02 January, 2022

Labor leader Anthony Albanese pledges $500m for Sydney-Newcastle fast rail


Mr Albanese is over optimistic, there is no way in hell Labor will be re-elected any time soon. Dream on mate! Many people are fully aware of Labor’s shortcomings and their poor leadership not forgetting Labor  have sold Australia out more times than they have had hot dinners. 

What about the bogus climate change scam Mr Albanese?  How can you push climate change and be ok with fossil fuels? Isn’t that pure hypocrisy? How will you placate the Greens on this? Of course it is all a sham in reality. 

You cannot expect people to have any respect for a party that is peddling climate change garbage and at the same time pushing business that endorse fossil fuels, ditto all political parties in reality. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

 Do you go to a doctor and ask him if he is properly qualified or a solicitor or a trades person? No, of course you don't it is rude and...