18 March, 2022

Tarot card of the month: April 2022; 8 of Swords


Element: Earth         Zodiac Sign: Capricorn       Planets: Mercury/Saturn

Restriction of Movement, Release of  energy or power Self inflicted restrictions or decisions

Lack of clear thinking

Number 8: Some of the positive meanings of the number 8 are; acknowledging error, regeneration, restricted movement, results of victory, conclusion of a cycle. 

Negative meanings: Lack of persistence, because it is all too hard. Spiritual progress. generosity, expansion.

Emotionally: Resigned to the fact, giving up, determined to succeed, enthusiasm 

The swords on the card: Cutting implement, insight as in getting right to the bottom of something,  defensive action, authority, conflict, triumph against the odds. justice and law, natural authority.

The blindfold:  Unwilling to see the reality of what is right in front of you or a situation 

Binding: Limitation in current events usually self imposed, not willing to take action or accountability.

This card points to being a prisoner of your own making. A woman stands bound and blindfolded; with swords to either side of her. She must navigate a narrow path in front of her. One foot touches the water. That is her left foot and as I have mentioned before the left hand side of the body is ruled by female energy such as intuition emotions etc. The right hand side is male energy, action, earthly, strength and control etc. 

So in saying this we can deduce that the woman is weighing things up. She must be very careful in this endeavour and would be well advised to remove the blindfold and the body binding in order to see what lies in front of her. Those bindings and blindfold are self inflicted by the way. The restrictions as to what she has done and thus restricting herself to any positive outcomes. She is not willing to face the reality of her own actions. 

Right behind her is a castle which signifies her power and wealth that she comes from. Signifying, authority, structure, preservation of what was or is. The mountains in the far distance show the long journey that she is on, she cannot turn back either due to her choices or decisions that she made whether for good or bad.  Right now she faces major hurdles  of her own making and this sums up the world's current situation right now. There does not seem on the surface to be much real authority and structure as things are very much up in the air at present and everyone is feeling defensive and restricted. No clear thinking of what to do to keep things stable.

The world is on a precipice right now;  one wrong move and boom; things can explode setting in motion a direction that may not be good for humanity and may not be able to be stopped. People are right to be very nervous and cautious. But look behind the scenes of world events right now, there are  clear signs of deception and illusion, nothing is by chance. The stage has been set by hidden hands for the chain of events that follow. Things that were set in place many years ago are now “coming home to roost”. Many deals and double deals; lies told to the world. We the people pay the dreadful price.

We must tread very carefully right now and actively follow world events because skulduggery is afoot for a long time now and things are about to hit the climax  in which the unintended may happen.

Petrol is only one of the things to watch right now as well as gas and oil. Don't be surprised if the price is slowed for a short spell especially in Australia due to the federal elections coming up I feel towards the end of May. But as soon as the election is over the price will go back up as expected. 

Food is the other important thing to watch and many people will not be able to afford basic food items. Because they have to choose between paying a bill or eating this is working people they are the new poor. Now as I look at the card, I see a flash of yellow/golden light cascading down the castle. That can imply happiness and spiritual protection around the home front (family home). The swords stand protectively in front of the castle which is built high up on a rock  also implying a fortress and protection. Given that the castle is built on solid rock that gives one a good strong foundation and strength. This all could mean some sort of surprise is instore or financial help for people to stave off deeper financial suffering.

My advice is don't play the martyr this month, be very cautious and act wisely. Save what you can and protect what you have. Because it can be gone in an instant as many poor souls have found out already via war, unemployment, floods and natural disasters.  Keep realistic in your goals and please heed warnings about travel, money, health and home / family matters. Work out what your priorities are.

On a world reading this covers both sides of the Ukraine war. All is not what the public are being told and this is very complex because of other nations actions/ deals and it muddies the water too much. Things have been hidden; that show foreign states hands involved on either sides of the conflict. That information is gradually coming out; however someone will up the stakes to prevent a particular nations involvement being implicated. I will not name this western nation though. This does not look like a good outcome sadly and it is highly distressing, prolonging the suffering of innocent people.

I see lots of spring time rain creating a very muddy battle ground in Ukraine over the next few weeks. This may cause a temporary halt to heavy tanks and other heavy equipment being transported. That will slow down a little of the conflict. I see new maps being drawn by Russia. Putin is going after something in particular. If he succeeds this could spell disaster for the Ukrainian people. I feel that this is a particular building of significance, not necessarily the Parliament building, but it will be a big game changer.

Europe need to be on their toes and respond quickly but very carefully as they do not want to risk an all out war. Hence the current go slow, which also has a negative effect on the unfortunate civilians.  

China (CCP) meantime are watching all of this and taking note, rubbing their hands with glee as they have picked up useful information on urban combat etc. But they may just be in for a shock when they go after Taiwan. The have underestimated the people and the counter action. 

Boy this is a terrible situation and I cannot bear to see people or animals suffering. This is not the way for humanity to behave. The trauma from this will last a very long time and also please give a thought to all animals caught up in the human conflict. I am so glad to see that there has been a new  side to humanitarianism; caring for animals is becoming highly important and so it should be. What would a world be without beautiful souls like animals. They give us reason to live and love unconditionally.

I am praying for everyone right now. I don't care what side of conflict people are on; through no fault of their own. Sometimes just by being born in a particular place, they pay the most unfortunate price. It is always the ordinary innocent people that suffer.  it really upsets me to see people suffering, it is not the way to be. I want people to be safe and protected and I want all animals to be protected.

My blessings and warm and fuzzy hugs to all


Copyright © Alex Fulford 18 March 2022




Chernobyl radiation ☢️ This may not be the building that I was picking up but if radiation leaks that is a game changer. I just hope they can fix this. 

https://www.9news.com.au/national/russia-ukraine-updates-besieged-ukrainian-commander-serhiy-volyna-issues-desperate-message-to-the-world/c11422c5-8a7b-49ba-b7a4-c4996594d250 Steel plant, the Russians are seeking control of important industrial plants which are in an area beneficial to them for armament production. Coal and steel are vital resources for Ukraine. 

https://www.9news.com.au/world/ukrainian-counterattacks-slowing-russian-offensive-in-east/7628c905-5f98-4e06-8395-be0bb3bc1a00 This is the building for sure. My heart goes out to all of the people that are trapped in here. It is a terrifying situation and heaven knows what the outcome will be. 

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