30 June, 2023

Do we have to be reactionary?

 Rather than being reactionary in the negative about another person’s opinions, comments or actions. Step back from the situation and look at what your response is. Is your response justified or perhaps you may have misinterpreted the comment or actions. Are you taking on the energy of a person that is perceived as negative?  Can you pull back on your emotions and not engage negatively in the situation, to not be caught up in the cycle? 

Think about what benefits you by not responding with anger. How hard is it in a split second to just refocus your response; to de-escalate your emotions and response to something that you normally would be  quick to anger? Set the intention of retraining yourself to think about how to respond to something that might provoke a negative emotional reaction.

This takes great effort and deliberate control over your instinctual response not to inflame yourself. Perhaps you are being lead to react to a situation in a hostile way, not for your benefit but for others to provoke a hostile response. Either way; being non reactive it is something that an individual must learn to do in order to have a more healthy mindset. Think first about what you hear or see, and then formulate a response that does not reflect poorly upon yourself. Over thinking the issue is also something that must be addressed, because to dwell on the issue may cause you to go into an unhealthy mindset and this doesn’t benefit you one bit. 

From a mental health perspective as well as one’s general health, anger is an unhealthy energy to create within yourself. No matter what the source of anger or upset is, it never benefits you. It may benefit others to see you upset and therefore not just is your negative emotions causing you distress but the others may enjoy seeing you hurt. Your distressed energy feeds egos but starves you of emotional nourishment and spiritual growth. 

One must be forever mindful of the power and effect of strong emotions and the harmful unintended effects within us. Reactionary mindsets are distracted mindsets, unable to quickly assess the moment and maintain a dignified equilibrium. Practicing serenity and calm confidence does not always come naturally for many people, however it can be achieved through meditation and focus on calm logic. A wise person is rarely in distress, they exude calm confidence and rationale when faced with negative challenges. 

The key to being less reactive and more relaxed is through practicing mindfulness, wisdom and self discipline. Be your own little Buddha by going within regularly to observe your thoughts and feelings honestly, seek the higher wisdom from within. From a place of grace and stillness to live in accordance with your inner peace and harmony. This is the challenge, we must strive for by mindful attention to our inner world. Learn to bring forth that confidence and wisdom into daily life to guide you through moments where you may normally feel anger towards others and hold the calmness, giving yourself time to be composed without the usual instinctive reactionary instinct.

Warm and fuzzy hugs  

July full moon (Buck Moon)


The 3rd of July full moon is a super moon and knowing as a Buck Moon. 

Don’t forget to charge your crystals, if you are unable to put your crystals out in the moon light you can run them under the cold tap, bathe them in salt or smudge them with white sage. 

Smudging your crystals is perhaps the best alternative to the full moon because you are clearing the energy. Sort of jump starting your precious crystals and you’re infusing them with your loving energy.

27 June, 2023

Harmful bacteria is lurking in your dirty tea towels: Here's how to clean them properly


I can’t believe people need to be told this, omg. Sunlight also kills bacteria, luckily for us in Australia we get plenty sunlight. I change my tea towel every two days, I also hang the one in use up where it can dry easily. Washing your hands with soap and water before handling any food is basic hygiene and common sense. Never do food prep without washing your hands thoroughly. 

Do remember though there are good bacteria that we need to help with our immune system. When cleaning up surfaces you don’t need to use bleach or anything harsh that kills 99% of the bacteria. Unless you have a very busy household where everyone is in and out the kitchen constantly. Chopping boards though need to be disinfected after use. A wooden chopping board with cracks get rid of because harmful bacteria gets into the cracks. 

One thing that people might forget is washing out a dish cloth that you wash dishes with. Especially if it’s left wet in a scrunched ball. These need to be soaked in a disinfectant like Vanish or a solution of bleach. Cotton dish cloths can be bleached back to being white like new. Then through the washing machine. Even towels are supposed to be washed every three days to prevent bacteria forming. 

These are the basic things that we learned in high school when I was young. The home science or home economics classes taught this from the moment we started high school and we were constantly reminded of hygiene. 

Astrology: Mercury Retrograde 2023


August 23 to 15 September and then December 13 to 1 January 2024. Hurumph! Just stay in bed. You just gotta laugh at these thing’s really even  though it can be very serious. 

I should just apologise now for what I might do or say before I do it 不不  that’s how it usually goes. Guaranteed, I will always be the person that steps in dog poo at any given time as it is, lol. 

Expect, mechanical, electrical and technology to go belly up. Foot in mouth syndrome; when we miscommunicate and general gremlins in our lives. Three week blocks of misery, yea boy! Notice it is also through Christmas time as well.  What a great Christmas present for everyone, how long before the fight starts? 

Whatever you do avoid playing monopoly because we all know what happens with that game 不不不 Someone wants Park Lane or Mayfair and it’s game on. Let’s not forget the full moon on top of this every month. 不不不

How to make a bad situation worse follow me for more tips


I prefer to keep a sense of humour at these times, ain’t nothing we can do about it other than just roll with it. Try to find some humour in the moment rather than go to ground with a FML outlook 丹‍♀️ 

RIP Julian Sands


Finally Julian’s family has some closure on what happened to him. Very sad indeed, I do hope that both he and his family can achieve some peace and healing over this tragedy. 

25 June, 2023

Alex moving up in Google search for psychic predictions for 2023


Today just for fun I googled  psychic predictions for Australia in 2023. I discovered that I have moved up a notch but also Google is not displaying the number page as from today. That's a bummer, including sponsored pages I sit at number 13 for Australin predictions.

I do 2 sets of predictions every year in October! One is for Australia and one is for the world.

So they stand from the date published to the following year. Yes we psychics' can sometimes have a prediction a year or two out of synch. We don't know why that is other than time being fluid and never a fixed thing.  

