31 May, 2023

Australians lose $260,000 as clairvoyant scams rise


This is something that really disgusts me.  Never take a phone call from someone claiming to be a clairvoyant or psychic, hang up immediately and block the number and report them to the ACCC and perhaps the police depending on what they say to you. More to the point how did they get your number or email?  We psychics never call anyone, unless it is a pre-booked appointment.

No, psychics do not tell you that you will win money either, it is something that we are never told by our spirit guides. Any money showing up in your cards is something relatable to you such as your tax return or an inheritance this is not ever money that you have won. No psychic should tell you that you have a curse on you or convince you to pay them to lift a curse or spell. It is very unscrupulous behaviour and downright harmful to a vulnerable person, which is what such a person depends on to make money. 

Psychics should never give out medical advice, give a diagnoses or prognosis, financial advice, nor tell you about any deaths, to do any of these is illegal and clearly not the responsibility of any psychic. A good psychic encourages you to be more self empowered and to listen to your own heart  for guidance not to be dependent on others for guidance.

You are your own guide. 

You empower yourself. 

Listen to your heart and mind. 

Do not have anything to do with spells, rituals or talismans to ward off evil this is generally a scam.

Also do not believe an evil spirit attached to you; because someone tells you, that is extremely rare and is usually the result of you dabbling in the black arts. 

You are the ruler of your own destiny, however every thing depends on the choices that one makes in life. You also keep attracting the same problems into your life until you finally have an epiphany to change your choices in life and redirect your life on another direction. 

So the take away from this is don’t make yourself a target for scammers. Never accept a call from someone claiming to be a psychic. Be more aware and savvy when taking a call or opening your emails, most suspicious emails go straight into the spam folder where they belong anyway. 

Stay safe and stay empowered! 

29 May, 2023

New Australian owned pet food that improves the health of dogs and cats


New alternative food for our fur babies, sadly it may be beyond the reach of many people. Commercial pet food is not very nutritious and it is getting more expensive. What frightens me is that many people won’t be able to afford to have fur babies in the future because of poverty, including the working poor. So our four legged babies will be a luxury that few can afford. However some people may decide that having a dog or cat is more important than having a holiday or a social life. I personally would prefer a loving fur baby any time because they give meaning to our lives and pure unconditional love.

27 May, 2023

World’s dire future: Students exhibit how culinary scene will look in 26 years


Maybe you should put down the ol’ glass barbecue (crack pipe) πŸ˜‚

Mobile phones discussed in 1963


Newspaper clippings from 18th April 1963 about mobile phones only taken 25 years. In the early 70’s there was an article in the British newspaper stating that they would be televisions like a picture frame to hang on the wall. I remember my dad telling me this when I was 13. And here we are now a common fixture in our homes and public places. As I said before technology is often already invented 20 years or so before it becomes public. Just look back to the early 20th century for examples such as tv before WW2 but it was only local service in a small part of London and then the war stopped the progress until the 1950’s. 

As you can see Snopes has covered this, and the German technology as we already know was very advanced during WW2 and that’s why Operation Paperclip was vital to the US for the space program. 


https://retro-futurism.livejournal.com/1102148.html. 1954 wall mounted tv


Talk about the Jetsons πŸ˜‚

Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink says it has US approval to begin trials in people


OMG, Seriously?? Do you understand what this actually means?  Musk couldn't give a damn because he won't be borged, he is not stupid. Uncle Klause will be so happy with you Elon.

I don't care what the so called benefits are to this, you cannot dress up what a catastophe this will be on anyone that accepts this. Do your homework if you value your soul and your eternal spirit folks. I personally would rather die than suffer this abomination. I can see from checking my stats that people don't seem to want to read this stuff that I have been posting on for a long time on this blog and my old blog. Don't think for one minute that this will ever be stopped because these people will stop an nothing to achieve their goal. 


There are no tags or lables on this old blog because I stuffed it up so just go through each month down on the right hand side at the bottom. Yes I have removes many posts because they were controversial. But hey what was contraversial 5 years ago is in our lives now.  

26 May, 2023

7 Health benefits of Grapes


They also make great Chardonnay 😻

The plan


This was just emailed from Wes Penre to his readers. 

