30 April, 2023

Mouse Study Reveals An Immune Cell That May Cause Fibromyalgia


Ah, that old pain in the bum Fibromyalgia. Every time I have a blood test done the doctor always finds it puzzling why I always seem to have a low level inflammation in my body. Obviously it’s the fibromyalgia causing it. But after reading this article I thought women are probably more prone due to our hormones. Who knows, but it’s something to be looked into. 

28 April, 2023

This world needs peace above all else

 This world desperately needs peace, love and compassion above all else right now. Society is ripped apart, belief systems are broken and disrespected. Peace, harmony and tolerance is but a burned up old rag at the end of a flagpole. Our collective survival as a species is in doubt and our spiritual survival is in even greater danger. 

How does a supposedly enlightened species get it so wrong again and again we wonder. Right now in modern history we are right back to hitting the reset button on the human race. Not one person can really say they are truly spiritually advanced or even as a member of the human species; have any of us made it to the pinnacle of what a human being is supposed to be. How many times do we have to go through the process of birth and death before we as a species can even begin to be what the original human beings were supposed to be? 

Things will not change unless there is an evolutionary change within the entire species at a spiritual level. Animals don’t wipe out an entire species or several species like we do. It is sad that we find ourselves back at the same point yet again, it feels like we are preparing for our own funerals yet again. 

I yearn for a great spiritual awakening for humanity and for all life but I do not believe that humanity are ever going to be able to transcend to that spiritual pinnacle unfortunately because they hold on to three dimensional thinking which is destructive and limiting all potential that the soul can achieve.

The frequency in the third dimension is way too low and a negative for humanity to be able to make that leap to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. Hence the repetitive cycle and destruction in a never ending suffering. Humanity needs to leave this reality once and for all to even begin to heal itself and evolve. 

27 April, 2023

Funny terms that Aussies use: Flat out like a lizard drinking

 When one is extremely busy and someone asks for your help; the answer is sorry mate, but I am flat out like a lizard drinking. 

Description of a far of bush town, a few miles from Kick-a-tin-along. Funnily I am surprised that the Canberra region of Tuggeranong has not been dubbed this 不不 in the old days it was the furthest part of town AKA nappy valley back in the early 1970’s. 

Wes Penre: Orion book Q and A session 13


Some good questions in here. Question 2 is something that you need to know, actually as I was reading this and got to the part where Wes mentioned Patreon that word jumped out at me. Because it is representative of the patriarchy matrix. Nothing is by accident as I always say, as there is no such thing as an accident. It is cause and effect, yet we call it an accident because we didn’t intend it to happen, but it is the result of our actions that result in an effect. 

What those that are experiencing in waking up is disengaging from their soul group, and no longer feel connected to others including family members. What Wes says about awakened souls observing, is something that I have said to many clients and friends over the years. We are bearing witness as observers to the human condition and experiences such as war, violence, spiritual decline etc. Do not engage in this destructive behaviour remain detached as much as possible as  witness bearers. On a spiritual level you could say gathering evidence of crimes against humanity, life and spirit. I include the animal kingdom in bearing witness to evil and cruelty against the animal kingdom and nature as well as humanity. 

In regards to question 5. There is the ego at work here, the manipulation of the little freewill of humanity and misuse of energy by such individuals whom I believe have a desire for control and possible destruction of other people for particular reasons. The creation of tulpas is one of these misuses of energy and power and most often used for negative effects. The tulpa can eventually become more powerful than the person that created it and eventually it will turn on them, make no mistake about that. 

Crowley like many of his colleagues ended up in a bad way. He died a drug addict and penniless in France. I can see absolutely no benefit to indulging in the energy manipulation and the mistreatment of others. Focusing instead in trying to be a better person and focusing on raising one’s spiritual vibrations for good. 

I personally have never fitted in with the majority of people most of my life. But I definitely felt bigger changes in the mid nineties up to current times. I have felt a difference between how I felt back in the late nineties and early 2000’s compared to the past eight to ten years, and in the past three years I’ve felt a bigger difference. I no longer worry about it. I just get on with my life and life’s purpose., which has recently kicked off in a different direction and where that leads me for the rest of my life. I am not at all worried about my end of life because I am firm in my beliefs and intentions. 

My advice to others that like myself;  who no longer vibrate at the same frequency as the majority of humanity is  find joy and happiness in nature, whether it is by getting into gardening, loving your fur babies or spending time in nature. Read books that bring you happiness, watch movies that make your happy and. I do recommend classical music at a soft volume. If something doesn’t bring you happiness then it is not necessary in your life. Listen to your heart and honour your heart’s feelings as knowing what is good for you. Live honestly and from your heart always, but don’t try to impose your beliefs on others because you will definitely alienate yourself even further. 