24 June, 2023

Silly Saturday

Actually this is incorrect, it was John Waters that was on play school. John Jarratt’s former wife Noni Hazelhurst was on play school too. The jokes loses its charm by this fact. 


Have a great weekend everyone, laugh out loud and laugh often, life’s too short so make sure you squeeze out some laughter.

Warm and fuzzy hugs  

22 June, 2023

Wes Penre: The Orion book Q and A #18


This has been sitting in my emails since yesterday morning. I finally remembered to stick it on my blog. But just before that. I had this urge to google Rudolph Steiner, and came across this article on blood. It seems to resonate with this Wes Penre Q and A 


The occult significance of blood 弩 

Notice right at the end of Rudolph Steiner’s article it says clairvoyance is diminished if the blood is not compatible! Very interesting, O negative is the psychic bloodline. My father is an O negative and my mother was A positive, yet I am born A positive but I am not just clairvoyant I have seven different Clairs’ as reflected on my introduction on this blog. 

Quote: Rudolph Steiner 

 We have seen that blood united to blood in the case of but remotely connected species of animals, kills; blood united to blood in the case of more closely allied species of animals does not kill. The physical organism of man survives when strange blood comes in contact with strange blood, [except, of course, in the case of incompatible blood types, which mutually coagulate one another] but clairvoyant power perishes under the influence of this mixing of blood, or exogamy.

21 June, 2023

Tarot Card of The Month: July 2023, The Wheel of Fortune


July looks to be a very important month. A life changing or life altering destiny changing month for the enitre world.  I feel a lot of this is legal changes that are very serious and possibly grave for many people. Science is also affected somehow, that could be in such areas as physics, boilogy and genetics.

Now starting with the card number, the number one stands for the originator, creation,the birthing of someone or something, originality, novice, beginings, standing out from others, creativity, individuality, leadership, force, spiritual forces, 

The zero is the force of the universe, embryo,  the egg, as in new life

The number 10 represents wholeness, consumation, denouncement, completion, permanence, karma, responsibilities, renewals, community, reaping and harvesting, realization, preperation for a new cycle, extremes, decay, amplification.

This is dynamic action so keep alert and watch, this covers a lifetime or an era.  Remember that I said in the 2023 psychic predictions this is the dawn of a new era? This is it officially beginning, watch carefully everything that is happening right now. I feel there are very serious consequences for humanity here. 

July is the seventh month of the calandar year, it is the 4th house in astrology flat wheel, of which the zodiac sign is Cancer and the ruling planet is the Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign and it is Angular ( as in the three qualities; angular, suceedent and cadent).  Keep this in mind, because the tarot cards are powerful and have astrology embeded in every card in the deck for a reason. Angular means it is a house of action.

The fourth house of the zodiac relates to the self, it's emotional, nurturing and focuses on domestic life. The key phrase is; I feel, its key word is devotion. It is also a water sign, meaning ruled by the element of water.  

The moon rules emotions, the  feminine principle, intuition, instincts, moods, tides, phases (phases of the lunar cycles), receptivity, fluctuations, habit patterns, feelings, reflex actions. Now think of Ukraine, China, Africa (Uganda), the US, tensions especially. This is very emotional and confrontational happenings.

The moon covers personal interests, desires, needs, magnetism, growth, (I pick up Ron deSantis here). The need to touch (tactile), impressionability and consciousness. The moon rules liquids, so think petrol, chemicals, water, alcohol being in the news in different ways, such as with water the military and especialy navy and airforce or naval aircrafts.

The moon also rules sailing, brewing, nursing ( blood and body fluids), trades people and the general public. Remember the human body is 70% water, we are emotional beings, so watch out for emotions being high as in anger and volatility 

Now as for the tarot card of the month (TCOM) The clouds on this card have parted showing a bright blue sky, That blue connects to human consciousness, the heart chakra and emotions. It is a healing colour and it also represents authority too. Notice the strange read deamon looking being at the bottom of the wheel. He is called the Hermanubis or a Jackle, behind him is a snake or  serpant. The wheel is moving fast in this card, it shows the four cardinal points of direction, just like the astrology flat wheel. Notice that as I started the TCOM I brought in the 4th house of the zodiac? That is always in the tarot cards as Arthur Waite intended, so it is doubly emphasised here to start with.

July looks like an interesting month of contradictions; among the changes are health, science, aviation, air travel and welfare, emotions of the masses are very stressed also. Despite it being summer in the northern hemisphere and happiness is indicated, it is only to a point. People are feeling the pinch of the cost of living in many ways. Not just financially but emotionally too, such as domestic violence, mental helath decline, violent crimes are on the rise.

I hear the word "retaliation " in regards to things in the US, the UK, parts of Europe, India, South East Asia, China and Africa. Tensions are rising under the surface and about to escalate.

There is something lurking in the shadows, so please be very alert. I feel there are three shocks in store for all of us, in health, (globaly), and finance. Fasten your seat-belts because it could be rather bumpy.

I am being drawn to Ukraine by my guides, there seems to be an uninended escalation being carried out. A shock announcement relating to water, gas and nuclear power. People are on edge and don't know what to do or what to believe. I also feel something causing delays or problems with food deliveries, availability  and afordability. Stay with this because it may affect everyone! This feels very politically motivated and possibly to do with trade agreement issues, mind games and brinksmanship games employed.

This on top of price hikes, the governments need to take drastic action to stop this getting out of hand, because it may well spiral out of control. The blame rests on one particular group on a global scale, yet they play the blame game on factions or opposing sides. This in fact is quite illusionary because this group controls both sides or factions. I am being shown an old grey haired man with glasses, he is strictly  about money, power over others and he is a very angry natured person despite his luxurious family background. This man frequently uses fear and intimidation on those beneath him." His time will come" is what I hear from my guides.