This video has been around for a while so we already know the score also this is only a snippet that is deliberately released not the entire goal plan, for that you will need to comb through hours of videos and articles woven through the UN websites, the WHO, the WEF website and possibly many others. Also this technology doesn’t just spring up suddenly they usually have a ten year or twenty year of the technology being existence before it becomes public and then tweak it to the level they want. 

Just watch people breaking their necks to get this, and hey presto you are caught hook line and sinker. Say goodbye to your spirit , soul and your spiritual autonomy you are now living in a digital mainframe. I don’t think the likes of Schwab will have the stupidity to get an implant because they know what it will do to them and also they are not willing to become cyborgs and have their minds linked to a cloud. Which is utterly horrifying to do to anyone, because once it’s done it will not be undone. Meaning you are no longer a divine spiritual creation. You will be cut off from the spirit world permanently, you will also only have knowledge that you are permitted to have. You will be just a drone with the level of knowledge and intelligence that you are designated and nothing more because of your programming. 

25 May, 2023

24 May, 2023

Why doesn’t Australia have greater transparency around Taser use by police?


Take a moment to digest the news article and try to put this in perspective, the size of a person like Mrs Nowland she was tiny, 160cms tall weighing 43kg. Basically like a child in body weight and with dementia. She needed a walking frame to support herself and hold on to as her body was frail; in order to walk very slowly and obviously she was rather weak physically. Not exactly an agile and sprightly person at 95 years old and in this condition. Remember this was at 4.30 am when the residents are asleep too in a very small nursing home. She was supposedly in her room when this happened. 

Look at the size of the police officer in comparison, not exactly a delicate wee flower is he? No, he is a big solid man and with many years of experience on the job. This really distresses me reading all the things that have transpired not just in the case of poor Mrs Nowland. But all the cases of over zealous behaviour from the police in regards to dealing with people with disabilities and impairments such as mental health issues. 

How many more people have to die before the police and the government get the message? This is poor policing and a lack of respect and compassion for the vulnerable people whom they are supposed to be helping. This is not good enough, the police and the government must be held accountable for each failure in these incidents. There seems to be more such incidents happening now than ever before and something must be done sooner rather than later. How many more deaths are acceptable? How many more broken families must endure this trauma? 

Where is the understanding and compassion for these unfortunate people? Is there any such thing as training to put a mentally unstable person at ease, whether it is police or health care workers encountering them? If not then it is time to take care of this immediately. The public opinion is not on the side of the police when it comes to old people that are physically frail and suffering from dementia and are clearly no danger to the police whatsoever. Nor are very frail, elderly nursing home residents that lack  physical agility a danger to the staff. The staff are supposed to be trained to handle patients with mental illness and other issues. I do understand that not all dementia patients are very small and frail, however if the individual is small and frail they are not a big risk. A more robust able bodied individual with dementia is obviously capable of violence and that does indeed happen and these poor souls have no idea what they are doing they won’t even remember what they did. 

As for people that have mental health problems in public places or even in their own homes the police need to do better than they have been so far.  These police officers have gone through extensive training for these situations. They are not just the average person encountering these vulnerable and impaired people. Yes, a person with a firearm or a knife in close proximity poses a danger but, each case must be evaluated carefully and quickly to determine the risk factors. A firearm is obviously a game changer that only leaves a very narrow margin to respond however each scenario is different. A knife on the other hand can  generally be resolved without a fatal injury as is part of police training. 

There must be better solutions and better strategies in regards to training police officers when responding to a situation where there is a dementia patient or a person who is going through a mental health crisis. Non lethal force and negotiation must be the first steps towards a resolution, if that doesn’t work then move to the next level of resolution. If a properly trained team of police officers cannot disarm a person with serious mental health issues without resorting to shooting or tasering then something is wrong. I would recommend longer time at the police academy providing better training and understanding of how people with mental illness and disabilities feel and act. Empathy is vital to resolving these problems, and this is by no means an easy job for the police and not something that the person going through the crisis wants to happen either, they just want help and understanding. 

The confusion, anxiety, anger and depression or PTSD suffered by the individual is hard enough for the individual suffering from this condition as it is, without an insensitive police officer coming across as intimidating. The person may also be a sex abuse, domestic violence survivor, an ex- military service veteran, a person that has been through war and is suffering from traumatic events. So that adds further stress on the person and given the attitude of the police these days any dealings with the police is extremely stressful and exacerbates the situation for the person. The police seem to forget this person they are dealing with is a victim not a criminal and needs compassion and empathy.

