03 October, 2022

Warm Banks’ set up in Greater Manchester to help people who ‘cannot afford to put the heating on’


This is an utter disgrace that this happens in a first world country when there is no damn need to go without heating or electricity. How many will die needlessly throughout the cold winter? But this is happening right across the northern hemisphere, energy doesn’t need to be so expensive, but it is done deliberately due to greed no other reason. Yet the media conveniently ignores the real cause of this. People are not stupid, they know exactly what is going on and why.  This is about power and control. Deflecting the blame onto Russia is total BS but they are set up as the fall guys. This is a western government driven agenda tied into climate change and the WEF. 

 How about you look on the World Economic Form and see the list of companies that are involved in the reset and the climate scam. Some just shouldn’t be on the list; unless you understand why they are there and then it makes sense. https://www.weforum.org/partners#search  Here is the link, now click on each letter and see for yourself all the corporations involved, this is big. 

Notice all shopping centres, offices and public places are well lit up and heating is on constantly, but it’s perfectly ok for corporations to waste energy, ignoring the carbon footprint BS. Shopping centres are always over heated too, which is not healthy as they can be vectors to breed viruses. 

How on earth does one do any housework, cook or even look after children that are freezing wearing a blanket?  You simply can’t do your housework wearing a big blanket. How do you safely bath babies and children  in freezing conditions without the heating on? What about people that are elderly, disabled and very small children? Babies and children can’t regulate their body temperature either. 

People that are on blood thinners will really suffer not to mention those suffering from chronic illness including bronchial diseases, people with arthritis, Reynauds syndrome (which is excruciating pain, I have this so I know what the pain is like even at 18 degrees Celsius I can be in agony) and other health issues that affect the quality of life. There will be many problems as a result of this. How many deaths through this are acceptable? How many will be preventable deaths? Which  could possibly include children. This is all about money and control to further enslave the working classes of the world and deliberately dropping the western standard of living. This is like something out of a Dickens novel in one of the richest and powerful nations in the world. 

More homeless people will be on the agenda too. This news article made me think about a prediction for the UK and a new type of homeless shelter that I saw back in 2020. Opening up places for keeping warm is not much different to homeless shelters. 

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2021/03/2021-psychic-predictions-for-world.html. Please notice the actual date at the top of the post. I do all my predictions in October every year and I do a separate lot of psychic predictions for Australia at the same time always. Including on my old blog. 

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