26 January, 2022

Working on my video for YouTube

 Well it isn't as easy to make a video when I just want audio and a image of a tarot card.

I have my audio done, but YouTube don't like MP4A. Bummer, so why make it? I don't do technology at all; so trying to convert this MP4A into something that will be accepted by YouTube is quite a task for me.

I decided not to actually appear in the video as it is about the card of the month. Otherwise I would have just went straight to doing the video on YT, just like my original introduction video.

Me thinks there is too much technology around these days for us oldies to get our heads around.

 The MP4A won't even upload onto my blog, I tried that to see if it worked this afternoon. Why, oh why can't they make things more simple to use? 

Lol, I have 5 or 6 days left before I have to post this video. I need a damn miracle asap. There is never a teenager around when you need them, lol.

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