30 November, 2022

Rum balls recipe

 I decided to make rum balls as they are popular at Christmas. The one that I used to buy are no longer sold. So a Google search and hey presto! This recipe is brilliant, the demo lot were eaten over two days and that was with some restraint. I am not very good at restraint with goodies 🀣🀣🀣

Give this recipe a try, I guarantee you will love it.  I have made another batch using cherry brandy and a 150 gm packet of glacΓ© cherries which we put through the blender and then added to the mix. You can either use coconut flakes to dip them in or, cocoa powder or even chocolate hundreds and thousands. Yummy! Enjoy 😊 


PS, this is Australian measurements. You may need to adjust to your country’s measurements unless you’re in the UK. 

Cockatoo caught on video dropping pot plants from Melbourne apartment, council warns residents


Cockatoos are natures assholes 🀣🀣 they destroy things because they can. They pull big branches off of my box elder in the backyard and chase other birds away from food and make a deafening noise squawking  every afternoon, especially in summer. They are well known for taking the rubber seals out of street lights and opening garbage bing and strewing the garbage all over the street. 

They are iconic and very intelligent birds they even teach other cockatoos to talk and they are good escape artists from cages. I used to watch my old neighbours cockatoos escape from their Avery as soon as my neighbours left for work each morning right on cue, lol. But they would be back every afternoon for food.


Big changes proposed for Queensland birth certificates


I see the cult of Isis symbolism is all over the birth certificate ( sure why not!) which kind of looks like a birthday invitation being bright and colourful. Agenda’s within agendas; that symbolism says a hell of a lot more than the public think. Since when did an official document look like a birthday party invitation? To me it lacks the authority of a legal document. Only one parent is recognised here , because it’s all about the female bloodline in the cult of Isis. Genderless is also; to some seen as transhumanism which is interesting because spirit supposedly doesn’t have a gender per say ( however spirit is usually recognised as feminine and all spirit is seen as an aspect of the divine feminine) and also with transhumanism there will eventually be no gender. 

Some of the symbols are; The all seeing eye of Amun Ra the sun god, as above, so is below, Lucifer rainbow, triangles, solar disc of  the sun god has been disguised here too, the lightening bolt. Then the colours which are dualistic. All of this originated with the ancient Egyptian solar cults. And they have been incorporated into the western world for over a thousand years minimum. The English speaking world has all the symbols throughout all levels of government and officialdom including royalty since the very beginning. It is only in modern times that the meanings of these symbols started to filter through to the general public at various times and with various meanings. All symbols have multiple layers of meanings but one must be an extremely high level initiate to learn all the meanings of their interpretations. 

Looking at the little aeroplane with the banner reminds me of the loveable aeroplane jelly commercials and the little song, I love aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me. 

27 November, 2022

NEIL OLIVER: …..it’s a toxic hell….


Neil hits the nail on the head in this post. I have been thinking this for years now. Humanity has gone down the toilet, our weak minded gutless western leaders are nothing but sociopaths with no real idea on how to lead. They are not actually leaders nor  are they real men. They are pathetic rich little boys playing with peoples lives. Society has also devolved from being strong and stoic people of my parents and grandparents time into pathetic brainwashed sycophants that are programmed to respond in certain ways on demand. Performing monkeys to amuse the world leaders, who in turn despise them. 

Moral and ethical decay has set in over the past few decades but especially from 2019. The rot has turned to festering in the minds of western society. A wilful destructive force in a dying world. There is no turning this around because the masses are unwilling to turn this around. The world leaders certainly have no interest or intent to turn this around either because it would defeat the purpose. 

The mass consumerism was cunningly inserted into society and slowly chiseled away at people; to turn them into these mindless mass consumers, then suddenly they are accused of being greedy over consumers. The gullible people accept the blame like fools they truly are. More like dim witted actually; totally incapable of critical thinking as to whom the blame really lies with. 

The replacement of people from their homeland with masses of foreigners is also part of the plan and anyone that speaks out on this is quickly silenced. The agenda has been full swing for 35 years at least, yet  no one was noticing except people that’s jobs were actually part of the system for this to occur. 

The rest is now taking place rather quickly now there is an urgency in the current developments. So much so that week by week things are happening to bring about drastic changes to society and our homelands in the western world. Yet still those that are concerned are now afraid to speak up. 

Theses are interesting times and scary times e are living in, it doesn’t bode well for ordinary people that are now on a precipice and frightened because they don’t know what comes next. 