Human vibrational frequencies like the aura or energy field constantly changes all day and night. But the quantum leap in awakening has a bigger effect in our energy. Yes that will also vary too just like our emotions because it is all energy in motion e-motion. 

If you like essential oils you may want to consider; rose, blue Idaho spruce for the higher energy to boost your energy levels. Use it with a carrier oil like grape seed as it is quickly absorbed into the skin and it doesn’t stain your clothes. I think Blue Idaho Spruce is hard to obtain outside of the US but it is the highest vibration of any essential oils. There is a blog post on this blog to show you the frequencies of a few essential oils. Just scroll down to the bottom right hand side of the blog and you will see the little white box to search the blog. Type in blue Idaho spruce and up will come the posts with the information you want. 


The link to the megahertz for essential oils. Keep the vibes high peeps. 

The Biblical Location Of "Armageddon" Is A Real Place


We have known Megiddo is a real place for many years. It’s not a new discovery, nor is  the clearing of the earth is a new thing. Yes the earth has been wiped out five times ( and in nuclear war  according to some researchers  who believe that this took place in the Middle East) in the past and not only do archaeologists have the proof of the earth being cleared, but astrologers can pinpoint these events too. That is why they use an ephemeris and look at the planets, constellations etc in deeper detail. The reality that we live in is like a computer program which runs in repetitive cycles and always will unless the whole system is brought to an end. As in the supposed “consummation of the ages”.

I have mentioned before that humans are only programmed to go so far, or to evolve only so far and then they hit the reset button. That is a cycle that runs in the thousands of years over and over again. The signs of this cycle reaching a climax are what we are living through presently, from the end of the 19th century this cycle has been picked up speed and perhaps earlier than that including the Industrial Revolution. These events in human history are set in destiny they do not alter. There is always a beginning and an end to all things with cycle of varying degrees including cycles that are slow moving, or cycles that last days, weeks, months, years and centuries. The grand finale if you like, is taking shape currently in human behaviour as we respond to the cycle of existence. Whether it is taken from a spiritual perspective, an evolutionary perspective or a scientific perspective, it all comes down to the same results. We cannot avoid these events and effects on the human condition. Everything is governed by astrological laws that can be proven by scientific means. Humanity has very little freewill and only limited scope to respond to any random act and whether we accept this or not doesn’t matter nor change anything. Events and situations play out regardless and each individual plays out their own programming via their astrological profile from the moment they are born. 

The mention of Tuthmoses the pharaoh is actually Moses in the bible and Jesus is a descendant of Tuthmoses. There are a few researchers that have pointed this out over the past 20 years or thereabouts. Jesus was born into an Egyptian royal dynasty. He definitely was not a poor carpenter and he was much wealthier than many of the elite today. 

25 April, 2023

Untold story of how WW1 Diggers 'stole' a priceless mosaic from the battlefield that's now in Australia's most sacred memorial... but the 'real' owners want it back


The respectful thing to do is return it. Humanity have this concept of taking things from other lands that they don’t have the right to take. It’s very disrespectful and should never be acceptable for anyone to remove anything from another country. Entitled mentality is still theft no matter how much one tries to justify it. It’s worse when there is a spiritual or historical cultural significance. 

Let sleeping dogs lie!

 Let sleeping dogs lie they, say it will be fun they said. In my house Miss Ruby rules the roost, but she is ever so cute and does it in a very adorable way. Making the bed after stripping it to wash the sheets, I have to do the remaking of the bed in stages; mustn't disturb the baby after all. There she is on top of the bed lying on a big European pillow with a soft minky cover on it for more snuggling of course. Oh and don’t be fooled, dogs and cats know what is soft and what isn’t soft. They can tell the difference between a cheap minky cover and one that is like touching air. I kid you not, straight away if you put a soft blanket or jumper on the bed or on a chair, within minutes either a dog or a cat in my house would be in like Flynn. Move over human I have to test the quality and softness of this. 

But when changing the bedding it’s look out for the plush toys, Gingerbread man, Froggie and of course Squirrel. Hidden under the European pillow are two pigs ears, as Miss Ruby likes two on the go at the one time. Meanwhile she is curled up in a ball on top of said  soft minky cover on the pillow. I start putting the sheets and pillowslips on the bed and she gives me that look with one eye. You know the one, one more move and I will tilt mum, but in reality she will growl her displeasure and get up and move if she has to.

