29 June, 2024

Researchers find genetic cause of Raynaud’s phenomenon


Some valuable information finally comes out about this miserable condition. I have no idea who in my family had this disorder, most of them are dead now. Unfortunately people years ago often didn’t discuss their health issues. That is not helping us that need answers, due to the poor attitudes and beliefs of people in the past. 

Thankfully people these days do open up and talk about things, which is  beneficial as well as sharing valuable information about health issues within the family and the medical system. Up until a few minutes ago I had no idea that Reynaud’s was  hereditary, and I have read a lot about it, but this is the first article that I have seen mentioning it is hereditary. For some reason this morning I had an epiphany about my children inheriting this from me and decided to google again, finding this article.This also makes me wonder about Fibromyalgia and a possible genetic link there too. Maybe in the near future scientists will unlock this mystery too.

 Stress and anxiety most definitely affects flair ups in both Reynaud’s and Fibromyalgia, currently I am going into a Fibromyalgia flair up at present. My scalp starts to hurt in random places and my arms start hurting and then the crushing fatigue hits followed by my ability to speak coherently and then I can’t find words to communicate with anyone and my mind shuts down. Having my husband ill and now slowly recovering from his surgery would be just the thing to trigger these disorders. This is why people must set boundaries and not be afraid to tell others to back off and give you space to rest physically and mentally. 


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