07 January, 2022

Becoming borealis: The Esoteric structure of the alphabet by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


I came across this website on one of my rummages on the net. As I was looking for this book by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. I am very grateful that the owner of the website has been so kind as to share this for free.

Just sharing the wisdom for others, to help them on their spiritual path 😊to which I say a humble thank you. 

The book is only 88 pages long so it won't take very long to read. You will see that as often stated in metaphysics; everything is inverted. There are many lights go on in my mind as I am reading this myself.

One thing that I immediately thought of was; the Ace of Cups in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. I was at a conference many years ago in which Mary Greer was a guest speaker and we were discussing the Ace of Cups and the Meaning of the upside down M. Apart from Mary Magdalen as a suggestion for the meaning of the M, Mithras etc. I am now looking at the M as in Mother. The Sophia, (Zoe Sophia).

Arthur Waite sure left us in the dark with this one; and again in the dark, feminine energy as depicted in polarities, Ying and Yang is black. Male energy is white. Isn't it funny; how a little expression like "in the dark" can spark a thought (energy).

Please enjoy reading this PDF book that Becoming Borealis has lovingly shared. Once again thank you Becoming Borealis. πŸ’– 

Quote: from the book by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

And as St. Paul's Epistles (mainly Romans 7) so pointedly reveal, earth was that mount on which the divine soul, sinless in its celestial habitation, came under the dominion of sin. "Know ye not, my brethren," asks the Apostle, "how that a man is under the law (of sin and death) only as long as he liveth?"--that is, while he is here on earth. He implies that there is no sin in heaven, for he clearly states that "sin sprang to life" when the soul obeys the "command" to incarnate. Sin can touch the soul only from the side of body, and, he says, the soul goes "dead" under its power while here on earth until its resurrection "from the dead" in the course of evolution of spirit back to its divine condition. So that the earth is that "Mount of Sin," that "Mount Sin-ai" of the Scriptures.

Interesting quote here; When trapped in the physical body we are dead, and if you read right through my blog and my old blog you will see that I have always said this too. We are in a low and heavy vibrational frequency which is a very negative energy. The only thing we can do is try to raise our frequency and break the encryption that keeps us locked into this negative vibration.

Spiritual awakening is what one must do, but there is much more to this; that the average person won’t be capable of believing because they are heavily conditioned or programmed not to awaken spiritually.

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