31 March, 2022

YOUTUBE: Tarot card of the month video: April 2022, 8 of Swords


Here is my new video for TCOM. I am just about to do some new videos on my psychic experiences now. So stay tuned to YouTube. TTFN or Ta Ta for now as Tigger says 😺

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2022/03/tarot-card-of-month-april-2022-8-of.html  The written version posted on  18march 2022. 

NOTE: At 7.34 mins I said the  federal elections for Australia will be held on 21 May 2022. The official announcement by the government was made on 10 May 2022. This is not mentioned in my written version of the Tarot card of the month, I had no idea of what I was going to say moments before I started the video either. This was just a spontaneous comment with my guides. So I was quite surprised by this myself as the words came out my mouth. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-21/who-is-anthony-albanese-australias-new-prime-minister/101076902. Albanese wins the elections 

30 March, 2022

Toxic plant warning time again


I am lucky my dog doesn’t bother with these plants. But I do keep a vigilant eye on her. Hellebores are toxic too. 


Good night kitty

Isn’t this sweet, mummy cat putting her kitten to bed. This picture reminds me of Tabitha Tiwichit from Beatrix Potter stories with her naughty kittens. I don’t know who the artist is but they have won my heart. (As soon as I find out the artist’s name I will add it, I don’t want to be in trouble for copyright issues.)

WES PENRE: Video 295: Q&A Session #95

https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/03/29/video-295-qa-session-95/ Video


The transcript or written format.

Take onboard what Wes says in his answer to question one. As a clairvoyant medium I do not actively channel these days. What is given to me during readings from spirit, from doing psychic predictions, including tarot card of the month etc, comes to me automatically. Where that comes from though if it is not from my higher self, or a beloved in spirit, then it would come from what appears to be from  the spirits that work with me in spirit such as my soul group. But there are instances that a discarnate being does try to influence me. I do not tolerate that at all and tell them to leave me alone. No one can honestly say with 100% accuracy who they are really in touch with unless it is someone from our family and friends; or in my case as a clairvoyant; a person in spirit that is passing on their messages to my client.

Even if you see the face of a relative or someone that you know in spirit, you must always be wary because some beings can mimic your loved ones. At present I keep seeing a man that I used to work with back in the 1980's. He has come through in my dreams a lot of late and I know that he died in a car accident around the age of 45. A good friend that worked with both of us also had told me recently that he kept popping into her mind recently too. I have no doubt that it is him in spirit because he knew us over many years and was trying to make contact. That is normal when a person dies, they seek out people they knew to pass on a message. Once that is done the person in spirit moves on. 

 On question two, Yes I agree the planet has been wiped several times, but this time is going to be different, because they are moving to AI takeover which suppresses spirit. Preventing a full spiritual awakening. No one can say what will happen this time around because it is still a work in progress. However the other day, I got this weird feeling as I was reading the news about Ukraine and Russia and the possible use of Nukes; I had a weird feeling that some star race that are already here will come forward and try to stop this. I do not feel that it is stopping war as such more like a radiation leek that does not benefit these beings.

I found that rather odd, why did I have that feeling? I have no idea, perhaps it was my subconscious. But any Nukes being used I feel could thwart plans for some agenda.

 That false bliss mentioned in answer to question three, I have observed this in psychic circles and see the faces of these people have a look like the look of there are not fully here; away with the fairies so to speak like the Christian  religious fundamentalists that always have that weird smile whenever they talk to someone. They are so unnatural and I would describe them as having some sort of mania.However press their buttons and they go hog wild. 

Question four; be very careful with this one! Read very carefully; what Wes says about us being deliberately triggered in the spirit world / beyond life area. This is straight out psychological manipulative  abuse and guilt tripping. Which is needed by these beings in order to feed from our emotional energy. This is an artificial spirit world we are talking about (a soul trap); just the same as this is an augmented reality to enslave souls, very few souls can evolve here and that can take thousands if not millions of years; if at all. We do not belong here at all.

One must read the Wes Penre Papers; all five levels of learning ; complete with an extensive bibliography,  which are free on the internet in pdf format and on this blog. There are also his extensive videos on his website and YouTube and other platforms. Other writers do back up this information over many years starting with the Gnostic texts; which the link is on my bog or just google Gnostic texts; and as I mentioned the bibliography that he has provided of course.

Question five: That's a yes and a no from me; I agree with much of this however I am rather cautious in accepting all of this. I do agree with the ancestral link to all health issues;  that one inherits and the abuse that is experienced during an incarnation. But, we have a very, very limited scope in which to react as everything is heavily controlled similar to a computer program, free will is yet another hoax on humanity. The concept of a freewill universe put out by the investors of the New Age movement is not actually free will at all; it is so narrow a tightrope with very little chance to be much more than a puppet. 

We can only be the best that we can be while in the incarnation and not to make things worse for ourselves and others. One thing that comes to mind is; what did any animal do to deserve the mistreatment and sometimes horrific abuse at the hands of humans and others?  To me an animal is an innocent soul and does not deserve mistreatment because they are full of  pure unconditional love.   


TheEpoctimes: Lack of evidence to support claims that face masks stop transmission


We all knew this but were forced to comply. How many other controls will we be subjected to in the next few months or years? Get used to it because more is on the way. 

28 March, 2022

Bibliotecapleyades: United Nations exposed


Most people are aware of the shonky dealings of the UN, so here is something to read to put you in the picture. The new world order has been planned for over a hundred years. 

ABCNEWS: What is mitochondrial donation, and what do you need to know about it?


It makes one wonder how safe this is and the long term effects. I don’t think that I would want to be in this situation, what will the baby’s health be like? It is a very big risk to take. 

27 March, 2022

Freemasons anyone? So in your face


How many people can decode this?  The signs are all there if you know where to look. I am not just talking about this painting though, which is a message  Ukraine is a Freemason event and not what the masses think. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eug%C3%A8ne_Delacroix Aw don’t ya just love the Freemason  hand sign allegiance to Lucifer.

Notice the Phrygian cap on the figure, now look at this link below. Symbols and colours peeps, coded messages always, it is  not  just a political cartoon or a picture to look at this is a statement!  The broken crown and the head of a sheep (constellation of Aries)  the snake and the eagle. The hidden powers that can destabilise a nation on a whim, the power that decides when to wage war and who the enemy will be. 

This is treacherous and most definitely the hallmark of evil that dates back thousands of years to an evil bloodline that seeks world domination. The people that decide who lives and who dies, what nations will be the powerful ones and which ones will be pawns to this evil. 


