04 October, 2022

Things that my dog is good at

 I love dogs, I love Jack Russell's, but some Jack Russell's are assholes. Aren't they Ruby? There is me just now attempting to wipe the dust off the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I can't do heights either and made worse by constant vertigo for 2 and a half years now. Anyway, I took my clogs off to get up on the dressing table stool. Oh and the clogs are new by the way; leather Colorado's.

That little asshole waited until I was in the middle of cleaning the fan and she nicked my clog. She ran like a thief down the hallway in a nanosecond. Luckily I managed to get down off the stool without breaking my damn neck. There she was in the loungeroom with teeth biting in to my clog. This calls for a chocolate button, yeah, I know it's negative reinforcement, but I want the clog back without being chewed.

All this week Ruby has been after the insteps from boots and shoes too. I have to keep a dowel stick in the sliding door of my wardrobe because she will help herself to shoes. This is the dog that waits until I am on the phone and she starts her mischief or I am just about to start a reading and she shows me something in her mouth that she is not allowed to have.....little shit.

Bed time is usually time for a pig's ear chew. They stink! A couple of nights ago she got a new one and it was one of those disgustingly smelly ones. You know when you open a brand new packet and the stench hits you, it was one of those situations. A bit later and not  thinking; I get into bed and think to myself;  Jesus what smells like arse? Yeah, she brought it right up close and lay on top of me eating it. Then she goes down the bottom of the bed and dislodges a bright yellow high viz beanie belonging to my husband. This was squished down between the mattress and the footboard out of sight. She dug out another stinky pigs ear from that, because sometimes she likes two on the go at the same time. The beanie being her idea of a doggie handbag too I suppose. 

Another thing Ruby is good at is the art of the hidden pig’s ear in the garden. She is not supposed to take them outside, however she does manage to sneak one out occasionally. She digs a hole and disposes the ear.  The horrible part is when she decides to dig it up and it is fully rehydrated. Yuk, it’s like a cadaver being dug up. I made the terrible mistake of touching one once. It was horrible, there was no way  that I would let her eat it after being in the dirt as she may have gotten sick from that. 

Morning teatime and Ruby hid her biscuit in the garden somewhere. She’s cute, I’ll give her that! I just can’t stay cranky with such a cute little face. 

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