28 June, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 June 2024


RE: Q1, Astrologically and spiritually speaking yes, there are exit points in our lives, Saturn is the planet of restrictions And it rules the 10th house and the sign of Capricorn. Saturn represents the freedom urge, limitations, responsibility and male authority figures including your father. This planet also helps you with restructuring your life. The key word is The Teacher and it is a hard taskmaster. 

The south node or dragons tail is the other thing to watch out for in a house of endings, but you can’t predict a death with astrology, only after the fact. Tarot cards on the other hand can predict deaths. I avoid that like the plague when reading the cards. 

RE: Q2,  When a loved one in spirit tries to let us know that they are beside us, we will generally feel that someone is watching us. We may also see them in our mind’s eye or clairvoyantly, as that is our psychic senses working and it’s perfectly normal to experience this. Along with this there is usually a warm tingling feeling around our body, that is our intuitive sense working again. This is the body’s natural reaction when spirit is present. We are all bio-electrical beings, we have our physical bodies and the etheric body made up of seven layers governed by 7 main chakras down the meridian core of the body.

As a child I often felt that tingling feeling and the feeling of being watched. The most common time for me to feel this was if I was home alone  after school, especially if there was a thunderstorm. I used to be afraid of thunderstorms, so I put that down to loved ones in spirit trying to let me know it's alright. At these times I could definitely feel spirit presence, one just knows the feeling because it is unmistakable. These spirits are usually grandparents, great grandparents  and other family members in spirit letting us know that they are there to say hello and generally as a comfort us. 

Negative entities are rare and it’s usually because someone is messing with something that they shouldn’t. Reptilians generally smell disgusting like poo. I have only experienced them a couple of times a few years ago. I am definitely not afraid of them now, although my first experience was at a trance medium course that I didn’t want to go to in the first place because I knew something bad would happen and it did.

I have written about it on this blog and my old blog. That stench cannot be hidden either, lol. You may be looking to the person next to you thinking, did you just cut one? I saw this huge smelly being clairvoyantly in my hotel room after the first day at the course. The first thing I noticed after being woken up was the foul stench and a creepy feeling of being watched. As I looked to the side of the bed there was this huge bloody freak of a reptilian with a green and bronze colouring. I nearly pooped myself, but they can’t harm us really because they are not in the same dimension as us. They can only frighten us and nothing more. I don't generally waste my time with this stuff  now. Life is busy with family life and my psychic life. 

Sleep paralysis is not something that I have experienced but I know people that have had very bad experiences, one was a police officer many years telling me of a terrifying experience with a black energy being trying to choke the person as well as the crushing weight on their body. Another person I know was attacked the night her step daughter was killed in a crash, as the young girl came to see her family in spirit form minutes after her death, she unknowingly brought a dark entity with her that proceeded to try to choke her step mother and her father. When my friend came to see me a few days later this entity turned up to. Well, I wasn't going to take that. I just called in my guides and that malevolent entity was taken away. I guess he didn't like the fact that I was stronger than him. I never communicate with these entities either, I am very blunt with beings like that. I just go to work on removing them. Despite what some well intended but misinformed psychics think, you must never even attempt to communicate with these entities or they can gain the upper hand.

I have encountered a few very poorly trained people in the spiritual community that teach , you should ask the entity what is wants. Hell no! Don't ever be as foolish as that. Dark entities are cunning and often will pretend to be a child in spirit. Once they gain your trust then they show their true intentions. What you see on tv shows is theatrical and not real. So please do not be tempted to join in this sort of nonsense. It goes south very quickly. 

Re Q4, No surprises there, it's always the same at the top, this is a controlled environment and of course the top of the heap is controlled by these beings. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its a cow. If you have to ask then maybe you should try listening to your own inner voice and your intuition. Nothing in this world is what we think it is and that goes double for the non physical realms.

RE Q5, I am always very skeptical on trusting any of this information. I will sit on the fence until I am on the other side of life. I will explore for myself, and if Wes is correct on our recall after we go through the grid, then we may already know intuitively. My rule of the thumb for myself is to trust and accept nothing unless I actually see or experience something for myself, I prefer to be cautious.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

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