13 November, 2022

Alex is looking for a new website host

Heads up notice! It seems like my current website hosts are not very responsive to emails of late, which is quite unusual. Mind you; when they want paid they are very prompt and push for you to pay up two months before your old contract is even finished. Then suddenly come January there is no website for people to reach me. I only find out when a client phones me to tell me my website is down. This can be days to a couple of weeks in January every year! 

Last year was the icing on the cake. I warned my account manager that I would drop them if this happened again after several years in a row. So when January 2022 rolled around there wasn't any interruption to the website. 

Not just paying for 12 months service, but saying, we will throw in an month for free when making a yearly contract. So why am I having my website down every January? I get no answer to this other than staff on holiday. Well when one has staff on holiday there are others that are still there to see that the websites are not interrupted. No one pulls the plug on  websites just because staff are on leave ever for a start, that would be ridiculous and cause a loss of income to business. 

People pay for a service and when the service is annually disrupted then that is just not on. I have recently had no response to emails in the past two weeks I have emailed my account manager on 31 October 2022 asking for them to post my psychic predictions on my website as I normally do at this time of year. Two weeks have gone by without a response. I sent a second email  on 6 November  to info@dlook and a week has now lapsed again with no answer. I was hoping that this email would have been forwarded on to my account manager, but still no response to date. 

So I may have to drop this company as this can cause me to lose potential business. I will phone the account manager first thing in the morning to find out what is happening before coming to a decision. If she was on leave then normally someone should fill in and emails read. There wasn't any out of office notice from her email address to imply that she was on leave.  

Normally when an account manager leaves or changes position a hand over is done and the account manager phones the customer (me in this case). As has been the case over the years with this website hosting company.

It is rather concerning that I have not had any communication what so ever, but I am aware that they should be contacting me any day now to arrange a new 12 month service. Now I am also a very busy person and I always tell the website hosting company to communicate via email only, not via phone. I have made this very clear to my account manager every single time I have to take a phone call from them and have said so via email; so that there is a record of my wishes in regards to communication. What is it about contact me by email only don't they understand? 

So in the mean time please watch this blog for updates and my Facebook page. I will be looking at alternatives  

UPDATE: I finally got through to someone, it turns out my account manager is very ill and has been working from home for the past six months, the poor soul. I pray she recovers soon. However no one had been looking at my emails, and clients should be informed that they will have a new account manager and not left in the lurch when something happens.  I was told by the person on the phone that I  “fell through the cracks “.  I have now be given a new account manager and my requests actioned. I am still not sure if I will stay with this company but I am glad things are resolved.

My heart goes out to my former account manager, as she is very ill and they are unsure if she can return to the office. I pray that her health returns and that she has a full quality of life. I will keep her in my prayers and just hope that she recovers. So if you are reading this, please know that I care very much. Please look after yourself 😻🤗🤗🤗 and I hope that 2023 will be the year you get your health back.

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