30 June, 2024

Human body healthy frequency rate


Higher frequency in the body, results in better health. It has been shown that a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 mhz. When the body drops below this frequency, we begin to get into illness and disease states. For example, if our frequency drops to 58 mhz, then we are likely to get a cold or flu. If our frequency drops to 42 mhz, we become susceptible to cancer within the body. The lower the frequency, the closer we are to death. Death starts at 25 mhz. The human body should be alkaline to be healthy also, when it turns acidic that is when illness happens. 

Actually this article states that Blue Idaho Spruce essential oil has a frequency of only 428 mhz, yet I have seen it mentioned as 580 mhz, which seems to be the more common number online. Spiritual work needs to have a high frequency, I use Rose essential oil (320 mhz), Frankincense (147 mhz) and Spikenard and was used by Jesus  (I know this has a very high frequency but I can't find my notes on this, so I am googling it).

 Surprisingly some of the oils used for spiritual protection are not that high , but in biblical times I would say the oils used were also as an antiseptic. 

963 mhz is known as the god frequency which activates the pineal gland. Now despite the megahertz of these oils, they have been used in spiritual practices for centuries and obviously do the job Ancient shamans and spiritual practitioners have always known what herbs and oils for their cultures to use for spiritual protection and assisting in their practices. Lets not forget the Catholic church always used incense in resin during certain religious ceremonies. These incenses are to ward off negative energy as well as purification. 

I found this in draft from 2021 😕

Not sure what I did, but the white behind the text is a nuisance, not the first time this has happened on my blog, lol. I think I must have started in WP originally and did a cut and paste. 

Ancient Egyptian 'office workers' had terrible posture just like us, disfigured skeletons reveal


No remedial massages and physiotherapy for these guys. That would be a constant long-term pain to live with. Just spare a thought for ordinary workers back then and their life expectancy though.  

Today’s world of technology means we are often hunched over using a computer, phone, iPad and that pressure on the neck leads to pinched nerves damaged vertebrae, bulging discs and osteoarthritis. Bearing in mind the weight of the human head, which weighs between 2.3 kg to 5kg.The entire body posture is affected and often our skeletal system is out of alignment which causes other health problems. The neck, shoulders, wrists and hands and various levels down the spine are affected. Moving down into the hips and knees. That's lifestyle only and not occupations, of which there are countless that will result in similar injuries. 

Lightening the mood lols on a Sunday


29 June, 2024

Researchers find genetic cause of Raynaud’s phenomenon


Some valuable information finally comes out about this miserable condition. I have no idea who in my family had this disorder, most of them are dead now. Unfortunately people years ago often didn’t discuss their health issues. That is not helping us that need answers, due to the poor attitudes and beliefs of people in the past. 

Thankfully people these days do open up and talk about things, which is  beneficial as well as sharing valuable information about health issues within the family and the medical system. Up until a few minutes ago I had no idea that Reynaud’s was  hereditary, and I have read a lot about it, but this is the first article that I have seen mentioning it is hereditary. For some reason this morning I had an epiphany about my children inheriting this from me and decided to google again, finding this article.This also makes me wonder about Fibromyalgia and a possible genetic link there too. Maybe in the near future scientists will unlock this mystery too.

 Stress and anxiety most definitely affects flair ups in both Reynaud’s and Fibromyalgia, currently I am going into a Fibromyalgia flair up at present. My scalp starts to hurt in random places and my arms start hurting and then the crushing fatigue hits followed by my ability to speak coherently and then I can’t find words to communicate with anyone and my mind shuts down. Having my husband ill and now slowly recovering from his surgery would be just the thing to trigger these disorders. This is why people must set boundaries and not be afraid to tell others to back off and give you space to rest physically and mentally. 


US Supreme Court ruling allows cities to ban homeless people from sleeping outdoors


What does it mean to be human, in the land of the free and home of the brave? A democracy you say 🤔🤥😭 This is abuse of the poor and suffering by a handful of rich, spiritually bankrupt privileged individuals, who are so far out of touch with reality and the suffering or ordinary people. 

28 June, 2024

Apple’s strict iPhone rule when you die and the feature you must know


This is something that we all need to think about, and backing everything up in an external hard drive is a must. What happens if you get hacked or your phone stolen? There is a lot of phone hacking around, so keep that in mind too.

