04 January, 2022

ABC NEWS: Hail and strong winds damage cars and homes in Canberra as thousands lose power


I remember the damage done in January 2019. It was only minutes for the damage to be done and so many people had their cars damaged because they were at work. My husband was lucky, he saw the storm coming and quickly moved his car under cover. Most people were unlucky and unable to move their cars out of the storms path. 

Then we were engulfed by the bushfires straight after that and rolled right into lockdown. Here we are again back to hailstorms and thunderstorms. This the second big storm in two weeks  for the city.

Trees down and power outages for 16k residents in the north of Canberra. The Northside always seems to be the worst hit in storms. 

   A Gum tree falling on a car. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

 Do you go to a doctor and ask him if he is properly qualified or a solicitor or a trades person? No, of course you don't it is rude and...