Robert Sepehr: Ancient Native American History


This is a rather important video, but please read the comments too. Our world history is not what we are told by mainstream historians, it is politicised for a reason and I lay the blame at the feet of the Vatican first.  But gradually some of the truth is coming out into public domain. Up until the 1990’s no one would admit that the Vikings or Celts had traveled to the Americas, yet many Indigenous American words have Irish roots and both races were in the Americas before Columbus. The Vatican knew exactly where the Americas were and Australia too. There are also folk legends in the Indigenous American race that mention the ancient Celts and ancient Vikings  

Here in Australia ancient Egyptians had been here and there is cave art  near Newcastle, NSW to show this fact. An Australian Cockatoo was given to a pope in the 1500’s and the article is on my other blog about that. The NSW government actually closed off the site where Egyptian cave art was discovered saying it is Aboriginal sacred ground so no one must go there. 

Which is true because if tourists flocked there it would be desecrated, this spiritual ground protects the ancient art , but the government really just want to cover this up and have disinformation released to keep people away from the fact that Australian was known about hundreds of years ago by Europeans and ancient Egyptians before that. Let’s not forget that the ancient Egyptians went all around the world and that is an even deeper story; because that only came about thanks to Atlanteans, European and Irish seafarers traveling to Egypt over a long time and sharing knowledge. That history has been heavily suppressed but alternative historians like Connor MacDari and Ignatius Donnelly, Anna Wilkes and many more have already uncovered much of this information. But people refuse to accept that we have been deliberately lied to and the usual suspects are in the Vatican and it blows the lid off of their version of events.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXGsYFblCqQ Part one of Steven Strong's Videos on Ancient Egyptians in Australia. He is not the only one talking about this either, follow his videos for further information.

We are living in a time when some truths are revealed because there is overwhelming evidence to back up the claims. But not everything will be released, this is just the way it is unfortunately.  For example the Atlantis connection was known as far back as the times of Aristotle and Plato. Yet taken as a fairy tale, but remember so was the now known fact that the Vikings went to the Americas. History is written by the victors and always needs to be questioned and forensically examined.

26 March, 2022

Nine news: Pet dogs being given up across Victoria in unprecedented numbers


I wondered how long before this happened. Just so damn predictable, humans suck! 

Young woman was abandoned by 'friends' after epilepsy diagnosis


Seriously? Wow, what kind of friends do this to their friend in times of suffering? Selfish ones that's what sort! This young woman can still have a normal life as long as she takes her medication, there is absolutely no reason to avoid a person with a medical condition or in a wheelchair. An unpleasant personality will put others off you and that is perfectly valid, but not a medical condition. 

If people have a negative reaction to your health issue or disability the problem is them; and not you remember that. Know that you are not the problem; the problem is how selfishly they think and feel. Insecure and immature people, that are not very nice.  It has nothing to do with the person that is ill or has a disability. Selfishness is an obnoxious social disability, but who casts selfish people aside? Not like minded individuals; because they need validation from their ilk. 

Learn about the person’s medical condition and work around the condition so that the person can still socialise and not miss out. Don't just assume anything, ask the person directly. Learn something about their health issue and learn how to be supportive and be a good friend. Mental health is the biggie here too and people do lose friends; again by assumption. Assumption being the mother of all F***ups! 

25 March, 2022

Unknown symbols written by the lost 'painted people' of Scotland unearthed


In Photos: Scotland's Cave of the Dead


Australia's blood types are becoming more positive, and that might change how some emergency transfusions are done


Interesting, big change in the national demographics would be the result of emerging blood group dominance. Hey doc, will I be able to play the piano after my blood transfusion? 

Yes, sure you can.   Oh good because I couldn’t before 🤣🤣 

Ba ha ha ha!

This! 👆 more that I care to admit 🤣🤣

TheRiotACT: Secretive ACT Health has betrayed the public’s trust


Oh no, say it ain’t so 🤣🤣 did we expect anything else, come on now! Yet the sycophants keep opting for comrade Barr. 

23 March, 2022

More happiness is needed

 I need to move away from depressing topics and find more uplifting things to post. I know that I have said so in the past but; because we are seeing and living with too much negative situations all around us; we need to find things to bring happiness.

The simple things in life are often the best they say. There is so much joy from nature such as watching a butterfly or enjoying flowers. More importantly our families, fur babies and friends. These simple things in every day life that we take for granted must never be just taken for granted. Have we not learned recently from Ukraine how fast they can be taken away from us? Have we not witnessed this in the Middle East and in many countries where suffering never stops? 

We need to live in the moment and make the best of everything. A smile from a stranger, helping someone by just holding a door open at the shops with a smile on our face. Say thank you to shop assistants, smile at them and mean it. Make their day a bit nicer, because they are also doing it tough, most retail staff don't work full time; therefore struggle to make ends meet. So give them a smile and be on your best behaviour when you make your purchases.

Pay if forward in any way you can. Don’t worry about things that you have no control over. Just live in the moment. Find things that make you feel good, simple things. The things that money can’t buy are the most important things in life. Meditate and find your still centre, practice this until you can easily slip into the zone. It helps to keep us grounded and deal with life. 

Appreciate nature, even if it is a photo in a book, a picture on a wall. If you get pleasure from looking at the picture then just go with it. If you don’t have a garden to enjoy, you can have indoor low maintenance house  plants. You would be surprised at how much pleasure you can get from indoor plants. 

I started off knowing nothing about plants but always loved plants. One night back in 1995, when I arrived in Canberra with my young family, I just happened to pick up a garden encyclopaedia that my husband bought years before we married. I just started to get engrossed in the book and learning botanical names of flowers, shrubs and trees that interested me. Eventually being able to rattle off the botanical and common  names. When I moved into my current house I really got the garden bug and almost 30 years later I still get pleasure and so much peace in my garden. 

So it is important to find the things that bring joy and peace within. Sure I still struggle but when I go into my garden I feel grounded. I forget the world out side and focus on my local universe, my reality.

You can still care about what is going on in the world; but you the individual can’t change what is happening in the world; you can’t right the wrongs in the world. But you can right your world. Live from the heart. Live in peace, be compassionate, help where you know you can; but don’t allow yourself to be drained and dragged down into despair. Reach out when you need help though, it’s not easy but someone will surely be there at the time. Allow others to reach out to you for help as you may be the one person in that persons time of despair. Don't ignore a cry for help. 

