10 January, 2022

ABCNEWS: Father and daughter rescued after two days clinging to tree in floodwaters, major flooding continues in Maryborough


Pretty shocking floods up in Queensland. There are a few different articles in this ABC report, that show the devastation people are facing at present. Australia just seems to be having a run of bad luck since 2019. It has to come to an end sometime though. 

Floods are part of Australian life, we just have to roll with it. In Canberra, after last week’s storms; several thousand people in the Belconnen area have only just had their electricity restored today. Just imagine in the heat and humidity at present; thousands have gone without electricity. Unable to have a fridge and freezer working and food wasted. No way to cool the house or wash clothes etc or even make a cup of tea.

Meanwhile in Pakistan people have frozen to death in a snow storm.  A sad start to 2022, let’s hope things get better soon. The world needs some happiness and joy to share as there is just too much suffering going on worldwide. 

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