Today she is determined not to move, the top half of the bed has the pillow slips on the pillows, the fitted sheet is on and the flat sheet and thermal blanket are on the bed, just waiting for madam to shift her bum. But nope, Miss Ruby works on her time not mine, lol. Got to love her though because she is just so cute.

The bed making in my house is like being a nurse, where the patient is bedridden and nurses actually change the bedding with the patient still in the bed if they are too ill to be physically moved. It’s a tough gig I tell you and Miss Ruby wants all her pigs ears and any biscuit put right back where it was, she just knows you know 不不不 I must admit she is not the only dog or cat in our house over the years to be this precious. But I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I am such a big sook (softie) with my fur babies. I like them to enjoy their creature comforts. Ah, the joys of life 樹

24 April, 2023

The 'red line' warning sign all parents should be aware of: 'Knew something was off'


Assumption is the mother of all screw ups. When in doubt check it out, go to the hospital and get tested. 

I know of a few people that dismissed serious symptoms and they are no longer in this world. Also a mother’s intuition should tell her something isn’t right. Don’t waste time debating whether it’s serious or deadly. I would rather be told by the doctor that I was mistaken than arranging a funeral. Yes on the very rare occasion doctors can get it wrong too, so if you are still feeling that your child or family member has a serious medical condition then politely ask for a second opinion. My family have experienced both situations, so I don’t sit back and do nothing. Be wise and be safe. 

Australia news live: implementing defence strategic review will cost $19bn, Marles says


Both federal governments have let things slide woefully over the years, a bit slow off the mark there boys. Get your act together fast and stop faffing around like naive imbeciles. 

23 April, 2023

Is this the first look at a lost civilisation linked to Atlantis? Archaeologists in Spain uncover 2,500-year-old statues that may resemble the faces of an ancient society that mysteriously vanished


I find it rather arrogant to believe that Plato made up the story of Atlantis. This man was a well educated and respected scholar. Just because it doesn’t fit the official narrative put out to the public doesn’t make it a fairytale. There are many other historical accounts of Atlantis around the world and there are people that have had past life experiences that can describe life back then. There are people with a vested interest in suppressing history for a reason. Awkward questions rise when things are exposed.

 Just like in medieval times the Vatican suppressed knowledge of America’s existence. The Catholic church had vast knowledge of the world but forbade others from visiting the Americas for valid reasons. Just like the suppression of the fact that the Scandinavians had been to the Americas centuries before everyone else, that too was ridiculed by the academic elite. Yet they couldn’t deny it any longer by the 1990’s. There are things about Atlantis that certain people don’t want us knowing such as bloodline connections and evidence of technology that was around that can’t be explained currently. What about the giants skeletons that have been found worldwide Nordic looking giants yet the Smithsonian tries to suppress that. There is nothing worse than ignorant people and liars. The truth wins in the end.

Astrology in a teacup


I love this tea cup from T2 my dear husband bought me this cup months ago just as I was starting my Astrology studies. As soon as I saw it, it just said; perfect for Astrology. I see the stars and the universe in this pattern. The pattern is called Moroccan and I find it enchanting in blue. Lately I have been attracted to the colour blue in clothes and seeing this cup it just seemed perfect. My husband just seems to intuitivley know what to buy me at random moments too. We are both dual star signs too so that synchronicity is strong. 
Being a big lover of tea I love cups and teapots. They are just so personal and intimate. Just perfect to relax the mind body and spirit in higher esoteric journies. The Kaleidoscope pattern with stars is a powerful and transcendant pattern that I can slip into energetically. So it is aim for the stars for me on an esoteric level.
If you are interested, T2 has the pattern in a few colours. 

RECIPE: ANZAC biscuits

 As ANZAC Day is approaching here is a recipe for traditional ANZAC biscuits. This came home from primary school with one of my children decades ago. I have no idea where the recipe came from, no doubt from the good old Australian Woman’s Weekly. 

1 cup of rolled oats1 cup of plain flour 

1 cup of sugar (I use brown sugar)

3/4 cup of coconut 
125 grams  (4 oz) of butter 
2 tablespoons of golden syrup ( our measurements are different to US measurements but but not sure about Canadian measurements)
1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda 
1 tablespoon of boiling water 

Combine oats, flour, sugar and coconut in a bowl. Combine butter and golden syrup in a pan and stir over a low heat until melted. 
Mix soda with boiling water then add to melted butter mixture. Add to the dry mixture and stir. Place tablespoonfuls onto lightly greased baking trays. You can alternatively use baking paper instead of greased baking trays. Allow room for spreading. Cook slowly in oven for 20 minutes at 150 centigrade. Remove from oven and loosen when warm, then cool on trays. 