This is not in his favour though; I feel people around him feel he has gone too far and are warning him. This time they will step in and make him reconsider his actions, because they will be explosive if allowed to be put into action. Resulting in a huge backfire of power. This old man no longer cares though, he feels he has nothing to lose.

Laws are changing, new laws are being drawn up, and this is exactly the New Dawn of the era that I spoke of when I did my psychic predictions in October last year. This is a tyranny that is dawning!

People refused to heed the global warnings put out by experts. This is now the price of ignoring those warnings, it is divisive and cutting. This is a social divide, very sadly, it is a divide so grossly uneven and polarising for every man, woman and child. This is only the start. It covers both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. A dark feeling comes over me as I look at the card the more I look at that red deamon or Hermanubis, I feel he is moving into an upswing out of the shadows. This represents the dark side of humanity emerging again.

The serpent or snake represents spiritual wisdom, yet here it seems to be lagging behind, suppressed as  the dark energy rises. This is not a good change, and it will take about three years to feel the full effect of this destructive influence on humanity. I get the feeling of an "OMG, what have we done?"

But, this is not the fault of ordinary people here. This is the fault of those that set the trap for all of us.

Those that call the shots, you may refer to them as Overlords, yet that is too kind a word to use for these monstrous individuals. They have a dark and deep seated hatred of humanity as a whole and for all life on earth. Yet people refuse to see the reality until it is way too late.

The harm unleashed is beyond the wild expectations of even these insatiable individuals. Not satisfied with two horrific world wars. This one will be too horrible for words, and in  three years time the world will be in great pearl again. "Pity those that survive! Yet uphold the blame on those that designed this in Paris."

This is the words used by my guides as I am working on this card and these are the guides that are also helping me with my astrology lessons. I am also informed that my TCOM will change very soon on a deeper level for my spiritual understanding within me to be able to teach.  I feel that may be as in teach myself deeper spiritual gnosis. Not nessessarily to teach the public, but who knows to be honest. I have no idea of where this is all taking me, I just go with the flow.

Take great care of each other, and hold love and compassion in your hearts for all life.

Warm and Fuzzy hugs


PS: The full moon is on 3 July and it’s a Super Moon or Buck Moon.


All TCOM posts use Mary Greer’s book , 21ways to read Tarot and my own knowledge/intuition, for the astrology I use the books by Marion March and Joan McEvers , The only way to learn Astrology. Which is a set of 6 books. My sprit guide for Astrology, Elaine and the current team that are working with me from now on are present constantly. I feel Elaine’s energy and see her hair as soon as I pick up my cards to work in recent months. Much gratitude to Elaine and the team. Xxxx

20 June, 2023




I have been after a new Jade bangle for a few months, I had to break the old one because it was affecting my circulation. I have been combing the internet for an Australian website that sells Jade bangles. So today I found this beautiful website with heaps of treasures. A girl could go nuts on this website honestly.

I am over the moon at discovering this website, and the lady went out of her way to help me get the right size of bangle. I am so appreciative and can’t wait for my precious bangle to arrive in the mail. I don’t like being without a Jade bangle.

There are two things that I need as far as jewellery goes, Pearls and Jade. Now I am a happy camper, woo hoo! 

Thank you Gems Australia 鳶

23 July update, my Jade bangle arrived from sunny Queensland this morning and I am delighted. Now rocking my lovely trinket ❤️ 

Washington recruits dogs and cats in war on rodents


Calling all Jack Russells 不不不 O, H and S jobs going! 

It’s enough to make a politician nervous when they eat out, how do we tell the difference between rats and polies? 

18 June, 2023

Kyanite crystal


I happened to find one of these little guys in my office a few days ago while having a rummage, as one does. I have had  this little crystal for years, inside one of those little bags of stones and herbs for spiritual protection that a friend gave me. I had opened the little bag to see what was in it and discovered this little crystal. A pale blue and white finger length flake of kyanite. It has a really nice feel to it and very attractive looking. 

I didn’t look up its properties until just now, so here is a website with some information to share. I see why I was attracted to it, it has an affinity with Librans. 

What are phone porting scams, and is there anything you can do about them?


The times we are living in A warning to older people especially because many older people are not tech savvy. They rely on family members to help them with technology and buying things online or fixing their computers and phones when something goes wrong. 

17 June, 2023

Feng Shui: Bamboo and Jade plants

 Bamboo plants are great for attracting money and improving your finances including a home business.

The number of bamboo stems is important depending on what you’re doing. The money corner of your house is the south east, so you may want to put a bamboo plant on a table or shelf in that area. 

If you have a home office then it would be beneficial to place a bamboo plant in there too. 



This link tells you what the numbers mean from one to twenty-one. 

Planet in the bedroom is not a good idea for Feng Shui, not all websites agree on this so use your own judgement. I personally don’t have plants in my bedroom. This website below also says don’t put plants in the bedroom. 


Jade plants, just a reminder to people in cold areas that get frost, Jade is not a frost tolerant plant. It will die immediately in frost. Keep it indoors or under cover. I have jade on my front porch that has been there for years through heat and freezing cold weather. It has a roof and a wall protecting it from frost. On my back veranda the jade is sheltered from frost and is quite hardy. 


8 different plants for Feng Shui, you may need to shop around for pots to get the look that you want. Paying attention to the colour, shape and size to create the energy balance needed. 


Go nuts with plants that are good for Feng Shui 鳶by the way Pothos is the devils ivy plant. That’s a great plant that can grow rapidly if you aren’t careful. 30 years ago I lugged a big devils ivy plant in a fancy pot home on a busy train for my mum’s birthday, she had it until she died. 