A gentle calm’: France’s streets once again echo to sound of working horses


Sure why not! The animals can’t give consent in this slavery, it is also a step backwards and is politically and financially driven. Because the greenie communist arseholes are getting the upper hand to dictate to the masses. But will they whine about the co2 or methane output? After all cows, pigs and sheep are being demonised for this reason and are being destroyed in the US and other places under the guise of they are bad for the environment and people need to stop eating meat.  These horses are being put to work for an ulterior motive and this is BS tokenism not to mention they are also eaten in France. 

What about the health and safety of the horses? They are cheap labour to use for a start. 

To say that this helps children in education is rubbish, a good curriculum and decent teachers produce better students. This to me looks like another social engineering exercise to see how people react. Yes animals are good for humanity to interact with, that is obvious but they must not be exploited. We don’t need animals to be used in this manner. There are multiple suppressed technologies over the past 60 plus years that don’t use fossil fuels but they are held by big corporations. Including engines that run on water, one of which was invented in the 1970’s by a man from my home town in Scotland. So there is absolutely no need to go back to this primitive situation. You won’t see the alternative technology being unveiled in my lifetime either because it is inconvenient. Billions of dollars can’t be made from this alternative technology. 

Going to the shops in a horse and cart? Then don’t wear your best clothes because this is a way to get dirt and dust on your clothes and breath in carbon monoxide from the regular  traffic. Let’s not forget the reality of the weather being a problem if using a horse and cart for an alternative public transport. Rainy weather and freezing cold in winter, that is not a pleasant experience where using a car or a bus keeps you warm and dry.

The idea is to get the masses away from owning a car anyway. Only those with the money will be able to buy the approved vehicles. No body even stops to think about the cost of a replacement battery for the current electric cars. They cost thousands, some cars are currently disposable because the financial outlay is in the batteries. 

Using horses in the streets again will also have the added problem of horse manure, oh wait; doesn’t that constitute bio waste and has a carbon footprint. I am pretty sure it does. I wonder how much financial inducement is involved in this venture and who is really behind the push the WEF perhaps. 

24 November, 2022

Iran situation 'critical' as protests continue and death toll mounts, UN rights chief says


We all know the western leaders and the UN don’t really care about this atrocity. If it was about oil or any mineral resources etc; they would do something. Standard oil and other "interests" have already been in there before WWI to pillage. But remember America installed these animals in the first place when they wanted rid of the Shah in the late 70's. 

This world was never set up to be fair, it was set up to enslave and control humanity; spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychologically. So this abuse will always exist in this world or reality to varying degrees.  If Humanity were to become more spiritual and avoid harming others this reality would not exist. But all the densities or realities up to the 8th level are heavily controlled. 

23 November, 2022

Explained: Where have all the Christmas beetles gone?


You know Christmas is not far away when the Christmas beetles are around. Gosh, this takes me back to childhood when I first moved to Australia. These beetles are lovely to see and everyone loves them. Normally we start to see them in November in Canberra but it depends on the weather. 

Click on the link in the news article if you want to track the Christmas beetles πŸͺ² 

Cardiologists Come to the Same Conclusion Regarding COVID Jab Side Effects


Say it ain’t so! Christ on a bike, it’s so bloody obvious I would call it the second crime of the century. The first one was the evil creation of the bioweapon itself. I said originally two nations were involved in making this and I stand by that. How many deaths are acceptable before the masses wake up to themselves? 


November 29. I still say yeah, Nah! 

22 November, 2022

SMUDGE THE CAT: You told me that I was in your prayers!


Alex has medical issues at present

 Hi Everyone,

Just putting the word out that I have multiple on  going health issues some of which affect both my hands, wrists, elbows and my left shoulder and neck. I am in constant pain and discomfort which is making work very difficult.

This is partly due to fibromyalgia which developed after a serious car accident in 1984 and injuries from the last car accident in 2015 which did some serious damage to my upper body. I do not have much power in my hands which is getting worse along with my hands locking up. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and ulna nerve entrapment in both elbows. This on top of chronic fibromyalgia which causes severe fatigue nerve pain all over my body especially in my arms and legs, head and multiple other issues.

I have cut my appointments right back for health reasons, I will still do readings for the foreseeable future but please understand that I am in a lot of pain; and my condition is worsening.

