23 October, 2022

Neil Oliver: ‘ …. something bad’s coming our way, and it might be coming for you’

Something to ponder on, war is also a blood sacrifice for the elite. Humans are being taught to undervalue all aspects life and our spirituality by this elite cabal. Our humanity and spirituality is an undesirable quality that the elite wish to deprive us of; this is our divine right we are talking about here. Spiritually though cannot be taken by anyone and nor should it. This is what makes us human beings, without this we are just a worthless commodity to be discarded when no longer useful. This is communism in a nutshell being forced upon us. It is as old as time itself in practice. Recognising it is the issue we are facing right now.  

How far is humanity be willing to be pushed and kicked around for, by the elite of this world before pushing back on those that oppress us? Think about the World Economic Forum as an example, a criminal cabal that are trying to destroy our way of life and stripping us of our money, so that they can be even richer than they already are. Money and power concentrated in the hands of a few, that will stop at nothing to take all that we have, and push us into poverty again just like life prior to WW1 and WW2. But this time it will be worse, because they want to reduce the west to a third world status. Taking everything that individuals have worked hard for such as a home to raise their families in. The right to own a car, the right to a proper education without indoctrination. The right to a proper health care system, the right to work, the right to your cultural identity, family identity and values. The right to say;  no to anything they do not understand or do not approve of. To be denied this right is tyranny and a dictatorship. 

People are that confused these days that they can’t even perceive the dangers around them; in the form of powerful people; namely the priest class that Neil has mentioned recently; that have negative intentions against humanity. This has always been the case too if you care to do the careful research you can see this clearly dating back thousands of years BCE. People are giving there vote to some of these individuals clearly unaware of the repercussions. Demanding climate action when there is north wrong with the climate, it is a proven universal cycle. Not a cataclysmic situation because of humanity. Yet people are willing to lay down their lives for this lie and demand that others do likewise.

War is right under our noses, through the constant deliberate actions of the elite of the world. The ordinary people are the virtual blood sacrifice made to the elite; every time they create a war for the ordinary people to fight each other for no gain whatsoever. It has always been the way of course due to the masses being uneducated and accepting their lot in life. But right now people are supposed to be better educated yet many refuse to see reality or the real spiritual fallout for ongoing eternal suffering and laying down their lives for this evil elite. Their basic human rights ignored and invalidated by this evil elite class. Such as the right to live in peace and harmony, the right to keep their families safe, the right to question and refuse to take part in something that has nothing to do with them. There are many rights that are taken for granted and there are rights that are being taken away by this criminal elite yet no on stops them. 

No one wants to cause any problems or be out of lockstep for thinking alternatively. No one in politics is willing to step up for humanity to put an end to criminal behaviour by the elite; because they have a vested interest too or else they would not be in the job. So  we are here in yet another moment of history where our lives are being dictated to us again and again. Facing yet another human sacrifice for a war that the elite created for financial gain and power over humanity.  Not in my name, I value my soul and my spirituality. I know how the game is rigged and the consequences on a soul and spiritual level.

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