13 October, 2022

Damning aged care audit reveals abuse and neglect of residents across Australia


This is absolutely heartbreaking, many people in aged care are privately funded. By selling their own home. So they are on average paying $500 k, per person. Think of the money that these nursing homes rake in and invest.

Pay staff a decent wage for a start or no one will do the job;  otherwise questionable people that shouldn’t be anywhere near vulnerable elderly people will end up doing the job. No one wants undesirable’s employed in this field that may possibly harm the vulnerable elderly people due to a lack of respect and compassion for the dear old people. 

People of my generation are unwilling to go into nursing homes due to what has been happening over the past two decades. Many nursing homes do not provide nutritional meals, nor adequate health and hygiene care. Why the hell would anyone want to fork out over half a million dollars to receive substandard care and neglect? Not just that, many people that move into care are only there on average three or four years, then pass away. Their lives should be happy and stress free in those final years of life. 

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