I may not always do tarot card of the month for this reason. I started December 2022 TCOM yesterday but I am unsure if I will get around to finishing it. It's not the end of the world so to speak. I just need to slow down again and rest more.

 Medical treatment is rather slow and not much chop so far' as there is practically no continuity with multiple specialists with little communication between them, and it is a couple of months between appointments at the hospital. The next option is steroid injections and if that fails it's surgery. Surgery will put me out of action for a couple of months; and I really don't want to go down that path because the success rate is not very high for ulna nerve entrapment. Not sure what the success rate is for carpal tunnel surgery is, but that really depends on how good the surgeons is. 


21 November, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A session 1 November 2022


This email came in a while ago and I just remember that it was sitting in my mailbox.

Epoch Times: FDA Says Telling People Not to Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation


QUOTE: The government engaged in a singularly effective campaign here to malign a common drug that has been used for a very long time and has been dispensed in billions of doses. It’s one of the most famously safe drugs in the history of human medicine. And when people did exactly what the FDA said to ‘Stop it. Stop it with the ivermectin,’ I don’t understand how that would not be traceable back to the FDA,” Kelson said.

Well would ya look at that! Who would have thunk that a horse wormer treatment that the masses laughed at actually saves lives. Bet the masses feel stupid now, oh wait they already are. What about the people that lost loved ones and those that were publicly ridiculed. Follow the damn money trail to the usual criminals! Wait until all the real amount of spicy flu injection deaths hit mainstream news. How are you going to feel then? All those children and young adults deaths, but hey never mind, shit just happens. Just keep on being in denial until it happens to you. Yes, I had the three vaxes but was very against taking it. I was persuaded against my better judgment after all what would a stupid clairvoyant and housewife really know? Remember my warning in my psychic predictions, huh? There is no way in hell that I will have the fourth toxin.  

The authorities in the UK are audaciously asking for forgiveness as we live and breathe, ptttf too easy. Bet most people have no idea that forgiveness is a load of salvationist garbage; to absolve evil doers; so that you wear the cosmic punishment. Fine then let the ignorant pay the ultimate price of taking the punishment of others. After all it has worked for two thousand years at least on the masses.  Spiritual ignorance is as spiritual ignorance does.

19 November, 2022

The hairy men of Australian mythology and the little people



An interesting post came up on Facebook and I thought that it was a very interesting subject. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as little people in Australian mythology or hairy men. The hairy men are not the same as the infamous Yowie though. The little people spoken of are like elemental beings but rather smelly. I wonder why they smelled so bad, perhaps something dietary and lack of hygiene. 

Archaeologists Hunting For Cleopatra's Tomb Uncover a "Geometric Miracle" Tunnel


If you love ancient history, you may find this fascinating. According to the author Ralph Ellis, Cleopatra VII could be the great grandmother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. He puts forward some very interesting information and facts. Google him and check out his books. 

Family 'horrified' after malnourished 69yo relative admitted to hospital despite having in-home carers


This is a situation that I have a real disgust and anger over. Elderly abuse and negligence, it’s more common than people care to realise. This is heartbreaking reading this article and for me it is very triggering. Having lost a family member due to negligence and starved to death in a NSW public hospital where he should not have been in the first place other than a short trip for an X-ray. 

You have no idea of fear in old age; until you are there let me tell you. And having an elderly relative killed  by the public health system several years ago still haunts me and angers me.  He was in a top private nursing home, but had a trip to a public hospital for an X-ray and never left. His food and medicine withdrawn without family consent, no communication from the hospital despite us keeping phoning  we had no knowledge that there was such a thing as a medical advocate and no one even volunteered that information to us.  Three weeks later he was dead, he wasn’t ill he was old. He needed assistance with eating but as I said,  was in a private nursing home where he was getting the care needed. Even the nursing home was denied any news on him once in hospital. I find that rather odd to be honest.  It was the public hospital in NSW that killed him. There is no way on earth they did not know his medical history because nursing homes have to let hospitals know what medication a person is on and current health status. 

But why when a person is only there for an X-ray are they then detained for three weeks on starvation and withdrawal of medication? You tell me! No the issue wasn’t pushed by the family and I had no say in it. Angry? You bet your arse I am angry, and disempowered as was this relative. I can only imagine the fear that he must have had and no one to protect him. 

Don’t ever trust the system with elderly or disabled loved ones, they have a track record of negligence putting it mildly. Watch you loved ones like a hawk and be there when they are having their meals in hospital because sometimes they are not getting help to eat like our family member. 

