06 August, 2022

Spirituality cannot be learned from a book

Spirituality cannot be learned from a book or taught in a classroom. It is a knowing from deep within us. Only to be realised when the time is right for the individual soul and being. It is carefully guarded until our vibrational frequency is high enough for us to feel it, know it and breathe it.

Did you know that the human body vibrates at 62 -78 MHz

The Human brain vibrates at 62-90 MHz (normal frequency is 62 MHz)

The Human heart 67-70 MHz

Disease starts at 58 MHz

The universe vibrates at 432 MHz

The frequency of the "gods" is MHz 963 which is the pineal gland activator 

Essential oils: Idaho spruce  520 MHz 

Rose 320 MHz 

Frankincense 147 MHz 

photo is property of Alex Fulford ©

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