Teach the person in need how to find happiness, something to focus on to lift them out of the despair. That will produce happiness for both of you. Teach them to find their happy place to live in the moment. That is a powerful tool, don't underestimate it.

Joe Biden’s ‘new world order’: a throwaway line goes viral with conspiracists… again!


The media are lying yet again. The exact words; "This is the new world order" have been said by various public officials on live tv here in Australia. I have seen them on our national news last year; I don't normally waste my time watching tv news because of the biased sanitised rubbish they spout. One of these public officials was American, one was British and some were Australian. People have recorded these public comments. You will see one on my blog with NSW health minister Brad Hazzard casually saying the same words. Dated September 2021.

Crikey are hardly a reputable website and not one for accurate information. I just saw this come up on NEWS.COM.AU website. I question NEWS.COM.AU for actually posting this if they want to be seen as a trustworthy source of news articles. 

The words in question can be said in a flippant manner; but as anyone with a brain in their head or has a background in metaphysics knows words are like a spell and they carry a vibrational frequency. The intent of the words is right there and cannot be denied. Why are so many public figures suddenly using those exact words or phrase? You don't come out with words like that just by chance. People are not stupid, they are afraid. We know what's coming, anyone that stands in the way is seen as an enemy and quickly ridiculed. There is no free speech, there is no truth, there is no free will, there is no freedom!  

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z5VtVARMag  Biden is a very poor public speaker for a President, but casually drops the words like they have no meaning. This is today's news 23 March 2022 Australian time. The others said the exact same words in  September 2021. Perhaps there are others that have said those words sooner I can't remember though, I thought I first heard this stated publicly in the news back in 2020, I can’t be sure.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVIPy_TAog4  Kerry Chant at 3.21; utters those same words, "New world order" September 18 2021. 

https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/australia-s-covid-19-inquiry-presents-a-roadmap-for-a-new-world-order-20200522-p54vd3.html   This from  May 2020. I thought sure I had head this in 2020 as well.

What are the chances of at least three  public officials uttering the exact same words unless they are scripted? 

https://www.ynetnews.com/health_science/article/s1nvpe5ik  News headline


A screen shot of Bloomberg and the Irish Times using the same words in this search using the particular phrase. Interesting is it not? Hypocrisy and thumbing their nose at the general public as usual. So it is rather interesting that mainstream media use the phrase yet the public cant use it without being harassed and made a laughing stock. Perhaps if more people Googled the phrase they may find many more articles discussing this NWO. Just avoid the conspiracy websites, some are just controlled opposition yanking your chain, because they can.  

I can't imagine how it must feel to be a paid journalist to stoop so low as to do the bidding of evil tyrants. No morals or ethics, willing to mislead and insult the public on demand for a few bits of silver by their overlords in the supposed free western world. I could not think of anything so demeaning or degrading in any profession as to have to treat the public with such distain and callous disregard for voicing their opinions and their right to free speech. You reap what you sow, and so shall yea reap!


Nine news: Wallets, IDs scatter mountainside where China Eastern plane crashed


What a horrible tragedy, I saw this on the news last night. It’s absolutely shocking, seeing the plane nosedive with all those poor people. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. They authorities say it could be sabotage, it just horrifies me to think that some people are capable of doing such things to innocent people.

I hope the truth comes out, families need answers and closure on this. As if the world doesn’t have enough pain and suffering at present. 

21 March, 2022

Bees up close and personal

  Not what I expected to have in the garden all summer. No flaming way am I touching this. Let winter hurry up so they can pack their little suitcases and go on a holiday somewhere else. I expect the possums will be glad when they move out too. I wonder what will happen to the honey after the bees clear out. I might have a visit from Winnie the Pooh!

I find all these bees creepy like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I just hope the weather cools down soon. 


20 March, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Edgar Casey and Atlantis


I wish he had said more on Edgar Casey, he is an interesting person. I don’t accept all that Casey said but it is still interesting to read up on or watch videos on him. Channeled information should not be taken as 100% truth because the spirit world has fakes and liars too. Never put complete trust in anything from the non physical world because there are beings that do lead us astray and are very dangerous entities.

Poor miss Ruby is sick

 Just as I always say no sooner that one problem is over another comes along in my family. This time it’s our dear little Ruby, she has been diagnosed with colitis. Could things possibly get any worse? Most of my fur babies have died one after the other from cancer mostly. But they were all around the same age to be fair. But just like I have said many times my family lurch from one heartache to another. 

Over the past few days and nights of poor sleep; because we are taking it in turn to care for Ruby and mopping up blood and diarrhoea three times a night for the past few days. Plus the trip to the vet for tests, it will be back there on Monday morning for more examinations. Poor little soul, Ruby is a great little girl and will be 10 at the end of June.

She has been unable to eat and only drinking water for the past four days. I just hope that this won’t be a long term illness because it is one of the worst things to suffer from. Thankfully she is doing a lot of sleeping and then gets up for water and the call of nature. We can’t leave her alone because she needs constant monitoring and someone to open the door to let her in and out.

It is so distressing to see an innocent little dog go through this suffering. I pray for a speedy recovery for her. Just hoping that this is a one off bout, though generally speaking that is not usually the case.

Update: Miss Ruby is at the vet for more tests and maybe an ultrasound. She vomited up white mucus twice yesterday afternoon. She is very exhausted now, so the vet tells us she is dehydrated despite her drinking water. Meanwhile I have a lot of pet bedding and our quilt to soak in the washing machine.

At times like this I need two washing machines to cope with the load because it isn’t just washing as normal, things have to soak in stain remover for many hours. That is part of the routine with gastrointestinal health problems even with humans. 

At present we are waiting to hear back from the vet on Ruby’s health status. I am very anxious about the outcome. We love our little girl so much. Her sister Daisy is around me in spirit for comfort, I miss our little Daisy so much too. 

I will post an update as soon as I know anything. The house is so quiet without Ruby Roo. 

Update: Well Ruby is home resting now. She has special food to take mixed with water in a big syringe. If she tolerates this and starts eating that’s good but if not back to the vet for an ultrasound.

She had an X ray today and it didn’t show any blockage or obstruction so that is good news. Everything nasty has been ruled out other than colitis. So far though it looks like she is starting to respond. I won’t know really until the morning. Fingers crossed that she perks up. 

Update: Tuesday 22 March, 

Looks like Ruby is on the mend, by lunchtime she started to eat. But not doggie or cat food, oh no she wanted what we had. Then went and ate her food and a schmacko too. No flies on her lol. Barking at anything out the front door and being her usual self again. She still has a little toilet issues but so much better. It is such a relief to see her recovery. 