I can tell you also when you are in your late 50’s onwards the public health system is not as enthusiastic about your health. Everything is put down to you getting old. I know because I am experiencing this at present. If you are under private health care things are different. You are a drain on public health as you age. Women especially are treated off hand, just talk to older women using the public health system and learn what to expect if you are not assertive enough. This is happening world wide over the past thirty years that I know of.  Pay you tax until you retire and then you are no longer useful, that is what this modern world is all about. But make no mistake, when you get old it could be you this happens to. 

Hooray it’s the weekend


18 November, 2022

Naomi was told illness was 'in her head'. She was diagnosed with one of Australia's most common killers


Stick to your guns when being dismissed by your doctor, insist on seeing a specialist. There are too many lazy or arrogant doctors around especially when treating female patients. When you know something is wrong, stand your ground. It’s better to test for something that find out the hard way. Speaking from experience here. I have zero tolerance nor respect  for arrogance. 

I could rattle of a list of health issues concerning my family over the years including a child with a broken foot and the morons X-rayed the wrong foot. The teacher said he was being dramatic at school too, err, no he tripped over the cat going up steps into the garage. Fresh X-ray on the correct foot showed the fracture. But why aren’t the medical professionals taking a closer look at doctors misdiagnosing or outright dismissal of patients?

Classic old boys network is the problem, arrogance and not admitting when a mistake has been made, don’t ever expect an apology it just ain’t going to happen. There have been a few life threatening issues that have happened to my husband due to medical negligence and no apologies given. I personally am out of patience and tolerance with arrogant doctors. Thankfully there are more good doctors than lousy ones though. But sometimes a person can be just unlucky with the doctor they get or hospital treatment. 

Remember there are medical advocates in each hospital, so use them if you need to. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your or your families rights. 

UK plunges into recession


Recessions are created they don’t just happen it’s cause and effect! As usual the ruling class dictate, cut their own tax but keep the workers paying higher tax. Because the workers are resilient, NO, they don’t have a choice or say in the matter. 

Australia will follow eventually but to what degree remains to be seen. People have short memories though, if you look through my old posts you will see news reports of already being in a recession. The media keeps changing their narrative to suit their agendas. Either way we are all suffering at the hands of the ruling class, and suffer because of their insatiable greed. 

17 November, 2022

Proposed NSW disaster authority would have ‘virtually unfettered’ land-clearing powers, environment groups say


Someone has a vested interest in this, otherwise it would not be pushed through so fast and taking power away from those that are needed to protect the environment and animals habitats etc.  Money is usually behind these things. 

16 November, 2022

The ghost car


Seamus, a university student, was walking along the side of the road hitchhiking on a very dark and stormy  night. The night was rolling on and no cars in sight, with very little visibility due to the heavy rain, Seamus kept on walking as best he could.

Suddenly, a car came into view and coming to a stop right next to him without a sound.  Seamus not thinking just opened the door and jumped in, glad to be out of the rain. As he shut the door and turned around, he was terrified to find there was no one at the wheel and the engine wasn't on.  The car started to move again and Seamus terrified out of his wits began to pray, begging for his life. Then just as the car approached a curve in the road up ahead he saw a hand come through the car window, but never touched him nor harm him, it just turned the steering wheel.

Even though Seamus was gripped by fear, he saw the pub lights up ahead, knowing he will be safe, gathering his strength, he quickly threw open the car door and  jumped from the car. Made a perfect roll and got to his feet quickly. He ran into the pub, shaking and hysterical as he told everyone what had just happened.

There was an eerie silence for a minute and then suddenly to door was flung open. In walked two men soaking wet, out of breath,  just like Seamus. Looking around the room one man turned to the other said Look Mick there's that flaming idiot that got in the car while we were pushing it!

15 November, 2022

A huntsman spider on my kitty eek!


I almost had a heart attack a few minutes ago. My cat doll, Catalina Pursnikity (yes that’s the name it came with ), had fallen off the chair on my bookshelf. So I picked her up and tried to reposition her, it just wasn’t happening for me so I moved her and just as I looked back at the doll, my eyes focused on her head. There was a humongous huntsman spider on the head and it was crawling around. Christ on a bike,  I screamed in horror as I realised that I had just been handling that doll. I took the doll out the front door and gave it a shake into the garden, but the damn spider decided to land on the steps instead. I shot back indoors quick smart shuddering. I am still shuddering at the thought of that horrible spider, lol. Where is the cricket bat when ya need it? Better still a flame thrower. 