I am glad that my dad wasn’t into modern phones or computers, we had plenty of photos to use at his funeral at Christmas time last year, but this man was not much older than me. I make sure that my family can access my phone and devices in case something happens to me, not death, but ill health or any random situation. People die at all different ages and it is important to keep family informed on how to get into your phone and devices if they have to. Not just that you should have a will made if you are an adult, thousands of people die every year intestate (without a will). As soon as my first child was born I had my will made, I don’t take risks of any sort. Plan ahead and plan wisely.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 June 2024


RE: Q1, Astrologically and spiritually speaking yes, there are exit points in our lives, Saturn is the planet of restrictions And it rules the 10th house and the sign of Capricorn. Saturn represents the freedom urge, limitations, responsibility and male authority figures including your father. This planet also helps you with restructuring your life. The key word is The Teacher and it is a hard taskmaster. 

The south node or dragons tail is the other thing to watch out for in a house of endings, but you can’t predict a death with astrology, only after the fact. Tarot cards on the other hand can predict deaths. I avoid that like the plague when reading the cards. 

RE: Q2,  When a loved one in spirit tries to let us know that they are beside us, we will generally feel that someone is watching us. We may also see them in our mind’s eye or clairvoyantly, as that is our psychic senses working and it’s perfectly normal to experience this. Along with this there is usually a warm tingling feeling around our body, that is our intuitive sense working again. This is the body’s natural reaction when spirit is present. We are all bio-electrical beings, we have our physical bodies and the etheric body made up of seven layers governed by 7 main chakras down the meridian core of the body.

As a child I often felt that tingling feeling and the feeling of being watched. The most common time for me to feel this was if I was home alone  after school, especially if there was a thunderstorm. I used to be afraid of thunderstorms, so I put that down to loved ones in spirit trying to let me know it's alright. At these times I could definitely feel spirit presence, one just knows the feeling because it is unmistakable. These spirits are usually grandparents, great grandparents  and other family members in spirit letting us know that they are there to say hello and generally as a comfort us. 

Negative entities are rare and it’s usually because someone is messing with something that they shouldn’t. Reptilians generally smell disgusting like poo. I have only experienced them a couple of times a few years ago. I am definitely not afraid of them now, although my first experience was at a trance medium course that I didn’t want to go to in the first place because I knew something bad would happen and it did.

I have written about it on this blog and my old blog. That stench cannot be hidden either, lol. You may be looking to the person next to you thinking, did you just cut one? I saw this huge smelly being clairvoyantly in my hotel room after the first day at the course. The first thing I noticed after being woken up was the foul stench and a creepy feeling of being watched. As I looked to the side of the bed there was this huge bloody freak of a reptilian with a green and bronze colouring. I nearly pooped myself, but they can’t harm us really because they are not in the same dimension as us. They can only frighten us and nothing more. I don't generally waste my time with this stuff  now. Life is busy with family life and my psychic life. 

Sleep paralysis is not something that I have experienced but I know people that have had very bad experiences, one was a police officer many years telling me of a terrifying experience with a black energy being trying to choke the person as well as the crushing weight on their body. Another person I know was attacked the night her step daughter was killed in a crash, as the young girl came to see her family in spirit form minutes after her death, she unknowingly brought a dark entity with her that proceeded to try to choke her step mother and her father. When my friend came to see me a few days later this entity turned up to. Well, I wasn't going to take that. I just called in my guides and that malevolent entity was taken away. I guess he didn't like the fact that I was stronger than him. I never communicate with these entities either, I am very blunt with beings like that. I just go to work on removing them. Despite what some well intended but misinformed psychics think, you must never even attempt to communicate with these entities or they can gain the upper hand.

I have encountered a few very poorly trained people in the spiritual community that teach , you should ask the entity what is wants. Hell no! Don't ever be as foolish as that. Dark entities are cunning and often will pretend to be a child in spirit. Once they gain your trust then they show their true intentions. What you see on tv shows is theatrical and not real. So please do not be tempted to join in this sort of nonsense. It goes south very quickly. 

