30 June, 2024

Ancient Egyptian 'office workers' had terrible posture just like us, disfigured skeletons reveal


No remedial massages and physiotherapy for these guys. That would be a constant long-term pain to live with. Just spare a thought for ordinary workers back then and their life expectancy though.  

Today’s world of technology means we are often hunched over using a computer, phone, iPad and that pressure on the neck leads to pinched nerves damaged vertebrae, bulging discs and osteoarthritis. Bearing in mind the weight of the human head, which weighs between 2.3 kg to 5kg.The entire body posture is affected and often our skeletal system is out of alignment which causes other health problems. The neck, shoulders, wrists and hands and various levels down the spine are affected. Moving down into the hips and knees. That's lifestyle only and not occupations, of which there are countless that will result in similar injuries. 

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