30 March, 2024

My Psychic Dog

 Damn, miss Ruby never misses a beat, every time that I make a cup of tea standing at the breakfast bar (kitchen counter or bench) she is right there in a blink of an eye. I don’t even hear her, she just appears. 

My cup of tea is an important thing đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ and she knows exactly every single time that I am making a cuppa. There is no tricking her, I swear she is psychic. I gave her little tea cup of her own which she drinks from occasionally and then she comes after my cup. Just now I have just made a fresh cuppa and right on cue she appears at my side. It’s not my ordinary tea, oh, no, it’s the T2 New York breakfast tea. 

Ruby is a doggie tea connoisseur and she just knows the good stuff. She hangs around like a shark watching and waiting for me to hand over the tea at the bottom of my cup. I will try to string this cuppa out as long as I can before she pounces. 

29 March, 2024

Lively humour day


Binging on lovely romantic movies over Easter

 Happy Easter everyone, 

I do enjoy the vibe of Easter from a seasonal perspective, the atmosphere and the weather at this time of year is sentimental to me, remembering childhood in Scotland. Spring in the northern hemisphere is lush and green with beautiful spring bulbs in bloom, especially daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses. I fondly recall visiting my grandparents at Easter and giving both of my grandmothers bunches of daffodils and chocolates every year. I love the fragrance of daffodils and hyacinths to this day and grow them in my garden as a wonderful memory of spring in Scotland. 

In Australia these flowers don’t bloom until August, September and October; so when it comes to Easter in Australia it’s still pretty hot in the mid to high 20’s Celsius, although if you live in the southern regions, the mornings are cooler. So I like to have a day to reminisce about childhood memories and watch old romantic movies while enjoying goodies.

Enchanted April is one of these feel good movies, about a small group of women that want to have a nice Easter holiday in Italy away from the rain and gloom of post WW1 England. It’s a warm and feel good movie where a beautiful romantic transformation takes place in otherwise dull and uneventful lives of these women. 

If you have never seen this 1991 movie, I highly recommend it as a must have in your DVD collection, to watch on a day when you feel flat and need a pick me up movie to bring back the warm and fuzzy vibe. 

Above is the cover of the DVD that I have, there are a few other covers, but the cast is the same. Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson, Josie Lawrence, Polly Walker, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent and Michael Kitchens.

Another great favourite is Chocolate with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. A different world away in  a simpler time and place with a message of acceptance. There is nothing nicer on a relaxing day to enjoy these quality movies and sipping tea from your favourite fancy tea cups while eating hot cross buns, or enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine in the afternoon. 

 Make it a day of fun doing what makes you happy. I hope Easter Bunny stops by on Sunday with plenty Easter eggs for you. 🐇🐰🐰đŸŖđŸĨ🐤

Warm and fuzzy hugs everyone 

28 March, 2024

Queensland premier backs Molly the magpie's reunion with pal


Poor Molly, being separated from her adopted family and doggy sister Peggy. I do hope this has a happy ever after ending. It’s not unusual for birds or wild animals to invite themselves into our lives and homes. Even if they just turn up in the morning and spend the whole day with us. Some decide to stay and charm their way into our homes. 

Towards the end of my cat Tolstoy’s life he had a magpie friend. Tolly was an indoor cat most of his life, and was an amputee, having lost a hind leg to bone cancer at 10 years old. He was in the final stages of cancer when an elderly magpie started coming to our back door every day. We were letting Tolly outside for a little while to have peace and quiet from the rest of the fur babies. He would just sit on the veranda and eat his food while just shooting the breeze. This magpie just came up to him and sat with him every day until he died. We believe that both Tolstoy and the magpie were communicating and each other and were both at the end of their lives. 

This went on for a couple of weeks, but the morning after Tolly had died Mr magpie was tapping on our door to ask where was  Tolly. It was so sad trying to tell him Tolstoy had died. The bird seemed to understand though, but just after this two younger magpies came along and chased the old magpie and attacked him. He flew over the fence with them and I never saw him again, though I could hear them fighting and it was so upsetting for me that poor Mr magpie had such a terrible ending.  

I really hope that this little Molly magpie gets to return to her adopted family and her doggie sister Peggy.

UPDATE: Molly has been reunited with his family 

Christina Applegate reveals she has 30 lesions on her brain due to battle with Multiple Schlerosis


 My heart goes out to people who suffer from any illness or disability, I hope Christina manages to get some good quality of life in the future ,like many sufferers of this debilitating illness. It is down to how much money is spent on researching though, and that researching takes many years of hard work. Unfortunately anything connected to our autoimmune system is notoriously very difficult or impossible to cure.

My husband lost his best friend to MS  at the age of 28, both of them had been battling life threatening illnesses at the same time. There wasn’t any remission for my husband's friend, it was only 6 months from the diagnosis to his death. Yet many people are lucky to go into remission or the condition runs slowly for years before the person dies. It’s the luck of the draw really. If you can call it that, because it is still a misery to suffer from any illness or disease that eventually claims you life.