Reading on Ukraine and Russia

 This is a complex reading for me and I have gone over the cards again and again. Some cards keep popping up in several layouts. That confirms things when certain cards keep on popping up and that tells the reader that this is not wishful thinking, it is real. Now I could be completely wrong with this outcome, I honestly don't know. I am ferreting through seven sheets of notes on A4; looking for the important stuff. Some of which is written in a hurry that I struggle to read it. But that’s just the way I work, lol. I will hang on to the notes for future reference. Normally after I do the reading I rip up the notes on predictions as it is all put on line. 

Starting with Mr Zelensky, what seemed good at the start of his leadership has changed; now he is literally in the fight for his life. As a tool of western leaders, Mr Zelensky had no idea of how things would pan out and when no longer able to do his job he needs to be very careful as he may just be sacrificed, he will hang on to the bitter end though. 

He did not intend to be a war hero or even be in any conflict. I would call him too trusting and a tad naïve in the politics game dealing with the powerful west and Russia. I feel Zelensky doesn’t really have the strength to deal with war and turmoil; he is badly shaken by these horrific events unfolding and I don’t see him in office when this war ends. I understand how he feels regarding the western leaders. He feels his country is abandoned except for the arms and supplies. 

The UK and US never wanted Ukraine in NATO or the EU; so the security that they hoped for is not even on the table. The west doesn't have an real big interest in the assets of Ukraine even thought they are a big producer of wheat and the gas pipeline and other things. Mr Zelensky is now in a terrible situation to save his people and his country. I do not feel he has the strength and numbers to handle this and will eventually buckle due to Russian troops on his doorstep. Mr Zelensky’s back is to the wall right now. His frequent requests for peace talks fail. Putin won’t budge an inch from what he wants.

At present Ukraine is left to its own devices apart from donations of weapons and necessities of life. There won’t be any real win in this war, without extra troops from the west, Ukraine is only holding off the inevitable. Sadly Mr Zelensky is not a battle hardened leader nor experienced in warfare due to his youthful inexperience of a war leader. Like a young office boy having to man the fort when others are unavailable. Thankfully he has good advice around him. I feel Mr Zelensky will be very angry with the rest of the world for not stepping in to help physically; dropping his people in a crisis. 

As for Putin, he is not stupid, he is waiting it out, and I don’t see him crossing the border into Poland or any other country. He is proving a point and won’t back down. 

Putin is intent on obliterating Ukraine to teach them a lesson, he is so obsessed with this mission and will bring out the big guns to finish the job. Putin will impose harsh restrictions on Ukraine and peace talks are pure folly at this time. Putin can wait this out due to his troop numbers  but will play dirty. Things later on will hit Russia severely like the days of old with poverty and hardship. Putin is at present redrawing the map of Europe, his way. I don't see him being reigned in any time soon. His own men are so afraid of him that they are afraid to refuse their orders, because they may face death on going home. 

I feel as things get worse, Zelensky may be forced to abandon his position; and may have to leave Ukraine to live in exile perhaps in the US. Ukraine can only put up a battle for so long before being defeated by sheer numbers without the numbers on their side too. I unfortunately don't see Ukraine winning, but they will be very respected for their bravery and courage under terrible circumstance.  

The people will then have to contend with bullies in the black market moving in to take advantage as often happens in these circumstances. 

This is just the start of new rolling warfare and as times go on the battlefront will change. Things will gradually build up over time with sanctions, cyberattacks and money. No one likes money being messed with and that will be the last straw. 

I get the feeling of one leader going into exile I can't be certain if this is Mr Zelensky or Putin. I just know that one of them will, and I feel it will be Mr Zelensky.  Putin I feel  may well become even more distant with his people and especially the military men that have contact with him regularly because he fears they will overthrow him. That day will come but perhaps not for a while. Mean while it is just give him enough rope and things will go from there. High security around Putin as he goes deeper into this war, going without sleep. As for public opinion in Russia, most people believe what is happening in Ukraine and don’t like it. Only 20 to 30  percent of the public are on Putin’s side. 

I do feel Mr Zelensky was put into office by factions in the West such as the US to rattle Putin’s cage. Mr Zelensky will step aside in a few months time I feel and leave 

Mr Putin will turn on his own people to keep hard control, as we already see him quashing protesters. I have always said, once KGB always KGB.  When everyone else thought he was cool, my intuition told me  this is not reality. Mr Putin has always been old school communist not at all what western people think. People need to remember him for what his actions are and not funny memes. There is nothing funny about  Putin. 

I see something that looks like a palace of old, well lit up at night with lots of windows, it's just like something from a movie. This is connected to Putin, no doubt the room where he conducts business. But the feeling that I get is him being trapped. This could be him having to sign some legal documents giving his resignation. I will have to leave it at that, unless I pick up any more information in the cards.

Either way ordinary people suffer and that is just not on. I do not like to see innocent people suffer or lose their lives over evil people. 

NOTE: Don't be surprised if a pro Putin person is installed as the new leader of Ukraine, perhaps the blonde woman that is deputy leader at present. There is no such thing as a coincidence in politics.

I am adding extra information that was missed out last night and then there won’t be any further updates to this post. Having a very sick dog (little Miss Ruby) at present takes my time and focus away from the cards.

Points to remember 

Someone will go into isolation/  exile I feel that this is  Mr Zelensky . Later on Putin may also; but that may be a couple of years down the track.

Russia is out to obliterate Ukraine 

Zelensky will have to step aside for his own safety.

Putin will only stay in power as long as the Military top brass and the oligarchs allow, he may be forced to sign a document to relinquish his power or die. This sets the stage for another day though, and Russia will be out for revenge. A dark haired man in his 50’s to replace Putin at this time he could be a military or ex military officer. 

China will keep quiet until they are ready to invade Taiwan. This I feel will be a sort of rolling warfare or gradual warfare, building up to full blown warfare. Building up of sanctions and cyber attacks then war.

Money will also be a major factor, no one likes their money being messed with and it’s the last straw.

A woman put in place of Zelensky that is pro Russia or pro Putin. This feels like a double-cross to me and people will not be happy about this. 


19 March, 2022

ABCNEWS: ADF members subjected to verbal abuse from residents during NSW flood recovery efforts


Utterly revolting, spitting on a service member. I just wish the soldier could physically defend himself from this assault, however the military are prevented from defending themselves in such situations. 