NOTE This is Australian/UK metric measurements so if you live in the US please google the translation of these measurements into your country’s measurements or the recipe won’t work out. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anzac_biscuit. Historical account of the biscuits  

22 April, 2023

Australian stage and screen icon Barry Humphries has died aged 89


Rest in peace Possum, you have taken a large chunk of our hearts. Australian entertainment won’t be the same without you. 



It is 105 years since the end of WW1 and 78 years since the end of WW2, it is now 50 years since the end of the Vietnam war and in between these wars other wars and conflicts  have happened. War and conflict is still with us and always will be. Please do not let the RSL or ANZAC Day die out. 
Every life lost matters, both human and animal lives. Uphold the principles and values of what this means to our nation and our people. To allow this to fade away would be unthinkable and unacceptable to those that gave their lives and freedoms so that we can live. War will for ever be the curse of humanity never forget that. 
Educate the youth of our nation, teach them honour, dignity and respect. Teach them to respect all life. Including the animals caught up in war and conflict. 
Please support our services and keep our RSL's running as the place for our service men, women  and their families to meet and to honour the memories of those that are no longer with us.
Lest we forget!

This is the link to the Canberra Services Club for those that are interested in visiting and joining. 

21 April, 2023

Funny terms that Aussies use: Spanish Athlete

 Funny expression of the day Spanish Athlete; someone that is a Bull sh*t artist.

Wes Penre: Orion book Q and A session 12


As I keep saying this is a done deal, locked in place. It’s up to the individual to make a judgement call on whether or not they want to exit the grid at the end of physical life. As far as those that want to live off grid are concerned, there are some things to keep in mind also if you drop out of society and you become ill; if you need medication or surgery that may not be possible if what Wes is saying actually happens.Thus you won’t survive off the grid too easily. Even having an abscess in your gums can make you very ill and kill you if you’re unable to successfully treat this infection yourself. Just like in the days before we had antibiotics. So living off grid does have serious consequences if what Wes is proposing is true, but this is up to the individual and if they can find a  good peaceful community that has good alternative medicine available to stop infection.

You will need to have books on not just basic first aid but also herbal medicine books, buy a snake bite first aid kit too; if you live in an area with snakes. Give a thought to books on basic carpentry and building, repair manuals etc. There won’t be electricity unless you have solar panels. How about a woman giving birth off grid without proper medical care especially if she has complications. Will she be allowed into a hospital or what about children that need medical attention such as in the case of asthma, appendicitis or fractures? What sort of transportation is available in an emergency to you if living off grid? How far away is a hospital or a doctor? And will the hospital or doctor be willing to treat you if what Wes is saying actually does happen. 

In Australia and other countries that have venomous snakes and spiders where one need’s access to antivenin quickly, will off grid people be able to get medical treatment? Give serious consideration to the risks associated with going off grid. I have no idea what I will do in the future other than going through the holes in the grid at the end of my life. I live a very quiet and spiritual life as it is, very boring lol.

Tarot card of the month: May 2023, The Star


As I picked this card, I went huh? My mind was blank and I thought what the hell am I supposed to make of this card. Well as I started to look at the card and my pen or scribbling stick in hand , lol. My  guides started to inform me. Just as well cause I had nothing to quote Seinfeld, I got nothing!

Card number 27 of the Major Arcana, The Star. One big bright golden yellow star surrounded by seven white smaller stars. Notice there is one white star that is not sitting in the grouping. It is sitting on the left and almost touching the mountain in the distance.

No clouds in the sky, there is a tree on the right hand side of the card behind the woman. The tree has three distinctive branches and a bird sitting on the branch closest to the woman. The woman kneels at the edge of the water, and there is one foot resting on top of the water. It is not immersed in the water as in immersed in consciousness, the knee of her other leg is on the fertile green grass as in being grounded.  

As we see the woman appears to be pouring water into the pond or body of water and also is pouring water onto the ground as if she is feeding the grass to keep it hydrated, so that it doesn't die.

This is Aquarius the water bearer of the zodiac sign which is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius being an air sign and as fixed sign which in astrological terms is succedent and covers the 11th house in the zodiac.

So basically what the whole thing is warning us of is sudden surprises and situations that may be beyond our control.  This card shows us concentrated energy to create balance, mental force and concentration. I think these are key words for the month of May; to bear in mind too. 

