21 January, 2022

Tarot card of the month: February 2022, Ace of Swords


Element: Air   ruling the mind/thoughts, real or imagined

Cardinal point/ Direction:  Swords suit position North  

Gender: Male

 Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Season: Winter  (sterility)

                                                  Just setting the mood for February!

Action! This card shows a firm grip on reality and mental concentration, this is the focus for February 2022. People want to know where they stand right now. They are not happy with what's going on around them. They want answers, they want the truth, and they want justice. Yeah well you picked the wrong planet for that one folks.

There is one big elephant in the room too. People must be totally clear when asking for the truth, the truth of what and be specific.  What sort of answers are they wanting or expecting; and why?

People must be absolutely clear in their minds of what they seek , what their demands are and are they reasonable or unreasonable. They must be realistic in this and what they expect as an answer.

What sort of justice are they seeking and why? Is this reasonable? Is it rational? If not what do they have as an expectation or outcome?

This feels like a whole range of issues; from people's rights, justice, the Covid issue and vaccines, corruption, the royal scandal etc.

This is all very difficult stuff being brought up; and the whole world is in chaos. The times are changing so fast and many of us just can't keep up. Feeling under pressure and in a world of uncertainty; the need for security is urgent in the minds of the public. This is perfectly understandable as we are  currently facing supply issues, food shortages, new rules around the world, and many things are changing such as health, education, travel and finances.

There is a glimmer of hope for "some" here as they find their work life secure. But not others , add the climate issue into this too because the political affects are being felt by ordinary people; who have the green agenda pushed down their throats and it can impact on the individuals livelihood and choices through peer pressure and propaganda.  

Life is different, we may not be permitted to know some of the answers to the above questions and this will anger some people. I feel the upheaval is going to be part of life now, but it is subject to sudden change. February will be a month for challenges and upheaval. Emotions are running high and don't seem to calm down any time soon.  

Take care to avoid arguments, especially political issues and the dreaded Covid situation. Stunning news is about to hit the world and will roll on for three to four months. Once it breaks keep your head down, if you can avoid being dragged into this on either side, then do so. Yup you guessed it, it is the Covid shit fight.

There is no winner in this just anger and upset. We just don't need this, and when it settles down eventually it  will be with a sad feeling of regret and grief.  

NOTE: Some interpretations for the Ace of Swords are rising to the challenge, false insight, Individuality, mental force, birth of something or someone, 

the number is 1 and then the symbols in the card speaks of a vast number of possibilities, some are positive and some are negative and not good for us. I will discuss this in my upcoming YouTube video soon.

The YouTube video at long last. Not perfect it it has been four years since I last did one.

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