08 January, 2022

‘Turn them over faster’: the bleak reality inside NSW’s hospitals


Don’t hold the ordinary doctors and nurses accountable for this, they are victims of suffering in this and need public support and compassion. Their hands are tied, and their hearts broken with all the suffering they deal with daily over the past two years. Remember they are parents too, or the children of  someone, they have families and those families are suffering.

Bring in the ADF to help where possible immediately and stop dragging this out. The UK have just started this albeit in London to start with. Even this is too little too late, too many screw ups and people get sick because of the deliberately slow decision making process.

What shocks me though is the utter stupidity of placing covid positive patients in beside patients that don’t have covid. Are they playing Russian roulette with people? It looks that way, I don’t give a damn if there are shortages, you don’t put infected patients in with other patients, that is never done. This is careless disregard for human lives.

Excuses are exactly that; excuses. That doesn’t cut any ice with me. Tell a person with a compromised immune system that they have to be placed next to covid positive patients; and watch the reaction. What if that covid free patient is a small child with a compromised immune system? Should that child become covid positive and die as a result of this carelessness then what? 

That is psychological abuse and obviously health abuse; to place non covid patients in with covid positive patients. So who is going to be held accountable if a person (including children) with a compromised immune system or even patients that don’t have a compromised immune system gets covid and dies; all thanks to the health system’s brilliant idea of  “ let’s lump them all in together “. 

What happened to the special covid wards around towns in the UK and Australia ? I know that. Canberra has reopened the surge centre at Garran, which is actually just next door to the Canberra Hospital, but I don’t know what it’s current status is. Our testing centres are overflowing in Canberra at present and have to close temporarily and reopen when the staff are up to date on testing. 

 Military personnel could even assist in Australia due to the lack of nurses and doctors. If the situation is so critical they can pull in medical and nursing students, retired staff, retired veterinary nurses and veterinarians, even volunteers if they can do the basics such as cleaning, triage etc. What do you think happens in a theatre of war? Anyone that can help in any possible way does help. A little help is better than none at all. Utilising what resources are available and freeing up others to be directed to where they are needed. 

It is a short term solution only, but is that not better than exhausted nurses and doctors who are burned out from over work and on the brink of mental collapse? Question; what happens to the said medical personnel that suffer mental collapse are they still permitted to work once they recover? That is a pertinent question as I have no idea what actually happens to any medical personnel that are unfortunate to suffer mental collapse and to what level. 

The health system should never be permitted to get into such decline; that this happens in the first place is diabolical. But here we are, many years of planned implosion of the western world health system which we know is now out in the open thanks to the covid pandemic. This exposed the truth, that was long denied. 

Hell, when I started reading the cards professionally in the early 2000’s, I saw this health system implosion in the Tarot cards. Do you think such things cannot be picked up by psychic’s and astrologers? Of course it can and always has been. How else do you think world predictions are done? We tune into the human universal consciousness. That is like data stored on a cloud, but on a psychic level or metaphysical level. It is all energy that humans generate for all eternity.

Now western world has allowed the health systems to implode deliberately for financial gain over the past few  decades and no one held governments accountable. Trying to force the US style healthcare on to the rest of the western world; driven by corporate greed. 

This current pandemic has exposed this and how understaffed hospitals really are. I don’t see this being rectified after the pandemic is over either. What will be left will be a second world medical care. With a public mindset of apathy that will allow it to continue to decline the public health system worldwide.

This could be turned around if the general public were not so apathetic and actually used their personal power to insist on the government improving the world public health system. Just don’t hold your breath on that one though. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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