02 January, 2022

Food budget of $30 a week: Students suffer food insecurity at university campuses


I don’t need an “expert” to state the damned obvious! It has always been this way since the late 1970's and  poverty is nothing to be ashamed of; or ridicule.  This is "educated "and privileged  people thinking this is funny; something is deeply wrong with these individuals if they find poverty and suffering funny and this must not be tolerated in a university. What sort of family background would find this acceptable behaviour from their kids at any age?

These young people are supposedly  the bright minds of the future; that the rest of us are "supposed" to look up to. They need a does of reality; as do those that let this go unchecked. This is abnormal thinking. Where is the respect for others less fortunate; or  humility and humanity here folks?

Add a staggering hex fee on top of  this food insecurity and paying for accommodation and life expenses post university; that when the students start working and you will see for many it is no laughing matter. Where is the humanity in this, I ask? The culture within the universities must be truly appalling and toxic for such minds to flourish.  

I remember when education was free; until someone greedy individuals decided to charge for education; now this was under the Labor Whitlam government in 1974. Education that these individuals got for free remember. What the hell gives them the right to deprive others of that entitlement that those greedy unscrupulous individuals had?

The average Aussie cannot afford to go to university; and  for those that do go; after university some are left working in retail jobs at minimum wage. I have many clients in this situation. Living in cheap rentals with others and struggling to make ends meet and paying off the hex fees for many years. 

As for overseas students, many come from wealthy families and it is seen as a status symbol to study overseas. Check your damn privilege. You don’t have to study overseas for most subjects; this is elitist mentality.

Universities are a business in modern times, it’s all about how much money they can grab. Lecturers are wanting big bickies to teach suddenly. How about getting a real job in you field and see how damn long you last in the workplace. Not some elitist politicised job; way out of touch with the realities of  the graduates working in their fields still paying off their debts, that those prior to 1974 did not have. 

It’s not just students that suffer from food insecurities, try being the average family on an average to low income or being a family on welfare payments long term. Paying rent or a mortgage and trying to feed and clothe the family on a low income is real suffering. A student is usually only responsible for feeding themselves and not a family. Think about struggling families that can't afford to feed an entire family a nutritious meal; and along comes a big bill, such as going to the dentist or if you’re really unlucky there are a few bills to pay at once.

Many families no longer have health insurance because they no longer have the money to pay for the luxury of a private health fund. A health fund that gives you less and less back each year but the fees are sky rocketing. I am talking pre Covid here as well as post Covid, as the crisis will be over by the end of the year. Covid will always be here, but the crisis will dissipate.

On the subject of being able to eat a healthy nutritious meal three times a day; this is a basic human right; so why are people not jumping up and down about this? Regardless of being a student or not. Going to university is a privilege; not a right. A roof over one’s head and the right to nutritious meals three times a day ( excluding junk food,  take away food and pizza) are our rights; and not a privilege. I am sure that what constitutes healthy food is taught at universities worldwide.

Poor nutrition stunts the brain and inhibits the ability to study or absorb information; it leads to depression and anxiety as well as other health issues, everyone knows this; but no one really cares in positions of authority and power. Don’t think that will change; meanwhile  the vegan agenda is being rammed down students throats at present. 

Expect a brain drain caused by poor nutrition from this as well as a string of other health problems. Do you see nutritionists, neurologists or any other expert vocally  demanding this to be addressed in the media? Err, No; I rest my case.

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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