01 March, 2024

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage


Christ, this is horrific, my heart goes out to this man’s family, this just shouldn’t happen and it shows what a third rate telecommunications company Telstra has become over many years. I was bloody lucky this morning because I called the Emergency Services on 000 at 2.29 am because my husband was in respiratory distress and in excruciating pain, from what he was originally in A and E for on Wednesday morning, (on his 60th birthday).  I was told there was a long wait, and as I was on the phone the line was crackling. I was frustrated also because of all the questions when I insisted my husband couldn’t breathe and was newly discharged from hospital, is diabetic with a heart condition too. Luckily the ambulance was here within 5 minutes and the ambo’s were fantastic.

I had to ring our family doctor as soon as the practice opened this morning at 8.00am, and I had to redial multiple times for just over an hour, just to cancel my husband’s medical appointment as their website server was down and the phone lines were constantly engaged with patients trying to contact the surgery. The receptionist was sympathetic and told me they have had technical difficulties since the day before and today. This is Telstra at their finest screw ups as usual. 

But the kicker was the  Non attendance bill emailed to my husband  in hospital today billing him for non attendance for his appointment. I kid you not. It will be fixed up though, out sourcing, what could possibly go wrong when you’re outsourcing to overseas companies with no control over what happens. 

My husband is currently in hospital for the next few days pending surgery, unfortunately no surgery is done over the weekend unless a patient is in grave danger of dying. Well hubby came very close to that I can tell you. As is reflected in many posts on this blog. There have been many close calls, over 35 years of our marriage. 

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