02 June, 2024

Black Spruce Essential Oil


I came across this article today when looking up spiritual usage of essential oils for my personal use. I am aware of the high frequency of  Idaho Blue Spruce, which is rather expensive and not always available in Australia. The frequency is the highest of the essential oils that I am aware of at a phenomenal 580 MHz. So the Black Spruce would also have a high frequency and is a good option for psychic work, whether you use it in an oil burner or in a massage oil or whatever you want to use it in. Please be mindful of any sensitivity to the oil and read up on the do’s and don'ts of any essential oil that you are using. 


As luck would have it, my new oil guy actually has this oil. Actually, Max was my very first essential oil retailer in Canberra, way back in the late 1990's and he had moved out of town many years ago. So I came across Bonvale Creations and stuck with them until John retired. John actually recommended Essentials of Australia to his customers and what a surprise I got to find out that this was my original supplier. I couldn’t be more pleased. I intend to stay with this supplier until he retires. By that time I will probably retire myself, lol. 

By the way $9.90 for 18mls is pretty good. The oils come in different sizes, just click on the box that says, size and you will see the different options available. 

Enjoy your reading and enjoy your oils.


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