Re Q4, No surprises there, it's always the same at the top, this is a controlled environment and of course the top of the heap is controlled by these beings. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its a cow. If you have to ask then maybe you should try listening to your own inner voice and your intuition. Nothing in this world is what we think it is and that goes double for the non physical realms.

RE Q5, I am always very skeptical on trusting any of this information. I will sit on the fence until I am on the other side of life. I will explore for myself, and if Wes is correct on our recall after we go through the grid, then we may already know intuitively. My rule of the thumb for myself is to trust and accept nothing unless I actually see or experience something for myself, I prefer to be cautious.

26 June, 2024

Callum the Stag: Famous Scottish Stag put down because tourists kept feeding him junk food


Poor Callum, people need to have more common sense than feeding an animal junk food. They are not like us, and have their own unique diets to sustain them in optimal health and each species is unique. Animals have survived on their own with their correct diet and habitats for thousands of years, until modern humans in the 20th century onwards intervened, with absolutely no idea of what animals eat.

Their gastrointestinal tracts are not designed the same as humans gastrointestinal tract, and they are not supposed to be like ours therefore cannot assimilate junk food into their bodies. Most humans don’t even know how to eat healthy as it is. 

This poor stag didn’t stand a chance of survival if he became dependent on food that is not only unhealthy for him, but became addictive to him and his health suffered because of it. Just think of the terrible pain he would be suffering from with the toothache alone. 

Then the gastrointestinal issues and debilitating health caused by careless and thoughtless people. He would be hunted by other stags because he is unhealthy and can’t take care of himself and thus becomes a liability to the pack. Just think of the freezing cold winters and unable to forage for food properly in the wild. Leading to hunger and starvation and not accepted by the rest of his pack. 

Stags are magnificent and majestic creatures, which we Scots call the monarchs of the glen for a reason. Learn to respect them and all animals, the only reason to intervene with them should be for their welfare such as sickness or injuries. Admire them from a safe distance and respect their environment too. 

Shame on everyone that did not respect the rules on not feeding Callum or any wild animals. You are to blame for his poor health and subsequent death. 

People just will not do as they are told and this is the terrible consequences of their ignorance and arrogance. This is animal abuse and the egos of very thoughtless people who don’t stop to think through the consequences of their arrogant actions. I doubt very much if they even care; it’s more like, Oh well, never mind, as they move on to the next thing that amuses them. 

There needs to be a more extensive national media reporting on not feeding human foodstuffs to animals, via TV, radio, internet and government mail to get the message out to the public. Teaching responsibility and respect for all animals because this is the only way to get the message across to people along with massive fines. 

Animal rescue groups take the time to learn what animals eat and how to care for them properly. And if you love animals and would like to help them, then please contact the appropriate channels for advice and training. This is not a job for fun and amusement, it’s heartbreaking at times, but well meaning humans dedicate themselves to helping animals in need and crisis. Not just that there is a shortage of veterinarians due to the high stress levels and suicides because these wonderful people care so much and feel deeply about animals. If you have ever witnessed an animal suffering and being euthanised then you understand. I have had to witness my fur babies, avian babies and rodent babies being euthanised and it’s very distressing. 

Please stop and think about the lives of animals,. In 2019 Australians witnessed horrific bushfires all over the eastern states with animals dying in the millions. Some had to be shot because there was just so many of them burned and in excruciating pain that survived the fires. But couldn’t be saved so they had to be killed to stop their terrible suffering, the military were called in to help in the dreadful duty. Just think of the trauma on those people tasked with such a terrible job to do, it’s not a thing that one can forget. 

I have seen the Canberra bushfires of 2003 up close and personal right in my yard. The dead kangaroos in the streets around me was a horrific sight that I will never forget either.

Please stop and think about the way we humans interact with wildlife and their environment. We are here on this earth to look after the animals both wildlife and domesticated. They are not like us, they are better than us because they are pure and beautiful souls.They trust unconditionally and love unconditionally. Show them the same respect and love because they are worth it. 

22 June, 2024

Saturday needs LOL's


               Can you get the lid off the Vegemite dea? I can’t manage ! And that’s how the fight started 🤪

21 June, 2024

Tarot Card of the Month: July 2024, Ace of Pentacles



                         Planets: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo  Element: Earth

July is an interesting month with the world going through a series of different transformations . THis card shows a very grounding month and of course the card is represented by the element of earth. New ideas and opportunities are indicated for July. The expression grabbing the ball and running with it comes to mind as I study the card. This covers world events as well and world leaders   grabbing opportunities and running with it.