The person is usually in the middle of a breakdown or feeling suicidal and therefore is unable to rationalise correctly. You can’t rush a person in the middle of a crisis to respond in a timely or appropriate manner, that is unrealistic and just isn’t going to happen. Instead, if confronted with a police officer that is insensitive this can stress the person and inflame the situation which results in the person being unable to understand and cooperate. 

That then leads to the police officers being heavy handed and then things spiral out of control into the situations we read about in the news. This should never happen ever. It is a failure of policing and a failure in the health care system. 

Lives are being destroyed by incompetent police and an equally incompetent government health care system. The legacy of this is an horrendous embarrassment and a tragedy that never heals. 

Miami Zoo cancels kiwi encounters following backlash from outraged New Zealanders


Unbelievable; such ignorance and negligence displayed. This from people with a university degree too.  I thought zoos were better than this, but apparently not. 

23 May, 2023

Wes Penre: ORION Q&A SESSION #16


Read this carefully, those mentioned in #2, I strongly disagree my intuition tells me not to accept this “channeled” information. Any channeled information is not trustworthy nor are any beings with this matrix universe. 



Some words of wisdom to ponder. Life is certainly not easy at present but prudence and a wise outlook will help us cope with the challenges and difficulties that we face. Grace and wisdom  help us reflect rather than just react, reflecting gives us a higher understanding in order to respond effectively. If only the human race could unite peacefully and respectfully, acknowledging all our values, differences and practice tolerance and respect for each other. 

War is always inevitable due to arrogance and the never ending insatiable need for control that some individuals harbour. We ordinarily people though need to learn how to live wisely and develop a positive philosophy to live by, to rise above the pressures put on us by evil doers. This makes a difference to us mentally, emotionally and spiritually however that in no way means to turn the other cheek and let these evil doers away with what they do. No, we collectively must hold them accountable. 

Is this what humanity has become?


Read this top  article, and keep in mind this is a vulnerable man with a disability, Mr Thompson should not have been in an unsafe, shocking and deadly environment for a start. Let alone be found dead and eaten alive by bugs. Meanwhile in Australia we have the treatment of two old ladies in shocking cases in the news headlines. What the hell is wrong when this systematic abuse and cruelty goes on? Is this how we treat people, especially the vulnerable ones? Where is the respect and compassion for these vulnerable human beings? It doesn’t bode well for humanity when such terrible things happen and then an attempt to cover up the atrocities. These are human beings, people that are loved by their families and friends, their lives and wellbeing matters as do their human rights. We must demand that human rights are upheld constantly and that inspections are carried out by an accredited body of qualified officials and reports on each individual’s health status and psychological condition on a regular basis to prevent further violations and abuses. 


Mrs Clair Nowland is a 95 year old, 43kg lady with dementia, she is very frail and uses a walker to move around. Do you have any idea of how hard it is to stand up unaided in her frail condition? She is no threat whatsoever there is no way she is a danger to anyone. To herself perhaps, but that would be due to lack of balance and physical strength coupled with her dementia, not to forget that she may not have a staff member around at the moment she may need to go to the toilet. This is heartbreaking to read all of the news articles about these poor souls. I cry when I see something sad with cats and dogs as it is, but in human suffering it is more distressing and to see this suffering that is preventable makes my blood boil. All abuse, negligence and cruelty is horrific and I am lost for words to describe the true depths of how I feel at such wickedness.


Sadly poor Mrs Nowland has passed away, 24/5/23. It’s a very sad story from beginning to end. 😭


For the record it was not a steak knife as they are not allowed in a nursing home, it was a serrated edge knife. The media need to check their facts. 


2020, Mrs Rachel Grahame is an 81 year old lady suffering from dementia weighed just 45kg in double handcuffs. Imagine it’s your mother or father being treated like this. How on earth can this be acceptable in a supposedly civilised country? Where is the respect that is due, the compassion and love? 

My mother in law had dementia for at least 10 years before she died and was never subjected to horrible treatment like these two ladies or the man in the first article. My father is a well loved and very funny man who is now a tiny fragile old man now,  just skin and bones and has dementia. He can’t stand up unaided and needs a walking frame like Mrs Nowland. Reading this in the news scares the hell out of me because I automatically think of my father. This situation could happen to anyone any time because there are some heartless individuals that are unsuitable for the career roles they are entrusted with. 