 One thing that MS can  be mistaken for before the person is diagnosed is they can appear to look or sound drunk. Slurred speech and poor balance is often missed as the vital clue at the first onset of the disease. If you have these symptoms or anything that is a bit off, please go to a doctor and get checked out immediately. It may not be MS, but it could be any number of things, so when in doubt check it out is the golden rule. 

Leaving aside this tragic situation for a moment, in assisting your health care, both iridology and astrology are interesting factors to consider. The iris is like a map of the human body where a trained professional iridologist can pinpoint your potential for illness as does astrology. I often went to naturopaths when I was young and, my pregnancies were detected by iridology, as well as other health issues that I had.

I already knew that I was pregnant at both times but had not disclosed that until after the iridologist mentioned it. Another time I was warned by a female iridologist about the potential for becoming diabetic and to alter my diet. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family and the lady doing iridology knew nothing about my family history. She didn't need to because the information is in the iris which is pointed out to the client with a colour photograph of your eyes.   

I keep an iridology chart in my office as a reference tool for general knowledge, because it is a fascinating subject. Iridology has been around for centuries and is a vital tool in natural medicine, which should be considered by conventional medicine as a reliable source of information when diagnosing diseases. You can watch the illness progression from the iris.The upper part of the iris relates to the head, brain and upper body region and the lower part, the lower part of the body. However it is not as simple as it sounds, it is complex.

It may help speed up diagnosing diseases and illnesses, thus improving the chances of survival for many people. A combination of natural and conventional medicine is a great asset in treating health issues. Nothing by itself is perfect but a combination of diagnosis and treatments is much more effective, as well as an open mind with the ability to think outside the box. This is a possible key element in health care that may save more lives due to early detection of illness. 

In the near future light therapy will become mainstream as a mode of health care using different colours of light and frequencies. The health system around the world is going to go through phenomenal changes in our lifetimes  and must change with the times. I pray for a world where we can eliminate illness but we know such a thing is a long way off if ever it happens.  

24 March, 2024

Savour the sunlight

Tis the end of summer yet the days are still warm. The nights quickly draw in and the feelings of the day start to fade. I yearn for an extra hour of sunshine to bask in the golden sun. Too much to do and so little time, as a mother’s work has to continue. Indoors and hurriedly preparing for dinner; and wishing I was in  the garden doing nothing but sitting watching the sun go down. Please take your time sunlight, I want to savour this precious time, why hurry and miss the feeling of peace and perfection of nature’s wonders. 

 Savouring the sunlight as long as I can, the singing of birds and the humming of traffic in the distance blend into the experience as my mind wanders in a flight of fancy. How I wish I was a child in an ever lasting sunshine, not a care in the world. Why can’t I have the fun and adventure like the famous five? Endless summer days with picnics and fun, not toil and endurance. Just a chance for an adventure that fills one with joy. Not I though, reality bites as there’s chores to be done, I have no time to sit in the sunshine and dream. Something is always calling me to attention no matter what, a mother’s heart is pulled this way and that. Battered and crinkled with endless routines and restless sleep. 

Still tomorrow’s a new day, I shall try again, to grab some late afternoon sunshine and enjoy the sun going down. My silence is golden please don’t disturb me, I am recharging my batteries for the evening meal and the final round of chores before I can rest. A well deserved break and a hot cup of tea; I seek silence and respite in my tea for a moment. I want that moment to linger a while before reality comes again and the reminder that tomorrow it all begins again. I will attempt savouring the sunlight tomorrow with the hope that I may get a chance to bask in your presence. I bid the sunset adieu for the evening and longing for sunlight as the sun comes up in the morning. 

© Alex Fulford 

Tarot Card Of The Month: April 2024, 2 of Wands



Sign: Aries,   Element: Fire   Season: Spring time

Wands apply to Springtime  The dates of this card are: 21 March to 31 March and also stability and the mind/intellect. Wands also cover Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius as they are fire signs

Number 2: Duality, Creativity, Parenthood, Sensitivity 

A man (leader) stands on the battlements of his castle looking out at the view in front of him. He is the master of all that he surveys, this is what he controls and in this instance he also wants to control the elements as well as the world.

The scenery before him is lush and fertile, the mountains to his right make me think of Switzerland and its rich abundant lands and lakes. The sky above is grey and the sun is hidden from view, yet despite that, the view is bright and all looks calm. 

The man holds a globe of the world in one hand, implying that he holds great power in his hand. His right hand is actually dominant, looking to the future and  masculine energy, hence his demonstration of male domination and power over the world. To me this represents the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. The man in the card holds a wand or staff in his left hand (female energy) which is passive energy and alludes to the past.

That staff in his hand has three fresh sprigs of new growth, representing ideas and plans coming into fruition. He has a firm grip or control over this wand, the other wand to his right is fixed to the battlements. Rigid and firmly in place as we can see it is not moving, it's strong and firm. Yes there is new growth on the wand, something is bearing fruit so to speak. He has therefore mastered this task and does not feel that he has to keep his eye on it. 

As I look at the card again, I notice the positioning of the man, he stands precisely between both wands as he firmly grasps the left wand (creative energy). His gaze is fixed in one particular direction, the West. The fact that he is standing not just between the wands but also the battlements, is like standing in the middle of a portal or a doorway. This is not accidental, there are no accidental positions when reading the esoteric symbols in the Tarot. This is a powerful message conveyed to others with esoteric wisdom. The man is facing the sun, which actually illuminates the scenery even though the sky is grey. Sunlight always penetrates clouds. He is esoterically facing "the Light" as the rays hit the portal where he is standing. Darkness must give way to light.

