29 October, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A session 2, October 2022


Keep an open mind when reading this. I do not accept the teachings of Seth, I don’t feel this is a benevolent being. Nor do I trust anything that is still within the so called Matrix. Given that the third dimension is part of this “Matrix “ and this universe is also an artificial construct of the Matrix, it is not something that I trust in the way of truth. 

This is a sealed unit so one must be vibrating at a high frequency to leave and hold very firm intentions to leave. Not being distracted by anything or anyone. The more that we practice holding the intent and formulating an exit strategy the better. Any channeled information that comes through via the matrix must always be held to scrutiny and when in doubt. Hold off trusting anything, having said that , surely there are some benevolent beings that will help us prior to our incarnation ending to work with our higher selves  in leaving the matrix. I would definitely not follow them though because they still could lure us into the soul trap. 

Nothing from outside the matrix is able to reach us when we are in our physical bodies as far as I know. So these old school so called experts of early 20th century must have been dealing with beings from inside this matrix. Having a brief time with the spiritual church and their beliefs, none of it sits well with me. 

The best advice comes from deep within us, one must go internally and never externally. We are a spiritual microcosm within our own bodies. That includes spiritual protection. 

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