20 June, 2024

A big shout out to the surgical team and the nurses who cared for my husband

 I know that I don’t always have kind words to say about the Canberra hospital, but from the moment my husband went in to have his much needed 5 hour surgery procedure last week, on 14 June, the medical care has been outstanding. From the lovely surgeon Dr Jana Balysooriya ( a truly lovely man and so genuine putting our minds at great ease ) the leading surgeon in charge of the procedure right through to every single nurse and doctor in theatre and on the surgical ward. Not to forget the lovely ladies that always have a lovely smile as they deliver meals and cups of tea and coffee. We truly appreciate every one of you, who has been there and we wish to express our deepest gratitude to all of the team. 

This is what makes a good hospital, when everyone is working in unison as a team and communicating with each other. It’s not always the case unfortunately, but from the moment my husband went into surgery the care has been outstanding.

 I am very much a person that likes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication to the patients by the medical professionals and their staff and support staff. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for us we truly appreciate your care. 

Update: Friday 21 June, A totally sleepless night last night,  and on my feet early this morning. I last slept two nights ago and I am so exhausted now. With everything going on with my husband and trying to keep everything going between home, hospital,  and caring for another family member. Sheesh, I am knackered and I hope that I can sleep tonight. My husband is home and resting in bed so that is good, no more hospital until his staples come out and his drains removed. We are aiming for next Monday for the final part of the journey. This has been a very long journey for us. The hard part was from January to last Friday with non stop complications and screw ups at the hospital. 

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