We have just passed the Vernal Equinox on 21 March. Again we see the esoteric reference of the card.

We are sitting at the cusp of the first house of the Zodiac ruled by Aries presently (21/3 to 20/4) Which is ruled by Mars (dynamic action, leadership, power,) The first house of life, in the zodiac so this is the start of something, it is creative, so get ready for changes. By the way the WEF have a meeting on 28-29 April in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , which is Global Collaboration, Growth and Energy Development. Not a coincidence! We are talking of people who are esoteric masters using the time wisely.

Getting back to the card, the man is grounded and focused in his position, the firm grip on that left wand implies that he has a firm hold on the West, but does he really? That remains to be seen.

Next we notice his clothing, the red hat has an edging that is mimicking a crown and rulership. The man that would be king? Red implies passion, wisdom, aggression, and hot headedness also if you like. I am pretty sure this individual is very hot headed and passionate as a leader. He is more like a leader of a group of people, an NGO, or such like. This man's feet are firmly on the ground and he has solid foundations , but with a fixation of purpose that is worrying. This is a man maintaining his power and authority to control others, make no mistake about that. 

Looking at his clothes, they appear to be bland and boring, but do not let this fool you. Firstly that earthy coloured cloak is hiding his true intentions. Cloaks are about secrecy and what is hidden, as there is secrecy at the root of his powers and purpose. 

 Under that cloak are his "working clothes" where he may blend in with everyone else unnoticed. He has work to do, so he is wearing a working and practical disguise for his skulduggery  Shades of brown represent the earth or earthiness, it may look boring and drab but it's functional for the purpose. and what goes unseen by the public. Brown is also associated with serviceability, humility as in a monks robes, it is also decay, rot, effluence 💩 and depression.  A real sexy colour for turning people off you, lol. 

Brown can be seen as drab like there is an absence of light and happiness, this man is spreading unhappiness to those beneath him in society. He represents authority and stability, lord and master  of all he surveys. Keep this in mind. 

April may seem to some as a bit slow to start, yet there is order being put in place quietly. Immigration issues and the masses are on the agenda for April and how to manage big populations including the movement of large masses.  The weather is warming up now so more people will be outdoors now. I ask you to be vigilant and mindful of your surroundings when outdoors at all times. Emotions may be volatile due to ongoing political issues and wars around the world. 

Climate protesters start up again in the northern hemisphere causing more chaos and the protests over Gaza. So people will be restless by mid April, please keep out of these protest location areas for your safety. Meanwhile the governments sit back and watch what is unfolding and gauge their response. 

BoJo pops back up in the media this month. He is still very unpopular and will remain so. Forests are in the news regarding replanting, regeneration, nature recovery and bushfire recovery strategies. Some of this may turn out to be totally a totally useless impractical exercise due to some of the planned locations. 

Defence of coastlines is a must do from here on in. If this is not started now then expect definite problems to come. Expect the left to be problematic with this to prevent sovereign nations from defending themselves as they rightly should. The left want anarchy, with absolutely no accountability on their part.

There is a hidden purpose within the climate-nature agenda that must be acknowledged. This is a hierarchy masked as helping the earth, those that work the land know how to work the land yet are  being ruled by paper "experts" that have never worked the land in their live. They know absolutely nothing about the land, nature and how to farm.

 As seen depicted on this 2 of wands card, the red cap and the brown cloak and the brown clothes under the man's cloak can be easily seen as peasants working clothes, as they symbolise he works the earth, like a farmer or a real ecologist, nature conservationists that one sees in a national park looking after the wild life and the trees, shrubs and undergrowth. 

This man signifies the corporations manipulating and controlling nature making the lives of those that know the land very difficult due to their corporate ignorance and arrogance.  Everything has a price tag that is in existence, everything has a use by date. So this is orders from the top down, importing, exporting people, goods and the economy. How to extract more bucks from nature and all life until it is no longer useful or viable. The workers reap the harvests for the corporate bosses or controllers. 

The land is not really important to these corporations, it's the revenue they rake in that matters. With this selfish school of thought areas of nature will perish because the focus is only on a quick turnaround. 

 My guides are showing me worm castings. This is something that will be attracting more home gardeners this month, perhaps worm farming will be in big demand again to assist the soil quality in your backyard vegetable gardens. So for some it may be well worthwhile investing in worm castings and wiggly worms if you have the time to invest. 

Funnily as I write this on 24 March, I realise tomorrow is a full moon and it's the worm Moon. Springtime moon for regeneration of plants and life. The Vernal equinox just being on the 21 March too. 

April's full Moon is a pink moon and it falls on the 23 of April. https://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-april

Looking at the card again I am drawn to the mountains on the card, informing me about a mountainous country in the news in April. This feels like a South American country  where there will be instability. 

America will also be having more serious drama over the US Border issues in Texas. This is the struggle to contain the borders and the ongoing stupidity between the ill-functioning federal government versus the Texan government. People are justifiably getting upset and frightened by this chaos. Please be very careful and avoid this conflict if possible, let the authorities handle this.