14 November, 2022

Graphene oxide touches blood


Graphene has been found in face masks and there is no safe amount whatsoever. It is highly carcinogenic. Read the link below too, it has links to the dangers of graphene. 


Scientists studied 12 face masks in the link below. We will have to wait and see what happens in the years to come. 


New Canadian law would allow minors to be euthanised without parental consent


This is horrendous and needs to be stopped asap! What are parents doing about this?  You vote for an individual like Turdeau πŸ’© then expect human rights abuse on steroids. 


Please read this too.

13 November, 2022

Alex is looking for a new website host

Heads up notice! It seems like my current website hosts are not very responsive to emails of late, which is quite unusual. Mind you; when they want paid they are very prompt and push for you to pay up two months before your old contract is even finished. Then suddenly come January there is no website for people to reach me. I only find out when a client phones me to tell me my website is down. This can be days to a couple of weeks in January every year! 

Last year was the icing on the cake. I warned my account manager that I would drop them if this happened again after several years in a row. So when January 2022 rolled around there wasn't any interruption to the website. 

Not just paying for 12 months service, but saying, we will throw in an month for free when making a yearly contract. So why am I having my website down every January? I get no answer to this other than staff on holiday. Well when one has staff on holiday there are others that are still there to see that the websites are not interrupted. No one pulls the plug on  websites just because staff are on leave ever for a start, that would be ridiculous and cause a loss of income to business. 

People pay for a service and when the service is annually disrupted then that is just not on. I have recently had no response to emails in the past two weeks I have emailed my account manager on 31 October 2022 asking for them to post my psychic predictions on my website as I normally do at this time of year. Two weeks have gone by without a response. I sent a second email  on 6 November  to info@dlook and a week has now lapsed again with no answer. I was hoping that this email would have been forwarded on to my account manager, but still no response to date. 

So I may have to drop this company as this can cause me to lose potential business. I will phone the account manager first thing in the morning to find out what is happening before coming to a decision. If she was on leave then normally someone should fill in and emails read. There wasn't any out of office notice from her email address to imply that she was on leave.  

Normally when an account manager leaves or changes position a hand over is done and the account manager phones the customer (me in this case). As has been the case over the years with this website hosting company.

It is rather concerning that I have not had any communication what so ever, but I am aware that they should be contacting me any day now to arrange a new 12 month service. Now I am also a very busy person and I always tell the website hosting company to communicate via email only, not via phone. I have made this very clear to my account manager every single time I have to take a phone call from them and have said so via email; so that there is a record of my wishes in regards to communication. What is it about contact me by email only don't they understand? 

So in the mean time please watch this blog for updates and my Facebook page. I will be looking at alternatives  

UPDATE: I finally got through to someone, it turns out my account manager is very ill and has been working from home for the past six months, the poor soul. I pray she recovers soon. However no one had been looking at my emails, and clients should be informed that they will have a new account manager and not left in the lurch when something happens.  I was told by the person on the phone that I  “fell through the cracks “.  I have now be given a new account manager and my requests actioned. I am still not sure if I will stay with this company but I am glad things are resolved.

My heart goes out to my former account manager, as she is very ill and they are unsure if she can return to the office. I pray that her health returns and that she has a full quality of life. I will keep her in my prayers and just hope that she recovers. So if you are reading this, please know that I care very much. Please look after yourself πŸ˜»πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— and I hope that 2023 will be the year you get your health back.

EPOCH TIMES: EXCLUSIVE: Signs You Have a Spike Protein Blood Clot, and What to Do About It


Interesting and helpful information here. 

12 November, 2022

Neil Oliver: sinister cabals are coming this way


Because it’s all about bloodlines! They are already here anyway and Egypt was obviously chosen for an occult reason too. Nothing happens by chance especially with the elite because they are heavily governed by their occult practices, it’s ingrained in them. 

