12 June, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 1 June 2024


Project Blue beam has been in the mainstream for years I personally am over that rubbish, I just don’t have time for it anymore. Whether it’s real or not I don’t care about it anymore. 

With Q 3 I definitely don’t agree with the astrological view and I am currently studying astrology as well as you know I am a Clairvoyant so I see and know from that perspective very strongly what is happening. 

When doing astrological predictions there are various influences and interpretations to work from and the individual picks from this wealth of data what they feel is the most relevant to the astrological calculations at that point in time. 

In regards to Q 5 comment by Wes, I can tell you from my personal experience also that humans unfortunately do need to eat meat for optimal health as not all the required nutrients are produced by other foods. Also a vegan diet is definitely harmful neurologically as I asked a neurologist about this when I was having my fibromyalgia diagnosed and he said it was harmful. I already knew it was but wanted to hear it from someone that is a neurologist. Yet here we are seeing mainstream media pushing this nonsense and universities are indoctrinating kids into believing that they should become vegan. 

 I was a very strict vegetarian for 10 years until lockdown in March 2020. I was a vegetarian for purely spiritual reasons and I love animals. I still struggle with eating meat and the suffering of any animals deeply distresses me. I have always donated to local animal charities and have adopted cats from animal shelters and will definitely do so again. The narrative in some areas of the spiritual community believe that being a vegetarian gives one a better connection to spirit communication. This was actually stated by someone teaching  psychic development in a group that I was learning with can and I can tell that it is absolutely unfounded. As  a clairvoyant and medium it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever if you eat meat or not, you are born with these abilities and the more you use them the stronger they become. The same goes with being a spiritual healer, I am a natural born spiritual healer and this runs in my family. Both of my parents were healers too as are relatives overseas. 

Learn to trust your instincts and don’t rely on hearsay for your beliefs, again I am speaking from experience here. As I attended a spiritual church to learn about my own personal psychic abilities and how to use spiritual protection. It was during that time I discovered that I was a spiritual healer like my parents, my father was the main healer and the spiritual healers in my family are on my father’s side of the family. My mother was learning to be a reiki master with my father at the time I was starting my spiritual practices. After my mother passed she worked with my father from spirit. 

I must point out though that my father ditched reiki for spiritual healing because it is the pure healing energy that you are born with. Reiki uses an intermediary to channel the healing energy. With spiritual healing it comes directly to you and no intermediary is involved. So basically when my parents decided to learn healing this was just the catalyst for my father to use his own spiritual healing abilities. 

 After spending hundreds of dollars on learning reiki to eventually drop it. It would have been better to just learn how to use his healing abilities through the spiritual church which is much cheaper and less time consuming for a  bit of paper to say that you could do healing rather than using your own power. 

You don’t learn to be a healer you are born with the ability, you do need to learn how to use your powers though and how to ground and attune yourself before and after each healing session. You must always use spiritual protection too. There are many ways to do all three grounding, attuning and spiritual protection, and stick with what you feel is right for you. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

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