I do feel the Texas government will bring in more reinforcements to help deal with this chaos. This feels like military men such a s the home guard increasing their ranks. It will be very difficult to maintain control over this situation, and it could well get much worse. 

Ukraine and Russia still battle it out and Russia is heating up the action currently. However someone is definitely plugging things outside of Russia presently to slow the munition down. I feel  it is Iran that will slow down the munitions to the front line, and will  not be giving them as much munition because they want to use this themselves in the Middle East. 

The Iranians see closer to home affairs as more important and put their weapons to use here. This will eventually cause blow back from the US of course. The time is not quite right yet for this to happen, even though the US, UK and others are  in the region fighting off the Houthi rebels. This push back will be harsh too, so expect more naval battles and more drone attacks.  I would put the time frame around 2027 for things to go to a higher level. This drone warfare is pretty much boys and their toys at present, every kid has them and want to use them. This to the great pearl of ordinary human beings that have nothing to do with conflict. 

Food prices in April in the UK and Europe come under more scrutiny. I feel a scandal over price gouging is in the pipeline, similar to what has happened in Australia. But prices will rise regardless due to different factors as well as greed. People need to be a lot more savvy when shopping buy buying non perishable foods and drains,  especially rice and past must become part of the way to stretch meals further. Eating habits must change to adapt to having less money. Go back to the early 1950's for recipes ad reinvent some with a modern twist using chili, garlic and other spices. 

New women's fashions of this spring will have a 1980's feel to them but revamped. The 80's were great fun in fashion, just ditch the big shoulder pads. 

Well there we go the card of the month is done for the next few weeks. I want to wish those that celebrate Easter next weekend a lovely snuggly Easter and those that have different celebrations a wonderful happy time too.  I just do the chocolate thing and enjoy the season 's flowers. Any excuse to stuff my face and I am there, lol.

Warm and fuzzy hugs and please pray for those  that are suffering right now, whether in a war, homelessness, illness, poverty or loneliness etc . Please also pray for all of the animals that suffer because of humanity. We can learn so much from the gentleness in nature. 

This year is about deception as stated in my  psychic predictions for the world in 2024


UPDATE: 6.40pm 24/3/24, I just saw this come up in the news just now. Logging in Tasmania


Saudi Arabia picked for women’s rights by the UN


https://english.aawsat.com/business/4782971-saudi-arabia-sends-high-ranking-delegation-world-economic-forum-annual-meeting    Switzerland , WEF DAVOS 

Iran launches missiles and drones on Israel  12/4/24


80’s fashion trends for spring 2024


Sounds like a disaster if you ask me, more like a circus than anything else. 

BOJO back in the media 


BOJO in Venezuela


UPDATE: Ecuador in a state of terror 


21 March, 2024

Happy Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox 2024

 Wishing everyone around the world a beautiful day and a happy Equinox, whether it’s the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere or the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.  At the season be a beautiful, peaceful and joyful to everyone.

Warm and fuzzy hugs 🤗 ❤️🌹đŸĒģ🌷

20 March, 2024

Some feel good pictures from the internet


                                                              Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

I love the gold paint used in some of Klimt’s art, nothing can beat the artists of the late 19th and early twentieth centuries. It’s just so breathtaking and beautiful and I know absolutely nothing about art, I just appreciate beautiful artwork. 

                                   Alphonse Mucha’s Princess Hyacinth, a very popular piece used in many different forms. I have a silk handbag with this print. Made by the famous Baba Studio in Ireland. Art Nouveau is something that never gets old, and it’s still very popular today. 

Art Nouveau Tarot Cards

I have this tarot deck and the art is very nice, done in soft colours and in keeping with the style of art nouveau. You can buy these cards online if you like the look of them. Ideal for romantic tarot readings with a special feminine  charm. 

Scientific Study confirms Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine alters Human DNA


Read comments and the link https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/12/08/covid-19-patent-horrors/

I hesitated posting this because of the media demonising anyone that mentions this issue. 

WES PENRE: Q and A Session 3 March 2024


I have never had a fear of death personally because it is only a transition from one state of existence to another. But the physical and non physical worlds are both thought reactive and your subconscious can affect your experience in many ways. Think of the expression, "what you think is". Humans are creator beings, so we must learn to control our thoughts lest we create that thought, whether in the physical world or in the non physical world. It is energy in motion (emotion) and this is a very powerful energy.

Just remember that this world is a duality and a very heavy low energy vibration. Currently we are on a heavy down swing which can be seen from not just a spiritual perspective but also a n astrological one, as well as an observational perspective in the current reality that we are dwelling in. 

I won't get into the conversation on Tartaria.  My intuition tells me it is something akin to the flat Earth stuff. I am not interested in any of that, to be frank. I have more important things on my mind. 

Question 4 21 day reprogramming. I have not looked into this, but I do my own thing spiritually. I do not get into any mumbo jumbo. I would look into where your North Node of the Moon and South Node of the Moon are in your birth chart to see how your life is functioning and have a proper astrological chart done by a professional astrologer. That is usually about 41 pages  of detailed reading., use that to guide you as well as your own intuition as a starting point to understanding yourself and dealing with life's challenges. 

