25 October, 2022

Psychic predictions for Australia in 2023

NOTE: Because I do my predictions in October every year please take it from the day published to the following October. I don’t know why I always end up doing them in October, it’s just the way it turned out over the years so I just keep going with it until upstairs says otherwise. 

Welcome to the 2023 psychic predictions for Australia. As I start the predictions I hear the name Anna Bligh. Expect to hear her name in the news. I see a flash of blue light as I look down at the cards. Blue is connected to the throat chakra, some of the meanings for the colour  are: calming, communication, healing, intellect,  the mind, intuition, loyalty, peace and wisdom. Blue is also associated with the military and authority.

Politics reaches a major turning point next year, I get the feeling of the government or the Prime Minister being elevated or lifted up, recognised for something. There may be some success around March 2023 related to the floods and infrastructure recovery.  Australia is showing more independence and leadership in 2023. Hard work is indicated financially speaking. The government may have to yet again step up to help people in hardship. Be that with welfare increases or disaster victims or both, they all need this help regardless. The government is trying to budget wisely and the nations finances seem to be in good hands as there is a dark haired man that is very capable involved, not necessarily the treasurer.

 Now the Australian government must take note here, and not accept overseas advice on how to handle our economy or it will spell disaster. The advice offered is definitely not in our best interests and this is a deliberate act to cause Australia to suffer, so much for trusting your friends. With the dawning of this new age Australia is affected and  not always in a good way. The moon card warns me of deception and illusion afoot, so all communication must be examined. There is a hidden agenda involved which will impact Australia in a negative way. This is much much bigger than Climate Change issues. He who drops the ball on this one is a fool because the damage done will be long-term financial harm. Heed the warning, a wise leader is lacking! (this is the words that I hear)

Australia really cannot afford to send so much money overseas at present due to our own civil disaster recovery and other very important issues such as repairing our roads, many of which have been very badly damaged by the flooding and very poor maintenance by contractors over the years. Australia being such a large country depends on good roads to reach rural communities . We cannot let roads fall into disrepair like they have been because this creates multiple problems from one careless act.

I see our taxes going to fund other countries or regions such as Ukraine and the Asian Pacific that would vastly assist or own infrastructure right now. There are others that can step up to help while we recover from three years of disaster. The lack of money impacts our health system, welfare and education systems, infrastructure recovery and the ambulance services to name the most pressing ones.

Our nations coffers are being plundered due to international influences that ignore our plight. This is international blackmail by powerful leaders and the likes of the UN and WEF. Let others step up and do their share. Australia only has a small population to cover a large landmass that needs to be kept in good repair for transport etc. 

I feel overseas workers will be in high demand next year for the assistance of rebuilding as well as aged care and healthcare. There will be more enthusiasm next year too in both work and money matters. People will be rallying round to help where it's needed. I feel younger people will step up to get things going again and this is hard work. These people have youth on their side to get things done. Alert minds and bodies. Talk about all fired up and ready to go. They are creative and ambitious, showing the older people what they are made of, well done!

These young people have not lived through world wars and the great depression like their ancestors growing up with those hardships, but they have their own. Every generation is different.

Mr Albanese has a challenge in 2023, something very important to announce this feels like the economy as well as the skills shortages. He wants to implement changes however selling this to others in government may be a challenge, especially with Penny Wong. She criticizes everything. Let her step up and see what a screw up she will make of it then!. 

As we know 2023 will be a hard year financially, while money is doled out to some, others seem neglected. Not getting enough to make life better. We are also at the dawn of a new era as well as going through hardship for a while at least.

Tourism will help the rural economy in coastal areas and other popular tourist areas. Regional areas need a plug to attract more tourists. 

Michaela Cash comes up in the news for some reason, I am just given her name but nothing else. There is also a light haired female politician in the news, who is very focused on one issue. She is very authoritative, direct and to the point, what she wants she will fight for; because she is very stubborn and holds her ground.  This woman is connected to Queensland politics, she has short or shoulder length hair and a tanned complexion, reminding me of Julie Bishop.

