23 January, 2022

How about Giraffe's kneecaps on toast?

Fussy eating 101, I offer the dog some food at breakfast. A serve of beef pet food, the nose goes up, I offer her chicken and the nose goes up. There is plenty dry food and the nose goes up again, it is sitting in her dish, but she ignores it. This is the dog that will only eat cat food too, bloody Gordon Ramsey mindset.

She thinks this is a gourmet hotel, Just as I open a pouch of Chicken; I can hear her little mind going I don't want that one...got any Turkey? Just as well I hadn't opened a tin of tuna for her.

It's beyond me, everything I offer, it's; I don't want that one! Geez, how about Giraffe's kneecaps on toast Ruby? Too bad, we're all out of toast 😆😅

I am sure Ruby thinks she is a cat, she is so damned fussy and refusing to eat recently; and it's not been a hot summer so far. She is just being super fussy, just like a cat. I open some food and put it in her dish and leave it. She just casually strolls past, gives it a look of contempt and moves on. It's been going on for a few weeks too. Food goes off; if left for a few hours too. No point putting it in the fridge because she wont eat it if its been in the fridge. 

It's hard to know what makes a dog or cat so fussy; just out of the blue; yet they will eat anything disgusting at the drop of a hat. Ruby wants whatever I am eating; and gives me that emotional blackmail look until I give her a little bit. But I don’t always allow her to get anything from my plate, so she knows that she can’t just come to me and scrounge from my plate. I can't even get a full cup of tea without her demanding some, and that is every cup of tea, well except herbal tea. Oh then there is the just for shit value, sniff the tea , give it a lick and walk away. Nah! I don’t want it now. 

This is the dog that will try to get up on your shoulders to get your cup of tea if you are sitting in a lounge chair 🤣😂 Now if that isn’t a feline thing I don’t know what is 🤣🤣  our cats would climb onto our shoulders when picked up for a cuddle. 

If this isn't bad enough, there are food shortages at the supermarkets too. Empty shelves are happening regularly now, including pet food. I am lucky that I don't have all of the cats that I used to have, because it would be difficult to secure enough food for all four plus Ruby right now. I just hope the food shortages are over soon; and more importantly our four legged Gordon Ramsey stops being a right little sod and just eats her food. 

I bet at least one person reading this is laughing and thinking, "I have a dog/cat doing the exact same thing". Fur babies they are just so precious at times; yet they will eat cat poo any time they see it. 😩  

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