Is it any wonder my generation are now fearful and rethinking nursing homes as an option as they don’t seem to be the safe environment we thought they were. When time and time again we read terrible stories in the news. Not to forget we sell the family home to move into the nursing homes where there are not enough nurses to cover every patient and it is not value for money either. Remember how things unfolded during lockdown and the distress that the elderly went through alone. That left a profound impression on all of us that we must not forget. 

21 May, 2023

Ya got that right!

 Christ on a bike, ya got that right ladies! More like needing nerve tonic and a bloody good reason to hit the booze  after being face to face with a battle axe. Alcohol is a good solution to nightmares induced by these gargoyles 🀣🀣

Bottoms up πŸ‘πŸ₯ƒπŸ·

Wes Penre: Hymn of the Pearl



Before you read this article in the link above, please keep in mind you don’t need all of these Gnostic teachings if you are a good and honest person and live from your heart. and listen carefully to your heart and spiritual inner GPS because it is there to guide you. A person including the spirit within us knows right from wrong. It’s just that some people choose not to admit that they know right from wrong, and have no problem with being deceptive and choose to do bad things because they want to despite it holding them back from leaving this matrix. 

This world rewards bad behaviour as the evidence is all around us every day. The reality we exist in is a negative reality specifically designed this way to keep us trapped in a state of trauma and suffering thus preventing us from awakening and leaving this reality, many people these days just don’t want to be here either because they have had enough suffering and they don’t want to be here anymore. 

A good honest person has no intention of doing bad things but that makes absolutely no difference in keeping us locked into this reality. It boils down to knowing what this world is and is not, and why it is the way it is. Who is responsible for its existence and who locked us in here. Knowing how to educate ourselves and learning about the grid and how to raise our awareness and frequency high enough to exit is what must be done. Think of the Truman show (true man). 

Reading The Wes Penre Papers on Gnosticism, the Gnostics, we are led to believe these people lived in a peace and good will with their enemies yet they were murdered by these enemies thanks to believing in their teachings. Which may have been the influence of archons deliberately misleading them. So it didn’t work out for them did it, and it definitely won’t work for us either. 

Note the mention of the archonic implant that always incarnates with us at a etheric level. That is there to keep us in a reactionary mindset. Supplying a constant source of loosh from millions of human souls over millions of lifetimes; to feed these entities that dislike humanity, spirit and true spiritual fire that we have within us. Energy is power and spiritual energy is like gold it’s highly coveted and must never be disregarded, disrespected or given away, our very existence is based on our spiritual fire. By the way being reactionary is also one of the things in a person’s astrological make up that must be overcome. 

Notice the comment about the physical body, it is a tomb for the soul and spirit. I have commented on this in another post about the human body is a trap and tomb for the human soul and spirit and we are said to be dead when in the physical body. Spirit being suppressed while in the restrictive physical body. I still have not found the article where I wanted to share this information from. But I have not forgotten, I do  extensive reading so I will come across it again eventually. I am pretty sure it was a quote from a Ralph Ellis book, I just have to find the exact book and share the title and page number. This was not his actual words, it was taken from a quote from a biblical text or a historical text. 

I am doubtful about the nano second as being a wake up, sure you could look at it from the perspective of the internet coming into our lives and the push of New Age teachings flooding the internet and people just accepting that information as the truth. Bad mistake on their part because it is part of the control matrix as well as a product of the CIA which has been verified many times over the years. Intuition should tell you this too. I recall reading that we needed to reach 7 billion people to get the mass wake up. There is no mass wake up or this reality would collapse and there are around 8 billion people here now. Yes that number will decline as it is programmed to decline, how that comes about is a different matter. 

Now when reading this article, keep in mind the mention of this space war around 2008, we don’t have physical evidence of this. I recommend being careful of what you accept as truth. I personally sit on the fence because what we see and experience may not be accurate, so I shall wait until I leave this world; and yes I do intend going through the grid, but I am very wary of the Orions  also. I will choose where I want to go and primarily to heal myself and then examine my options. Keep it simple, stay focused and also keep firm intentions. Trust nothing but your instincts and your higher self. 