One must have a strong sense of self first and foremost, and avoid negative people. These people push your buttons in a negative way, so they are not harmonious to be around. I have removed many negative people  from my life and life is a little easier, other than health issues with my husband. I put my focus into what I am dealing with right now and other things come later. Prioritise your life to flow easier as best you can , depending on your life's circumstances. Only you can decide that, however dealing with trauma, you will need a psychologist and an alternative healer that is properly qualified in assisting in healing trauma. Do not use NLP or Hypnosis, especially if you have neptune in your 8th house in your natal astrology chart. This can be harmful as these individuals are very vulnerable to suggestion.

17 March, 2024

Smudge the cat says, clean your toilet


Good advice, because sooner or later you will be driving the porcelain truck đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ AKA talking on the big white phone talking to god….. omg, Jesus…never again đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ 

The hangover from hell the next morning. Nothing like getting maggoted or as the British and Australians say Rat arsed đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ 

Actually I don’t celebrate the murder of the Irish people by St Pat. I prefer to call it Irish Day and celebrate being Celtic. Not the brutal murder of people that refused to convert to Christianity, a religion of peace. We come in peace, shoot to kill (metaphorically speaking) 

16 March, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 2, March 2024


With question 6, all people born in the 1950’s to the 1970’s have Uranus, "the awakener" in their Astrology charts. No, it does not mean that we are all evolved spirits or we would not be here. That comes down to the individual's birth chart and time of your birth. We are all unique however the planet  Uranus is a generational thing and is futuristic and humanitarian oriented, it covers the following, science, technology, UFO/UAPinventions, astrology, the occult, light (the false light of Lucifer), originality. It  is  intellectual, eccentric and bohemian. It rules x-rays, airplanes, insight into nature's laws. Uranus governs, free will, sudden change which is often sudden, unexpected and violent.  It governs individuality, utopian ideas, dictators and revolution. 

Uranus is a breaker of tradition , it is genderless and neutral and has a 84 year cycle.Where you find Uranus in your chart is where you tend to do the unusual. In anatomy it rules the higher nervous system.  body electricity and the ankles.

Uranus rules the 11th house of the zodiac and the sign of Aquarius.The 11th house covers hopes and wishes, friends, circumstances beyond your control, and love received. The 11th house is a fixed sign house and is one of the houses of relationships. 

Also the 9th house of the zodiac, which is the third house of life will also play a role in spiritual development and awakening depending on what planets are in the 9th house at your birth and what angles and aspects to other planets and houses in your chart. The 12 house is also a major part of spiritual development. 

Jupiter is responsible for spirituality in Western astrology

The 12 th house also is the most spiritual of the 12 houses, ruled by pisces and the planet Neptune, Neptune rules spirituality. It is also the house of limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the subconscious mind. The 12th house is also a mutable house meaning that it gets on with others easily. 

I highly recommend buying the first volume of , The only way to learn astrology , by Marion March and Joan McEvers. It is very easy to understand and it can shed a little light on things about yourself. 

14 March, 2024

WTAF Dlook?

 I just got an email from Dlook out of the blue declining my request for a listing. Seriously??

This is the Muppets that took forever to pull my website down because I actually requested it to be done, having absolutely no confidence in their services. Well this is a laugh out loud moment I must admit đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ 

You can see on this blog my posts in regard to Dlook. 

13 March, 2024

Joke: Teacher and Johnny maths question

 Teacher:    If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many will you                 have?

Johnny:     Seven,  Sir.

Teacher:    No, listen carefully.

If I gave you 2 cats, and another 2 cats and   another 2, how many will you have?

Johnny: Seven

Teacher:    Let me put it to you differently.

If I gave you 2 apples, and another 2 apples and    another 2, how many will you have?

Johnny: Six.

Teacher:   Good. Now if I gave you 2 cats,  and another 2 cats and another 2,

How many will you have?

Johnny:  Seven!!!

A very angry  Teacher:  Where in the  hell do you get seven from?

Very angry Johnny:  Because I've already got a fucking cat at home!!!!

Cut and paste from my facebook page đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ

Lost tombs discovered on military base


What a humongous find, this doesn’t happen often three for the price of one in archaeology. This will probably keep them busy for many years. 

HAPPY EASTER 2024 EveryBunny


Wishing everybunny a very happy Easter even if you are like me and don't do the religious side of the event. Just enjoy eating chocolate and the beautiful spring flowers if you are in the northern hemisphere.

Spring is a beautiful season of colour, so I hope everyone has beautiful weather over the Easter weekend. I hope you get to do something nice that brings you happiness and joy. I am off on a steam train for the annual picnic train again as both my husband and I love trains. Here is hoping he will be well enough to have a few hours outdoors, as we booked the train in advance before he was ill, because seats sell fast on this steam train.  
Don’t forget your fur babies like Easter treats too, doggie chocolate bunnies and eggs are available in Big W and Petbarn if you live in Australia.                                                                  

Individual little Easter eggs in a bone shaped container 


12 March, 2024

Humour Tuesday

Truck driver with motor neurone disease sets off on 800km lawnmower ride to Canberra


Such a horrible and cruel disease, yet the government drags the chain on research. 