The element of water represents the unconscious mind, Uranus represents the unexpected in this reading, please be aware that Uranus also covers sudden and unexpected violence.  But here in this card I feel this is connected to concentrated power spreading throughout the world. I feel this is connected to globalism, the EU  (the stars), WEF, NATO/UN and power spreading. I feel the expansion of authority, power and global politics. Financial power reshaping our world is currently taking place.

I also feel a careless waste of money and resources under one authority. Notice how big the woman is in this card, she dominates the card. Notice the flowers in the grass, 10 of them sitting at gapped  intervals. yet behind the woman is a cluster of flowers. To me these flowers are countries around the world. Which ones are benefitting here? Which ones are protected and which ones are left to decay? This can be reversed too because the 10 flowers or countries sitting individually could also be seen as being under control and their very survival depends on the woman depicted on the card. In other words under the firm control of a super power or globalist cabal dictatorship. See the picture and perspective?

This card also tells me of a cycle playing out globally. But this cycle is like a magic trick involving sleight of hand.  Just look at the water pouring from the jugs; is this an illusion being performed? Does the water come from the pond or body of water in the foreground or from another unseen source? This must be considered as it could be something being added to the mix so to speak.

Nothing is fully explained because to do so will reveal the deception. Notice the bird upon the tree branch, the bird is a messenger from up high. In the tarot birds are always messengers and that includes from spirit. Here though this is a physical world messenger from a lofty position of power; giving orders to the body below to carry out the instructions given. This is thinking outside the box, but only to a point. I now direct you to the lush green lands, fertile and lush productive lands full of abundance.

To supply great abundance to the entire world, yet this fair maiden has all the power to control this land, who will she bless and who will she deny? All is not clear, because what you see in front of you is clearly not what you think it is. Who actually benefits and who doesn't? The have's or the have not's?

I can tell you that the have not's are us ordinary people the general population of the world. This is a new evolution of sorts and the world is forever changed, there is no going back to life as it was pre 2020. We see before us a carefully measured world. There is a mathematical feel looking at the numbers but more precisely it is numerology involved because each individual number has a positive as well as a negative meaning and operates on a vibrational frequency of its own. 

I see the numbers 1,2, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 27 as I scutinise the card.1 big yellow golden star, 6 white stars in a formation plus 1 white star out of formation. Together makes 7 white stars. The card number is 27 and you can add the 2 and the 7 and in numerology it is 9. 10 flowers in sporadic gaps, 1 woman, 1 bird, 1 tree, 1 mountain, 2 jugs of water, 3 lot of water (trinity or body mind and spirit),  1 vast green landscape. It looks like an inventory broken down like that, or assets. 

Now to me the woman represents a global power  or cabal. Under a quasi spiritual belief system she is seen as a particular goddess, that we are not privy to know about as the masses are seen as profane. I will leave it at that as I don't feel the deeper esoteric stuff should be brought into this, it’s only just an observation that strikes me. 

May will be a month of gathering, harvesting and manifesting for many, it is time to grow up and open ones eyes and stay vigilant because something big is transpiring. This month it starts being rolled out slowly, I am particularly feeling the last two weeks of May here. Watch for sudden announcements and  warnings in the media. But I stress; do nothing, just watch and stay safe. The time is to be used wisely and prepare. Intuitive people will know what to do and stay safe, gather what you can and hunker down in place. Something big and shocking is coming. At this stage that is all that spirit is telling me, but it is on!

I feel travel is connected to this, movement of people is important. People could be drawn to take sides here. My advice is do not take sides, just watch and wait then you will be better informed and safe. That is all that I am being given at this stage.

Warm and fuzzy hugs


PS, I am in the dark as much as anyone as I am being given this information. I feel though that we need to make sure we have food and resources to tide us over. The clue here is monetary as in a financial crisis and not by accident. You can look through both my blogs on the financial crisis, to me I see it as a revolving door where financial crises are rolled out reversed and rolled out again, sleight of hand! 

You can find the tag for Tarot card of the month at the bottom on the right hand side of my blog as well as my psychic predictions. 

UPDATE: Movement of people 

19 April, 2023

18 April, 2023

Ex-Celtic star Kieran Tierney's favourite Scots pub torched as police probe 'wilful' fire

As a child in the early 1970’s, I lived directly across the road from this establishment, my father used to drink here. This was an iconic pub in the region with a long history. So it is very sad to see this happen to the building, one of the original owners has not long passed away. I am sure she will be looking on from the spirit world with great sadness at this destructive act. I do feel that the police will catch the individuals that did this. I believe two people are involved. 