UPDATE: 27 May 2023, Re:the physical body being a tomb. I came across this early this morning on my iPad. But there is a mention in the link above from an old blog post with St Paul/Saul commenting in the bible about the physical body is a tomb for the soul when in the physical body. 


18 May, 2023

Tarot Card of the Month: June 2023, 2 of Swords


                                   Stalemate, Closed off, Defensive, Illusion, Blinded, Avoiding reality 

To me this card is telling us a serious warning is in the air. We see a woman sitting on a stone seat, she wears a grey long dress and a blind fold, (blind justice or blind stupidity). The woman has two swords in her hands and they are crossed at her chest defensivley. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out. In front of her is cold grey ground that looks like cement above her is a clear blue sky and the moon in the corner of the sky.

Behind her is a body of water rippling as the current moves. There are two rocks emerging from the water like little islands offering rest and respite before you can reach the shore of the land in the distance. Two stages of advancement, two steps until the final push? Something seems to be happening in increments or stages. Are we ready for this globally? 

As I said the woman is blindfolded, it is self restricting. She is very aprehensive and defensive unwilling to take a risk. She will protect herself no matter what. To me this feels like the US, a nation that will defend itself come hell or high water. But what does that mean for the rest of the world?  There are more questions than answers really. As I look at the woman on the card, I think is she thinking irrationally, she cannot see what is in front of her due to the blindfold and restrictive thinking, can she trust her sense of hearing, can she use her intuition? In reality she must remove the self  imposed restrictions and be realistic other wise she is not in a position to see the reality or gravity of the situation and therefore is unable to respond accordingly. 

What we are looking at is a world situation unfolding presently. I get the feeling of military and specifically the navies of the world involved  in this scenario,  the grey colour in the card gives me a cold feeling and reminds me of steel ships and submarines. Which conveys to me a feeling of gearing up for the next phase of defence strategies and planning. A bit late in the day if you ask me. Too much time has been wasted foolishly by western nations. As I look at the card, the land in the far off distance feels like Japan. A country that has been very reluctant to get involved in any conflict or war since ww2.  They can no longer stay neutral and will have to defend and protect themselves. They will also assist their allies in logistical and aid rolls, they are willing to do their part for humanity as they are still haunted by their past history.

I do feel June will be an emotional month for many people. The elements of water and air combining (letting off steam) Two sides of a situation in conflict.We must think very carefully in June about where we collectively are going. We cannot sit back and do nothing; thoughts, opinions and conflict, action or inaction or reaction.  We must be vigilant not to take risks or force the hands of others. Money feels tied to this situation we are facing and there is absolutely no room for guessing anything. We also need clear and transparent examination of all facts and figures relating to finances and transactions. 

There are restrictions around debt, restrictions around military spending and that includes how much the US and its allies spend on the war in Ukraine. This money will also be needed for defending nations against China, Russia and their allies. Do we have time and money to gear up for defence? I don't think so. 

A reality check is a must, it's vital over the next two months because this will reveal some cold hard truths. This may unnerve many people, as many people are now starting to realise that something will happen and it's only a matter of time.

There are distractions happening that take peoples minds off the hard politics. Deliberate manufactured distractions are taking place to anger the public and in the mean time laws are being passed by sleight of hand in western countries such as in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, Canada that may be disempowering to some people. Not enough people are actually paying attention to these changes, nor are they paying attention to the US and China making deals. Some sleight of hand deals that mainly benefit China and not the west, this is not accidental benefiting. So the US seems to be saying one thing while at the same time doing deals clearly favourable to China. 

I feel Japan will notice this too and there may be offence caused to Japan by the current US administration. Awkward! Honour and ethics are questioned in the media with regards to this embarrassment. Results and reactions cannot be avoided. So great care needs to be taken and a realistic response is needed. 

Finance is a key issue for June, swindles and deception are to be guarded against and this includes ordinary people being wiser. Be more aware and tech savvy to avoid scams. Laziness is part of the problem with cyber security and avoiding scams so people need to take responsibility in preventing being scammed and or hacked. Always use two step verification and internet security on all devices. Google what companies offer the best security products and also check the country of origin as it also plays a part in a product being safe or of it exposes you to unwanted security breaches and identity theft etc. 