Warren is a very courageous man with determination to see this through, I hope that he succeeds and most importantly that the weather cools down for him on his journey to Canberra. This is a very long road trip through Victoria into New South Wales and into The Australian Capital Territory. Taking between 6 hours to 7 hours 17 minutes depending on what route you take, but he is using a ride on lawnmower so it will take a lot longer due to the fact these vehicles don’t move very fast. 

He will make sure he stays hydrated and has rests along the way. I really hope that the politicians greet him on arrival and see his mission comes to fruition. This is an unselfish effort on Warrens part and knowing that death will be his only release from his suffering. My heart goes out to Warren, his family and all those unfortunate people that suffer from this terrible illness. 

10 March, 2024

Napping Aussie wakes up to surprise 'friend' in her bed



                         That’s possum magic for you. Close encounters of the furry kind.

Politics is not inclusive, it’s a money grab

 We are human, as a species and as a family, it  makes absolutely no difference whether you are straight, gay Bi, or whatever. You are human, you are a divine spiritual being and this is the vital part of being a human being. You can be tall, short (me), large or lean. Blonde, ginger, brunette, grey, bald or raven haired. You are a divine being, you are human. Stop politicising and dividing humanity, do you see other species being divided and politicised? 

Live a peaceful, accountable and honest life, because that is all that matters at a soul and spiritual level. Be respectful of others regardless of their social status, gender, ethnicity, religion or disability. Respect life and respect the dignity of others humans and our beautiful wildlife and domestic animals. Respect nature and creation. P. C politics and social engineering does not belong in a world of peace and tolerance. Politics must not dictate to, and divide humanity, because the moment we allow this to happen we lose what it means to be human beings. Politics is divisive, not inclusive and never has been inclusive. Politics is for financial gain at our expense.

What we are having rammed down our throats is not respectful, spiritual, nor truly what we are lead to believe. We are witnessing hypocrisy by the elites, who can’t even define what a woman is, and they are making money from us. We do not need their influence in how to be a decent human being, the elites know absolutely nothing about decency or proper inclusion as ordinary human beings. That only  comes from deep within us human beings. It cannot be learned, it is a natural human condition, you are either born with respect for others or you aren’t. You are either an evolved spiritual being or you aren’t. 

Put some love in the earth and put love into humanity, just keep the woke and political agendas right away form humanity. 

Aussie woman reveals endometriosis nightmare that nearly took her life


Here we go again, ignorant misogynistic pricks of doctors. I just wonder how they treat their wives if this is how arrogant they are with female patients. Excruciating pain like this must be horrendous and on top of that dealing with insensitive arrogance as well. My heart goes out to these women, and I thank my lucky stars that I have never had this terrible misfortune. It is patently obvious to most women that we really don't have much body autonomy and never have. 

Why do we have to justify wanting a hysterectomy? We aren't doing it for shits and giggles for heaven's sake. It is about being able to live pain free and also not to be forced into breeding against our free will. Most men are sympathetic to the suffering of their wives, mothers, sisters and women in general. So why is it that the medical industry is still in the dark ages? These are allegedly very well educated men after all. 

With all the lip service in the media and promising to do better yet nothing changes. Don’t mistake me for being a misandrist, I am definitely not, I just don’t tolerate arrogant pricks. I am blunt because I have had to deal with the same shit myself, and at times have taken my husband into the doctors surgery with me. Women seem to be needing a 'handler' when they go to see some male doctors about serious health issues; to get someone to vouch for their claims to be in pain, when clearly aware that something is wrong in their bodies. Since when did this seem acceptable? 

 Up until the 1970's in western nations a married woman could not even go on the pill unless her husband gave a doctor permission to give her the prescription. Single women were not permitted to have this contraception. That is something people my age and younger have never had the indignity of experiencing. 

On a similar vein, I have suffered constant breast pain from  fibrous, polycystic breasts most of my adult life and do you think one of these male doctors would listen to me, no bloody chance. One idiot told me that I needed to have a baby, I kid you not. I was 23 years old suffering daily pain and discomfort for three years at this point. This doctor said this was my body telling me it’s time to have a baby. Sure it is, just chain me to the kitchen sink too mate.

 I had a full time job, single and I was not interested in having a family yet. Not to mention the males in  street or in the workplace commenting on my boobs all the time, despite the sexual harassment laws in place. Can you blame me for being blunt with pricks? 

My breasts were engorged looking and the heavy weight of them along with the pain was part of my everyday life. Not one bloody doctor could explain why this was happening let alone fix the problem. Just take vitamin b6 and b12 supplements and you’ll be right. I did as they asked and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I returned to the doctor and it was a shrug of the shoulders and that was it, doctor after doctor. 

One sympathetic female doctor told me to take Evening Primrose oil capsules along with the vitamin b6 and b12. This did nothing to stop the pain, but my breasts went up from a C to an D and then DD and then E size, which is a side effect of taking Evening Primrose oil long term. This, I only found out after going to see a naturopath for help. I took this EPO  for about a year or two straight before I was informed about the side effects because I didn’t know about the side effects, until I met this naturopath. 

