26 June, 2024

Callum the Stag: Famous Scottish Stag put down because tourists kept feeding him junk food


Poor Callum, people need to have more common sense than feeding an animal junk food. They are not like us, and have their own unique diets to sustain them in optimal health and each species is unique. Animals have survived on their own with their correct diet and habitats for thousands of years, until modern humans in the 20th century onwards intervened, with absolutely no idea of what animals eat.

Their gastrointestinal tracts are not designed the same as humans gastrointestinal tract, and they are not supposed to be like ours therefore cannot assimilate junk food into their bodies. Most humans don’t even know how to eat healthy as it is. 

This poor stag didn’t stand a chance of survival if he became dependent on food that is not only unhealthy for him, but became addictive to him and his health suffered because of it. Just think of the terrible pain he would be suffering from with the toothache alone. 

Then the gastrointestinal issues and debilitating health caused by careless and thoughtless people. He would be hunted by other stags because he is unhealthy and can’t take care of himself and thus becomes a liability to the pack. Just think of the freezing cold winters and unable to forage for food properly in the wild. Leading to hunger and starvation and not accepted by the rest of his pack. 

Stags are magnificent and majestic creatures, which we Scots call the monarchs of the glen for a reason. Learn to respect them and all animals, the only reason to intervene with them should be for their welfare such as sickness or injuries. Admire them from a safe distance and respect their environment too. 

Shame on everyone that did not respect the rules on not feeding Callum or any wild animals. You are to blame for his poor health and subsequent death. 

People just will not do as they are told and this is the terrible consequences of their ignorance and arrogance. This is animal abuse and the egos of very thoughtless people who don’t stop to think through the consequences of their arrogant actions. I doubt very much if they even care; it’s more like, Oh well, never mind, as they move on to the next thing that amuses them. 

There needs to be a more extensive national media reporting on not feeding human foodstuffs to animals, via TV, radio, internet and government mail to get the message out to the public. Teaching responsibility and respect for all animals because this is the only way to get the message across to people along with massive fines. 

Animal rescue groups take the time to learn what animals eat and how to care for them properly. And if you love animals and would like to help them, then please contact the appropriate channels for advice and training. This is not a job for fun and amusement, it’s heartbreaking at times, but well meaning humans dedicate themselves to helping animals in need and crisis. Not just that there is a shortage of veterinarians due to the high stress levels and suicides because these wonderful people care so much and feel deeply about animals. If you have ever witnessed an animal suffering and being euthanised then you understand. I have had to witness my fur babies, avian babies and rodent babies being euthanised and it’s very distressing. 

Please stop and think about the lives of animals,. In 2019 Australians witnessed horrific bushfires all over the eastern states with animals dying in the millions. Some had to be shot because there was just so many of them burned and in excruciating pain that survived the fires. But couldn’t be saved so they had to be killed to stop their terrible suffering, the military were called in to help in the dreadful duty. Just think of the trauma on those people tasked with such a terrible job to do, it’s not a thing that one can forget. 

I have seen the Canberra bushfires of 2003 up close and personal right in my yard. The dead kangaroos in the streets around me was a horrific sight that I will never forget either.

Please stop and think about the way we humans interact with wildlife and their environment. We are here on this earth to look after the animals both wildlife and domesticated. They are not like us, they are better than us because they are pure and beautiful souls.They trust unconditionally and love unconditionally. Show them the same respect and love because they are worth it. 

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