This summer is about steering the country through hardships, February is an important month with the possibility of a financial turning point. This in no way means hard times are over, it's a breathing space.

Teamwork will be needed from every industry to pull us through as a team. I see meetings with big business with the prime minister to help overcome our shortages and build up industry again both on the homefront and in Asia. The Asian pacific will be looked after and will benefit from Australian companies. China will not like this so expect a backlash and possible sabotage.

There is an air of happiness and new beginnings for some. New School changes, This feels like children that are starting school for the first time are going to do it a bit differently than how it used to be done.

This might include the enrolment process or the way children are taught, this affects kindergarten and year one children and perhaps preschoolers. Don't rule out part time or split classes allowing parents time to drop off and pick up children between work shifts. I feel this affects NSW only at this stage.  This will be popular among many parents.

Juggling finances and changes in lifestyle is in the spotlight. Trying to maintain a standard of living like we used to have will not be easy for many people. Expect some ideas and tips on how to save a little and economize. Old ideas come back such as tips from grandma to help solve the dollar shrinkage. Knitting and sewing, cooking with less etc.

An older woman in public life will step up to help others. She is a practical and down to earth woman in her approach. Very focused on helping others, bless her. The whole thing feels like advice for families doing it tough. Good sound advice with common sense on how to make do with less, but tailored to a modern world. Sounds like Ita Buttrose  coming to the rescue.

The ambulance service is back in the news again but this time it is to do with injecting more funding and more staff. Please remember it takes a while to train new ambulance officers so please be patient. This is an extremally stressful job with a very high burnout rate too. 

Possible private funded ambulances or sponsored perhaps by health funds? Medical issues are in the news, funding is still tight though. Upgrades of hospitals but not much increase of staff, more on that in a moment though. I do feel there will be more female to male new doctors graduating in 2023. 

Natural therapies and psychology are in the news, it looks like 2023 will be the start of focusing on healing in Australia but not in the traditional ways. More like a combination of traditional and complimentary therapies. This is to try to boost the public health system.

The more that I look at the cards I see that Australia is definitely heading into a major turning point in 2023. Destiny you may say, this is a very significant change. Australia is seen by many as a land of money and opportunity; which makes it attractive to other countries; that seek to take advantage of our generosity. This is worth keeping an eye on because it is a financial scam, trying to rob Australia and it's people of their money. Beware! Our assets are highly desirable to others.

The government needs to think wisely on this and also not allow foreign ownership  as this is a foolish move in current times. Keep business under strict control for the foreseeable future. No foreign ownership by anyone especially utilities and farmland. Change the laws now or regret it later, this has never benefited Australia at all only served as a form of external control over us.  Under current laws it may be difficult to make the changes needed so this must be examined carefully.  Australian farms and business interests need protecting. 

I see new laws in defence coming as well as criminal and general laws. Some people may feel that the Prime Minister is out of his depth in regards to world affairs and homeland security. However he must be very careful on the world stage because he does not want to upset anyone, he is not stupid and he also has advisors around him to keep him right. He will also speak up for Australia. 

As the government tries to paint a positive spin on things; there is strong focus on the environment. This is an area that will drain huge finances from the nation, act in haste repent at leisure. This is bowing down to the greedy cabal of climate scammers and pressuring nations to sign up for a scam that will drain money and resources by design, lining the pockets of the criminal elite. Time will bear the cold harsh truth on this one but don't expect an apology or the money back. It will be gone and we will be made to look like fools. 

Roadworks will be a thorny issue all year as we struggle to rebuild our roads. This is going to take time unfortunately. Add  bureaucracy to the frustration here as they are always the fly in the ointment. 

I see new technology coming out involving some new sort of rubber material made from recycled materials. this will be tried in rural areas perhaps to strengthen roads. I hope it is successful.