Luck is a big factor here politically especially with the elections in some countries like the UK and France. We know it's goodbye to Sunak in the UK but I feel the Macron of France will get back in by the skin of his teeth with a reduced amount of seats in parliament. People are afraid of any possibility of far right politicians and won't risk their vote. 

Africa goes from bad to worse with conflict and hunger, which is a terrible human tragedy that never ends. Businesses have big opportunities in July as there will be new business agreements, profits will be made and a lot of luck  is guaranteed. 

I hear the word, tomatoes and I feel they will skyrocket in July.Not a good sign for people trying to eat healthy. The ace in the middle of the card tells me two things, one there is a lot of money around this month and two it's will be a scorcher in parts of Europe still and other countries such as the US, parts of Asia and then the weather will turn late August. 

There are plenty of opportunities in July fore making money, and employment. The Houthis' and other like minded  individuals will be stepping up their action, they seem well armed and mean business. The west need to act on this a bit faster and they need to arm up a bit more to keep on top of the situation.I feel they do not use enough hardwear so to speak to stop the attacks. Yes there will be an escalation as it is a long drawn out conflict. The Houthis' are very determined and are well supplied. 

I am drawn to the mountains in the card in side the arched hedge, which signifies a long road ahead with conflicts globally and also the financial situation connected to this ongoing conflict. However the archwaya also alludes to good things for those that are prepared to stretch out for higher success in their careers and securing their future. 

There is more movement of people indicated and some of this is to do with finding employment including students joining the workforce after completing their studies. Mainly in the northern hemisphere and a slight boost to the employment figures. 

I also see young muslim women in this completion of studies and entering the workforce in areas such as academic fields including  medicine and public service and public relations. Expect trade start ups and offering new futures for some lucky young people. As you can see July is a month of opportunities. So grab them as soon as they pop up. 

Please be very mindful of scams and bogus job offers that seem too good to be true. What is offered is not what it seems, so please read the fine print as they say. I get a strong feeling of sleight of hand tactics targeting vulnerable people such as refugees being tricked into things where they are being exploited. So please do a background check before making a decision with a job offer or money scams.

People are also seeking peace during these uncertain times and need to feel safe and grounded in their lives. 

Sadly Gaza is not going to slow down anytime soon. I see the red cross and the red crescent wringing their hands in despair. Food and medicine are being diverted by crooks again. 

There is also a big divide between people in the west  versus people in the east. It's a very sad situation where people that have done nothing wrong yet are put through suffering in different countries. 

Please look after your families and loved ones and lets pray for a peaceful solution that is workable for everyone fairly.

Blessings, and warm and fuzzy hugs people. Have a wonderful weekend.


20 June, 2024

A big shout out to the surgical team and the nurses who cared for my husband

 I know that I don’t always have kind words to say about the Canberra hospital, but from the moment my husband went in to have his much needed 5 hour surgery procedure last week, on 14 June, the medical care has been outstanding. From the lovely surgeon Dr Jana Balysooriya ( a truly lovely man and so genuine putting our minds at great ease ) the leading surgeon in charge of the procedure right through to every single nurse and doctor in theatre and on the surgical ward. Not to forget the lovely ladies that always have a lovely smile as they deliver meals and cups of tea and coffee. We truly appreciate every one of you, who has been there and we wish to express our deepest gratitude to all of the team. 

This is what makes a good hospital, when everyone is working in unison as a team and communicating with each other. It’s not always the case unfortunately, but from the moment my husband went into surgery the care has been outstanding.

 I am very much a person that likes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication to the patients by the medical professionals and their staff and support staff. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for us we truly appreciate your care. 

