04 March, 2022

What the cards say about Putin and the current mess

Well this is another fine mess you have gotten us into! Where have we heard this before? Remember me saying that 2022 was like a ball of tangled wool that someone had poured super glue over?

I have been looking at the cards a few days ago and left the paper work sitting, unsure if I should post it or not. I am not a political person. I am a humanitarian and strictly spiritual, life to me is about living in peace and not bothering anyone. I like my privacy and just live a quiet life the same as most people.

What I don't like is seeing others suffer, be they animal or human. I see no need for being bad to others. So the current nightmare we are witnessing is very distressing to me. 

When I looked at the cards I noticed Mr Putin has too many irons in the fire, he is taking a defensive stand and he is not afraid to push back on any perceived opposition. Putin is closed off to others and is keeping his guard up. His mind is quite active as he weighs up his options.

In his opinion he is fully in control of the current situation and a winner; talk about an out of control ego. He takes a hard control over his country and any political issues. Seeing himself as a skilled master of the art of war, politics and in control. Failure is not in his vocabulary nor his opinion of himself.

This reading shows his love for Russia and his firm distrust of outsiders. His pact with China; is really a one man show. He will not be second fiddle to anyone, not quite how Mr Xi  sees the pact as he also will not be second fiddle either. China may just issue a pull your head in notice to Mr Putin as he is going off script.

The moon card signifies illusion  and deception around Mr Putin, he is clearly out of touch with reality and will just keep on cruising along for the mean time. he does not trust his military leaders nor cabinet. They also are afraid of him and are afraid to speak out of turn. Reminiscent of  Stalin and other dictators in the past. No one around him knows just what he is thinking at any given time. Mr Putin likes to keep an air of mystery around himself to create that mystique. He will not; in his opinion be made a martyr either. 

Mr Putin must not be under estimated, he has the tenacity for anything and that makes him very unpredictable for other leaders to work out. He is always several steps ahead of the western leaders due to his cunning. Like I pointed out in my 2022 predictions there is an air of naivety among western leaders. Well alright, dumb as a box of rocks actually. Mr Putin will risk anything to prevent Russia from failing.

In Mr Putin's mind Russia must not fail, Russia must keep up it's image of being as hard as steel and unbreakable. Russia never gives in; Mr Putin forgets time has changed and the Russian people have changed too, many just want peace and in some cases a spiritual life. To Mr Putin , giving in is taboo, he is a man of  fire and steel.

Putin is a lone wolf operator and bides his time before he strikes. So Russian politicians never know what's on his mind. Meanwhile the west have seen the Ukraine war as a mere skirmish and an inconvenience; big mistake!

I see a velvet glove approach here from the west and they'd prefer not to get their hands dirty. So it's rule with  velvet glove and sword from a distance. A soft response and not what the Ukrainian government hoped for. The western leaders are saving their response for another time and situation. Not wanting to spend more money than they would like. The ticking bomb will wait for another day. Western leaders will not sacrifice anything at this stage and only see Ukraine as an unimportant state in the big world. Err big mistake guys, this will come back to bite you.

Sadly many lives will be lost and people will be very angry. Mr Zelensky will be rather put out by all of this; he does appreciate the support that the nation is given and proud of his strong people. The Ukrainian people can hold their own but won't be able to defeat Russia on their own. But now is not the time to take on Russia. That ticking bomb will have to wait for another day. 

Hard control versus strategic planning to prevent total war throughout Europe is what western leaders  are thinking. Buffering themselves against Russia as Russia steps up the sabotage and cyber attacks. It all reads like a script. Ukraine are out on a limb right now and they may in the end back down to Putin.

That is not the way of the Ukrainian people though. If Mr Zelensky is defeated by Russia the people will be very angry, especially if he surrenders. But what can one man do up against the might of Russia? Should this happen the world will react with much more hatred of Mr Putin. Mr Zelensky needs to weigh up when to think about his people and how to prevent more bloodshed. This is a very difficult decision and it must be extremely  difficult for Mr Zelensky or anyone facing such a big military force.

This will never be forgotten and people will be very angry for a long time. This conflict will last for a long time and puts incredible responsibility on Mr Zelensky  What choice does Mr Zelensky have if he has to back down? Mr Zelensky may end up succeeding the two states in question to Russia As he is trying to stop the bloodshed. Explosive cutting energy is indicated and it will last for years. 

Mr Zelensky unfortunately will not have the numbers from Europe and western leaders like he had hoped.  The western leaders are more focussed on China. These leaders see the Ukraine war as a mere nuisance than a threat. And that is their biggest mistake and naivety. They have learned absolutely nothing  from history. Hence the indifference with sending troops in  to push Russia back.

Cyber attacks are what the west seem to be worried about. Yet many countries are behind in their technology upgrades and security.  Mean while this does not bother Mr Putin one bit; he is out to win at all costs and tooled up for a fight, not giving a toss about the young men used as cannon fodder.

Win at all costs is Mr Putin and this is a long journey, Putin knows how to wait though he is like a hibernating bear waking up from a long winter sleep looking for food, Putin is no fool, paranoid yes but no fool.  Shame he doesn't stop to think of his people and shedding their blood for his own agenda.

Mr Putin likes people to gasp when he moves, he enjoys the attention and wants to be a celebrity. Flashy and impressive, constantly seeking adoration. He  wants to be looked up to in awe.

There is a crack in his armour though, however it does not stop him. He cannot back down when cornered and this is very dangerous. The world must be very careful with this man and never underestimate him  or many more lives will be lost; Putin has a goal plan and will activate this if he feels threatened. Don't think he is bluffing that is a fatal mistake to make. You are dealing with someone like Stalin or Hitler. Heed the warning this man is very dangerous as he does not do failure or second place as already stated above.  Mr Putin keeps a tally on everything  and everyone.

He fears assassination, yet he cannot help himself with pushing others to the brink of destruction. Mr Putin feels misjudged by the west and does not like this one bit; it bruises his ego. Not a gentle peace loving person after all. It’s all about him and his love of beauty and dressing well. He loves to be surrounded by nice things , he likes money, power and to be admired by all. Vanity or what!

One thing Mr Putin must keep in mind is; China will drop him like a hot potato when he is no longer useful to them. Mr Putin is more sophisticated than Stalin and operates differently but hard as nails. His weakness is women though, Libras are all about love or war when you upset them. Mr Putin calls the shots with women  and everyone knows their place. I do see a woman with dark long hair around him that he needs to be very careful with. She may well just betray him. She is tall and very elegant, I don't feel she is Russian though. Putin has a very long memory, and does carry a grudge. He is accountable to no one and will not tolerate anyone that betrays him, so take heed. 

Remember Mr Putin keeps everything very close to his chest and will defend himself to the bitter end. Mr Putin is very into fitness and looks down on those that don't do likewise. Surrounded in abundance and well guarded. Only those deemed worthy are invited into his inner sanctum but Mr Putin will always keep his guard up as he trusts no one.   This is the guy that always looks through the peep hole before opening the front door. 

I don't feel he does loyalty with his friends, it is them that must be loyal to him. I do feel he is very fond of one of his daughters though. This girl is his protégé and he loves her very much. She needs to keep herself very grounded, because I feel that her fathers actions will affect her life greatly.  Grief stricken is what I feel around her. I feel this is the loss of her father at some stage in her life and it will affect her very badly. 


NATO reject no fly zone over Ukraine. 5 March 2022. This is awkward!



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