I am drawn to the blue sky in the card and the element of air again, this brings me to the mind, and mental health and well being.The sign Cancer covers the second half of June and the ruling planet or luminary is the moon which is present in this card also warns of emotions, mental health issues, intuition, feminine energy which includes nurturing and domestic life.

 The combination of the elements of air and water in this card keeps popping into my mind as I gaze over the card, I cant seem to shake it off. Astrologically speaking the 4th house rules the home, endings, property, a parent, foundation, and the later part of life. Which all tie into this card for June, interesting when we think about all the symbols in the card and add astrology on top of that. As a side note when I look into my astrology books during my studies, the  book points out that water comes in three forms, liquid, ice and gaseous as in steam or vapour. 

So as you see we can add more depth to the card as we study it. Pretty cool huh. As I am particularly drawn to the gas theme, I feel that there will be something gas related in the media which can cover anything related to natural gas, anaesthetics, or even gas used in a military or terrorist act. I don’t think that the later is going to happen though, it’s just an example of what can be divined in a reading. So please don’t think that I am predicting that. 

There is also a closed off feeling from a world leader here. This leader does not want to listen to what others say; nor is he willing to listen to public opinion. This will cause major problems for the country. Political upheaval short term is guaranteed because of this attitude of refusing to listen to others.  The result of this attitude will be this leader being removed form office suddenly.  The people will have had enough of this leader and are fearful of the danger the country faces. This is an asian nation, so it could be Pakistan, Turkey, Syria or even India. I do feel the internal disruption will settle down quickly after this matter is addressed. 

In the next two weeks we will see results in Ukraine. Hold tight because this push can have an unintended fallout or effect that was not anticipated. 

Watch money through June and July, spend very carefully on food and necessities only, you may want to think about stocking up on winter foods and clothing in advance for winter returning in the northern hemisphere as October could be a month of shortages and difficulties. So please think carefully, needs or wants.

That is what it is coming down to for many of us, is it a need or is it a want?  There is a big difference, and now is the time to educate children about finances too or expect heartache. Children need to know that money is tight and they cannot have things that are expensive because there is food, rent and other important things that must be paid for. Don't sugar coat this, there was no sugar coating in the Great Depression or in both world wars. So we must very carefully explain to children exactly what the situation is without scaring them. 

Take care, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Warm anf fuzzy hugs


The astrology notes came from the book, The only way to learn astrology book 1 by M March and J McEvers.



 Psychic Scams 


Phone Scams 


Postal Scams

I actually got one in an email on 16 July however it was in a different email address than the one that I use daily. I kept a screenshot of it too. 


Please look at this scam involving motherboards 

Elements of Air,  a gas attack in girls school in Afghanistan (below) I didn’t factor in this not being terrorism but it actually can be a terror act but gender violence is a form of terrorism when there’s a deliberate attack to prevent the rights of girls and women to education and freedom of movement, speech etc. Gender terrorism. 


Element of water, the big push and an act of absolute evil and destruction 


Element of water and metal, China’s navy ship and a US naval ship in the news


US debt ceiling 


Unexpected, this is something the world needs to keep an eye on! 


UPDATE:  18 July, I did say think about stocking up for winter food, this may be a a problem for the northern hemisphere countries shortly 


Late week lols

And bears complain about their privacy!


16 May, 2023

Western Diet Identified as Risk Factor For Alzheimer's Disease, Scientists Warn


There is way too much rubbish and processed food in the western diet especially in English speaking countries. Fast food, highly processed meats which are full of sulphates and other chemicals, high sugar content in food, refined sugar and corn syrup, fats and chemicals. Think about highly processed tinned foods, breakfast cereals and soft drinks. Add chemical fertilisers over the decades that have replaced natural fertilisers and these remove nutrients from the earth and this in turn yields less nutrients in our crops, and we have known this for years now. I have always wondered what these chemicals do to our bodies year after year. Do these chemicals build up in our bodies? What are the long term effects on our bodies from chemical fertilisers in our food chain? 

Feeding children a modern diet that is full of harmful ingredients sets these children up for health problems and behavioural issues. Parents are time poor these days and currently there is a difficulty in affordable healthy food, so to feed their children they have to turn to what they can afford. 