When the ancient Egyptian bloodlines are studied and brought up to current times all become much clearer. It’s not just cyclical events, it’s occult bloodlines with agendas but no one has the guts to speak out about it because they will either be silenced or ridiculed. Systematic redaction of world history to keep the hidden power hidden is not a new thing. The cycles used go back to Atlantas; that history was redacted too and anyone that tries to bring information into the spotlight is ridiculed as a way of preventing any serious scrutiny. When one follows the bloodlines no matter how hard they try to hide the truth there are clues. Many writers have put together parts of the puzzle and the point of origin always points in the same direction. The heretical bloodlines of ancient Egypt which includes a direct family line to Jesus and Mary Magdalene via Cleopatra VII and  this bloodline is still very powerful in the modern world which includes the British and European royals. 

Happy Saturday lols

That sloth is so me 🀣🀣🀣 always saying inappropriate things at the worst possible moment, true dat 🀣🀣🀣


11 November, 2022

Neil Oliver: they want us to do what ?!?


One thing that stands out to me; is the similarities between climate change believers and  activists, and the people that are fanatically pro-experimental vaccines. The frightening and aggressive manner like a communist dictatorship mindset is startling.  This sets the precedent for more events in the future and the real threat to freedom of choice and our right to object to, and question anything that one feels is not in our best interest. Bullied into silence for fear of being vilified and perhaps losing one’s job or denied  access to one’s bank account if one does not comply with the rules, this is hardly democratic. What sort of world are we facing in the coming weeks, months or years? 

Our human rights are not negotiable, they are our inalienable rights and not for anyone to curtail or remove. We must never allow ourselves to be coerced into a situation where lockdown can happen again, whether it be for health reasons, climate change or any other situation that arises. I am of the opinion that the next thing will be to restrict access to the countryside as it will impact the fragile ecosystems or whatever excuses they dream up. The possibility of us being restricted to our regional areas unless we are granted permission is something that is already on the public mind.  Restrictions on the right to freedom of movement is something that we need to think about as things progress, this is an issue that should not be negotiable either as is the right to timely and adequate health care, and access to healthy nutritious foods and clear drinking and washing water etc.

09 November, 2022

Bookings are closed for November and December 2022


Just a quick heads up to let you know that I am booked out for November and December 2022. So bookings will now start from January 2023. Readings will start on 6th January 2023. 

Victorians’ Covid contact tracing data sent to crime authority for potential use by Palantir


Wow, another dirty trick by comrade chairman Dan. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened really. Absolute power corrupts as they say, a clear violation of the public trust.

Suspected Medibank hacker releases sample of customer data


One thing that interests me is how long do health funds and phone companies hold on to old data? Is it five years, ten years or twenty years? We are not usually told this and I feel the public have a right to know this. Also when joining a fund or telephone service provider it should be clearly stated in large text how long personal data is stored. Clearly corporations can’t be trusted with sensitive information and this is a breach of trust. People will no longer have any trust in dealing with financial institutions, health funds,    telecommunications services or the government. 

Neuroscientist Explores How Dreams Could Predict Terror Attacks, Future Events: ‘Mental Time Travel’


When we go to sleep we actually leave our bodies and are into astral, but we are still attached to the physical body by what is called the silver cord, an etheric umbilical cord which will only detach at physical death. In astral time don’t exist, linear time is only an illusion of the physical world. Time is not a fixed thing either because there are also different realities or dimensions and they can bleed through into other realities, some scientists believe that dimensions can merge. So it can be very difficult to get 100%  accuracy as there are so many variables. Extra neutral sensing or remote viewing is not always accurate either for this reason, but it can be very close, so don’t dismiss it entirely use it as a guideline just the same as a psychic prediction. 

Some of my dreams have been predictions starting at the age of 15 and are mentioned in my blog. Some of which were the death of the Shah of Iran, a car accident involving a relative overseas, mail being delivered    and there was no way that I could know before hand what the package looked like and my  gran’s dog hurting his paw. Then a family member’s death was revealed to me in a dream. 

I keep a big journal on psychic dreams and I post blogs on some of these dreams. Also when waking up from such dreams, one is still attached to astral and the dream can also keep playing in one’s mind when awake. Not all of the time but from time to time it does happen. The most important information in a precognitive dream is right before we awaken in the morning. There are times though when it is the middle of the night and we awaken suddenly from such a dream just like when we have a nightmare. Nightmares are actually when we go into lowered astral realms in our sleep. 

If one experiences nightmares often it might be worth your while gold lighting yourself prior to going to sleep each night. The instructions on how to gold light yourself are on this blog under psychic protection. Remember it’s the intention makes this work as well as makes it powerful in preventing psychic attacks. This world is thought reactive just like being in astral. 

