heat in summer. But in recent years I have a habit of getting sinus infections with a thumping headache that accompanies it. Just before lockdown I was getting them one after the other. 

The past week they are back again alongside a cough like a smoker, a sore throat and swollen glands. I have managed to get to July relatively healthy but now the wheels have fallen off my trolley 😳 I have a bit of a wait to see my doctor for antibiotics. So I am just taking it easy for now and hopefully I will be back to normal soon. Tissue manufacturers must do a roaring trade through winter with everyone blowing their noses. I am churning through the tissues presently.

03 July, 2023

Full Buck Moon tonight

 Tonight is the night to put your crystals out in the moon light to charge. However it may be quite cloudy overnight. 

I think I will just wash mine in water and smudge them because I don’t fancy going out in the freezing night air. We are expecting rain tomorrow too so my advice if you live locally is just wash your crystals under the cold tap and if inclined; smudge them too especially if other people touch them. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs πŸ€— πŸ€—πŸ€—

Funny meme and memories

 This made me LOL, I remember many years ago when my house was being extended and at the end of a work day one of the tradies (tradesmen) had left our gate open. It was a cold winter night and I suddenly realised that out Jack Russell, Sparky was missing. 

His nickname was Puss, and that came about because as a puppy he had gone under my bed and wouldn’t come out. I was in a hurry to pick my small children up from school and this was just what I didn’t need.

So after trying to coax Sparky with different sounds I just went Puss, Puss, Puss and he came bolting out and ran to me. I laughed and thought, no way. So I did it again and sure enough he responded.

So after that we all called him Puss as his nickname. Anyway back to the story, this night he was missing in action, I went around the streets looking for him calling Puss, Puss, Puss. And all these cats came from all directions 🀣🀣🀣🐈. It’s amazing what we don’t know goes on after dark with animals. All of these cats around me, heaps of them. There is me saying, no I am not looking for you guys. 

Quickly distancing myself from all these cats that had been distracted from their nocturnal social activities. Eventually I decided to go home. And then I thought what about looking under the house. Sure enough. He was right at the little door trapped and waiting to be rescued. Poor little Sparky, he obviously had followed a tradie under the house at some point in the late afternoon and the man was unaware. 

Just as well it wasn’t summer, just imagine being in a small crawl space in shorts and a cold wet nose touches your read end. A sudden jolt in shock and a bang on the head from the wooden beams inches above you, lol. 

Optical Illusions: It's Not Actually Your Brain Getting Tricked


Wow, trippy! This reminds me of the article about horses being affected by certain colours.

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2023/02/sky-news-transphobic-horses-spooked-by.html.  This is from February and it is the same colours used, yellow, blue, black and white.

01 July, 2023

One item of bedding has more bacteria than a toilet seat, according to a new study


Shock and horror! The deadly pillow slip! Most people have a shower every day including washing their hair. We also tend to wash the sheets once a week. I have never met anyone that doesn’t wash their sheets weekly. In Australia many tradesmen and especially builders have a shower every day after work. 

I don’t know if this is the same in other countries like the northern hemisphere nations but Aussies love a shower. Reading this article it sounds like scare mongering. Think of the size of the world population and how many people die from cooties. Many laundry detergent have antibacterial properties and the sun also kills bacteria on clothing and sheets. Failing that a dryer is going to take care of any nasty bugs or cooties πŸ˜ƒ

People sleep in bed with their beloved dogs and cats too and there isn’t a problem. As long as our fur babies are free from fleas and the bedding is washed weekly then everything is fine. Think about poor countries and families that are often raised in the least healthy environments and survive. 


Caused by feaces 



When it comes to hygiene the past few years have had very little effect on people’s hygiene in public. People are going back to the same old habits. I for one am very particular about hygiene when I am out somewhere and coming home again. 

When it comes to antibiotic resistance there is olive leaf extract that is anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal. Black seed oil (nigella sativa) is another option. 


Please read this and read the side effects by clicking on the little green box on the right. Always tell your doctor of your intentions to use any alternative medicine prior to taking it because it may interfere with medication you’re currently taking. You can also discuss with your pharmacist what natural supplements interact with your medication generally they are more likely to be aware of any potential effects of medication reacting with natural remedies. 

Ideally during and after a course of antibiotics you should always take a good quality refrigerated probiotic. Buy from a health food store and buy the refrigerator brands because they are the best to use. If in doubt ask the shop assistant for advice. I have been aware of the importance of taking probiotics since the mid 1980’s as I often frequented naturopaths and health food shops since I started working. 



Not everything is guaranteed when it comes to this particular topic only time will tell. What will be is up to humanity to decide not a corporation or a government. Every human being has the right to decide what is best for humanity because this would affect everyone potentially. 

Purple Poppy Day 2024

  https://thepurplepoppy.com.au/ Today is Purple Poppy Day in honour of all tha animals that have served in the military. They didn't ge...