16 June, 2023

Man knocked down basement wall to find 2000-year-old underground city


What a find! The amazing thing about old houses is you never know what is underneath them or blocked off areas that reveal something interesting. 

Many years ago cousins of mine had a massive hole just open up in their backyard. Which lead to caves that were connected to smuggling back in the 1600’s and the era of Oliver Cromwell’s evil purge in Scotland.v

15 June, 2023

A Rare Planetary Alignment Is About to Happen This Week: Here's How to See It


Bags not getting up at the crack of dawn to watch. While it is exciting to see I will wait for the news footage. It will be freezing cold in Canberra and I am too old to get up to see the event. It is an important astrological event as well as a scientific event. 

Invest in yourself

 Invest in yourself, because you rob yourself if you invest in others. Invest in your faith to be the best you can be and don’t compromise. You matter as much as everyone else, but if you fail to see this then others too will fail to see you. Perhaps that suits them perfectly, to see you fail. You are where you are at this point in life because of your thoughts and beliefs. That energy invested depends on your own self worth. 

So push it, but be patient and focus your energy and intentions on the results that you believe you can accomplish. Don’t water down your focus and beliefs to suit others, because that is the path to disappointment. Keep your intentions realistic and you goals achievable; so that you monitor your progress. You are not seeking the approval of others, you are seeking approval from yourself, so invest in yourself and let your light shine forth. Your energy will attract the right people and situations that are beneficial to your future. 

14 June, 2023

Feng Shui

 It’s been a long time since I had a look at Feng Shui, long before I started reading the tarot cards in fact I  had an interest in Feng Shui. Suddenly it has come back into my life again. Everything happens for a reason they say, and I have been finding things that I had put away years ago and now bringing them back out again. Plus adding new Feng Shui pieces to add to my house. As a gardener I love plants so I have a lot of Jade plants in pots around the veranda, both out the back and at my front door. I love propagating plants but especially harmonious plants such as jade. I have bought sacred bamboo plants and will propagate them in time. Feng Shui friendly plants make great house gifts too. So I can eventually give friends and relatives something nice for their homes. 

I have come across some really good websites for learning about Feng Shui, even though I have a little book on the basics. I wanted to pick up a few more helpful tips and love to share information with likeminded people on my blog. I figured if it brings me pleasure and happiness then I aught to share the information. 

Things such as lucky Feng Shui coins, and the numbers of coins with their meanings, lucky money frogs or three legged money toads as they are known; are beneficial to improving the lives of people who have a belief in Feng Shui and how it benefits us. The elements which govern the placement of objects, furniture etc is understood to be vital for success in life and career development. One thing that I noticed on various websites though is the websites don’t always agree on the money toad/frog placement at the front door, some say face it outwards facing the outside and others say face the frog inwards. I think inwards is the way to go, also as one website says point the toad towards the wealth corner of your home. Also please bear in mind if you live in the southern hemisphere you have to take that into consideration as there are minor adjustments to be made. 

For difficulties a mirror is the usual remedy, such as at the front door if you have a tree in line with the door you place a convex mirror above the door to deflect negative chi. In a home office where you face a wall and or can’t move your desk to a better position then a mirror is used to correct the chi. 


There is a link called shop, which gives a list of items for sale including the lucky money toad. 


This website has great information on various aspects of Feng Shui. 

https://www.thespruce.com/feng-shui-of-house-numbers-1275299  house numbers 

https://www.thespruce.com/chinese-coins-meaning-in-feng-shui-1275016  coins

I like the spruce website for handy info on Feng Shui but there are heaps of websites dedicated to the art.shop around on line for a good price on all the decorations and must have items for your personal needs to get the vibes just right. 


Using Feng Shui coins and how many coins to use for different purposes. Again I notice the number of coins can vary depending on which website you visit. Nine coins is reputed to be the best and highest number for prosperity and abundance, yet some say ten is. So you should read several websites or books on the subject and also what resonates with you personally. All numbers carry different vibrations so you need to focus on what you want to achieve. Set your intentions and go with it and wait for the results, if you need to adjust then so be it, you know what is best for you. It does take a few weeks to feel the results according to what the experts say, so it is not an instant fix. Energy is something that takes time to work just like spiritual healing. Feng Shui is a form of healing in some respects as it corrects the flow of energy.


More information on the number of coins to use.

Oldest Signs of Human Ancestors' Trek to Australia Found in Laotian Cave


What a good read! There are still so many things that we have still to discover too. Even under the oceans of the world and Antartica under the ice. 

Thank you new readers

 Wow, my blog is picking up a lot of traffic now, thank you to everyone that stops by to read my blog. I realise that you have full and busy lives, but taking the time to read my blog. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ 

I also want to say, during these hard economic times we are going through, when choosing to have a reading done you may want to think of choosing a 30 minute reading. I understand that an hour long reading may be a bit more difficult to afford. So if you’re still interested in having a reading please think of what questions are most important and 30 minutes should be sufficient. I don’t like people spending a lot of money during difficult times. Uncertainty is scary for most people and I have been there many times myself. So please think wisely about how much money you want to spend on a reading.

The world is full of challenges right now and your families needs are most important. None of us can afford to be frivolous as we adapt to the times and circumstances. I will keep up with my tarot card of the month and psychic predictions to help guide us through the difficult times and hopefully we will gain some insight into what life has in store for us. I will be straight with all of you, I am dreading what is coming in the not too distant future. I have no idea how I will cope, all I can do is pray and hope that better times will return soon. 

We don’t need financial suffering and a looming war. How on earth do we prepare for this? I have no idea. I look at the situation in Ukraine and think this could be the entire planet soon. You would not wish this on anyone but it is happening unfortunately. There is too much suffering in this world and it makes me feel so small and insignificant in the big scheme of things just like 8 billion other people that don’t deserve this and all the innocent animals too that are dependent upon us humans to feed and care for them, heal the when they are sick or injured. 