 Now I was 5 foot one and a size 10 UK/AUS clothes size, so I was not overweight. Eventually I had to have breast reduction surgery at my own expense after having two babies, aged 29. The problem still remained for years only to start to improve in my 40’s. I still had pain and discomfort but not as severe as it was when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I had ultrasounds and mammograms throughout this time also, and I can tell you mammograms should not be used in this context because the pain was unbearable and the risk of ruptured cysts is high. An MRI is more appropriate for breast screening especially thick dense fibrous polycystic breasts like mine. 

The results of these scans could only inform the doctor that I had multiple cysts but other than that I was left to my own devices. Year after year of nothing but shrugging their shoulders. At  no time was I given the opportunity to see a specialist in regards to my condition either. I was just left hanging with no answers.

The only time that I had any pain relief was during pregnancy, but by the time the babies were born the pain was back and intensified. It is pretty obvious to most women who have health issues like endometriosis, hormonal disorders' and polycystic breast disorders that doctors don’t have any understanding about or know how to treat the conditions. Nor do they have any sympathy judging from the reactions of male doctors to this very day. I put this down to the way that they are trained and the male dominated culture within the medical profession. 

09 March, 2024

Pre Raphaelite Art Appreciation

 Any fans of Pre-Raphaelite art out there? I really love this old art of the Victorian and early Edwardian era, The colours and subject matter are so romantic and speak to my soul. I have pictures hanging up in my home office and Tarot bags on the theme too. Modern art doesn't speak to me the same way as this art. I visualise an artist studio with plenty sunlight streaming through the windows and a leafy green garden with lush green trees near the window for inspiration. Leadlight glass panes on the windows and a leadlight lamp in the room somewhere. To me these things go together with the era, and I love leadlight windows and lighting.  

I would prefer botanical art in modern paintings or something nature based. But this Pre-Raphaelite art has such a strong pull for me. I do feel a strong pull towards the mythical and whimsical elements of the art of this genre as it moved into the early 20th century. This style of painting is evocative in its beauty, elegance and the mystical  all wrapped in one package. 

 Midsummer's Eve by Robert Hughes and John William Waterhouse's famous Lady of Shallot painting,  are sitting above my computer as I type this. So feminine and a sense of a magical time in art where romance meets esoteric mysticism in a big way. Modern art cannot possibly evoke the same wonder in me like the Pre Raphaelite art does, no disrespect intended here, it’s just my personal preference in art. 

                                                                     Midsummer's Eve by Robert Hughes

                                                            The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

                                               The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton 
Ophelia by J W Waterhouse

The vibrant colours of the John Everett Millais version of Ophelia  

The Ophelia paintings come in various versions by different artists.

All of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings are  beautiful, deeply evocative and esoteric, though loved by many for their sheer beauty alone. To me it is a visual mystical poetry of times gone by, by both the artists and the era. The times they depict and  how they make me feel from a modern times standpoint is hard to put in words. These artists were most definitely very privileged individuals not just in talent but from backgrounds that could afford to provide the artists with the means to create these wonders. 
The esoteric wisdom that each artist possesses is not unlike those on a metaphysical path that are immersed in the symbolism of the Tarot. But the sheer beauty that an artist creates on canvas is unsurpassed for beauty, wisdom and human experience that most of humanity never gets a chance to experience on a deep personal level. However, they can get a brief glimpse into this amazing transcendental world  by studying the beautiful artworks in a gallery, a book, poster or just on good old Google. 
The more one looks at the images the deeper they speak to the subconscious mind in subtle ways which I feel are beneficial to humans on a spiritual level, not just beautiful art for the sake of it. 
I hope these pictures may spark an interest in someone that is seeing them for the first time. 

There are hundreds of images on Google images if you just type in " Pre Raphaelite art". From there click on the images and read about the individual artists. I do hope that there is someone with a curiosity for this beautiful art that becomes passionate about this genre and benefits from this simple little post. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs,


08 March, 2024

Shocking footage shows elderly man allegedly bashed by teens outside Brisbane shopping centre


Bloody disgusting, put the damn phone down and help out. Doing nothing but filming is no different to being a voyeur. People as usual stand by and do nothing, only one man was decent enough to help the victim. How many more people have to be seriously injured or murdered before people are willing to take this to parliament? The voters have the power to force change on the government, it’s not bloody negotiable.  If the government doesn’t comply with the public will,  then demand their resignation. And clearly the government’s, state and federal rarely does as the voters ask. 

How about our politicians grow a pair of balls, we have had to put up with this violence for years around the country and nothing is ever done. Lip service comes from the cowards in government, and the gutter mainstream media whips people up into a frenzy to sell newspapers, but never offers any solutions as usual. No, the mainstream media just like to shit stir and criticise the few members of the public who are demanding that the laws are changed to punish criminals. It’s way past time for snowflake, Australian politicians to act like real men and change the laws. You politicians are not respected, you are despised by the decent citizens of the nation. 

Bullshit, there is an easy solution, you are just too bloody gutless to do anything because you are a cowardly wimp. We are sick of weak snowflake cowards running our country into the gutter. Maybe we don’t want to live in the filthy gutter like politicians do. Maybe most of society wants to live in civilisation, do your damn job and man up. 

