29 October, 2022

Ralph Ellis books

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It seems the Mary Magdalene thing is back on my mind lol. Like a dog with a bone, so I ferret around again and decided to get some Ralph Ellis books on the subject. The books have been around for a while but they didn’t interest me until the Magdalene thing kept popping up. So I am on to the second book in the Jesus trilogy and can’t put them down. Making notes for myself as my memory is unreliable these days, lol. 

It is astounding the information that Ralph Ellis has uncovered and when you are spiritually awake you need to know this stuff. You can see from a different perspective why things have turned out the way they have since the invention of Christianity and the blood shed because of this. Nothing can atone for the murder of innocence or the lies and outright deception on humanity. Persecution of ordinary people for the sake of money and power, this is unforgivable.

If you have an open mind and want to read these books I highly recommend them. I started with the kindle version of Cleopatra to Christ and then the follow on to King Jesus. 

Do read other books by other authors including the ones that are mentioned in other blog posts;  to get a more rounded knowledge as each writer has different information and useful information to impart to us. You will also find Amazon has Ralph Ellis books in stock as well as the kindle version. I hope you enjoy the mystery as much as I do. I am always amazed at the deep research that authors are permitted to do in this particular subject matter. No doubt there are times when there is little to no access to some  research material given the secrets that have been tightly guarded for two thousand years at various levels of power.

After reading these books you can see why and how different our world would be if Christianity never happened. There has been so much mystery, intrigue, symbols and rituals based around someone most undeserving not to forget millions of deaths , it is horrific when the awful truth dawns. 

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