Update: Friday 21 June, A totally sleepless night last night,  and on my feet early this morning. I last slept two nights ago and I am so exhausted now. With everything going on with my husband and trying to keep everything going between home, hospital,  and caring for another family member. Sheesh, I am knackered and I hope that I can sleep tonight. My husband is home and resting in bed so that is good, no more hospital until his staples come out and his drains removed. We are aiming for next Monday for the final part of the journey. This has been a very long journey for us. The hard part was from January to last Friday with non stop complications and screw ups at the hospital. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #2 June 2024


Some interesting stuff here 

19 June, 2024

Coldest morning of the year in Sydney, Melbourne as records fall


Well it was colder that that in Canberra this morning, it went down to -6.1 Tuggeranong in south Canberra 

at 7.30 am. I actually live there and every morning I check the weather report and I  check the observations for  overnight temperature too. Click on the image and at 7.30 am today it shows the exact temperature as -6.1.  The journalist is lazy when it comes to checking the figures. 

18 June, 2024

Archaeologists in Crete mystified by 4000-year-old discovery


The past couple of weeks there has been a few discoveries in the news. This one surprised me that it remained hidden for so long. How often do aircraft’s fly over the area I wonder? 

Good Feng Shui advice


For Feng Shui lovers and those new to it. The water element can even be a dvd of waterfalls or water theme DVD on a loop for relaxation. I have a beautiful dvd of Australian waterfalls and flowing water I use the water sound rather than the classical music option. Much as I love classical music, it’s about the energy on a spiritual level for me. 

12 June, 2024

Aunty Flo Dream Interpretations: Furniture


Ah, My go to lady never fails to enlighten me, well most of the time anyway.   I have very lucid dreams every night and I usually turn to Flo and a couple of other websites to help with the very complex dreams that I have. The interpretations are not always possible with my dreams and I often have to figure them out by myself. No doubt many people are in the same boat so to speak, but please give Flo a go for her wise teaching. 

This article strikes a few notes with me, I am going through very serious issues right now. My fear of being widowed is the paramount thing on my mind right now as the time draws closer for  my husband's surgery, which is literally hours away. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 1 June 2024


Project Blue beam has been in the mainstream for years I personally am over that rubbish, I just don’t have time for it anymore. Whether it’s real or not I don’t care about it anymore. 

With Q 3 I definitely don’t agree with the astrological view and I am currently studying astrology as well as you know I am a Clairvoyant so I see and know from that perspective very strongly what is happening. 

When doing astrological predictions there are various influences and interpretations to work from and the individual picks from this wealth of data what they feel is the most relevant to the astrological calculations at that point in time. 

In regards to Q 5 comment by Wes, I can tell you from my personal experience also that humans unfortunately do need to eat meat for optimal health as not all the required nutrients are produced by other foods. Also a vegan diet is definitely harmful neurologically as I asked a neurologist about this when I was having my fibromyalgia diagnosed and he said it was harmful. I already knew it was but wanted to hear it from someone that is a neurologist. Yet here we are seeing mainstream media pushing this nonsense and universities are indoctrinating kids into believing that they should become vegan. 

 I was a very strict vegetarian for 10 years until lockdown in March 2020. I was a vegetarian for purely spiritual reasons and I love animals. I still struggle with eating meat and the suffering of any animals deeply distresses me. I have always donated to local animal charities and have adopted cats from animal shelters and will definitely do so again. The narrative in some areas of the spiritual community believe that being a vegetarian gives one a better connection to spirit communication. This was actually stated by someone teaching  psychic development in a group that I was learning with can and I can tell that it is absolutely unfounded. As  a clairvoyant and medium it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever if you eat meat or not, you are born with these abilities and the more you use them the stronger they become. The same goes with being a spiritual healer, I am a natural born spiritual healer and this runs in my family. Both of my parents were healers too as are relatives overseas. 

Learn to trust your instincts and don’t rely on hearsay for your beliefs, again I am speaking from experience here. As I attended a spiritual church to learn about my own personal psychic abilities and how to use spiritual protection. It was during that time I discovered that I was a spiritual healer like my parents, my father was the main healer and the spiritual healers in my family are on my father’s side of the family. My mother was learning to be a reiki master with my father at the time I was starting my spiritual practices. After my mother passed she worked with my father from spirit. 

I must point out though that my father ditched reiki for spiritual healing because it is the pure healing energy that you are born with. Reiki uses an intermediary to channel the healing energy. With spiritual healing it comes directly to you and no intermediary is involved. So basically when my parents decided to learn healing this was just the catalyst for my father to use his own spiritual healing abilities. 