 Strive to be the best human being that you can, then you can say that you tried. Your soul knows the truth. 

Toxic PFAS chemicals used in packaging can end up in food, study finds


Everything that is supposedly “green “ turns out to be dangerous and toxic. This again highlights the hiding of true dangers in green products. If I go on a picnic I use stainless steel cutlery and have a proper picnic hamper with washable plates and cups. I keep a small set of stainless steel cutlery for two in my car and bpa fee plastic cups in my car to use at anytime, just in case I stop at a takeaway for lunch and wash them when I return home. 

People need to look into the good old tried and true ways of taking items from home when going on a short road trip or picnic. Bring a bag or container for the dirty dishes and that way you don’t have rubbish left in the environment. For the off chance of an impromptu meal keep a small amount of cups and cutlery in the boot or trunk of your car. No chance of eating with toxic chemicals on disposable cutlery or disposable cups etc. Think how cheap china plates can be purchased in the supermarket these can be washed and reused. Just store them wrapped in cheap tea towels to prevent breakage in a box in the back of the car. Kids just love a surprise picnic and this way all you need to do is just buy the food and off you go. 

15 April, 2023

Hey it's Saturday



                                       Damn Genies can make themselves invisible too! Crafty buggers

                                            But Tea is good 24/7 

14 April, 2023

In this world

In this world you don’t need permission to be you. In this world you don’t need permission to breathe. In this world you don’t need permission to feel. In this world you don’t need permission to just be. Feel free to just live, breathe and feel life within you. Express joy, express yourself, express life, express spirit. Give yourself permission to live unconditionally and evolve into who you want to be. 


11 April, 2023

19 home remedies for a bloated stomach


This website has some great information about  stomach bloating and how to treat it. For some people drinking regular tea can cause stomach bloating and embarrassing wind. It can make life pretty miserable for those that suffer from IBS and other conditions not to mention the pain endured. I didn’t know that apples can cause bloating and flatulence. 

Eliminating problem foods and drinks no matter how much you enjoy them is the only way to solve the problem. You may find as you get older that you are no longer able to eat things that you once enjoyed. Your health is not worth compromising when it comes to avoiding foods that cause you pain and discomfort. 

If all fails buy a kite.不不 Ah; that’s just so me to sneak a fart joke in at the end. 

Woman gives birth on footpath in broad daylight as onlookers watch


This; in the richest country in the world. What a tragedy, the greed and indifference of the rich and powerful law makers and a greedy health industry that drives the nation yet discourages a good free national health system. How does humanity get it so wrong? 

Post Easter lols

10 April, 2023

Dalai Lama apologises after video circulates online of Tibetan spiritual leader kissing a young boy and asking him to 'suck my tongue



Try a little social experiment just for the day… lift the vibe

 Try a little social experiment for the day; to see how being nice to everyone that you meet or interact with in your day responds. Smile and be courteous to everyone and you will notice that you feel better, your day will seem nicer and happier just by making the extra effort of being mindful and sharing the happiness vibe. Watch how other people respond to you too, do they smile too? Are they not bothered by your positive energy or do they to feel more upbeat and happy? Do they smile back at you or are they not interested? Don’t be discouraged by them, just keep going through your day being happy, polite and positive. I guarantee that your day will feel much nicer within yourself and you will feel energised by your own happiness.

The important thing here is happiness is contagious, you are not just lifting up your vibrational energy or frequency but you are helping others to do likewise in their own lives. A chain reaction of happiness can spread just by one person making a positive effort and being mindful in their thoughts, intentions and interactions with others they encounter during their daily activities. Things have been very stressful for everyone over the past few years and there is so much uncertainty in the world right now. There is poverty increasing daily, but we can lift each other up in a psychological way just by being respectful towards each other. 

There are many things we can accomplish by being patient with each other whether it involves queuing up in shops, traffic, or going through a crowded shopping mall. Just practicing simple things that can defuse tension in public spaces. Simply making an effort to engage in light conversation with people if you are not taking up their time. People used to be kinder and more mannerly not so long ago but since we hit the 21st century it seems like we are living at a very fast and stressful pace which affects our mental wellbeing and how we respond to others in society. The past three years have notched up the tension even further. So it is time to stop, take a step back and adjust our approach to engaging with others around us carefully and mindfully. 

