02 January, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 287: Q&A Session #90


The above link is for those that like to read the transcript rather than listen to the video.


Video version.

Personally, I only believe in pure spirit and nothing else. But that is my personal belief, everyone must find their own truth. All I say is read and research (including the Wes Penre Papers), sit on the fence if you want; I do; on many things and will not hold a 100% trust in anything in this world. Never just accept anything at face value. Just look at organised religion, they have  vested interest in controlling the masses; not to mention energy harvesting human emotions and enslaving the mind and soul. 

No one stops to say hey what about the human rights abuses committed by these  "faiths", nope they just go on with the programme. That is not the mindset of a free thinking individual, it is spiritual enslavement and spiritual abuse of the spirit.

Q4, I do not like the energy from the people mentioned, I would not be inclined to endorse other peoples beliefs. I have very strict and personal spiritual beliefs and I abide by them. You must look deep within yourself for spiritual truth and guidance only. Do not expect to find real spiritual wisdom on the internet, that is just not going to happen. People are just wanting an easy way out, and to their own spiritual demise. You are your own saviour, and guide there is no other source and certainly not externally.  As in master guides, angelic beings, religious entities, Jesus etc these are all archonic deceptions. If you still cannot see this then you clearly have no real spiritual understanding. 

Q5, I stopped believing in angelic beings many years ago. I have no time for such nonsense. This artificial concept is harmful and infests new age and spiritual practices and beliefs world wide to lure the vulnerable souls. They are not from primary or a pure source, therefore reject them.

You will notice that they (Angelic beings/Archons) employ multiple names and titles to confuse the masses. Nothing pure and honest does that. They are but an illusion to distract from the real spirituality that resides within. Yet look at all those practitioners that swear by "Angelic guides" and various healing modalities that are artificial. In fact your energy is being harvested and you are given a placebo effect.

Having said that, one does not learn to become a healer, we are born healers! I know because I am one; and I come from a line of real spiritual healers. Though now I refuse to use my skill due to injuries and also finding out the hard way of the danger of "spiritual healing " on my body.

 Anyone that actually is a practitioner of any modality of healing is taking a huge risk, because they can become drained and become ill from this. This healing is not in humanities best interests and never has been. That energy does not come from outside of the Matrix, that is the first clue or warning. I will leave it there for others to think about. All I will say is this world is a world of lies and deception with everything stacked against humanity. Right now we are on a virtual count down to the end of humanity as we know it.

Only those with a slight inkling of what is actually taking place right now in our world; have a slight minute grasp on what is actually taking place. It is not my place to lay it all on the table; that is up to the individual. 


I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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