Healthy diets to me are the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian diets. But moderation is part of the process in establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle. If we in the western world went back to a pre ww2 diet we would be much healthier, however our lifestyle today makes it very difficult for everyone to do this. I am trying to do this myself and it is not easy for me. Life is busy and time is short nowadays but we need to take matters into our own hands if we are to stay healthy and help prepare for old age by being responsible for our own health by being careful about what we eat. 

As we age the whole cooking thing becomes tiresome to many people so this is where people often get fed up with cooking and take easier options. I do think that the damage is done before we get to the stage of not wanting to cook a meal because we are old and tired. Pinpointing when the risk of plaque building up in the brain is the tricky part. What age should we be getting assessed for memory loss? Are we going to be fobbed off by doctors that just doesn’t have the time to investigate each patient for signs of dementia because there are so many people developing dementia? 

There is a shortage of doctors currently and the western world’s health system is falling apart,  so who knows how long it will be before we get an adequate amount of new doctors to step in to close the gap. Meanwhile people are aging and developing dementia and unaware that they are in the early stages of dementia. It’s a frightening illness and we are unable to control the disease at this stage, and how long will it be before we get a big breakthrough in treating dementia. 

Young Liberals push for mandatory national service in Australia


How dare you or anyone try to make this a topic for consideration. It may well be a media beat up; but not everyone has the mental health to do this and what damn right has some blowhard got to even suggest this? If people are so keen then go do it yourselves don't force this on others violating their civil rights. 

No I don't think anything will come of this, it's just the audacity to mention it that is offensive, and this gets dragged up everynow and then by selfimportant walking egos seeking attention. Don't give them a platform to display their egos.

15 May, 2023

‘You mean there’s nothing?’ The families fighting for their children with dementia


Such a heartbreaking story here, nobody expects this sort of thing to happen to their children. The government need to understand this is a deadly disability and not part of parenting, it is no different to an adult with dementia. Disabilities do not discriminate on age or gender but they decimate families and NDIS will try to avoid helping people at the best of times, the way they assess people in need is very unfair. Lets hope human decency can turn this around for a good outcome for all of those children suffering from dimentia and their families. 

14 May, 2023

Yeah, relatable

This I can relate to a little midnight visitor every flaming night after midnight two little eyes staring at me. Due at work at 8.00 am and trying to get back to sleep. Kids grow up and then it’s cat hacking up a fur ball or dogs going to wee on the floor. 🀣🀣🀣


12 May, 2023

Coles apologises for display in Adelaide supermarket


Onya Coles, sensitivity plus πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ I see a humourous side to this as well as a total fail in political corretness and sensetivity awareness. I wonder who was the bright spark that thought women just love housework, lol. Ha ha ha, that has been the best laugh out loud moment of my week.

Flash as a rat

 Flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

As cunning as a shithouse rat.

Two typical Aussie expressions, the top expression is to describe a well dressed person, usually a man that’s rather shifty, the other term speaks for itself. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ 

‘Straya (Australia) where people are seen as being ridgy didge or true blue😍


Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms


Some fair dinkum Aussie jargon here to enjoy 😊 I feel old when I look through the list of words that take me right back to the early 70’s. This article is quite an entertaining read as well as educational for those living outside of Australia. 

Road Built 7,000 Years Ago Found at Bottom of Mediterranean Sea


There is no way that our current roads will stand up to the ravages of time like this one even our modern architecture would not survive. I am pretty sure that the discovery of  structures being lost due to erosion is more common than we think worldwide. Over thousands of years there would surely be many such roads, remains of buildings and bridges worldwide that have been lost due to the erosion of land, earthquakes and so forth. We just haven’t found them due to lack of resources, money and time to go digging around both on land and under water.  But any discovery is an exciting find for those that appreciate such amazing discoveries from thousands of years ago. There must be countless treasures that we are yet to find including gold artefacts and every day items of human life that have been lost to the ravages of time and a lack of documentation and maps to say where these yet to be recovered ruins are. 

11 May, 2023

A ticking bomb': This illness is now killing more people than COVID-19 or AIDS


TB has never gone away and is usually due to poor sanitation and poor hygiene. What a horrible thing to suffer from and in war zones it is extremely difficult to obtain adequate supplies of antibiotics and anti inflammatory medications to treat infection. It angers me to see the never ending cycle of suffering in third world countries  of poverty, disease and misery. Obviously it is very difficult and even dangerous in some countries traveling to get medical attention never mind access to clean drinking water and sanitation which as we know are basic human rights. Treatment of  TB is slow usually it’s about 6 to 12 months of continuous treatment. 