How can the human race get it so wrong so many times? How can a small percentage of extremely rich people hold the rest of us as collateral in their greedy evil schemes? Surly something must change to rid the world of evil and suffering. We ordinary people are not here to be the collateral for the rich and powerful people of the world to use as cannon fodder, to do the bidding and killing on their behalf. We are the ones that suffer and lose everything that we have not the elites. 

I feel for every family that loses their loved ones to war and the suffering war causes regardless of where in the world people live. We all suffer, we all hurt and we all lose everything and everyone that matters. Spare a thought for ordinary people and their families regardless. Because we never know who and when and how suffering strikes. We just know the terrible pain and suffering, and we don’t wish that on ordinary people or animals. 

Wes Penre: From the dying moment to exiting through the grid


Please take the time to read this, however if you have not read any of Wes’s work then you need to do that or this will be very confusing for you. I have all of the links to Wes’s work on this blog with his name tag on the bottom right hand side of the list of posts.

One thing in regards to dementia sufferers that I can tell you about from my experience is, I saw with my late mother in law suddenly appear in my house at random times for a while before she died. She didn’t say anything to me just standing in front of me but she felt like she was asleep. For almost a year she kept just appearing between my lounge room and kitchen which is a large open plan room. It was as if she was in a portal and just fixed to the spot. 

Not doing anything other than standing perfectly still almost like a hologram. I assumed that she had fallen asleep in her nursing home and was out of body and somehow remembered my house. But it felt very strange. I don’t think she could actually see me or know where she was. There was a blank look on her face. Which is not like her, she was a warm and funny person easy to talk to and always had a smile on her face we got on very well and I was very fond of her. 

People in spirit are often much bigger than they were in physical life, and I have seen a man attending his own funeral as I was passing by with a lady that knew him. I told her his face was taking up the whole sky as he was watching the mourners leave the church to go to the cemetery. The man had a big smile on his face as he watched over the mourners. 

When we exit the grid expect to be much bigger than what you are in the physical world. We can change our appearance by thought, because spirit is thought reactive. You can choose to be invisible too, that is something that people in spirit can do regardless of being in the matrix or outside the matrix. I have seen spirit beings shield themselves many times using a white shimmer or a blue shimmer of light. My mother used to do this when my father was doing healing on people. A relative on my sister in law’s side of the family used a blue light shield to let me know they were standing next to my little nephew years ago. The person felt male and tall but would not show me who they were. Only they were a guide for my nephew.

I feel the more time we train ourselves to get used to exiting the grid we will be more confident and comfortable with the task. Most people reading the Wes Penre books will be young so they have plenty time to have the intentions filter through the astral realms. But I would not worry about it too much, because as long as you are focused and have firm intentions then you can do this in the blink of an eye. Like Wes said don’t second guess, one single thought and hold onto to it. I am exiting the grid now. 

As you don’t recall what the other side of the grid looks like don’t form an image in your mind because that can cause confusion. Once through the grid call on your higher self and ask where do I need to be now. I personally don’t trust the Orion queen. But once through the grid I will see what thoughts and memories come to me. I would shield myself and make myself invisible to others until I feel confident and aware of my surroundings too. I am a very cautious individual and will keep my own counsel until I understand what the situation is. It is a new adventure and my focus is healing myself and creating a nature environment for myself to heal. That is my priority at this stage anyway. Safety and healing making the transition from the physical body to an energy body is a big change which one needs time to adjust to. 

12 June, 2023

19 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency



People don’t realise how common this is, especially in winter and in countries that don’t get a lot of sunlight. If you live in an apartment and work full time, then it’s hard to get that sunlight. 

Once you scroll through this article, there is one on magnesium deficiency please read that too. It is more often than not that we are deficient in magnesium. One of the first things you will notice is aching leg muscles and fatigue. Also magnesium taken orally is a waste of time and money. It is best absorbed transdermal in a cream form. I use this myself all the time. For muscle aches make sure that you drink enough water too because when muscles are not getting enough water they tighten up and can cause muscle aches and fatigue. 


This is the link for an Australian website that has a good magnesium cream, the spray leaves an icky texture on your skin, so use the cream. There is a great American brand called Ancient Minerals, I used to buy that but it’s very difficult to get recently, so I have been buying the Amazing Minerals Sleep lotion, which has lavender and chamomile essential oils. I guarantee that you will sleep well with that. 

Purple Death


Yeah, That would do it I recon. You go first

This reminds me of the old joke below

One lovely summer evening a man was walking down a countrylane, way down in the south of England in cider country. When a crazy and inebriated yokel farmer sprang out from the bushes; holding a flagon of cider in one hand and a pitchfork in the other. He approached the man in a terrifying  manner and would not let the poor man proceed any further.

Holding the man captive, the farmer held a pitchfork to the strangers throat and demanded he drink some of the contents of the flagon. The terrified stranger quiclky obliged the farmer and took a sip from the flagon. More, more, said the farmer. The cider was so strong it made the starnger giddy.

Then the farmer said, ok you can stop now. The farmer handed the stranger the pitchfork and took the flagon of cider back and said, Ok; you hold the pitchfork at my throat now and make me drink the cider.

10 June, 2023

Recipe: Bran loaf

 This is an old Kellogg’s All-bran recipe that was in their recipe book back in the day. My mum used to make this recipe and then I started making it in the early 1990’s . My mum swapped milk for tea and the results were amazing. Basically you need to boil the kettle as if you’re making a cup of tea. 

Put the teabag in the cup and fill with boiling water. Let the cup cool down and then add it in to the mixture. 