 After spending hundreds of dollars on learning reiki to eventually drop it. It would have been better to just learn how to use his healing abilities through the spiritual church which is much cheaper and less time consuming for a  bit of paper to say that you could do healing rather than using your own power. 

You don’t learn to be a healer you are born with the ability, you do need to learn how to use your powers though and how to ground and attune yourself before and after each healing session. You must always use spiritual protection too. There are many ways to do all three grounding, attuning and spiritual protection, and stick with what you feel is right for you. 

11 June, 2024

'I was following instructions': Chief Minister apologises for parking in disabled spot at private event


Entitlement much? This is the way too long serving Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory,  putting the blame on others for his own actions. Not so good at parking never mind having the arrogance to park in a disabled spot. 

The Goddess Nike on your hot cross buns and clothing


Think of the sports brand Nike when you see that famous tick that we use to mark something as correct, mythology and symbology are very much  strong influences in our world and always will play a role as do the colours used in symbolism and advertising.  Having a powerful effect on our psyche with its own form of branding,  as does religion and astrology influence us on often subtle hidden ways. Nike was the goddess of victory in Greek Mythology . The Nike tick is symbolic of the wings of Nike as in swift victory. She represents victory in music, athletics and military competitions. So this is suggesting a bit of competition for the old Hot Cross Bun in the news article below.  


Basically it's just swapping one myth for another in this news article. The change over from the age of Aries to the age of Pisces symbolically known as a Fish for Christianity, and the cross also represents the earth if you have a circle around it. The cross also represents the four cardinal points; but it also represents spirit becoming physical in mass and matter  metaphysically. As in when a human being comes into being in our world.  The Lamb of Christ /Ram is Aries, the lords are the zodiac houses and the procession of the zodiac which runs anti clockwise in approximately 2000 year cycles. If you go back before the age of the Ram/Lamb it was the worshiping of the Bull as in Taurus.  

We are now leaving the age of Pisces (the 12th house  ruled by Neptune and the sign of Pisces). The 12 house which rules, spirituality, psychic abilities, illusion, deception, seclusion or what is hidden. healing, the subconscious mind, hidden enemies and hidden agendas. It is the last of three houses of endings and is ruled by the element of water. 

The ruling planet Neptune governs All maritime matters, liquids of all kinds, music, movies, the stage, television, glamour, dreams, illusion, delusions, spirituality, ideals, mystical and mysterious, hunches, all things that we take for granted in life without questioning, Neptune also governs fog (water which  comes in three forms, liquid, vapour and ice. Then there is anaesthetics, flattery, the intangible, fragrances, second sight, the love of poetry, colour, and dancing/movement. Drugs, alcohol, addiction, hypochondria, sleep walking, hypnosis, the immaterial and abnormalities. Neptune’s actions are subtle, gradual and sometimes insidious. It is the higher octave of Venus, and the second of the three transcendental planets.

Where you find Neptune is where you deceive yourself and others, it is also where you seek the ideal.

Note: this information comes from the book, The only way to learn astrology (vol 1) by Joan McEvers and Marion March. 

We then move into the age of Aquarius, which is a contested area because most people either don’t agree or actually know when the age of Aquarius actually starts. According to some scholars the new age begins around the 2050’s or else much later in 2100’s.  Studying Astrology, which pointed to it being underway since the 20th century and covers 2100AD to 2800 AD. That's quite a tricky thing but in reading the article it may be something to take into consideration. Nobody can fully predict the  beginning and ending of the age of Aquarius, however the energy can be felt in subtle ways with human behaviour.  

The 11th house of the zodiac is ruled by the cardinal sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Breaking this into what it governs is as follows. The 11th house itself governs, the love you receive from others, goals, hopes and dreams, circumstances beyond your control, friends. Money obtained via your occupation, 

The glyph for Aquarius is two wavy lines like water waves or electrical waves. Aquarius rules science, technology, inventions, it’s humanitarian, progressive, logical and futuristic. It is egotistical and utopian, bohemian  eccentric, intellectual, humanitarian. 