 The past three years have demonstrated how easily infection can spread,  but also how quickly people revert back to their usual habits when they think the danger is over. This itself is a concern with preventive disease as people tend to take the attitude of it won’t happen to me. Not just that, many people ignore the possibility of spreading infection to others as we have seen through lockdown, not everyone behaves in a responsible manner to prevent transmission. 

I would not wish this on anyone especially when there are shortages of medicines and a shortage of medical personnel globally. Unfortunately the risk of disease and death is always much greater in times of war and humanitarian crises, we have to just deal with the consequences of life in such circumstances as best we can. I pray that this situation can be resolved soon my heart goes out to all those suffering. 

08 May, 2023

A laugh out loud before bedtime

Some chuckles before bed time is good to unwind 


                                                     Aren’t the squirrels cute😻😻

I hope you have an empty bladder before reading these. 🀣🀣🀣πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

Something deadly growing inside Candice 'exploded' the moment doctors cut into her


Please take the time to read this article about ovarian cancer. My mother died of this at 61 just weeks after her birthday and three days short of her 40th wedding anniversary. She had no illness in her life until this happened. She was diagnosed at stage 4 when she went to the doctor in pain and had emergency exploratory surgery. There was nothing could be done to help her, six months later she was dead. I saw her go from a size 18 down to a skeleton in that time. This cancer is brutal and there are no symptoms to warn you about this silent killer. A CA125 blood test is available to check for various cancers and you family doctor can do this test. See the link below for more information on a CA125. Most importantly don’t neglect your health, have regular medical checkups. Just because you don’t have a medical history of cancer in your family doesn’t mean that you can’t get cancer. My mother was the only person in my family to have ovarian cancer, she was just unlucky he family live into their 90’s usually. 



This link has the possible signs and symptoms to look out for. 

07 May, 2023

Archaeologists Seeking Cleopatra's Tomb Uncovered a "Geometric Miracle" Tunnel


I find it interesting that there is such an obsession with Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. However what information is relayed to the public is  very sanitised to remove or obscure important elements from history that certain people want to keep hidden. Everything traces back to the cult of Isis when looking at ancient Egypt and their royal families. The photo of the stone heads show someone wearing what looks like a Phrygian cap which is also connected to the cult of Isis. This is a traceable history from ancient Egypt royalties to European royal history and most importantly to British royalty up to present day. The current coronation of King Charles III  has the symbolism that can be traced back centuries to the Egyptian royalty including Cleopatra VII. Think of the cult of Akhenaten and the solar symbolism used to convey a message. 

05 May, 2023

May 5 lunar eclipse and a meteor shower

 There is a lunar eclipse and Eta Aquariid meteor shower over this weekend in Australia peaking tonight 5 May to 6 May, which will be exciting for star gazers and astronomy lovers. Get your crystals out on tonight too,  to cleanse and re-energise. There is of course an astrological aspect to a lunar eclipse which you can read about below. 




The flower moon lunar eclipse, I can’t see me getting up at stupid o’clock to see this. 🀣🀣  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone wherever you are in the world. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs πŸ€—πŸ€— Alex



Just right for me today lol. I am a Virgo Libra cusp 

04 May, 2023

Case Report: Energy Field Changes Approaching and During the Death Experience


Fascinating article. I noticed the mention of angels present at the time of death, the more correct terminology would be soul bearers. 

Aged care workers given historic pay boost in upcoming federal budget


It’s about time but they have to wait until 1st January 2024. In the meantime trying to keep a roof over their heads. Now take care of retail and hospitality workers, they desperately need more work and a higher wage too. Remember these were the front line workers during lockdown too. We must look after these people. We depend on these people every single day, so the government needs to step up and take care of these people and their families too. 

02 May, 2023

Science Alert: Mysterious Surge of Activity Detected in The Brains of Dying People


Interesting how they get lucky catching these experiences at random times. It is a tricky thing to have the scientific equipment in use at the right moment but it may not happen in every single case. I guess it will be a mystery for a while longer. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...