05 November, 2022

Ready for the next big thing?


Here we go again with the next scare story, I don’t think the  public will tolerate any more BS, but the WHO have already done the warm up and primed us last week for the next big thing. Trying to keep us in fear and distractions while the WEF and others are hatching plans to restrict our lives and finances. Expect more scary stories in the media for the next few weeks or months. 

https://7news.com.au/news/coronavirus/experts-warn-of-potentially-dangerous-covid-19-variants-c-8721949  new variant XBB  from Singapore is now in NSW and Victoria. 


South Australia


Western Australia


Two thirds of Australians have had covid.


The US CDC in the news with flu, RSV and you guessed it the ‘Rona. 

There hasn’t been much in the news lately but suddenly everyone is reporting the spicy flu again. Hmmm very scripted and predictable. 


Experts warn of potentially dangerous variant.


Links to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s now.


Watch out for strokes and blood clots with long covid.

04 November, 2022

The wide mouthed frog

 There once was a wide mouthed frog living in a swamp. One day the wide mouthed frog decided to go exploring and meet other creatures. So on his travels he met a dragonfly, and the wide mouthed frog said,

Hello, who are you? The dragonfly replied; Oh, I am a dragonfly and I eat insects.

The wide mouthed frog replied; I am a wide mouthed frog, and I eat snails and worms. Then he left to look for other creatures.

Next he met a squirrel and promptly said ; Hello who are you? To which the squirrel replied, I am a squirrel and I eat nuts and berries. 

The wide mouthed frog replied, I am a wide mouthed frog and I eat snails and worms. And off he went to see who else was there.

Then he met a crocodile and said, Hello who are you?

To which the crocodile replied; I am a crocodile, and I eat wide mouthed frogs!

The frog replied ( pursing his lips and in a squeaky voice) oooh, you don’t see many of them these days!

03 November, 2022

EPOCH TIMES: Scientist Discovers That Humans Have a Mysterious Bioenergy Field That Mystics Have Always known about


Many people can see the aura it is not imagination and it has a measurable frequency of  between 62 megahertz up to 79 megahertz depending on the individual at various times throughout the day. The frequency varies due to how we are feeling and thinking or if we are unwell. Different colours within our aura mean different things also because there are several layers to the aura and etheric bodies, the brighter the colour the better. The darker the colour or a dull muddy colour indicates a health problem or emotional imbalance and thus affects the vibrational frequency we emit. 

Humans are bio-electric beings, the human soul and spirit are all electric. The spirit being made up of millions or trillions of little spiritual fires of electricity. The entire universe is electric nothing would exist without this energy, the universe has its own frequency also which can be tuned into and be heard as does every planet and all natural things in creation. 

Our chakra system can be heard vibrating during meditation if you are able to tune in to it. I have heard mine and was very surprised when I experienced this for the first time the sound was like a fan turning with a humming sound which changed in pitch. The human body has hundreds of little chakras points throughout the physical body and has seven main chakras in the middle of the torso running through the meridian core. There are also chakras above our heads and beneath our feet, because we are living in an energy grid system. We are electronically and spiritually connected to this grid even after physical death.

The pendulum is interacting with our higher self via the vibrational frequency we emit. I use one on a regular basis. I have a clear quartz pendulum that is my main pendulum and a green aventurine pendulum. Occasionally I use them with dowsing /devining  rods. You can use almost anything to make a pendulum especially a necklace with a object on the chain and tune is in with your hand, it’s a very simple thing to do. When using a pendulum it also depends on what you intend doing with it. Asking your higher self a question, healing someone, detecting illness, looking for spirit presence, or clearing energy in a room etc.

The article could have gone a bit deeper if they had actually done further investigation for the article. Especially looking at the various stages of the energy we emit, our vibrational frequency as I said changes constantly. The lower it goes illness is present, down to the point of physical death at 25 megahertz. One other thing, high frequencies can assist in communicating with higher energy beings in other realms. But also in the small hours of the morning our bodies are at a similar frequency to the spirit world and that is when sick people are most likely to die. The veil of consciousness is very thin then around 3.00 am to 5.00 or 5.50 am which is why deaths occur in this time frame more than at other times of the day or night. 

There are scientists that do study the psychic phenomenon constantly that can provide a lot more information on the subject, studies into psychical research have gone on for over one hundred years in modern times. Many countries are deeply involved in this research especially in the US and Russia. 

