29 October, 2022

Neil Oliver: …..hostile forces are trying to control your mind


Food for thought however; perhaps Neil is new to this stuff. He needs to look back prior to the beginning of the 20th century to see the trail of events leading up to current events. But this in reality goes back to the dawn of time in many countries around the world, where the ruling elite, including the priest classes of pre-biblical times and royalty worldwide controlled everything and still do. The priest class are more powerful than the royals of the world and more dangerous, they have controlled and manipulated  the royals for centuries and disposed of those that were a threat to their power base throughout history, and neither are on our side.

Not just was ancient Atlantis an oppressive society; ruled by the priest class according to ancient social commentators but they had its grip reaching out to every nation in the world and especially the main hubs such as Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Parthia/ Persia and throughout Europe and generational bloodlines keeping the power in the same hands. This is where the power of the Egyptian priest class came from via ancient Ireland.

 So absolutely nothing is new on this earth. Astrological cycles repeat over and over, lifetime after lifetime. This is humanity in a recurring  cycle of enslavement, which could have been prevented if people made the effort to take back their power from the minority of  elites that rule behind the scenes. Warning signs have been obvious for decades  but especially in the past ten years. 

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