This just shows the low level intelligence of some people. There is never any valid reason for such gutter level behaviour, and the floods, pandemic or bushfires used as an excuse. That won’t fly so don’t try and justify this caveman low brow behaviour. That is that individual’s mind set regardless of the situation. 

The military personnel are only following orders and have absolutely no say on when they deploy or where they are deployed. They work constantly under instruction (taking orders from a superior officer), why can people not understand that? It is basic common sense. Everything is ordered from the top down. ADF personnel must not deviate from their given orders or they are in trouble for failing to follow an order. Shame it can’t be done with the general public. Many of them are very lacking in manners, respect and common decency.

Making a song and dance because you don’t get what you want, but don’t stop to think of what the ADF personnel have given up or in some cases lost, to save your miserable low arses. If they are victims of flooding or bushfires they have to forget their own stuff burning or being destroyed in floods to go help others.

They have to leave their families with babies and small children for you. I know many people that have had to do this and I know the effects on their children too because I have seen it. 

One day the ADF won’t be there to help because they will be fighting for our freedom. Think about that before you abuse our ADF. Shame on all of you that adopt such a disgusting attitude of abusing our service people who have absolutely no say in anything whatsoever. That just makes me think back to how our ADF were treated on retuning from Vietnam, it’s the same ignorance. Give our troops a break, they are not here to take shit from you. They are professional men and women that put their lives on the line for you; show them the damned respect they are entitled to.

Many of whom were deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Namibia and all the other hell holes to save the victims of war. Why not go and lend a hand in Ukraine and see how brave you are?  Our ADF are not allowed to retaliate against ignorant citizens that abuse them. However I am sure there will be laws to punish civilians that assault an ADF member. 

People that carry on like this don’t even give a shit that many ADF personnel suffer from PTSD and are struggling to stay alive due to the suffering they endure from war, but scum think it’s ok to treat them like shit. You are the shit of society though; if you mistreat our much valued and respected ADF members . We have one of the finest defence forces in the world to be proud of. 

I hope the piece of human excrement that spat on this hard working soldier was charged with something. He deserves to to named and shamed. And don’t try pulling the mental health card on this shit, because many of the military helping are suffering from mental health issues. It just ain’t going to fly. 

This may be a long rant but I am absolutely disgusted by this news article as a daughter of a former serviceman that saw horrible things up close and personal. I am deeply offended by poor public attitude.


It is definitely a criminal offence in Queensland and it should be a criminal offence throughout Australia to abuse, assault, harass intimidate or spit on a member of the ADF. Prison time preferably to teach respect which is definitely lacking in Australian society in modern times. 

Disability carer Rosa Maria Maione sentenced to six years' jail for manslaughter of Ann Marie Smith


Thank heavens justice has been done. This is utterly unforgivable abuse and neglect of a disabled person. The age and health of the caregiver renders her unfit to be a paid caregiver as far as I am concerned. There is no way that she was physically fit enough for the task and generally speaking this patient may have been better with two caregivers, given the high level of care required. 

If the caregiver actually cared at all she would have been asking for additional support. My guess is she didn’t want to lose her job so just kept on as she did. Utterly selfish individual that gave no care as to the suffering of her patient nor her deteriorating health. There have been many frightening cases in the news over the years, but they are mostly in actual care facilities such as nursing homes for the elderly and disabled nursing homes. Heaven only knows how much happens in the patients own home.

18 March, 2022

Almost a third of disabled children and teenagers face abuse, global study finds


Very disturbing, I get very upset when I see this sort of thing the news. I noticed the article missed out psychological damage. Not enough training is done to detect this in schools, and nothing much is done to protect the innocent and there is no damn reason for the lack of protection within schools or the family home. These children deserve  help, support and respect. Thirty years to come up with this is shocking and what is not generally known by the public is the abusers are sometimes siblings, parents, teachers and peers at school and social settings. In the 30 years that this study has taken, many children and young people have suffered in silence and fallen through the cracks in the system without support and turning to drugs and alcohol to help them cope and some self harm. 

Children can also mask ASD especially girls, so it requires a lot of focus on the children and a proper assessment done at primary school age. That can take a while to complete a profile on any individual child and can be very expensive unless the children are lucky enough to get a special concession through a support agency.

People are not always free to disclose things that they have been subjected to throughout their lives. So much goes unreported and sometimes people do not get the help and support that they need.  Too many are let down by loved ones and the authorities, how can this be acceptable when innocent children are left suffer and get accused of being troublesome? Listen to the children before judging them.

Internet swoons over hero Ukrainian dog tasked with 'sniffing out Russian mines'


Oh he is such a gorgeous little boy and so dinky. I love Jack Russells so much, but I am not a fan of dogs used for bomb detection. I understand why they use dogs for this purpose, I just wish that we had better technology and more available for bomb detection. Boston Dynamics are one of the leading companies in new technologies for dangerous jobs with the renowned yellow doglike robot and the two legged upright humanoid robots. Ideal for dangerous missions, it would be good if these robots were fitted with sensors that were powerful enough to detect explosives and other things such as chemicals used in bomb manufacturing. That would be a real game changer however I suspect the cost to mass produce these would be prohibitive. The use of drones small enough to get up close would be an advantage to get video footage to assist in the process and for later debriefing. 

My bad? I like Maltesers


Tarot card of the month: April 2022; 8 of Swords


Element: Earth         Zodiac Sign: Capricorn       Planets: Mercury/Saturn

Restriction of Movement, Release of  energy or power Self inflicted restrictions or decisions

Lack of clear thinking

Number 8: Some of the positive meanings of the number 8 are; acknowledging error, regeneration, restricted movement, results of victory, conclusion of a cycle. 

Negative meanings: Lack of persistence, because it is all too hard. Spiritual progress. generosity, expansion.

Emotionally: Resigned to the fact, giving up, determined to succeed, enthusiasm 

The swords on the card: Cutting implement, insight as in getting right to the bottom of something,  defensive action, authority, conflict, triumph against the odds. justice and law, natural authority.

The blindfold:  Unwilling to see the reality of what is right in front of you or a situation 

Binding: Limitation in current events usually self imposed, not willing to take action or accountability.

This card points to being a prisoner of your own making. A woman stands bound and blindfolded; with swords to either side of her. She must navigate a narrow path in front of her. One foot touches the water. That is her left foot and as I have mentioned before the left hand side of the body is ruled by female energy such as intuition emotions etc. The right hand side is male energy, action, earthly, strength and control etc. 