Bran Loaf 

1 cup caster Sugar  or brown sugar 

1 cup All-Bran

1 cup mixed dried fruit or sultanas 

1 cup of cold tea or milk

Stand for an hour then add the sieved flour. Mix the ingredients and then pour into a one pound loaf tin.

Place in the oven at 180 Celsius for 45 minutes to an hour. Test with a skewer of a knife to see if it’s cooked. If the knife or skewer is dry then it’s cooked. 

Turn onto a wire rack to cook . Cut into slices and serve with a cup of tea or coffee. This cake freezes perfectly and you can spread butter on the slices. 

Share with your family and friends and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Simple recipes are often the best and when money is tight you can still enjoy homemade cakes and cookies. Freeze them and have something on standby for unexpected guests. Bake for a school fete or whatever else to raise money. 

Google picture of the day, Scones


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scone. They date back to the 1500’s. 

I was baking scones today with dates in them, and I didn’t realise it was the Google image today to celebrate scones. I always make scones from my great grandmother’s recipe going back over a hundred years at least. Scones are great and so versatile that they always going down a treat. The recipe is easily modified to make it savoury or add fruit. 

I use self raising flour or wholemeal self raising flour recipes and on the odd occasion I make cheese scones. My mother in law was a diabetic so I often made her a batch of cheese scones. They freeze just as well as any other scones. I add a 1/4 a teaspoon of baking powder to my scones to make them lighter and fluffy. I cook them around 220 Celsius for 10 minutes ( the temperature is very important, scone require a high temperature to cook and come out light and fluffy on the inside) and most importantly I glaze the tops with a little left over egg and add a little milk to the egg to help with the browning and glaze. 

To add dates you need a cup full of finely chopped dates and the taste is magnificent. If you are having a special afternoon tea you could make a couple of different types of scones, just choose which ones will be appropriate for your afternoon tea freezing the spare scones for another day. The recipe makes 12 scones with a standard size scone cutter. 

By the way the pumpkin scone recipe by lady Flo Bejelke-Peterson is very nice, Coles supermarket makes them occasionally.

Below is the link to the recipe for my scone recipe, keeping in mind that British and Australian measurements are different to US and Canadian measurements. Always check the measurements for your own country as they do vary considerably. 


Originally posted on my old blog back in 2016. 


I no longer post on this old account, not everything is transferred to the new blog. 

08 June, 2023

Myocarditis - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Check this out. 17 May 2023. Poor babies how heartbreaking, I am interested in how many cases there actually are. No one expects such a tragedy to happen. 

Pope Francis undergoes abdominal surgery, will stay in hospital for several days


This is one of my psychic predictions for the world, which I did last October. I saw this as breaking news last night. Let’s hope he makes a good recovery given his age that is no easy task. Abdominal surgery is extremely painful due to the surgeon having to cut through several layers of muscle. Intestinal hernias are horrible and can be life threatening. My husband has three major hernias that are inoperable. I see the pope as lucky to get to this age and come through this surgery so well. 

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2022/10/psychic-predictions-for-world-in-2023.html Please scroll down to see the prediction and the results which are added at the bottom of the page as they come up. 

06 June, 2023

This Common Artificial Sweetener Can Break Down DNA, Scientists Warn


Well shut my mouth! I don’t think any artificial sweeteners are safe full stop. That is why I no longer will drink Diet Coke or anything with artificial sweeteners, including chewing gum. I don’t play Russian Roulette with my health. 

05 June, 2023

Squirrel fakes death and injury


Credit to Cool Videos

This little guy looks like he is trying to scam an insurance company or he works out at the gym. Either way it’s a great video. I just love squirrels so I couldn’t resist this cutie. 

Bowel cancer symptoms: ‘Fit and healthy’ Aussie shares the early warning signs that led to agonising diagnosis


Please read the entire news report,  it is yet another example of  ignorance and arrogance from doctors, she is a woman so she isn’t taken seriously as usual. This poor young lady has been put through an  unnecessary ordeal adding more suffering to her misery. We see this arrogance so many times and women are up poop creek in the end because of this attitude with delayed medical treatment. Just because the doctor has never seen a case of bowel cancer in a young person doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Bowel cancer strikes at any age and to anyone and that is a fact.

She has a right to call Ryan’s rule (or whatever state/territory you live in calls their version) on this when she is unable to access proper care in the hospital given this is a life threatening condition, (passing copious amounts of blood). All doctors know about Ryan’s rule and it will make them think twice before dismissing a patient presenting with such symptoms. Be assertive if you know something is not right with your body, your life depends on it, be assertive but not rude. Just politely state that you would like a second opinion from someone else and preferably ask for a specialist in the area of health that your symptoms are aligned with, in her case a gastroenterologist. Given that she is constantly passing blood which is not normal, it should be setting off alarm bells with doctors immediately that alongside anaemia and her other symptoms. 

Even ulcerative colitis happens in young people and it has similar symptoms. My husband was 21 when he had it and he was one of the worst cases, his body would not respond to any treatment resulting in the removal of a large amount of intestines. Life after surgery has many complications too, it is not a walk in the park lifestyle I can assure you. Surgery to remove an ileostomy never lasts long either, within five years many people end up back with the ileostomy as was the case with my husband.Then the risk of a hernia in the years to come. Depending on the individual surgery may not be an option to repair a hernia, again as is the case with my husband he has three inoperable hernias. 

Chron’s disease or the worst one Chron’s-Colotis is also a disease that happens to young people Chrons-Colitis can happen in any part of the digestive tract from the top to bottom. You don’t have to be in your 30’s to get this either there are much younger people who have this condition. 