We don’t know what suffering others are going through and just by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can have a profound impact on the other person. How would we react in the same situation if the roles were reversed. Impact is a strong word and words can have an impact on anyone in any given circumstance. So just try to be mindful and give this little experiment a try. You may just give one person a wonderful uplifting experience that may even change the direction of their life in an amazing and unexpected way. Isn’t that a beautiful gift to give another person. They may in turn be that special person that goes on to uplift someone else who is at their lowest ebb and give them joy and hope. 

Kindness costs you nothing but it’s worth so much more to the person that needs it most. To be that person that goes out of their way to make the effort to be happy;  and in turn goes on to make someone else feel better without seeing the wonderful result and flow on effect of kindness is truly an example of what it means to be human. Not expecting anything in return but has made a lasting impression, by lifting their own spirits and in turn enabling others to benefit from the experience of  not just interacting with another human being but lifting the energy of the world for someone.  One cannot change the world but for another their world has changed by this energy exchange, so why not give it a go? I hope that your day will be much better than you expected and that you will always remember the positive feelings that you created from just trying this. Perhaps you like the results and intend to continue working towards making your own world better. 

Be the change that the world needs, and keep working towards a better life don’t let negativity pull you down. Build your own world within and let your light shine. We are what we think we are, remember that. We live in a thought reactive reality; so what we think we thus create this is energy in motion or emotion.

All the colours of the rainbow are

 All the colours of the rainbow are but perspective.

Life is but a drop in the ocean

 Life is but a drop in the ocean of the cosmos, but still significant.

Tasmanian owner of Waterfalls Cafe & Gallery issues plea to ‘horrible’ customers


It’s called being an arrogant pig! If you can’t treat people with respect then you shouldn’t be in society making a fool of yourself and causing distress to others. Retail and hospitality is stressful enough for the staff without having to put up with arrogant pigs. 

I make it a habit of smiling and ask how the staff member‘s day is going. I thank them for their service and wish them a good day. How hard is it for people to be polite and respectful? It matters not what job a person does nor their social status.  Treat others with respect and kindness, manners cost nothing. Bad behaviour is always remembered. Staff do remember terrible customers and they will avoid rude people if they see them coming. I think it’s much better to be remembered for being kind and have a welcoming smile to greet each other. 

07 April, 2023

Miss Ruby had an early visit from the Easter Bunny

 Easter Bunny came early for Miss Ruby some tasty doggy biscuits with Easter designs on them a carob bunny and a doggy lollipop. We spoil our little girl, I am so glad that retailers actually make pet treats for seasonal events and birthdays. Why should we humans have all the fun? 

06 April, 2023

Oh dear


Happy Easter 2023

 Happy Easter everyone! I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Easter with loved ones including all the fur babies around the world. 

I personally keep easter simple as a seasonal event, I just love all the beautiful flowers the season provides before winter starts in the southern hemisphere; and summer begins in the northern hemisphere with splendid flowers and new baby animals. Got to admit that I am a big chocaholic 不不不 and  it’s an excuse for me to let my inner child go nuts Wherever you are in the world please take it easy, drive safely and carefully. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs 


05 April, 2023

Major study reveals two-thirds of people who suffer childhood maltreatment suffer more than one kind


They only think of this now! What about living in a household where there is a parent that is a narcissist? An abusive parent also programs their children to behave similarly in adulthood. Unless efforts are made by these children to break the cycle. Guaranteed that at least one child will repeat the abusive behaviour throughout their lives. Inter generational patterns continue and the children that are not abusive as adults can unconsciously be attracted to people that are narcissistic in nature without the non narcissistic adult being aware that they are gravitating toward a negative personality. Given that there are covert narcissists as well as overt narcissists it can be difficult for the non narcissistic people to identify the traits of a narcissist. Then learning how to identify and avoid such individuals. The steps to heal from the trauma is an even bigger challenge. Abuse is a very difficult thing to heal from and can take many years to heal if possible. The first step is recognising the abuse knowing that you are innocent of any wrongdoing.

You should not expect help from anyone in your family; because generally they will not be supportive, not wishing to be involved. They may even suggest that it's your own fault or say;  I have never seen evidence to support what you say. That there is a sign of someone else who could fit the description of a possible candidate for mistreatment of others; or perhaps they are unaware of the real facts of events. Abuse is generally a repetitive pattern in the family unit. Then there are obviously people outside of the family that are abusive individual personality types; either in general society, school, the workplace and social settings. Either way they are dysfunctional people and should never be enabled to mistreat others around them. 