There will be financial sacrifices in 2023 as we have a tight budget. We must get into the mind set of thinking, "Do I have enough money  to pay my rent or for loan repayments" Keeping the roof over our heads as well as trying to keep our health in hard times. Going to the doctor will be more expensive. Luckily Canberra has walk in government health clinics. I don't know about other states and territories. So you will need to check out what your state has such as going to the local hospital or a pharmacy practitioner etc. 

The Australian government needs to be more wary of the United Nations and not be afraid to say no to them. Add the WEF to that too. Otherwise if Australia is not careful they could hit rock bottom because these agencies work like a big vacuum cleaner and drain funds. That money goes into a black hole and take a look at the list of big corporations that are on the website if the WEF. Its a get rich quick NWO scam that people are sick to death of. These fat cats are unelected dictators with power. They are not a government and have no authority, so Mr Albanese must think logically before parting with tax payers money.

How do we defend our nation in  the coming war in the next couple of years? If there is insufficient money in the defence kitty and trying to feed and care for the nation at the same time; it is going to be a futile exercise. 

Defence is in the news with a possible new defence chief. This could even be a post created like the Space Force. I feel water connected to this position. Travel and defence are connected which will be for Ukraine. Deploying military personnel  over to Europe to assist in logistics, training and or maintenance rolls such as the maintenance of vehicles and equipment. 

I am drawn to the queen of wands now, with a stabilizing influence based on love, logic and harmony.This is a woman with light coloured hair trying to make her voice heard. This feels like Camilla the queen consort in regards to Ukraine which could end up as a disappointment with only small gains. I have no idea why this shows up in Australian predictions. Unless it is an Australian woman.

As I said earlier Climate Change will be in the news again with small gains. Agreements signed. But be very careful here because there is betrayal (3 of swords) in the wind for Australia. We are being played for fools. There is a woman playing a key role in this as a spokes person, talking up the benefits when in reality there are none. How much of a kick back is she getting? She is getting paid to do this. She is either a well meaning fool or otherwise, but she is being rewarded.

 On a nice note I see a little blond haired boy with a big sunny smile. I see children enjoying ice blocks and fruit this summer. Beaches will be full so keep an eye on children as they have fun in the sun.

Supermarkets are back in the news, this feels strange because it feels like a merger of some sort. Not only price increases but merging of brands or the stores themselves in some way. This may upset and divide some people.

New Zealand is in our news as the  incoming New Zealand Prime Minister wants to do some fence mending with Australia, this will be accepted with open arms and will benefit both nations. Lessons are learned from the past leadership. Moving on and a win- win for all of us  😁

Cyber security issues again, oh dear! 

I also see another nation trying to pull the wool over our eyes, mixed communication involved so Mr Albanese has to think fast and very carefully. The issue could be very bad for our sovereignty. So Mr A will be on the ball with his advisors. I do feel that he has a tip off about this serious matter. This will anger China as they see it as a snub. No, it is called not being made a fool of! Respect other people and their boundaries. 

 China  will be playing mind games with Australia so get used to it. There is a connection to  the military and water with this, I would say territorial issues. Our territory must be protected at all costs and tensions are rising. Caution is the key word.    

The government will make major decisions in relation to homeland security, Cyber crime and espionage are indicated and must be dealt with properly. Update the laws accordingly. It's no easy task but it must be dealt with quickly for our own good. 

Banking is a target (cyber attack)yet again great caution has to be taken as hacking is on the agenda by state sponsored actors. 

Agriculture bounces back in the warm weather with bountiful crops. I feel this is the end of our run of bad luck at last, 2019 was the year that started our bad luck and 2023 will be an end to that. 😀

One final thing is keep an eye on the environment. Nature must not be politicized, I feel there are factions that wish to stop ordinary people enjoying the countryside. This is a political stunt and must not be tolerated. To say that people will destroy the land and environment is absolute rubbish. The land belongs to all of us. It goes through transformations with the universal cycles. Keep the quack politics and dictatorial  control out of our lives, it has no place in Australia.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my predictions, you all mean a lot to me. Please enjoy the upcoming festive season and summer. I wish everyone all the very best that life has to offer you.