No matter what scientists think; it means nothing in reality for us that see and hear spirit beings. We can tell you things that there is absolutely no way possible for us to know. We can describe people, objects, pets etc that we have no real way of knowing about, even describe the personalities of deceased people.

Humanity may not get all the answers but the more research the better of course and keeping an open mind. Psychic people that volunteer for scientific examinations and interviews are a vital way to learn. Some scientists have actually undertaken psychic development themselves to better understand the natural phenomenon. 

02 November, 2022

'Didn't really think it was much more than a normal bug': Mum's warning after son dies from meningitis


What a terrible tragedy, luckily mum is a nurse, however the poor little soul didn’t make it. Please read the entire article because it tells you the symptoms to look out for. Do not be dismissed by a doctor if you think they are misdiagnosing, you can invoke the state that you live in’s version of Ryan’s Rule. That sets off alarm bells in the medical system so be aware of your rights in health matters. If there is no equivalent of this law then there is a medical advocate to call or the minister of health. 


My sincere condolences to the family and other families that lose a loved one.

This is the list of state and territory equivalents, so learn your rights and stand your ground because a life may be in the balance, this covers mental health issues and also hospital in the home. This article is from 2016 so things may have improved where you live, but there is also the minister of health and your local mp to contact. If you feel that you are not being listened to and your loved one is in danger of dying then be empowered to stand up for their rights. 


 This is the link to the little Ryan’s coroner’s inquest. I found this highly distressing reading but necessary reading to understand what happened.

My husband almost died through medical negligence four years ago here in Canberra and had to call in the medical advocate from the hospital (CARE plan) or he could have died from a severe infection while doctors argued over who had the right to operate on him. So I am very cautious when dealing with the medical industry and the Canberra hospital has been in the news a lot due to deaths and other issues over recent years.  Most of the time doctors are very good but there are times too, when things go very wrong so I want people to be informed and empowered to take a stand when necessary. Be respectful and also informed on your rights. A life can be lost quickly if you are not paying attention to the signs and symptoms on time. 

Canberra health services link. https://www.canberrahealthservices.act.gov.au/


NSW, health REACH Keep Patients Safe link below.




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This is the link to my website which has a four page scroll down function and my service fees are on the fourth page .

The tab top is self explanatory. You will see in the Psychic Predictions each year there are more added. Some of the links take you to my old blog titled https://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/ Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant-Medium. My Current blog is here at this link https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/

Note: When you go on to my official website There is a link in a grey box which is titled visit my website, that is actually the link to take you directly into my current main blog.

I work remotely, I stopped reading face to face in November 2019 and will not return to face to face readings.

On that note, I need to explain this is energy work so the person does not have to be with me. Psychic phone lines have been in use for around 40 years after all; and all through lockdown anyone that does readings online, via Skype etc had to work this way, hence it is done using all of our spiritual energy, the sitter and the reader.

That demonstrates to you an example of how energy works. Then there are Radio and TV shows demonstrating psychic abilities work energetically too. Having had my own radio show in the US back in 2015, where I hooked in via Skype to A1R Psychic radio from my home office in Australia and I have worked on a psychic phone line many years ago which was based in Melbourne and I live in Canberra.

The human mind like the human physical body is bio-electric. It works with a different part of the brain and mind when we use psychic abilities such as tarot reading, mediumship, spiritual healing; which is also a form of mediumship. Clairtangence such as psychometry and scrying also work with energy.

However we clairvoyants and psychics must not be put under any form of duress (stress) by the sitter (client) to produce particular results or outcome. This only results in not get a very satisfactory outcome for your reading and a waste of your money. This is a very delicate and highly sensitive energy. So do not expect any psychic to give you a very good quality reading if you have a heavy and negative energy during the reading, or try to cause a block to prevent the reader conducting a reading for you, this is counter productive. The reader will have to stop the reading because it harms their energy and sometimes for a few days. Yes, there are individuals that deliberately set out to sabotage their own reading just because they can. This is a dark energy individual that seeks out a reader to do this for their own "entertainment".  

Readers can also be shut down by spirit for a rest to prevent burn out and psychic attacks, the psychic does not have any control over this. Normally if that happens, it can last a day or two. Spirit is there to protect the reader from negative intentions by the sitter in such circumstances. It is assumed that the higher self being onto-energetic is connected to pure spirit or the all that is and this is to protect the energy and the psychic too as they are a conduit for spirit.

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