Uranus its ruling planet represents the freedom urge also known as the great discontent. and its key word is the awakener. Uranus rules, inventions, originality, science, magic, the occult, light, law, astrology, psychology, insight into nature's laws, sudden change, revolution, dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellion and autonomy. Uranus is a breaker of tradition, its gender neutral and sexless.

Uranus is also renowned for its connection to earthquakes and natural disasters.

Where you find Uranus is where you tend to do the unusual. So this as we can see will usher in a totally different world from what we know. We are already in a totally different world to our grandparents and great-grandparents. So that little tick is a nod that things will change whether people like it or not. Testing the public reaction like an experiment to see the reaction. 

08 June, 2024

Bill Anders: Nasa 'Earthrise' astronaut dies at 90 in plane crash


What a terrible tragedy, he was still flying at 90, wow. I guess he would rather go this was rather than like many people that die in a nursing home suffering from dementia. I think he was very brave to still be flying at his age. 

05 June, 2024

Smudge the cat tells it like it is


                                              Gotta love his sass! 



The world has lost a very funny and much loved man. Loved by all Australians young and old alike for his quick humour. His long battle with cancer is finally over, may he rest in peace.  

                                                 John Blackman, the voice behind  Dickie Knee

              Dickie Knee was just a stick on a polystyrene ball with a wig and hat, and supposed to be naughty schoolboy,

02 June, 2024

A day without a problem is a blessing

 A day without a problem is a blessing. With too much going on in our lives making us stressed and we forget the little things in life that make us happy. Be it a kind word of thanks or a good deed that happens unexpectedly. That is a blessing, no matter how small it is, it’s something nice to uplift the soul. 

Single older women living in converted tiny homes, cabins at caravan parks amid housing crisis


This is something that really bugs me, and it's the frightening reality for more and more people because our lazy Australian government over decades would not keep up with the demand for affordable housing for people on low incomes. This is a national disgrace, as far as I am concerned. Men, women and children are all entitled to affordable health care and a safe warm roof over their heads as a priority. 

The government deliberately buck passed on this housing shortage for over 30 years allowing it to get out of hand, and then taking in too many newcomers at a rate that the government is unable to cope with. We won't see any improvement any time soon either. This situation could happen to your parents or grandparents who are struggling financially after working all their lives and paying their taxes. How fair is that; when you have contributed to the country all your working life? 

Many women do not even have superannuation to support them either, and if they are lucky to get a little casual job to be able to afford food as well as pay their rent and utility bills, that is as far as the money stretches. Not just that older people also have health problems that may affect them working due to chronic pain etc, but force themselves to do part time work just to keep a roof over their heads. I know women in that situation.

Housing must be made a priority for elderly and the disabled, and the housing must be in areas near amenities such as public transport, medical care and shops. Not all elderly people drive, especially women and these realities must be factored in to building new houses and apartments. 

People on their own also benefit from having a pet for companionship. It is good for one's mental health and general wellbeing. Not just that, there are foster groups that will give you pet food for a pet that you agree to foster because there are so many fur babies needing a forever home.  So that is something to think about when thinking about the homeless and those that are lucky to get accomodation. 

Black Spruce Essential Oil


I came across this article today when looking up spiritual usage of essential oils for my personal use. I am aware of the high frequency of  Idaho Blue Spruce, which is rather expensive and not always available in Australia. The frequency is the highest of the essential oils that I am aware of at a phenomenal 580 MHz. So the Black Spruce would also have a high frequency and is a good option for psychic work, whether you use it in an oil burner or in a massage oil or whatever you want to use it in. Please be mindful of any sensitivity to the oil and read up on the do’s and don'ts of any essential oil that you are using. 


As luck would have it, my new oil guy actually has this oil. Actually, Max was my very first essential oil retailer in Canberra, way back in the late 1990's and he had moved out of town many years ago. So I came across Bonvale Creations and stuck with them until John retired. John actually recommended Essentials of Australia to his customers and what a surprise I got to find out that this was my original supplier. I couldn’t be more pleased. I intend to stay with this supplier until he retires. By that time I will probably retire myself, lol. 

By the way $9.90 for 18mls is pretty good. The oils come in different sizes, just click on the box that says, size and you will see the different options available. 

Enjoy your reading and enjoy your oils.


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