Passing blood is not normal especially if it is on going, dark coloured blood is old blood that has been in the body a while, fresh blood is bright red. Don’t under state your symptoms when seeing a doctor or they will not take you seriously, give them plenty information to help them reach a correct diagnosis. 

Underplaying symptoms does not give the doctor enough information. Lay out your symptoms and how long they have been happening even the symptoms that you are not sure are related because they may well be very relevant. Your life may well be on the line. Stage three cancer is very serious, stage four is fatal. 

Bowel cancer is slow growing so you may be unaware of it until you start seeing signs, if it’s caught early enough the chances of survival are high. If the cancer is progressing and passes through the walls of the organ then that’s extremely serious. 


The symptoms for females is slightly different to males, you can google the symptoms and find other information that is not covered by this link.


This is Bowel Cancer Australia in women link, it mentions a 24 year old woman, like I said at the top about being young and female, the doctor didn’t know it happened in younger women. What sort of doctor doesn’t know this, not a very good one obviously. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups. Never assume anything, find facts and get results. This poor woman had all the damn symptoms when she presented to A and E each time and no doubt saw a different doctor each time she presented. I sure hope that she stays in remission and is able to enjoy the rest of her life with the family that she dreams to have. 

One final thought is; patients are a vital source of knowledge to assist doctors in the course of their careers. They meet a diverse range of people to garner information from, to assist them in recognising illnesses in patients they meet so everything is helpful one way or another. 

UPDATE: Teenager with bowel cancer, it doesn’t get rougher than that she is lucky it was picked up in time. Let’s hope she stays in remission and can lead a full and happy life. Alcohol definitely plays a large part in bowel cancer, excessive drinking makes you a high candidate for bowel cancer. 


Cold start to winter ??


Ok read this weather report. In Canberra we had a -4.4  on 27th May and a - 6.8 on 28th May 2023 in Tuggeranong in the south of Canberra. Which is not far from Corin Forest in the mountains where it snows in winter. I don’t remember what the temperature was in previous years in May but it isn’t usually this cold. 


Snow in Canberra in 7th May 2023. Yet the article doesn’t mention the temperature. I was freezing all day  even with the heating on. 

My family moved down to Canberra in 1995, at that time we were advised to get the ducted gas heating installed by February because it gets very cold here and it’s not unusual to see a flutter of snow in September down here. The old saying is, four seasons in one day, and they aren’t wrong. The first week in February we had the gas heating installed and there was frost on the grass, so that was in February 1996. Then of course the weather gradually changed, heading into drought which is normal in Australia. 

I occasionally have the heating on early in the mornings to warm the house by mid April because it can be quite chilly. Many locals stick by the tradition of not wearing a coat or putting the heating on until ANZAC Day (25th April). That’s a big Yeah, Nah to me, if it’s cold enough I put the heating on earlier. This year it’s on early before ANZAC Day, but because it’s so expensive to run the gas heating system we have the reverse cycle units on from early April. 

Now this other weather article below (4th June) comes out today and tells us it’s a warm start to winter. Oh yeah? In what alternate universe would that be? Depending on the idiots that write the articles this can vary between reality and bulls**t. It’s winter already, we just got a lull in the temperature temporarily this week with mild overnight temperatures. It was still only 12 Celsius a few days ago for the top day time temperature. Then we had some warmer days. 

https://www.9news.com.au/national/weather-news-unseasonably-warm-start-to-winter-for-australias-east-coast/e0a3513c-e1cc-4c5e-b513-171f859b2667  Today, 4th June 2023 

Warm start to winter, did this jurno miss the memo from the beginning of May? 不不 Remember the weather doesn’t start on a particular day in reality. The 1st of June, is the official start, nature doesn’t work that way. However the equinox to mark the start is 21of March of autumn and winter in the southern hemisphere and the start of spring and summer is on 23rd September. Weather cycles are always variable we just roll with it. 

This is a screenshot from the ACT weather chart,  look down low on the left side to see 27 & 28 May. Now this doesn’t cover every single suburb just where the weather station is located. You get the weather app telling you the actual temperature in your suburb and that is where I got the temperature in my suburb which I have posted at the top of this page. Global warming 不不不

Lab grown meat has a big problem very few people know about


This is not food it’s a science experiment and a disaster in the making, as you can see by this article it is far from perfect or healthy. Yet again, it produces more “greenhouse gases “ than proper agriculture does just like all green initiatives, they do the opposite of what they claim to do. Our biosphere or earth is fine if corporations stop meddling with it. A natural diet may be a luxury for many people one day very soon. But it is a basic human right for all of humanity not just the very rich.

 We must stand up to this abominable corporate tyranny, why is it ok for the elite to eat organic food but not us when it is easy to produce in the first place? Don’t you find that highly offensive? I do, we have the space to grow crops globally including hydroponically and raise livestock yet we are being constantly lied to. We are being told there is not enough land to grow crops and raise livestock, we are told there is not enough water for everyone, again this is not true.  This is a narrative that is being used constantly by the elite and big corporations to justify their own greed and resource guarding, acting like the predatory creatures they are. 

Vital nutrition for a healthy body and brain function is not negotiable. There is absolutely no reason for the ordinary people to live on unhealthy processed foods or artificial foods. Yet it is being mandated by very powerful and evil people who are very indifferent to humanity. They have clearly demonstrated this fact right through the 20th century and are currently upping the ante at a rapid pace. By pricing healthy nutritious foods out of the reach of many families and individuals which results in failing health, both physical health and mental health. 

Think about how King Charles is the biggest landowner on the planet and Bill Gates is currently buying up as much farmland in the US that he can, and we can see that both add up to a significant amount of farmland between the two of them just to begin with. 

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/nov/03/ireland-would-need-to-cull-up-to-13-million-cattle-to-reach-climate-targets from November 2021 


Bill Gates needs to shut the hell up, he has no damn right to tell anyone what to do.