Blessings to all and warm and fuzzy hugs


Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2022 

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UPDATE: Wow, I didn’t expect this so soon. 26th  October, Australia to send troops to train Ukrainian soldiers. Just one thing though, why do they need to train soldiers their own army can do that. This only came up on my Google news this morning as I woke up. 


UPDATE: Michaelia Cash 


20 March , Michaelia Cash on 2003 invasion of Iraq in the link below. Hmmm didn’t the US put Saddam in power in the first place and then couldn’t control him? Oops ! 


UPDATE: Cybercrime, Defence department hacked. As I have said in other psychic predictions in recent years, spend the damn money on protecting our government websites or be sorry. Cheap and nasty is what the government usually invests in with no clue on how things really work. Put competent people in charge not morons and buy the best state of the art technology. Any ministers that skimp on technology and cyber protection should be held responsible for this and removed from the post for incompetence. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, ministers included! How many times must I waste time warning people? 


UPDATE: Australia stepping up in world leadership with five eyes. They must not drop the ball on this.


UPDATE: Cybercrime, our government is not acting fast enough to these threats.


New laws on cybercrime and security 


UPDATE: February 27. Cyber Security, Federal government to rewrite cyber laws. 


UPDATE: Health, this could end bulk billing and therefore cost people more to see a doctor. 


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-13/nsw-pharmacists-given-power-to-authorise-repeat-scripts/101647832   NSW pharmacies given increased power to authorise repeat scripts. 

January 23: Shake up for Medicare, I don’t think this will go far enough to improve patient care or the shortage of doctors. 


Medicare: going to the doctor costing you more money. 3 February, Government hesitant on increasing the rebate to doctors which in turn means people may not be able to afford to see a doctor. This under a Labor government! Let’s see what happens, hopefully common sense will prevail because doctors may just quit their jobs and we have a terrible shortage as it is due to government negligence. 


UPDATE: Free preschool for four year olds in NSW in 2023.


UPDATE: Ambulance service 


UPDATE: welfare, money doled out to some but not others. 


UPDATE: Skilled migrants for health and education coming 


UPDATE: Foreign ownership


This is from 2019 on my old blog, read the news article on foreign ownership! 


UPDATE: Australian supermarkets


January 15th


UPDATE: Stretching the dollars. How to stretch out a meal. Expect ore of this to help people feed themselves and their families. 


UPDATE: Schools with shorter hours and split times to start and finish. This looks ridiculous to be frank. How many kids will use the time to study really? 


UPDATE: 6 March, Welfare recipients increase in payments. Not much but better than nothing.


UPDATE: 5 May, welfare increase again for cost of living adjustment 


UPDATE: Supermarkets in Australia, I don’t know if I should include this or not. However they are all onboard. 


UPDATE: 13 March, Water, defence. This is still in the early stage of the prediction, as you can see there is more to come.



30 years?  We don’t have the luxury of  30 years, you dropped the ball here! by 2027 conflict will be underway. 

UPDATE: Defence / Navy and connection to water, new federal agency for nuclear submarines. Unfortunately there is a paywall on this but you can see part of it. 


UPDATE: Aussies being scammed , you snooze you lose folks, it’s that simple.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-05-24/jenny-lost-300000-to-remote-access-scam-commonwealth-bank/102263542  24/5/23 NEVER do anything on line with banking if you get a phone call. Go into your bank branch immediately. Bear in mind that many banks are closing branches too and this makes getter help a little more difficult. Which must be pointed out to banks, they have our money, it is not theirs so it is on them to do something. 

UPDATE: 22 June, Tougher new laws introduced, but that doesn’t mean that the magistrate will use the full force of the law. As we know from the revolving doors syndrome.


UPDATE: Supermarket merger, turned out to be Kmart and Target merger 25/7/23.


UPDATE: 9 November, Education, school times  Queensland public schools to triple new hours  


UPDATE: Supermarkets, Woolworths Big W extending trade into market place to sell furniture etc.


UPDATE: Homeland Security, China, Cyber security etc. Took their damn time over this one. Life your damn game Labor! 


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