So in saying this we can deduce that the woman is weighing things up. She must be very careful in this endeavour and would be well advised to remove the blindfold and the body binding in order to see what lies in front of her. Those bindings and blindfold are self inflicted by the way. The restrictions as to what she has done and thus restricting herself to any positive outcomes. She is not willing to face the reality of her own actions. 

Right behind her is a castle which signifies her power and wealth that she comes from. Signifying, authority, structure, preservation of what was or is. The mountains in the far distance show the long journey that she is on, she cannot turn back either due to her choices or decisions that she made whether for good or bad.  Right now she faces major hurdles  of her own making and this sums up the world's current situation right now. There does not seem on the surface to be much real authority and structure as things are very much up in the air at present and everyone is feeling defensive and restricted. No clear thinking of what to do to keep things stable.

The world is on a precipice right now;  one wrong move and boom; things can explode setting in motion a direction that may not be good for humanity and may not be able to be stopped. People are right to be very nervous and cautious. But look behind the scenes of world events right now, there are  clear signs of deception and illusion, nothing is by chance. The stage has been set by hidden hands for the chain of events that follow. Things that were set in place many years ago are now “coming home to roost”. Many deals and double deals; lies told to the world. We the people pay the dreadful price.

We must tread very carefully right now and actively follow world events because skulduggery is afoot for a long time now and things are about to hit the climax  in which the unintended may happen.

Petrol is only one of the things to watch right now as well as gas and oil. Don't be surprised if the price is slowed for a short spell especially in Australia due to the federal elections coming up I feel towards the end of May. But as soon as the election is over the price will go back up as expected. 

Food is the other important thing to watch and many people will not be able to afford basic food items. Because they have to choose between paying a bill or eating this is working people they are the new poor. Now as I look at the card, I see a flash of yellow/golden light cascading down the castle. That can imply happiness and spiritual protection around the home front (family home). The swords stand protectively in front of the castle which is built high up on a rock  also implying a fortress and protection. Given that the castle is built on solid rock that gives one a good strong foundation and strength. This all could mean some sort of surprise is instore or financial help for people to stave off deeper financial suffering.

My advice is don't play the martyr this month, be very cautious and act wisely. Save what you can and protect what you have. Because it can be gone in an instant as many poor souls have found out already via war, unemployment, floods and natural disasters.  Keep realistic in your goals and please heed warnings about travel, money, health and home / family matters. Work out what your priorities are.

On a world reading this covers both sides of the Ukraine war. All is not what the public are being told and this is very complex because of other nations actions/ deals and it muddies the water too much. Things have been hidden; that show foreign states hands involved on either sides of the conflict. That information is gradually coming out; however someone will up the stakes to prevent a particular nations involvement being implicated. I will not name this western nation though. This does not look like a good outcome sadly and it is highly distressing, prolonging the suffering of innocent people.

I see lots of spring time rain creating a very muddy battle ground in Ukraine over the next few weeks. This may cause a temporary halt to heavy tanks and other heavy equipment being transported. That will slow down a little of the conflict. I see new maps being drawn by Russia. Putin is going after something in particular. If he succeeds this could spell disaster for the Ukrainian people. I feel that this is a particular building of significance, not necessarily the Parliament building, but it will be a big game changer.

Europe need to be on their toes and respond quickly but very carefully as they do not want to risk an all out war. Hence the current go slow, which also has a negative effect on the unfortunate civilians.  

China (CCP) meantime are watching all of this and taking note, rubbing their hands with glee as they have picked up useful information on urban combat etc. But they may just be in for a shock when they go after Taiwan. The have underestimated the people and the counter action. 

Boy this is a terrible situation and I cannot bear to see people or animals suffering. This is not the way for humanity to behave. The trauma from this will last a very long time and also please give a thought to all animals caught up in the human conflict. I am so glad to see that there has been a new  side to humanitarianism; caring for animals is becoming highly important and so it should be. What would a world be without beautiful souls like animals. They give us reason to live and love unconditionally.

I am praying for everyone right now. I don't care what side of conflict people are on; through no fault of their own. Sometimes just by being born in a particular place, they pay the most unfortunate price. It is always the ordinary innocent people that suffer.  it really upsets me to see people suffering, it is not the way to be. I want people to be safe and protected and I want all animals to be protected.

My blessings and warm and fuzzy hugs to all


Copyright © Alex Fulford 18 March 2022




Chernobyl radiation ☢️ This may not be the building that I was picking up but if radiation leaks that is a game changer. I just hope they can fix this. 

https://www.9news.com.au/national/russia-ukraine-updates-besieged-ukrainian-commander-serhiy-volyna-issues-desperate-message-to-the-world/c11422c5-8a7b-49ba-b7a4-c4996594d250 Steel plant, the Russians are seeking control of important industrial plants which are in an area beneficial to them for armament production. Coal and steel are vital resources for Ukraine. 

https://www.9news.com.au/world/ukrainian-counterattacks-slowing-russian-offensive-in-east/7628c905-5f98-4e06-8395-be0bb3bc1a00 This is the building for sure. My heart goes out to all of the people that are trapped in here. It is a terrifying situation and heaven knows what the outcome will be. 

17 March, 2022

This is the new world order; Brad Hazzard


This is the new world order! Brad Hazzard. 15 July2020. I watched this on the news and put it on my old blog. But when I went to look at the channel 9 news article on my blog the damn thing is missing. The tv channel cut it , but luckily channel 7 had it on the same night.

Childhood in a historical town

 My Early Childhood in Scotland was rather interesting. My family moved quite a bit, and I got to live in interesting places. Scotland is full of interesting and colourful history, like most countries.

I lived for a while in the industrial town of Motherwell. Nothing to jump up and down about unless you like history. We have a haunted house by the name of Dalzeil House (pronounced Dee L), it is also known as Gresham House too. These days it is beautifully converted into apartments.

It is more like a small castle than a house. Dalzeil house played a vital part in history over the centuries, including the times of Mary, Queen of Scots. This place has hidden panels in the walls like most castles do and underground tunnels to escape from enemies. I would give my eye teeth for a tour of this place.

My grandfather on my mother's side knew the then Lord Gavin Hamilton, that lived there during my mothers childhood. My Mother passed down many stories of the old house to me. It is also well documented in history books. I spent a lot of time with my friends playing in the grounds of this old house. I have lovely old photos of the place from my child hood.