The only reason they get away with it is because nobody wants to stand up to them, knowing that others will not have their back or take the attitude of; this is life in the real world so deal with it. It may be a reality of life but it doesn’t make it acceptable. It just allows for the perpetual cycle of abuse and suffering to continue. 

Don’t think for one minute that employers, professionals such as teachers, councillors, psychologists and psychiatrists are not  abusers either. This is in the human psyche in every corner of society globally. People are good at disguising themselves. Learning how to recognise the signs of an individual regardless of their occupation or social status and avoid them if possible. You have the right to be safe and comfortable regardless of whether you are in your own home, workplace, school or in general public places. You don’t need permission from anyone to be safe and secure without fear of being abused and mistreated by anyone.

If your family or friends don’t have your back then they are not the people to be around. However that is not easy when you’re dealing with family, but with friends and associates you can make the choice to avoid being in the company of an abusive person. A workplace again should be a safe space but in reality, we know that things usually don’t change, but you can learn how to handle some situations, by learning how to stand up for yourself in a constructive manner and not inflaming the situation. It’s not easy but with careful thought you can make some progress.

The golden rule is never be alone with any abusive person, always stay where others can see and hear what is being said, especially in the workplace or social situations. That way it is not your word against the abuser’s you have witnesses when you are not alone with the abuser. But remember if you are at work and it is a supervisor that is the bully, you have every right to have a supportive person with you. Never go into the abuser/bully’s office alone! Take a work colleague with you for support and advice. 

02 April, 2023

‘Rather noisy’: Plants make clicking sounds when stressed, study finds


Plants like every living thing on the earth have a vibrational frequency, and living things are sentient to varying degrees. Plants are part of the elemental world, they have an aura and life force of their own. Trees, plants and flowers all give off energy; even rocks have an energy frequency, especially what we term crystals. I can hold my hand near crystals and feel the energy, especially something like an amethyst cave. Which is quite common for psychic people to be able to feel especially a healer, as our hands are always receptive. 

Scientists have experimented for years with plants including playing various types of music to plants to check the response; which included heavy metal, classical and rock. The plants responded better to classical music and grew toward the sound. There was also an experiment where scientists tested different human voice tones like anger, happiness etc. The detection of the aura or life force of plants was also measured successfully. So it’s down to energy frequency, soft or loud sound in their environment as well as light for growth. 


01 April, 2023

Astrology Birth Charts 101


The importance of knowing the exact time of a person’s birth is vital is creating a natal chart. As I am currently studying astrology for the long haul, I was looking into how  the time of a birth changed in a person’s natal chart; I thought it was 10 minute intervals but that turns out to be way, way out. It is 4 minute windows that changes a person’s chart and personality. Check out this link above for further details. 

This is why new parents need to write down the exact time of their baby’s birth accurately and the location. I don’t know if  the time is on many birth certificates nowadays. It was the law in Scotland when I was born to have the time of birth on the birth certificate. Though England didn’t have this as a legal requirement. Australia doesn’t record the time of birth on the birth certificate either at least not in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I knew prior to my babies births to make note of the time and I made sure that the medical staff were aware of my wishes. They were happy to oblige and understood why I needed to know the exact time of the births. If you are unsure of the time of birth, it is advised to contact the hospital for the birth records; as the time is usually on the medical records. 

In the old days people often mixed up the birth date, because they didn’t always go and register the birth immediately. My maternal grandmother celebrated her birthday on the wrong day most of her life. She was still a Libra but the date she was born and the day she thought was her birthday were almost a week apart. 

The reason that I found this out was my mum and my gran were talking about birthdays and she went to her bedroom to check out her birth certificate and she discovered the proper date. So she had not actually noticed that until well into her old age. I was around 19 then and was quite surprised by this. That was when my mother informed me that the time of birth is important for not just legal matters if something happened at the time of birth or the baby dies after being born. Then of course you must have the exact time of birth as well as the place of birth to make a natal chart. These days though the Longitude and Latitude are calculated by software, the astrologer just puts in the name of the town and the country along with the correct name and date of birth and the software produces the chart and astrological wheel with the colours that are selected to stand out to help interpret or delineate the chart. 

In the meantime I am head down in books trying to absorb as much information as I can. Already I am drawing comparisons with the Tarot which is helpful to me as I slowly put together the jigsaw puzzle that is to be my next calling. I never thought that I would actually be studying anything at my age but here I am. I am very enthusiastic about this study and every day a little bit of knowledge sinks in to the little grey cells as Poirot says. 

Below is a rough guide to what the software creates as the astrology wheel.

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