Fines for breaking Covid rules could be cancelled after major NSW Supreme Court decision


Astounding, the government has made screw up after screw up with the entire pandemic affecting thousands of people. If you are going to implement fines, get your facts and laws correct first. This shows absolute incompetence at the highest levels of government from the get go. The commissioner is not above the law either, he must obey the laws that he is supposed to abide by failing to do so shows disregard for the rules and the loss of public trust. 

This is also highlighting the amount of people who clearly don’t care about spreading infectious diseases.Two wrongs clearly don’t make a right and here we are in 2024 and we can’t eradicate the virus because of ignorant selfish people. Not just that, people have gone back to their same old filthy poor hygiene practices. Nothing was learned by this whole pandemic because people are just too selfish and ignorant.

It may have been wrong to have a global lockdown, but Australia had it all under control until morons started bitching and whining about discrimination, and the moronic government gave in. We all know what happened after that. Then BoJo in the UK with his stupid “let it rip” mentality, which caused it to snowball yet again.  BoJo,  more like Bozo the clown, didn’t even obey the rules himself like many other politicians globally whose photographs are on line and date stamped showing them at political gatherings with other world leaders and not social distancing or wearing masks. Two things are clear here, the virus is not deadly to most people, and the economy has been damaged by idiots hell bent on destroying the economy globally to force us into a dangerous digital economy. 

Regardless of the pandemic’s origin, it’s the lack of proper government regulation and legal enforcement that is to be questioned. Who’s to be blamed and held accountable for the mismanagement and incompetence? There has to be some proper accountability written into law to prevent screw ups like this in future. 

Also if it was really unnecessary to have lockdowns in the first place then what about the damage to the public’s mental health and especially the vulnerable people in society? What about those that took their own lives because of this, and the people who died (often alone and isolated) that were denied a proper funeral and for loved ones to say goodbye to their loved ones. That has a terrible legacy psychologically and this must never be forgotten or forgiven. I will never forget that 8 year old little boy in Italy who died and his parents were denied the right to say goodbye to him and hold a proper funeral for him. 

These politicians must be held publicly and personally accountable for their actions. The same with NGO’s that act like little gods, pushing governments into doing their bidding. These so called non government officials that are unelected should have no say in these situations. They are private citizens working for a corporation or organisation and they have made grave errors. 

This is the world that our grandchildren have inherited because of selfish interests and stupid people not questioning authority enough and demanding accountability. There must always be accountability and responsibility for actions taken. 

06 March, 2024

The unusual way a US library is trying to get people to return overdue books


 Not your average cat tale đŸ˜ģ🐈‍⬛🐈 who knows this might become an international trend. It’s the perfect solution to overdue books 🐈

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 1 March 2024


I can’t say that I agree completely with the exit points in a person’s life starting around the age of 27, because there are babies and small children who die for what can be SIDS or other reasons. Not all children stay in the physical world when they arrive. We don’t always know why this happens in the case of SIDS. I have heard it said, that a child has up to the age of five years old to decide if they want to stay or not. However I don’t believe that, this was spouted as truth at a spiritual church that I briefly attended. I thought at the time, where is the proof of this? Unsubstantiated claims should not be taken seriously. 

Astrologically no one can predict a death either, it is only after the fact that one can look at the individual birth chard and one must have the exact time of birth to make a natal chart, then what planets were in each house at the exact time of death. There the specific planets may shed a light on what body parts are affected. This is not an easy task to accomplish either one must be a professional astrologer to offer the possibilities that contribute to the death. 

Tarot cards can show deaths, however a responsible reader doesn’t reveal such things. Only perhaps if the client is aware and asks specifically if  a loved one that is very ill or very old is about to pass. Because, they know it is inevitable and will usually say they are not expecting the person to be around much longer. I usually try to avoid these situations as I don’t like giving a person such upsetting information. 

Even as a medium a person is not always privy to when a person dies, we can feel that a particular person is going to pass away and we should not tell the person or loved ones. Because that is immoral and just outright wrong. I have had this done to me about one of my children and I was very angry about this. It had a terrible effect on my family. This person telling me about this death used to be a friend too. Do not allow anyone to blurt out such a horrible thing to you, ever. That is an act of an extremely wicked ego. 

One final comment I would like to make is , I do not in any way endorse anyone that Wes mentions as I do feel the energy of these people and I do not like their energy one bit. Which I have told Wes personally and for him to be very careful in whom he trusts. He is very well meaning and is trying to provide people with good information to the best of his abilities and I respect that. 

05 March, 2024

Some humour after a hectic week

 Hello to everyone around the world, I love looking at the little map in my stats to see what countries people are from because I truly appreciate you all stopping by and it is always rather exciting to engage people around the planet whether it is for humour or spiritual matters or anything that peaks your interest. I do hope that you get some laugh out loud moments on my blog because we all need this no matter what is happening in our lives.

 My de-stress tool is humour, and after a hectic week of health issues with my husband,  I need a laugh because it has been very stressful with complications all around. I am just glad that he is home even though he is still unwell, the doctors said he was fit to go home, pending complex surgery and however long that wait will be before he can have his surgery. We just hope and pray that nothing goes wrong in the meantime. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...