Just how intelligent are our politicians? we can’t trust them to do the right thing and refuse to sign anything that removes our rights as individual citizens to have access to fresh unprocessed meats. No culling of live stock or crops. Take a good hard look at the two main countries polluting the planet and do something about them, not our food supply. Animals are not the problem it’s evil human beings that want to control humanity. 

Our food is being “managed “ as we speak, we are told there are shortages but this isn’t true, it is being resource managed, meaning selecting what food we are permitted to eat and what we are not permitted to eat and the quantity available. Cattle and other livestock are currently being destroyed for the supposed carbon emissions which is a blatant lie, this is basically controlling the food chain. Remember Henry Kissinger said, control the food and you control the people? 

This is a long term plan we are currently living with and the outcome may be fatal for many of us. A vegan diet is being pushed onto the masses as the desired healthy diet but this is definitely not a healthy diet according to neurologists it is very harmful for the human brain not to mention muscle mass. A weakened nation cannot defend itself against a well fed invading army. Think about that one! During both world wars the best food was sent to feed the troops because they were needed to defend us against the enemy forces. You don’t win a war with staring soldiers. 

Are we going to subject our children to this abuse? A growing child needs proper nutrition for brain development and physical development. Food must not be politicised nor priced out of the reach of every human being and our animals. If children are unable to have access to the full range of nutrients from the food group necessary for healthy development. The result of poor nutrition is a deficiency in intelligence and cognitive function. This should never be permitted to happen to anyone regardless of their socioeconomic situation. Food is not negotiable and neither is our right to survive. 


F***ing Zodiac Signs


A good guide to my astrology lessons, the cushy side of me loves the humour. 不不不

03 June, 2023

British cardiologist calls for inquiry into mRNA vaccines


This! Now go read up on the amount of young people especially athletes that have had a heart attack or dropped dead from the shot. You wonder why there is a suppression of 75 years on this? Anyone that was involved in the manufacturing of the vaccines and those pushing it on the public won’t be alive to be prosecuted. We are currently up to the 7th vax and they won’t stop this graphene oxide cash cow. 

The media also demonises any health professionals and especially virologists when they are presenting evidence of their findings. The media are deliberately making out these medical experts are conspiracy theorists. Ask yourself why they are doing that. Why are they attacking health professionals who actually know their job and are well informed of facts and can clearly demonstrate their findings? It is clear that the media are part of the problem because they are being directed to ridicule and silence any medical expert on this matter. 

Notice the processed foods and statin drugs comment., satin drugs are not as safe as we thought and this has been in the news many times before. It’s all about the money and power over people’s lives. If people are smart they should be printing off news articles like this and keeping them on file showing the date the article was published. In fact copies of articles in the Lancet and the BMJ too because they can be removed from public domain if the powers that be decide to remove them. We know the internet gets scrubbed regularly and for that reason we should keep copies of important articles so that there is proof of what has beefed revealed on any important issues. 

02 June, 2023

Dr Louie Turi: AI and the reptilian effect could lead humans to extinction


I haven’t looked at Dr Turi’s website for ages but something made me look at his website today in particular his news letter. I most certainly agree with what he says apart from the belief in god. I am spiritual but I no longer believe in god. I do believe in spirit first and foremost. Like Dr Turi,  I see the lack of interest in people wanting to know about real spirituality and the dangers humanity faces from malevolent sources. 

I am glad to see Dr Turi bringing up these issues because they are very important. Like I keep saying about the dangers facing the human race with the AI issue. This is the death knell of humanity if they go down this path,  and yes they will go down the path, they have already started. 

The spirit within us becomes suppressed and useless when one submits to this AI insanity. I value my soul and spirit within me too much to fall victim to the technocracy. One thing to watch out for is possibly new technology in console gaming and the possibility of aiming at further advancement in these games such as a micro chip in your head to play VR console games where you don’t need a hand control and a program that makes you feel like you’re virtually inside the actual game that you are playing. A highly addictive game at that. 

 This was a thought that I had three days ago when watching something on tv.  This sort of technology would not be very far away in today’s world and it would be very difficult to resist this for many young people that don’t know what the agenda is. How do you say no, as a parent to teenagers or young adults who are being manipulated by the corporations that make console gaming equipment if they create such addictive games to rope people in. The powerful advertising campaigns that could be used to promote these news AI games would be hard to resist. 

The WEF are already discussing micro chips implanted in our heads already to be used for communication and knowledge expansion. Who the heck would want to do such a heinous thing, imagine the vulnerability that would cause. Is it not bad enough now with hackers trying to steal your identity, money and data? Hackers can take over your phone, your computer and anything they want to. Just imagine what they could do to a person dumb enough to want a microchip implanted in their brain or any part in their body. Never mind the fact that you are no longer human which brings up other serious problems such as your human rights.

Most of Us Carry a Virus Few Have Heard of. Here's Why It's Important.


CMV is something that hasn’t been in the news for quite a while. I read a similar article  years ago. 

Heads up on Psychic Predictions

 I noticed this years psychic predictions are not being read very much unlike previous years. This could be due to algorithms or people not being aware that I actually do psychic predictions. There is a link to my psychic predictions on my official website and my old blog tells readers to visit this blog. 

On this blog there is an actual list of subjects on the right hand side below the search box and popular articles. So you need to scroll down to see the full list of subjects. I have successfully done psychic predictions for many years and the results are posted at the bottom of each lot of psychic predictions.

I have two sets of predictions every year, one is just Australia and the other is for the world. I also do a tarot card of the month. Which is under the heading of Tarot Card of the month. Occasionally I have predictions in the Tarot Card of the month and I will post the results for people to see.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...