I remember the stables there being used for the local riding school. I used to go down to visit the horses quite often. During the Autumn months, my friends and I would pick Chestnuts to play conkers with. In the summer I loved to pick Rhododendron's for my mum. Living near the old house was an idyllic childhood. There was plenty to explore and hours of fun. The house was surrounded by a lovely big woods. Great for playing games in those days. The gardens were beautiful. I wanted to stay there for hours on end but alas, when the other kids were leaving I had to go too. I envy the gardeners getting to work there. What a joy that would be.

There is also the famous Covenanter's Graveyard in Cambusnethan a few miles up the road next to some land  owned by my grandparents. We played and explored there too. As a child I used to see some of these men watching us in spirit. I saw them with their women folk walking in a long group, and they looked ragged and battle weary. I would say starving too.  Some of them had violent deaths. They fought for their religious freedom against the King. They came off second best unfortunately.

I have been reading an old book about the Covenanters this week, The Scottish Covenanters written by Rev James Barr. Memories of oral history come back to me and of  the feelings of the Scottish people.   The there are many of these types of grave yards all over Scotland.

The one where I lived was vandalised by the 1970's by hooligans. It is rather disgusting to vandalise a grave, but what would these young thugs and drunks care about what these men fought for, whether it is right or wrong. These were brave men that gave their lives for what they believed in.  
The Tomb at the Covenanter's Graveyard in Cambusnethan.

The next place on my "play ground" was Cambusnethan Priory House. Now this is a very dark and evil place. I was talking to an old friend on Facebook about this place last week. He  was there last week and said that he got a horrible feeling come over him as he  walked around the ruin. He had no desire to go in there.

This old Priory house has a long and dark history.  The house was built in 1819/20 for the Lockhart family designed by architect   James Gillespie Graham.   By the way the house that was on the sight prior to this one was burned down in 1810. Which was replaced by the current one, that is now in ruins.

John Gibson Lockhart the biographer and son in law, of Sir Walter Scott was born in this house.  There are stories of murder done in this house by the minister  Rev Lockhart who lived there. There are stories in the town of him having fathered children with his servants. The children of the servants were said to have been murdered by him.

All I know is that there have been satanic goings on in the old house over the years. This is an area of Scotland famous for this kind of stuff. The suburb of Gowkthrapple just up the road from there had stories of weird goings on and ghost sightings back in the early 1970's.  The land that the houses are built on is old farm property which may have belonged to the owners of the Cambusnethan Priory House.

I think the Strathclyde area in Scotland is one of the most interesting places historically speaking there is so much over there to see. I love getting my teeth into the old history, which for us Scots, is still living history. Hamilton, near Motherwell has many houses and monuments to see, not forgetting Bothwell Castle and Bothwell  Brig (bridge). My parents took both  my brother and I to see these places in our historical tours too. There was the famous battle of Bothwell Brig in 1679. 

I shall have to rack my brains to think of all the places that I went to to as a child. My parents took my brother and I on regular visits around Scotland when the weather was good. It was such a magical time for me living over there. The Campsie Hills and the Lead Hills were not far by car and we had day trips there in the summer to get out and climb the hills and run ourselves ragged, lol.

I was always champing at the bit to get out doors and explore anything in the countryside or historical places. To this day I love this kind of stuff. I have a nice collection of  Scottish and British history books that I treasure dearly. I like to reflect on them from time to time.

There is an old Roman foot bridge or brig as we call it, in one of the local parks. It's a funny little thing with no sides to it. Unless you knew the area you might not even notice it. When I saw it back around 1982, I would have been about 19 at the time. I remember being annoyed that kids had vandalised the old brig.  

It seemed that every Summer my parents took us to Stirling Castle too. Wow, what a fantastic place to visit. I enjoyed this place so much. I would dearly love to see it again.  This place is massive, with so much to see. It would take a whole day to go through it. I highly recommend this place. Wallace's Monument is just near by and is a must see.  Hell, why not just go visit Scotland itself and do a historical tour.

The tourist season starts in  March right through to the end of September. It is a sad but riveting history full of mystery and intrigue. Forget the famous 5 mysteries, lol. This stuff is real. 
Another area that I was taken to see is Banockburn, where the famous battle took place with Robert the Bruce in 1314. From there we would then head for the highlands. Fantastic countryside all the way.

I remember going to Glenncoe, where the massacre took place between the MacDonald Clan and the Campbell Clan. This place makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. The atmosphere there is so eerie. It is very picturesque scenery but the overwhelming feeling of grief  is nauseating and distressing to those that are highly sensitive to the vibes there.

I was  about 15 years old the last time I was there. But I will never forget that awful feeling of death and sadness there.  That was one of my earliest psychic experience's with the suffering of others. There is a lone piper there playing for the dead. It is a very moving experience.

UPDATE 23 December 2018


Above is the memorial stone of Robert Paterson, ( Old Mortality in the Sir Walter Scott novel of the same name) 1715 -1801, a stonemason and  Presbyterian who spent 40 years of his life traveling    around Scotland to all the covenanter's graves to carve a memorial to the people that lost their lives fighting for their cause.

His memorial stone in in Balmaclellan down in Dumfries and Galloway in the Scottish borders. This information came from the Scottish Covenanter's Facebook page. If any one is interested in Scottish history then you will find this page very interesting.

Update: This article is taken from my original blog.
Originally published on 25 April 2011

Something beautiful for today


16 March, 2022

First-of-its-kind DNA study to be carried out on Titanic wreck


The Titanic always seems such an enigma that will always facilitate the world. 

Robert Sepehr: Invading Antartica: secret South Pole colony


After listening to this, please read the eBook on my blog: The world between the poles, by E Valentina Straighten. She had plenty to say on the Antartica issue. Antartica plays a big part in Australian research too. 

Coincidentally, yesterday or the day before I posted an update on the psychic predictions for 2022 stating that China could possibly invade Australia from Antartica. Then today I discovered this YouTube video. 

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2021/10/psychic-predictions-for-world-in-2022.html Scroll down to the predictions that have come up and you can see my comment in the prediction about France’s dummy spit over the submarine contract. Australia is vulnerable to attack and that scares the hell out of me. 

UPDATE:  9 July 2022:  As things develop with Russia the Arctic  could become an access point for invasion, but don’t rule out Antartica. Sky news are not really credible but this is a plausible scenario. 


