14 January, 2022

Tips for finding your missing moggy


I thought that I should share this with people that come across my blog. Many people are cat owners and from time to time our darling moggies go missing; even the house cats like mine were. My late Tolstoy was missing in action for three weeks, and it was a horrible nightmare for my family and his dear little kitty wife Daisy. When we found him he was so stressed that he scratched me. Tolstoy was a very loving kitty boy and never scratched me. This was a stress reaction to being away from his home for three weeks.

Surprisingly he was only a few meters away from home, he accidentally got locked under a vacant house; I assume by someone that had not noticed he was there, and accidentally locked him under the house. 

Cats should be kept indoors and have the use of a cat run if possible; and cat grass needs to be available to them for intestinal health. It is too risky to let them just wander the neighbourhood. I am glad that the ACT government in Canberra have brought in laws now to keep cats contained, already in new suburbs it is compulsory to keep cats indoors permanently. From 1 July 2022 the law states, all cats must be contained or on a leash through out the ACT.

As for walking cats on a leash; I think it is dangerous, because some people just let their dogs wander and cats do get attacked by roaming dogs; so how on earth are you going to protect your cat and yourself from a dog attack. What about a child walking a cat on a leas; there is no way a child can protect themselves let alone a cat from dogs that are determined to attack the cat. I have heard some horrible things about cats being killed by dogs that are left to roam. I am a dog lover and dog owner and there is no way on earth that I would allow my dog out to roam the streets or harm anything. I am very protective of my fur children; I would naturally assume that any pet owners/ fur parents are similar in their beliefs about keeping their fur children safe and secure. 


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