9NEWS: Russia 'asked China for military aid' in Ukraine invasion


Hmm, guess who will lose their country to China? If Putin wasn’t so stupid Russia would not be in the crap they are in now. I feel for the ordinary people that are suffering because of greedy little boys that are never content with what they have. The west are just as bad as Russia; so don’t be fooled into thinking the west are the good guys. Ordinary people are the good guys, not politicians or business leaders. Of course this will escalate that’s the plan. 

Experts suggest Omicron subvariant seven times more transmissible than original Covid-19


Is the narrative getting boring yet? I’m over it to be frank. Oh and did you know people are coming into Australia unvaccinated? I heard that on the national news tonight. Free to travel unvaccinated so why were we told no jab no fly? We have been lied to led astray for an agenda. Cast your mind back to last year and even the beginning of this year when we were told that only vaccinated people can get on a flight. This really makes my blood boil. 

Now we are told to get a fourth vaccine, well you can stick that up your bum WHO. We have not forgotten the lie about how many people would die from this virus. Let’s not forget the death rate is usually with covid not because of covid.

15 March, 2022

US astronaut won't be left stranded in space by Russia, NASA says


I really don’t think there will be any problems, it will all go as normal. I am sure the US astronaut won’t be at all phased. 

Australia’s Economic plan


Yet another of my predictions coming to pass; from 2020 onwards. Bringing some manufacturing business back on shore, apprenticeships etc. Only because businesses and the government can no longer hide the fact that they are now up poop creek and are panicking now that the situation is dire.  

If people want quality goods then they must be prepared to pay the price. You can’t have it both ways; as the employees need to be paid a true living wage. Don’t begrudge the worker what they are entitled to. People have complained for decades about cheap poor quality goods but we’re not prepared to pay for quality. 

https://www.pm.gov.au/media/future-made-australia UPDATE  14 April 2024.

ABC NEWS: Ukraine using Clearview facial recognition technology which could help identify Russian assailants and war dead


This is interesting reading and it makes one think of where this will take us next. We are talking about a handful of years. This world is changing fast, we need laws to keep up with changes worldwide to protect the innocent.

Former senior RSPCA officers launch campaign to repair ‘broken’ animal welfare system


This is why I lose respect for humans. If you can’t treat animals with respect and compassion then you are not human. It’s always down to money before anything else. Every life matters, every species matters.

There are some seriously screwed up people that work in abattoirs, that should never be allowed to work in such places, sadists and the like. But there is very little punishment if any for  these sickening individuals. All the companies care about is processing meat and making money. They don’t care about the treatment or condition of the poor animals. 

How about looking into who owns the facilities and who is on the board. Maybe that will also shed some light on why nothing ever gets done to stop the horrific situation. I am considering going back to being a vegetarian again after a two year break because I am sickened by all of this. 

Trapped, stripped of assets, and silenced. And it’s all perfectly legal


Where is the compassion, empathy and humanity here? This is abuse of power and as far as I am concerned it’s a human rights abuse. The prime mover behind this is no doubt lining the government coffers. Why can’t they give people help in the home and other services that disabled people get? 

The law needs to be changed to stop this abuse of power, so why are the general public not demanding the laws be changed and transparent? Forcing accountability of those making decisions and reviewing the situation on a regular basis is a must. This should include relatives or a nominated person; by the person being involved every step of the way; from the very beginning to prevent any abuse of power and human rights violations.

How many people actually need to be released from this power grip? How many people would be better off living with family or a caregiver;  with a support worker checking up on them with a trustworthy relative, caregiver or friend on the side of the disabled person, to be there each time a support worker is present. And for that person to be provided with the necessary documentation to be fully informed of the legal aspects; and human rights of the disabled person in order to prevent the disabled person being put into a situation like this article is exposing. 

There is a lot to be thought through to put in place an accountable and transparent system that will allow scrutiny of the process of the individuals cases. To be able to review when guardianship should end or be extended, transferred to a nominated person that is also held legally accountable and reviewed to prevent any criminal abuse of powers such as spending the patient’s money causing financial abuse, physical abuse and psychological abuse and also that the individuals living conditions are appropriate.

The current situation must be halted and amended immediately as it doesn’t seem to be working properly to actually work in a positive way to enhance the quality of life of the individuals, it does the exact opposite. This can literally happen to anyone at any time and that is a very dangerous situation through no fault of the individuals. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-14/siham-benz-public-trustee-mothers-money-to-help-investigate-her/100903488 Yet another case exposing the system. 

14 March, 2022

A lovely drive in the countryside and a panic attack

I went out for a nice drive in the countryside with hubby today as something to do. Because the road out towards Tidbinbilla was closed due to flood water; we drove out towards the Orral valley past Namadgi national park, which was badly burned in the bushfires of 2019/ 2020. All was going well and I marvelled at the stunning vista. The scenery is so iconic Australian outback and makes one feel so small in the big scheme of things. This is also where NASA tracked the Apollo space craft at Honeysuckle Creek in the late 1960's. All that is left there now is a little plack to say this is where it stood. Everything was dismantled and moved. The current tracking station is a couple of minutes past Tidbinbilla Nature reserve. And it is a good place to take the kids on a day trip. You will see pictures on Google; but that's nothing compared to being there.  

Anyway as we wound our way through the countryside quietly enjoying the view, we came across many sheer drops. Not a good experience for me unfortunately. The sheer drop induces a panic attack in me. When will I ever learn to avoid roads that have sheer drops and giving me the feeling that my life is teetering on the edge? 

Much as I love the bush, there are certain places that are out of bounds to me, lol. Any road that is windy and has sheer drops is a no-no to me. I become over whelmed with sheer terror. I don't care how beautiful the vista is. I just can't do roads that make me feel any second could be my last. I would never make an explorer.

A few years ago hubby and I went to see an amazing old country mansion called Burmina Homestead (I have an article on this blog about this beautiful old house) way down in Bombala, NSW. Flaming big mistake, it was panic attack after panic attack as we left Cooma and headed towards Bombala. White knuckled with fear on the skinny little roads that the locals freely scoot around. Well not this little brown duck. By the time we arrived at the house I was a wreck. Today just reminded my of why I don't do narrow country roads. Don't get me wrong, this is a two way road but only one lane each side with the occasional little bridge that one must give way to traffic from either end.

But; yeah, nah! I just can't do that anymore. Hubby has to slow right down so that I am not freaking out. Who knows; it may be its a past life thing. I do not do heights and never have. They induce vertigo and panic attacks. I strictly keep to terra-firma when in the country side.   I love trees and forests and all that but not roads that induce a life review.   

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...